More Rob, Robin and Darin Ch. 04

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Prologue: This is part of an ongoing series, documenting a long-term “threesome” relationship, that usually falls into the “group sex” category. However, there were times where it was just the two of us and this chapter documents a particularly steamy weekend between Darin and me, and the “gay male” category seems appropriate. Robin and I were living together, and he was my first real boyfriend. Our relationship lasted for six years, even a couple years after things ended with Robin, and I started teaching (for more Darin and Rob, check out the “Rob, Darin and Benji” Series or the “Hot, Sexy Librarian” Series). I love feedback…enjoy!

Visiting Lynn, her daughter on the west coast, Robin was uncertain whether her flight was still a go, out of Chicago; she was thinking she’d have to stay the night. If she had to stay in Chicago, she’d be getting in mid-morning. She was disappointed because Darin was only in town for four days and going back Monday.

He was out running errands and working on a paper, while I was at work. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon and he called again, “Can you get out of work early? I really can’t wait for you to get home…I’ve been thinking about you all day.” Even though he was on the other end of the phone, he whispered, “Been thinking mostly about that dick and what we were going to do when you got home.”

“Dude, I’m ready, too!” I lowered my voice, “You got me hard this morning with the pic (cock)…I kept pulling it up and checking it out…so I had to delete it.”

“You deleted my cock! I need to shoot you another!”

“No…don’t you fuckin’ tease…I can’t get you in trouble by tattling to Robin, because she’d be all about the teasing…probably join the effort.”

“I just got out of the shower and I’m stroking myself…ready to go for a toy…a big toy. I can send you a picture of a dildo in my ass…a big dildo!”

“I need cock, now,” he laughed.

“I’ll be home in a bit…just hold tight, put the dildo away and get out the lube. You’re going to need it.”

“Now, who’s the tease?”

Minutes later another pic came. Better than the one sent earlier, because now it was semi hard, arching downward and extending out from his body. The long, meaty shaft was crowned with a stout, girthy head. I loved to watch him walking when he was semi, because it would swing back and forth and bob with his movements; it was a mouth-watering…worship-worthy cock.

From the calls we exchanged, we were both horny as fuck, and I decided to duck out a little early. He was feeling me up and groping me, before I could close the door behind me; and it was just minutes, before we were going at it. I dropped my satchel on the bedroom floor, and we were exchanging spit and ripping our clothes.

He dropped to his knees, worked his lips up and down my dick, stroking and sucking like he’d been sex-starved for months. I wanted fuck his throat like there was no tomorrow, but I had other needs, at that point. After the dick pic, I really wanted to feel it inside me; I needed to satisfy my ass, and he had exactly what I needed…a big, long, veiny dick.

Darin was the first guy to take me (my first boyfriend) and I remembered the first time Robin and I caught a glimpse of his big dick. I know we both stared…we couldn’t help it. You know…you really don’t see cocks like that. He was a little uneasy during that first encounter, but I vividly remember it being hard-as-a-rock and standing upright, when he dropped his pants.

I watched it, hovering over his belly, while he worked; it was an amazing cock, ten inches and curving sensuously out from his pubes…I had to have it! I pulled him up off the floor and ran my hand over it, “Dude, you be the alpha…I need you to fuck me…fuck me till I cum!”

“Fuck yeah! Gimme that ass, dude,” he grinned.

Cupping his balls and stroking the big dick he had bobbing over his abs. “I’ll give you mine, if you gimme yours!”

“Fuck…no need to sweeten the deal, and, dude, you always give me yours. But I’ll take it…I’ll take that deal!” He preferred to bottom, but whenever I treated him with my ass, it was amazing.

I pushed his dick into my mouth and, felt its heat on my tongue. Running my lips up and down over the veiny shaft and going as deep as I could, I groaned into the mouthful of hard flesh. He fucked me, nudging at my throat and his moans escalated, “Rob…Rob…fuck! Fuck that…that…that feels good…yeah…yeah…so good!”

He pumped through my lips, and dragged the big, bulbous head across my tongue, allowing me to layer it good with spit. Our eyes met when I looked up, “Fuck me with it…you gotta fuck me…dude, you gotta fuck me!”

I laid back and pulled my legs way back, to where I was ready to take it. He lubed and opened me with a couple fingers, “Yeah, you need fucking…yer tight…so fucking tight! Let me get you all lubed and I’ll give you that fucking!”

He stroked a thick sheen over his dick, and I felt him push till it popped inside. I groaned as his cock sank into me, deeper Ankara escort and deeper. “Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, dude…shit…shit that’s good…shittttt!” He kept pushing, slowly working it all the way, until I felt his balls smashing against me.

