Megan and My Foot Fetish Ch. 02

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The next day my mind was occupied by what happened the night before with Megan. I had gotten my first foot job, and the girl who gave it to me loved having her beautiful feet worshiped. I wanted to see her again that day (and everyday), but I was afraid to immediately call her up; it might seem too eager and make her feel rushed and uncomfortable. I decided to wait until Friday, thinking that a was a reasonable amount of time.

All week I tried to think of something that would be a good ‘date’. I had very little experience with girls, and I was racking my brain trying to think of a good idea. I didn’t want to go to a restaurant or anything because I was afraid of awkward silences followed by forced conversation. Maybe just going for coffee or something quick might work, but I wanted to do something at least a little romantic. I really (ok, really really really) liked Megan, and I wanted to make a good impression. I came up with an idea and sent her this text message, ‘I’m going to stay in and maybe cook something Friday night. You’re welcome to come by if you’re available.’

I had a feeling of dread immediately after I sent the message. I kept reading it over, and second-guessed everything. Maybe I should have been more expressive, after all what we did last weekend was sexual and there was no reason for me to be so polite. I should have been more affectionate, or maybe made a sexy joke or something.

In a few minutes I received her reply, ‘Yeah Friday night is great! I love a home cooked meal! Is there anything I should bring?’

I let out a sigh of relief and responded back that she could bring some wine if she felt like it, and that I was going to start cooking around 5. I thought that cooking together would be a good ‘date’. It would definitely be better than sitting in a restaurant trying to think of things to say. And Megan would already be at my place, so maybe it would be easier to have fun with her feet again.

On Friday I spent the entire day as a nervous wreck. I was afraid that I would be awkward and blow my chance with Megan. I thought of a million things that could go wrong, and my stomach was in knots. I realized that not only would I have to try and act cool (something that doesn’t come easy to me), but that I would also have to cook dinner and probably direct Megan around the kitchen. So many bad things could happen: I might be too bossy, or burn the chicken, or over season it, or maybe I would concentrate too much on cooking and ignore Megan altogether. I was even stressing over how I should greet her: should I kiss her, or hug her, or do both? Simply shaking her hand would be way too formal, and I couldn’t decide what to do.

I went surfing that afternoon and tried to clear my head, but I was still stressing over Megan coming over the entire time. I knew it wasn’t healthy being so preoccupied about someone, but I couldn’t help myself. I came home and had a quick rinse in the shower to get rid of the salt water, and then just kept checking the time until it was 5 o’clock. When it finally rolled around I had a huge feeling of apprehension, and my stomach was still in knots when Megan knocked on the door.

She arrived with a bottle of wine and was wearing a light blue dress cut just low enough to see the beginnings of cleavage, and went down to just above her knees. I marveled at her perky tits, and her beautiful skin. Looking down I saw she was wearing sandals, exposing her perfect unblemished feet. Her toes were painted dark blue and she had on a thin silver ankle bracelet. Even though it was simple, the dress clung to all her curves and she looked sexy like always.

I could tell Megan was nervous right when she walked in. I was nervous too, but that was pretty much my default disposition. It sort of threw me off, because prior to this Megan had always seemed so confident and relaxed. She gave me a timid smile and looked uncomfortable when we made eye contact.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat on the couch and Megan joined me. I’m not really sure why, but it felt like there was this huge elephant in the room and no one wanted to say anything about it. The tension must have been bothering me, and the first thing I said was, “Megan, I couldn’t stop thinking about your feet all week.”

Megan let out a little sigh of relief, and she Bostancı escort perked up and smiled and said, “I had a great time last weekend! And I’m really glad you invited me over.” She crossed her legs toward me and ran her hand down her upper thigh.

The mood was different now, and I felt much more comfortable. I moved my eyes down Megan’s toned legs, one crossed over the other, and to her feet. Her sandal was dangling off her foot, and she was slowly twitching it back and forth with her big toe. Her arch looked so sexy getting wrinkled, and then flexed, and then twirled around. This seemingly innocuous movement only went on for a few moments, but her foot was driving me crazy and my cock was beginning to get hard.

I think Megan could read my mind (or maybe just noticed that I was pretty much drooling), and she giggled and slowly took off her sandals and placed her feet on my lap. She began clenching and unclenching her toes, inviting me to worship her feet. I took the invitation and put her foot into my hands and brought it to my lips. I started at her heel, and moving up gently kissed her entire sole. Her foot was so delicate and soft, and I couldn’t help but caress it and kiss it lovingly. I glanced at Megan and she had a huge smile on her face.

I started sucking on Megan’s toes, moving from her big toe and putting all her little toes in my mouth, and licking between each toe with my tongue. Sometimes she would scrunch her toes and squeeze my tongue between her toes and sole, or she would spread her toes so I could lick every possible inch of them.

