More Personal than a Phone Call

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I enter the building where you work thinking that this is just crazy and hoping that your mother isn’t there tonight, she never has liked me much. It’s pretty late at night, so I’m sure you are finishing up work alone. You don’t know I am here, hell you don’t even know I am in town yet. I haven’t talked to you in a couple days and I’m missing our phone conversations. I take the stairs down a level and open up a hallway door. There you are walking away. You are wearing the same tank top, biker shorts, and flip flops as you were when we had our first conversation. I sneak into the hallway and follow you.

I take the time to admire your figure from this angle. My eyes travel up your calves and up the back of your legs. They linger on your ass for quite a bit and then travel up your back and linger on your neck. How many times have we imagined me nibbling there, kissing there, licking there? You are walking slowly, looking down at something in your hands, is it your cell phone? Are you waiting for my call that comes just about this time? Maybe you ARE thinking back to our first sex conversation. My excitement gets the better of me and I speed up my pace. I’m glad for the carpeted floors or else I would have all ready given myself away. You are only a few steps ahead of me now. I reach out…..

I reach around and cover your mouth and pull you to my body wrapping my other arm around your waist. As your hands go up and grab my arm, I hear something hit the floor and I am sure that you were waiting for my call. Whispering in your ear “Don’t be alarmed… I know what you have been missing…” moving my hand from your hip and slide it to your stomach and then slowly moving down, pressing in between your legs… “I know what you have been wanting.” I pull your head to the side and begin kissing your neck. Your hands that tesettürlü escort were gripping my arm tight are now gripping it tightly for another reason. I start nibbling your neck right above your shoulder and feel you gasp into my hand. My other hand has continued its massaging between your legs and you now start to press against my hand. Moving your hips slowly, I feel you start to bite my fingers and then you open your mouth and pull two of them inside with your tongue and then wrap your lips around them and begin to slowly suck them. I press my cock into your ass and you push your ass back into me. You have let go of my arm and wrapped your arms around my body pulling me harder into you. Grabbing my ass you continue to suck on my fingers and swivel your hips around my other hand.

Feeling my hard cock pushing your shorts up between your cheeks, you begin to moan and whimper around my fingers. Your hands grabbing my ass through my jeans find themselves moving up under my shirt and then down inside them. “You’re like me,” you say. “How so?” I whisper into your neck. “You’re not wearing any underwear.” “Only sometimes do I go commando.” I reply, softly chuckling. Getting more aggressive, you dig your nails into my ass cheeks, “Please, hurry. We can go slower next time. I need you inside me.” “As you wish.”

I pull your hands off my ass and turn you around. Our mouths meet. You see that it is me, and though you knew, you just were not quite certain. Our lips touching, you open your mouth in a sigh and my tongue enters between your lips. Teasing your teeth and the tip of your tongue with the tip of mine, I push you back up against the wall in the hallway. Your hands begin to fumble with the button on my jeans and my hands push up your tank top türbanlı escort and begin massaging your breasts. I lean my head in and you stop me with your words, “Please, baby. I need you inside me. No more teasing, I have been wet since before you grabbed me just thinking of your call and what our fantasy tonight was going to be. Please baby, I need you inside of me.” With those words I push your tank top up over your head and then lower your shorts down your legs. You finish sliding them off while I kick off my shoes and lower my jeans all the while our lips meet up again and we begin twisting our tongues together.

I push you up against the wall again and slide my hand down to your pussy. I slide two fingers inside you and can’t believe how wet your really are. You press your hips against my hand, “Yes, baby. Feel how wet I am for you, but please hurry, I need it so badly.” I pull my fingers out of you and bring them up to my mouth. Sucking your juices off of them, “You taste amazing, girl. I’ve wanted this for a long while now.”

I take my hand back down over your shoulder, running my finger tips down your spine, over your ass and then further down to the back of your leg. I lift your leg around me and place my cock against your opening. You look me in the eyes and without saying a word, we both know that this is what we have been wanting. Continuing to stare you in the eyes, I lean forward and gradually work my shaft into your pussy. Your warmth inside your pussy turns almost to a searing heat. You’re tight, but as ready as we both have been, there is little resistance. Still staring, I suddenly thrust as deep into you as I can and you close your eyes as we both let out sighs of pleasure.

Still watching your face I pull back out to tüyap escort the tip of my cock and wait. You open your eyes, smile at me, and then grab me by the hips and pull me back into you as hard as you can. “If that’s how you want it baby, then that is how I will give it,” I say and then we begin our rhythm. No adjusting, no shifting of speed, almost as if during all those phone fantasies, somehow we were synchronizing ourselves with each other’s body. A fast, hard rhythm has you beginning to moan, and pounding my cock into you as deep as I can go has me letting out soft grunts. Still staring at each other, still smiling, our bodies take over and continue what we have wanted to do for all this time. You close your eyes and lean your head back against the wall and I move in with the rest of my body. My lips and teeth once again come into contact with your neck. I begin to nibble a little more persistently as your teeth find my ear and your arms use my shoulders as leverage to help lift yourself up and then slam back down on my cock. Then your pussy tightens up and though this is our first time together, I remember you telling me it means you are close. Not being far behind, we somehow increase our speed and force.

Without saying a word, and yet sensing what I am wanting to do, we move down together onto the carpet, partly covering the sporadic mess of our clothes. Almost without a break in our movements, we continue our rhythm, your chest pressed against mine; the feel of your breasts against my skin brings me even closer to the edge. You begin moaning louder into my ear, “Yes, oh yes! That’s it! Just like that! I’m going to cum! I’m… going… to… CUUUUUM!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” As your moan fills my sense of hearing, your pussy clamps down and dominates my sense of touch, “I’m right there with you, baby! Any… second… now…. OOOHHHH!!!!” I release spurt after spurt inside you, holding you there pinned against my chest, you holding me pinned against the floor, our bodies shudder continuing on a slow release of so much pent-up passion.

Your breathing begins to go back to normal levels. You push off my chest and look me in the eyes,

“Welcome home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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