Darin pulled out some and I savored his pleasured moans, as he started pumping me. He was the alpha for now, clearly in charge, and I loved the change…having him use my ass like this.

I loved to have his body slamming into me; the sound of bodies colliding filled the room. We fucked hard, exploring a passion we shared. Each time his dick pulled out and each time it pushed back inside, was fucking ecstasy…for both of us! I rocked my body up to meet his thrusts and watched sweat bead over his muscled chest.

I pumped my rock-hard dick, while he pounded my ass and screamed with pleasure. The long thorough strokes were gaining in intensity and I knew his balls were ready…ready to fill my ass. Burying it deep inside, he finally grunted, “Rob…Rob…here it is…cumming…I’m cumming! Fuck…fuck…cumming…so good…cumming good…long…fuckkkkkk!”

I held tight, as his body shuddered and pumped pleasure into my belly. Filled with cock and hot seed, I could feel it all warming my insides. “Yeah, fuck me through it…gimme it all…all that cum!”

I loved his deep, sated moans, “Oh fuckkkk! Fuck Rob…Rob…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh fuckkkkk!”

“Don’t stop…keep it up…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, make me…make me cum with that big dick…oh god make me cum with it…Darin, make me cum!”

“Shit yeah! Fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…god damn…fuck me…yeah…yeah, make me cum…work my ass…make me cum…shit…yeah…yeah!”

Giving me exactly what I needed, he had filled me and just kept pumping. My ass was leaking, and I loved it…it was my boyfriends seed…it was perfect. When I finally blew my load, he was wildly humping into his seed and screaming, “Oh fuck, Rob…cum…cum for me…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it!”

I held my legs tight and begged, “Oh fuck…make me cum…make me cum…fuck it out’a me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck it out…fuck it out!”

He pumped slower, till I was completely done; when he pulled out, I felt empty. I wanted to feel him back inside, but he gently pushed my legs down, to let me relax. He leaned down to lick every drop from my chest and tenderly pulled my cock to his lips. He sucked it dry and swallowed, before moving up to cover my lips with his. Tasting that musky pleasure, I moaned into his mouth and held his muscled body tighter.

I felt his cum dripping out, and reached back to rub it over myself, pumping some back through. My finger filled some of the gap he left behind, but it could never replace the sensory explosion his beautiful cock gave me.

Knowing that I was softening, he grinned, “Remember the deal…you owe me, now.”

I know…just pump it for a few…or we could wipe off some, open some wine and maybe take a shower…together.

“You know, that’s perfect. I made an hors-d-oeuvre tray for us.”

“You made hors-d-oeuvres?”

“Yeah, I wanted to have something nice for my boyfriend,” he grinned, “a romantic setting…maybe get those pants off…you know?”

“I think you’ve more than accomplished that!” “Brilliant thought, though,” swatting at his bare ass and smiling, “because if we’re well fed, we’ll be good for a second round!”

He smirked, “Yeah, that sounds great, but what about a third round?”

“I got the wine…you get the hors-d-oeuvres…and we’ll settle up in the shower.” I groped his ass, “And I’ll take that for a spin…our second round.”


We flirted through our wine & hors-d-oeuvre course and I was feeling horny as fuck, when he looked into my eyes, “Dude, let’s get on that shower!”

“I’m feeling ready,” a grin stretched across my face, “and I’ll get the lube…or you’re gonna have trouble walking tomorrow.”

I poured some more wine and put the glasses on the vanity (and lube in the shower), while he put the tray back in the fridge. When he came into the bathroom, he was already half-hard; his dick looked heavy, bobbing downward like a big, horse cock.

“Get in her dude, I got cock that needs servicing,” I laughed.

I started working soap over his body and scrubbing with a sponge…his body was such a turn-on. He was a beautiful, guy with sandy hair and lighter skin, sculpted over a lean, muscular frame. I followed his long, firm legs up to that tight, rounded ass…and rivulets of water and suds ran down over each cheek. I took the showerhead down to rinse and clean his sexier crevices; I got into that beautiful ass, working lather into him with my fingers. I spread him open to rinse and he groaned, “Fuck yeah, Rob…that’s fuckin’ sweet!”

I spun him around to do the front and his cock was that awesome ten inches of heaven; average in girth, but the head was stout, deep purple and lip-stretching perfect. I worked Ankara escort bayan lather into the wispy pubes and around his big, dick…his balls hanging low and heavy, demanded special attention, of course.