Megan noticed the strong tent I was pitching, and said, “Wow you look a little uncomfortable.” She leaned forward and pulled my pants down, and gave a little cry of delight as my cock sprang out my pants.

Megan gave me another huge smile and lowered her head down to my cock. She slowly licked it from the base to the head, and I was so excited that I had to restrain myself from furiously thrusting my cock into her face. She did this a few more times, and I think she enjoyed teasing me a little bit. I was so hard that my cock gave a visible throb with each heartbeat.

When Megan brought her other foot to my face and swallowed my cock it felt so good I lost my mind. I began licking, sucking, kissing, everything to her feet. I couldn’t get enough, and this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Even Megan was moaning with pleasure, and it vibrated through my shaft as her mouth was wrapped around my cock. It was already driving me over the edge, and I tried to check myself but between Megan’s feet and her head bobbing up and down on my cock it was a lesson in futility.

I couldn’t help myself and worshiped her feet faster and more aggressively now, fitting as much of each foot as possible into my mouth, and frantically licking and borderline slobbering everywhere on her feet. Megan responded in turn and went even faster. She was deep throating my cock now, and almost gagged each time and I don’t know how she kept going. My entire body was tense, and Megan’s hand came up and rubbed my chest and abs, caressing my body. We both knew I was on the verge of cumming.

I took Megan’s foot and shoved all her toes and as much of her foot as possible into my mouth, and darted my tongue in between her toes. Megan then almost slammed her face into my crotch, and I groaned and let out a huge orgasm. Even after a few seconds my cock kept spurting, and Megan sort of purred as she swallowed it all. When it was over I dropped her feet and leaned back and I think I saw stars, breathing heavily and deeply.

Megan laughed playfully and said, “Wow, I guess you really were thinking about my feet all week.”

“Megan… that was incredible.”

Megan grinned and said, “Well, I guess we worked up an appetite for dinner. Anything I can do to help?”

We went into the kitchen, and I chuckled to myself as I relegated Megan to chopping up vegetables while I started frying up the chicken. I also poured us some of the wine she brought. We were making chicken cacciatore, and I had a recipe that was a bit unconventional but I thought it worked, and it takes a little while to make from scratch but isn’t too difficult.

I think getting all the sexual tension out of the way loosened us up around each other. Anadolu Yakası Escort I wasn’t nervous at all, and throughout the cooking process we slowly became more intimate. At first it was just wanting to stand close to each other, then a light tap on the shoulder letting one know the other was behind them. Then it was a gentle leaning on each other if we were standing side by side. It eventually progressed to us touching each other every chance we could. It wasn’t touching in a really sexual way, but rather me just putting my arm around her side and looking over her shoulder. Or if she was standing next to me, she would lean on me really closely with her hand on my back. As the cooking wore on we were pretty much inseparable and gently caressing each other.

We didn’t say much, but I knew everything was going well. Whenever Megan and I made eye contact her eyes sparkled and she had a contented smile. I think that evening was when I went from looking at Megan as a really sexy woman to looking at Megan as a woman I could love. I was aware that we still barely knew each other, and deep down I was a bit frightened at how quickly I could feel this way.

When it was time to eat we sat across from each other, and throughout the meal Megan would slowly slide her foot up and down my lower leg. Sometimes she would reach over and give my hand a squeeze and comment on how tasty the food was. I noticed her eyes were radiant whenever we looked at each other. Even though it was simply preparing and eating a meal together, it felt like a magical evening.

After dinner Megan helped with the dishes, and once again we were inseparable. We’d sometimes sway our hips and back and forth against each other, or Megan would squeeze my shoulder, or I’d put my arm around her and rub the small of her back. It had been a long time since I felt a woman’s body, and even though Megan was really fit her body was so soft and supple and inviting, and I was aching for this to continue further.

Once everything was cleaned up, I looked at Megan, and we both turned toward each other and strongly embraced. We kissed and our tongues deeply entwined, and Megan brought her leg up and wrapped it around mine. I moved my hand down and ran it along her silky smooth thigh, gently squeezing and feeling her wonderful flesh. I kept moving further up and squeezed her tight ass, and her whole body tensed as I squeezed harder. I knew Megan could feel my erection through my pants, but of course I didn’t care.

When we parted I looked down at Megan and her eyes pretty much said, “Oh please!” I took her by the hand and led her into my bedroom and to the bed. As Megan laid down, I brought one foot to my face, and gently planted a kiss on her sole. I slowly moved up, kissing and caressing her ankle, calf, the past her knee to her thigh. I took a bit more time now, giving wet, slobbery kisses and licking her toned and supple thigh. Eventually I almost made it to her panties, but I moved back and started slowly on her other foot. Megan let out an exasperated gasp, but I knew she was enjoying it and this was only making her more horny. I was enjoying it too; worshiping Megan’s legs was almost as good as worshiping her feet.

