Mike , Susan

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Mike brought the last bag of groceries into the kitchen when the doorbell rang. When he opened the door he saw Susan standing there with a grin and a box.

“Happy Birthday, Mike!” Susan said as she extended the box toward Mike.

“Thanks. This is not a gift, is it?”

“Not really, it is a cake”

“Wow you made me a cake?”

“Umm…no…I bought it. Now take it, it’s kinda heavy”

Mike thanked her and invited her inside.

“Where’s Mariah?”

“She’s with Kate this weekend.” He showed Susan the card Mariah made for him.

“Aww, she is such a sweetheart.”

Susan helps Mike put the groceries up. She has been over so much in the last 8 months; she knows the kitchen like it is her own. She babysits Mariah a few hours everyday until Mike gets home from work.

“So you are all alone this weekend?” She looked at him with genuine concern. He is not an old man but he certainly lives his life as one. He loves his daughter but when he’s not with her, he is either working or thinking about work. “Please tell me you plan to let loose and do something wild this weekend. It is your birthday.”

“I got plans this weekend. First I plan to put these groceries up. I am going to have some of your delicious cake. Then I am going to watch “The Rear Window” and pass out. I will probably get called into work tomorrow and Sunday, so that takes care of the weekend.” He says.

“That’s no good. We will have fun this weekend” She says.


“Yes, I am taking you out on a date, mister. I bet you don’t even remember that last date you’ve been on.”

“If I don’t remember, it is probably because my last date was with Kate and I have tried to forget everything about our relationship.”

“Well, Kate has moved on with her life and it is long overdue for you to move on with your life. The neighborhood women are beginning to gossip.” “First off, Kate ‘moved on’ while we were still married. Secondly, what are the neighborhood bees buzzing about? “

She smiles slyly, “There are a couple of rumors. You are either gay, or you and I are an item.”

“You probably started the first rumor”

“I would not do that. I started the second one.”

Mike knew she was only kidding as they flirt back and forth often. Yet, he had entertained thoughts of her as more than a friend. He’d always told himself that it was just because she WAS such a good friend and listener, especially in the months immediately after the divorce, that maybe he was imagining more there than was actually the case. He did not want to lose such a good friend by taking such a risk.

As he was thinking this, he realized he had been checking her out this whole time as she was busy putting things where they go. He had been making small talk but his eyes were glued to her ass as she put the canned Sinop Escort vegetable and bags of potatoes in the cabinets under the counter. And as she reached to put the cereal in the cabinets near the top of the refrigerator he was very appreciative of her well toned abs and small waist that was revealed as she stretched.

As Mike put the last of the groceries away and picked up a knife from the cutting sleeve, Susan placed 32 candles on the cake and began to light them.

“Are the candles necessary?” He asks.

“What, afraid you can’t blow them all out? I’ll help you.”

They both blow out the candles.

“Did you make a wish?” She asks.

“Umm, no”

She smiles “I figured you didn’t. Don’t worry; I made a wish for you.”

“I don’t think that works”

“We’ll see”

“What was the wish?”

“If I tell you, it may not come true.”

“But it’s my birthday wish!” He looks at her incredulously.

“Don’t worry, the wish was for you. I’ll let you know if and when it comes true. What time we planning to watch the movie?”

“I appreciate your concern, but I am sure you have better things to do. It’s Friday night.”

“My mind is already made up; you are not spending your birthday alone.”

By this time she had her arms folded and the look on her face told Mike that she’d made up her mind. Plus, he couldn’t find a good reason to turn down an evening with a friend in favor of being alone with an old movie and his self-pity.

“Okay, it will be later this evening. I’ll treat you to a home cooked meal, also.”

“Good.” She smiled again “In that case, I will be back in a few hours.”

Mike took a shower, changed and went about preparing dinner while Susan took advantage of the retreating sun and went for a run.

Mike finished dinner and started working through some bills. He’d turned on some Jimmy Buffet, poured a glass of wine and did some other paperwork. He’d made it through most of the take home stuff he’d plan to peruse and was working on the details of the vacation he was planning for Mariah and he to Orlando when….”BOO!”

Mike yelped with surprised as he almost jumped out of his skin. And his heart continued to race at a thousand miles per hour while Susan stood there, doubled over from laughter. It took her a good three or four minutes before she could form any words as tears literally ran down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Mike, I let myself in. You look so engaged I could not help myself.”

“Okay, you certainly got me. Now I have to change my clothes.”

“Eww” She said and looked down at his pants. “I didn’t mean to scare you that bad.”

“What? No!” He blushed “I spilled wine all over my shirt.”