It was really amazing just to watch the water trickle over his body, but especially his cock. When the shaft was hard, wet and glistening, the veining seemed to become more defined. A centerfold cock for sure, I thought, but then I looked up to see where his eyes had landed.

With wide rivulets of water dripping down the upright shaft, he was totally focused on my dick…he couldn’t take his eyes off it, “I see you like what you’re seeing.”

“Yeah, you caught me…Rob, I love having a hot man wash me!” He laughed, “And you know I’m smitten with that cock.”

I ran my hand over his cock, “With this erection, I can tell you like it all.”

He moved between my legs and grabbed the head between his lips. He sucked hard and ran his tongue over the shaft’s veiny surface. He leaned in to take it deeper, still slurping and licking at the shaft.

With passion, he cradled it and kissed sensuously over the shaft. He sucked at the tip and slid his lips down over the shaft and swirled his tongue over my balls. Then, forcing the very tip against his throat, again, he purred and gurgled around the thick, pulsing meat. Those moans and gurgles were a turn-on, but the vocal vibrations felt amazing…crazy…fucking…amazing!

“Yeah, dude, take that cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmm, yeah, you like that alpha cock, don’t you? You like this big dick?”

He slowly pulled his mouth off and looked up with a big sexy smile, “Dumb questions…you know the answer…dork.”

“Just give my mouth a good fucking…and fuck me…fuck my ass with that big alpha!”

He pushed it back in, each time taking all but an inch or two, right up to his gag reflex. He pulled it out, admired his spit-soaked handiwork and, then, lovingly licked and sucked more. His lips slid down over the hard flesh and I pumped into his mouth; basking in the steam, pleasure radiated from my cock.

He pulled off, stroked it sensuously and smiled, asking me his own dumb question, “You love watching me suck it…don’t you?”

“Yeah…yeah, I do! Those lips are talented,” I smiled.

“I think the alpha’s ready…ready for my ass! You gotta fuck me!”

As much as I enjoyed the blowjob, I was rock-hard and totally ready to fuck, “Well, lube up…you need the ass-fucking, I promised!”

When he got up, he grinned, “Yes, I will…and yes, I do…I need that ass-fucking!”

I rubbed my hands over his ass, “Mmmmm…that’s so fucking good…it looks ready…fuck, it even feels ready!”

Moving just out of the shower, he smeared a thick sheen over my dick, and more in his hole…he worked it in.

“Let me see you get that hole ready…ready for some alpha cock,” I turned him to lean against the wall. He anxiously smeared the lube, spread his cheeks and braced himself. I rubbed through the crack and pushed, till it split and swallowed the head.

He moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s what I need…yeah…what I need!” I felt his sphincter squeeze and he pushed back, groaning louder, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…that’s it…mmmm…yeah!” The shaft slid deeper, through his tight grip, until his cheeks pressed into me.

He paused to enjoy the feel of pulsing cock, stretching…and pushing at his insides. Even though I had fucked him many, many times before, he loved that sensation of being stuffed full. He rolled his hips forward, gripping only the last couple inches, and then he pushed back, to take it all again.

“Oh, fuck yeah! That’s it…that’s good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…Rob…it’s so fuckin’ good!”

Pushing deep into his body, I groaned, “Fuck…now you’re doin’ it…yeah…yeah…take that dick…take all my dick…take it, dude…take it all!”

I took over, slowly stroking, in and out, ensuring that he got every last inch. I kept going with the deep, thorough fucking, and he moaned louder, “Yeah…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…yessss…yessss! Oh, fuck yesssss! I love having cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…yer cock…yer big alpha cock! Love it…love yer cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…love it!”

I grabbed his hips, humped forward, over and over, and slammed myself against his hot, sculpted ass. Now, aggressively fucking, loud moans and slapping skin echoed through the shower; it sounded like an orgy of six. “Ahhhh…ahhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…uhhhh…Rob…that dick…that dick…I love to ride it…be yer bottom…bottom for my alpha!”

“Fuckin’…fuckin’ tight ass…yeah, tight…tight ass!”

He looked back and wanted to change positions, “Let’s use the bench…I can be your cowboy!”

We could not have moved any faster…he went to shift the showerhead, but realized the hot water was dying and turned it off. Our eyes met, while I lubed again and held my dick vertical, preparing it for mounting; I grinned, “Ready for my cowboy! Climb on and give me a good ride!”

He Escort Ankara threw his leg over top and mounted himself on my dick, “Ohhhh…fuckkkkk! Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…ohhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s so fuckin’ good!”

