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She glanced at her cell… 12:17. He was late.

Sighing she set the phone down on the picnic table where she could still see it, and shifting nervously, pulled her coat tightly around herself to block the chill. It was crisp even for fall and she wondered what on Earth had convinced her to meet him here, in the middle of the night… in the middle of nowhere.

Five little words…

Creek. Midnight. See you there.

“And here I am.” She laughed to herself and sighed… “Silly girl.”

Yet there was something about him that demanded her attention… that pulled her in and refused to let go. Was it the mystery, the excitement, the bad boy he portrayed himself to be? Or was it the heart and soul and romance… the good boy that intertwined seamlessly with its counterpart?

Perhaps it was both?

Two parts of the whole, neither taking away from the other but instead, complimenting each other, resulting in an intoxicating combination the likes of which she had never known. Whatever it was, it had been enough to land her here. It was very dark under the cover of the trees and she was beginning to feel uneasy. Where could he be?

Having arrived before she had, he’d waited in the shadows, watching silently for the right moment. She appeared engulfed by her own thoughts, and he emerged, silently approaching from behind. A hand brushed against her ear as he scooped the hair away from her neck, and she jumped, suddenly aware that she was no longer alone. He couldn’t help but laugh as she wheeled swiftly around, preparing to scold him for having frightened her… but her words never took flight; hindered by a single finger. A look. A smile. A whisper in the night…


His eyes locked on hers intently as his finger left her lips and his arms wrapped around her, lifting her up and sitting her on the table before him. She swallowed uneasily and looked away; entwining himself in her hair, he guided her back to face him.

“You are so beautiful.”

She Sakarya Escort shook her head humbly, her eyes still resisting his hold on her. “Yes,” he whispered as his lips found hers and simply rested there for a moment, barely touching. She sat there transfixed as he slowly rid her of her coat and cold hands slid to meet the warm flesh of her back beneath her blouse. She cried out, involuntarily driving herself against him. His kisses became fervent and her hands went up to meet his chest as she weakly attempted to push him away.

What was it about this man? It wasn’t like her to feel so helpless… she possessed a strong personality, was sure of herself, powerful in her own right… yet with a single look he had reduced her to little more than a compliant child.

She pushed harder trying vainly to free herself from his enchantment. Removing her hands from his chest he took them in his own and before she could determine what was happening they were bound. Shocked, she glanced down at her wrists and then back up at the sly smile playing across his lips…

“Wha…” She began.

“Shhhh.” He said again, this time with a wink.

She had never experienced anything of this nature before and the excitement caused her to abandon a bit of her coyness. He kissed her teasingly, taunting her with his tongue and lips and teeth but instead of pulling back she returned his playful advances in full.

Now it was his turn to pull back, surprised by the sudden shift in her attitude.

She bit her lip and giggled as he peered at her curiously. His smile widened.

“Lay back.”

She shook her head, the nervousness in her eyes, now replaced with a playful glint.

“Lay back,” he said again, leading her firmly down upon the picnic table. He took her wrists in one of his hands, pinning them up over her head, the other he led down to her thighs… prying them gently apart at her impish attempt to deny him. Her skirt hiked up as her legs parted allowing him Sakarya Escort Bayan to move in closer to her.

She harbored no hope of hiding her pleased smile from him as he stood there staring down at her. He knew her too well, knew what she wanted from him and without releasing his hold on her wrists, he locked eyes with her yet again, and using his free hand, slowly unfastened the buttons on her blouse, one by one, until she was exposed to the crisp night air. She shivered… He only stood there watching.

“I’m cold.” She whispered. Still he only stood there over her… watching her eyes, until he saw the slightest glimpse of uncertainty drifting behind the surface.

Once he was sure he had regained control of the situation he leaned back down, his lips meeting hers firmly, before departing along the line of her jaw, and then trailing down her neck and along her collor bone. They came to a rest between her breasts before retreating slightly only to begin the assault once again, as his tongue flicked briefly across the sensitive hardness of her nipple. He took her in his mouth, engulfing that one small area of her body in warmth before quickly releasing it, blowing on the moistness left by him there. Warm breath followed by cold air on wet skin. She whimpered softly as chills found their way up her spine.

Using his tongue now…he worked his way down her body. Paying special attention to the ticklish areas around her sides. He liked to watch her squirm. “I’m going to let your hands go now, my dear. Don’t move…” She glared at him in mock defiance but did as she was told.

“Good girl.”

Her defiance became somewhat less mock, at this comment but was quickly stilled as he simultaneously found the sensitive skin of her stomach with his mouth and slid a finger, unannounced, deeply inside of her. She gasped and her back arched upwards to meet him. Caressing the depths of her with his finger, he continued working his way down her body… kissing her navel, Escort Sakarya her hips…the delicate flesh of her inner thigh. He blew warm breath across the tenderest part of her, teasing, enjoying her quivers of anticipation before finally giving her what she wanted. Using mouth and hand in artistic unison he brought her to the brink over and over and over again… keeping close tabs on her breathing and body language… knowing just when to withdraw in order to keep her, just barely, from making that final leap into rapturous oblivion. Finally, it was more than she could stand…

“Baby, pleeeease?!” She moaned imploringly.

This time he didn’t hold back but plunged her full force into the abyss not letting up until he was sure she had reached the peak of her pleasure. Standing upright he pulled her into a sitting position… so that she was leaning against him, nestled safely in his arms, and kissed her lovingly, prepared to allow her some time to recover. But she could taste herself on him and lapped hungrily at his mouth.

“I need you.” She whispered feverishly against his lips.

As if possessed he brought her swiftly to her feet and spun her around pushing her forward against the table as he entered her in one quick thrust.She cried out into the night…pushing back against him and pulling away as he withdrew. His hand found the soft tresses of her hair and he tugged lightly as he continued his welcome invasion. The strength of his passion bringing her to the edge once more… her moans grew louder, and her knees grew weak, and she shuddered beneath him, as he joined her in climatic release. With one final lunge he exploded deep inside of her groaning as he filled her. After catching his breath he helped her back to the bench…sitting down beside her and freeing her from her restraints.

They were both still shaking slightly as their eyes met and they smiled. The sounds of their laughter danced through the air as he wrapped his arms around her…pulling her safely into his embrace and holding her there as their eyes met and…

Her eyes fluttered open. She tried to force them closed…to force her consciousness back to a place… to a time, where she had never been.

As somewhere in the dark of an empty room she heard the echo of words unspoken…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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