He changed into a t-shirt and entered the kitchen. Susan offered him another glass of wine as a Sinop Escort Bayan peace offering. Mike was finally calm enough to admit it was pretty funny. And he noticed Susan cheeks were all rosy and she was positively glowing from laughing so much. She was absolutely stunning. She had her brown hair in a ponytail. She didn’t have on any makeup (she hardly ever wore any) but her lips were the perfect shade of red and her skin was lightly tanned and flawless. She wore a pink crochet style tank top, low-rise form fitting blue jeans – both showing off her figure quite nicely.

Susan liked what she saw also, but then she was attracted to Mike from the first day they met. He and his wife were two of the many neighbors that dropped by on the second day after she’d moved in. They brought over a gift and introduced themselves. Kate was pregnant with Mariah and they seemed to be the perfect couple. She was a beautiful blonde and Mike was the tall brown-eyed handsome husband.

Mike and Susan continued conversation over dinner and talked for a long time after dinner, nursing their coffee and dessert. They then moved to the living room. Mike brought the bottle of wine and the glasses. Susan brought the movie and went over to the disc player to load it.

Once the DVD was in the player, Susan came over and sat very close to Mark.

“I am a little cold.” She said as she snuggled up close to him.

Mark put his arm around her and rubbed her arm.

“You want me to get you a blanket or something?” He asked.

“Maybe later. This is good for now.” She replied. This is the first time they had been this close but it felt so familiar and right. “I like this.”

Mark liked it too. As they huddled together, his attention was only partially on the movie. More on his mind was the smell of her perfume, her head on his shoulder, and her legs burled up next to his.

Susan put down her wine glass and placed her hand on Mike’s chest. She noticed that his heart was beating pretty fast. She started kissing him on his neck. He jumped a little and tensed up. He looked at her.

“Relax.” She said. Mike kissed her. Susan loved the combination of Mike’s lips, Mike’s tongue, and the hint of wine.

Susan climbed onto Mike’s lap and undid her ponytail. Mike kissed her stomach and moved his mouth over her chest. He pulled her closer to kiss her bare collarbone and shoulders.

Susan moaned in pleasure from Mike’s kisses, from Mike’s hands which gripped her waist and ass, and from feeling Mike’s cock pressed against her clit and pubic area through her jeans and his cotton pants.

She put her lips close to his ear and whispered, “You don’t know how long I have wanted this…”

“Me too” Mike responded and moved to take off her top. Her tits were perfect…perky B cups with Escort Sinop beautiful and pierced nipples. She had a small birthmark just below her left breast which he kissed and licked while using his hands to explore her breast and nipples. He then replaced his hands with his mouth while she ground her hips on his cock. Her fingers dug into the back and top of the couch and she squeezed hard as she enjoyed his mouth’s exploration of tits. She could have orgasmed when his tongue alternated circles with moving her piercings up and down like door knockers…or every time she felt the vibrations from his moans of pleasure…he was enjoying it as much as she was.

He continued sucking and licking as he moved a hand down between her legs. He pressed his hand against hand and moved his fingers on circular motions. It was not long before he felt her tense up. Through clench teeth she said “Don’t, don’t…stop moving” as she started shivering. She pressed her body hard against him and the couch as her legs squeezed together against his hand.

After a few minutes, she sat back up and started kissing his chest. She got rid of his belt, pants, and underwear. Once she pulled his underwear off and threw them across the room, she pushed his legs further apart, and kissed her way back up his thighs. As she got closer to his groin, her hand touched his cock…making it jerk. She giggled a little and wrapped her hand around Mike’s shaft.

Mike had never seen Susan this way. Her hair tussled, eyes full of lust, cheeks and lips very red. She looked incredible. He could not help but stare as she continued to kiss up his legs while her hand slowly pumped up and down his dick. As good as this felt, lightning bolts of pleasure struck his body when she pulled his cock down to he face and placed his dickhead in her mouth. As she lightly sucked and licked the head of his dick, her hand continued to stroke him up and down.

She gradually took in more and more of his cock, working until she was deep throating him – her hands now alternatingly tweaking his nipples and caressing him balls.

Mike was getting close to cumming when Susan stopped sucking his cock. She stood up and helped him stand.

“I want you to fuck me.” She said as she pulled off her jeans. She then put her knees on the couch and leaned over the top.

Mike moved behind Susan and pulled off her purple, lacy, moist underwear. He then guided the head off his cock against her pussy. As he stood there with his hands on her waist, she moved back and forth – taking in more of his cock each time. Soon enough their bodies were slapping against each other in rhythm.

Mike had one hand gripping one of Susan’s ankles while he grabbed her hair with the other hand. Susan came again as Mike continued pumping her. Mike felt Susan’s second orgasm. The sounds of her pleasure, combined with the spasms of her pussy muscles tightening around his cock, triggered Mike’s own orgasm. He pulled out and as his dick rested on her ass, he shot streams of cum onto her back.

After awhile Mike said, “Let’s take a shower…the night’s not over yet.”

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