I took hold of his hips and drove it deep, “That’s it, dude! That’s it! Take that dick…ride that dick!” I humped up to meet his ass, pumping hard…and fuck-smacks, the sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled the shower. “Yeah…fuck! That tight, little ass is driving me insane…yeah, so fucking good…so tight!”

I grabbed him and, holding him steady, pulled my dick out to the very tip…and slowly pushed it all back in. “Yeah, fuck me with it all…all that big dick…my ass’s yours…all yours…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…my ass is yours…fuck it…fuck it…fuck it hard!”

I swatted his butt, “Mmmm…I’ll fuck it hard…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…fuck it real hard…ride it…ride that big dick!”

While he rode me, His dick bobbed wildly, and I reached around to stroke it. He laid his head back and moaned, “Yeah…yeah…stroke it…yeah, stroke it!”

Working together to keep the ride going, he rolled his hips, to fuck through my hand, while I slammed into his ass. It was a juicy, satisfying rhythm that quickly turned to urgent need; he started to ride harder, took his cock in his hand and started jerking.

Slamming his ass, hard-as-fuck, down over my dick, he started cumming. His body heaved and jerked wildly before yelling, “Ahhhh, fuck…that’s it…cumming! Yeah…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…ye…sssssssssssssss!” His orgasm was intense, and he was grinding his ass into my lap, yelling even louder. He shot all over, spraying seed over himself and the shower.

I humped up into him, driving my cock up into his ass. Our bodies bucked wildly against each other and I screamed, “Fuck it! Ride it…ride me…ride me…fuck me! Make me cum…close…so close…make me cum!”

The release grew and grew, until finally it surged from my balls, “Here it comes…here it comes…harder…ride me, harder…harder…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…uhhhh…fuck…fuck!” I sprayed my load, painting his insides with seed. He squeezed, over and over, milking me and making me scream with pleasure, “Fuckkkkkk! Fucckkkk! Squeeze…squeeze that dick! Milk it…take it all…fuckin’ do it…yeah…yeah…milk…milk it!”

He came to rest in my lap and eventually slid to the floor, next to me. With his big smile, he said, “Fuck! That was an amazing…fuck! Rob that was fuckin’ perfect!”

“Great ride, dude…great fuckin’ ride! Fuck! And I know somebody that’s gonna be one jealous cowgirl…you know how she likes a good ride!”

He grinned, “I can’t wait to tell her!”

“Same here!”

We turned the water back on and finished up (he had to clean out). I grabbed a towel and worked it over his sexy frame, giving special attention to everything below the waist.

With a towel in his hand, he looks into my eyes and smiles, knowing he was going to enjoy every second. He rubbed and explored every part of my body…several times. He patted me on the ass, “Dude, you are fucking hot…and Miss Robin is gonna be jealous!”

“We’ll just have to make it up to her…it’s nothing a little cowgirl can’t solve. You ready for a hungry cowgirl?”

The phone rang as we were finishing up; it was Robin and she just got into her room. The flight was canceled, but she got rebooked and would be in around 8:00 the next morning. I assured her that we missed her, and we’d be there to pick her up.

She got a stern tone, “Before you hang up, mister, I want to know why you slipped a dildo into my suitcase?”

“Honey, I didn’t want you to go without for a week,” I laughed.

“They didn’t but what if they search my bag at security?”

“It’s not like there gonna pull it out and question you…those TSA people have probably seen hundreds of sex toys…vibrators…dildos…everything! They’re just going to think you have needs…that’s all.”

“I’m a cock slut, but I just don’t want to look trampy.”

“I assure you, one dildo’s not going to make you look trampy to the TSA agent.” She wasn’t really irritated, but I sensed she felt better before she hung up. At most, she might get a smirk and a little embarrassment.

Darin grinned, “I heard sex toy…what’s that all about?”

Before we were done, we decided to send her with two, next time…one that looked like me and one that looked like him. That night we measured ourselves and ordered travel-dildos for Robin…everybody needs travel-dildos. Mine was 8.5″ long and 2″ thick, while Darin was 9.75″ long and 1.5″ thick.


While I snuggled into the covers, I opened my eyes and realized I was spooning him. As memories of last night ran through my head, he shifted his ass against my dick. I was still feeling the pounding he’d given me, but I remembered our hot shower sex. My arm draped over his body and his body was snuggled into mine I thought waking up with a hot guy (Darin) was a treat, but then I started to put it all together; I felt my dick, all eight morning-wood inches, firmly planted between his cheeks and wanting more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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