I still slowly moved up her other leg, kissing and enjoying her heavenly soft calf and thigh. I reached up and brushed Megan’s pussy through her panties, and they were already a bit wet and she squirmed a little. I told Megan to slip out of her dress, and I pretty much tore off my clothes as well. Once we were naked I lowered my head down to Megan’s pussy.

To be honest, I wasn’t very experienced sexually and I didn’t really know what to do. I just started licking everywhere, and occasionally jamming my tongue in and out of her pussy. Megan’s pussy was really wet, and with that and her moans I figured I was doing something right. When I moved my tongue up and found her clit she gasped and I decided to concentrate on that. As I kept licking, Megan ran her hand through my hair and murmured, “Oh Tony…”

I started licking her clit even faster, and from Megan’s moaning and squirming I knew she was close to orgasm. My cock was rock hard this entire time, and I really wanted to fuck Megan. I moved my head away and jammed my cock into Megan’s pussy. Megan’s eyes opened wide and she let Kadıköy Escort out a loud gasp as I entered her. Her pussy was really tight and I was a bit worried that it might be hurting her, but I was so horny that I didn’t treat her gently. I pumped really hard, and it felt like her pussy was strangling my dick. I looked at Megan and there was a slight grimace on her face, but also a look of determination as well.

I was horny as hell, and began pumping Megan as hard as I could. I took Megan’s foot and jammed all her toes into my mouth and was licking and sucking all over. Megan took a pillow and started biting on it, and seemed to be trying to suppress a scream. In no time I could feel her toes scrunch in my mouth and Megan let out a huge groan as she came. Her whole body shuddered, and it seemed like a really powerful orgasm. She was breathing so deeply that her breasts were visibly heaving when she exhaled.

I took Megan’s foot out of my mouth, and when I looked at her she leaned up and gently grabbed my head and brought it to her face, and we shared a long, soothing kiss. We parted for an instant, and made eye contact, and then shared another long kiss, with Megan sometimes letting out little moans into my mouth.

I was still rock hard and super horny, so I put my cock back inside her and pumped slowly and gently as we continued kissing. Megan had one hand running through my hair, and the other rubbing my back. I was also holding her tightly while we slowly made love. It was the most sensual and intimate experience I had ever had in my life. I was super horny though, and couldn’t help but start going a bit faster, and Megan held me tighter and started kissing me faster.

I got really excited and moved back and began pounding Megan hard. She started moaning, and let out an exhilarated gasp when I brought her feet to my mouth again. I was licking and sucking everywhere on them, even biting them a little bit. It was beyond a dream come true, caressing and licking and swallowing those perfect soft warm feet, and having her tight pussy wrapped around my cock. The fact that Megan loved this too made it all even sexier, and it brought me over the edge.

At this point I was pounding Megan as hard as I could, and when I was about to come I gently bit both of Megan’s front toes. Megan dug her hands into my back as she came again, and I knew there would be deep scratches tomorrow but I didn’t care. I came at the same time as Megan, and it was most powerful orgasm of my life. Megan shuddered as if in awe, and even though I already came earlier in the evening my cock kept pumping for what seemed like almost a minute. I fell forward, lightheaded, and fell on top of Megan. She was so beautiful and this evening was so wonderful, and I couldn’t help but start planting kisses all over her. She was still in a daze, and just moaned a little bit with every kiss.

Eventually Megan recovered herself, and she grabbed my head and brought me up for a passionate embrace. Neither of us wanted to stop kissing, and our mouths and tongues were locked together. Megan had one hand on my chest and the other on the back on my neck, and her legs wrapped around me, like she wouldn’t let me go. This evening had been perfect, and I felt like I found the girl of my dreams.

This went on for a little while, then for some reason Megan abruptly backed off. I made a move to bring her back and give her another kiss, but she gently pushed me away. I was a bit perplexed, especially when Megan said, “I’m sorry, but I need to get going.”

I was really confused, and all I could say was, “I’d really like you stay.”

“Tony… I had a really wonderful time. But I… I think I should get going.”

Even though I didn’t understand this reaction, I didn’t want to press Megan or put any pressure on her, so I didn’t stop her when she got up and got dressed. It seemed like she was on the verge of tears, and I didn’t know how to react. I was afraid that if I comforted her she would push me away, so I just kind of sat there dumbly. I finally said I had a wonderful evening as well, and asked her again to stay, but Megan insisted that she had to go. Just before she left she came over and give me a quick kiss, and uttered almost in whisper, “I don’t mean to upset you. I’m really, really glad we met each other. I just need to go now.”

Then she left. Even though I was exhausted, it still took me awhile to fall asleep trying to figure out why Megan left. Maybe she was afraid of me for some reason, or scared that things were happening too soon. Either way, it was still an incredible evening.

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