Mega GB Ch. 03

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After Emma said she loved me, I was weighing up what options I had available to me. Could I keep both Emma and Jordan? Hell why not. Jordan’s keen on doing her own gangbang thing and she seems to have hooked in (pun intended) with a group of bikies.

“Babe.” I said as we were driving down the road. “I love you so much and I think I’m falling for you too. That was crazy hot in the sex shop with the gory hole.”

“Awe babe. I love you so much. OMG I loved IT so much.” Emma replied. “It was so hot not seeing who you were sucking and fucking. It was intense!” Emma let out a laugh. “I think if I went back the guy behind the counter would give me really cheap stuff. What do you think?”

“Oh for sure.” I replied. “Maybe free stuff, who knows?”

Emma Googled the shop details and called them straight away.

“Oh hi.” She said. “Are you the guy that was there when I did the glory hole? Yeah I’m the young chick. Andy’s girl.” Emma said looking at me with a smile. “Yep that’s me. Hey, if I came back and did another glory hole, could I get a good price on some stuff? Yeah boots and dresses. Oh I dunno know. I could do as many as you want. 20? Yeah easy but I wouldn’t want to suck them all. I prefer if they fucked me. Yep bareback for head-jobs is fine. I prefer condoms for the rest if that’s OK?” Emma looked at me and mouthed ‘I love you.’ “Haha. Yep anal is good too.” Emma said with a laugh and winking at me. “I can do during the day.” She continued. “Fours hours as in after three? Oh for hours. Hahaha. Sure. Oh most days during the week like after 5pm. On Wednesday I can get away from uni all day. 40-50 guys? Hahaha yes I can do that. OK. Wednesday from 10 til 8pm? See you next week. Bye”

Emma was all excited. “Wow!” She exclaimed. “That’s great!” She said kissing me.

“Whats that babe?” I asked.

“The guy said if I do Wednesday from 10 til 8, I can pick any 5 items from the shop for free!” Emma said clapping her hands. “Says it might be regular and I can get paid as well.”

“Ahh I forgot to tell you.” I said rubbing Emma’s pussy. “Everyone coming over the weekend, I’m charging $10 and you keep all the money.”

“What?!” Emma exclaimed excitedly. “So over $1,000? That is so awesome. You are just the best boyfriend ever! So have you checked the sites? We could have more guys!”

Hmm boyfriend hey? Didn’t see myself as that but if it makes her happy, why the hell not?

“Well its easy to be the boyfriend of such a gorgeous, hot and sexy girl.” I replied smiling.

Emma had her head down looking at her phone. She was texting away furiously and I don’t think she heard me. 10 minutes later we were in my driveway pulling into the carport. Emma looked up and got super excited. I turned off the car and we kissed and groped for quite a while then went inside.

She wandered around the house looking at everything. “Nice.” she said to herself. She went into the bedroom and bounced onto the bed. “Getting a workout this weekend.” she said smiling.

“Yeah on that.” I replied stroking my chin. “I was going to set up a mattress in the lounge and close off most of the house except the toilet, shower and kitchen area.”

“How come?” Emma asked sounding disappointed and looking sad.

“Well.” I replied thinking tactfully. “Only I will fuck you in there. Plus John puts plastic on his mattress. I don’t do that.”

“Yeah?” Replied Emma. “So what about when Jordan brings guys home? Where does she fuck them?”

“Umm.” I replied, not being 100% sure. “On and over the lounge. In the kitchen, On the washing machine. Out back on the lounger. Sure shes fucked a few on the bed, but not a big group.”

“Oh really?” Emma replied knowingly. “I know different. I overheard Jordan’s let it slip to Eve that shes done a lot of gangbangs you don’t know about and a few were on this bed.” She said pointing at the bed. Before I could answer, Emma’s phone rang. She answered cautiously.

“Hello?” she said. “Oh yeah hi. I should put your number in my phone. Sup? Yeah. Yep every Wednesday is good for me. What do you think? $250? Yeah? That’s great. Yeah happy with that. Sure tell whoever. I don’t see them anyway hahaha. Yep get paid starting after my five items. Oh yeah it will be Ankara escort great. Sorry your name again? Geoff. OK I’ll put you in my phone. See you Wednesday haha.”

“Guess what babe?” Emma said excitedly.

“That was the sex shop and you’re doing glory holes once a week?” I replied.

“Oh. My. God. Yes!” Emma said, bouncing on the bed. “And $250! For fucking?! How good is that?” She asked.

At that moment I had to go down on her. She was so excited about everything and super keen. Her youthful exuberance was addictive. I had to have her for my own.

Then there’s Jordan. Yes Jordan doing ‘gangbangs I don’t know about?’ Hmm. Obviously when I’m away during the week. Why not tell me though? Its not like I would freak out. Was Emma just making stuff up? Then again, Jordan not wanting to be home? Doing the gangbang at Johns without me?

Emma was texting away again. I said I was going to shower then set up the lounge-room. Emma raised her hand up as if to wave, then kept texting.

After 20 minutes I was out of the shower and Emma hadn’t moved. Still texting. Who the fuck she chatting to. Anyway I offered the shower to Emma. She threw down her phone, jumped up, kissed and hugged me and wrapped her legs around me. I held her close and whispered in her ear, “fuck I love you Em.” She had a massive smile and she hugged me even tighter.

“Be with me always?” She whispered, half pleading.

“Yes. Yes of course. I want to.” I replied. “You know that.”

Emma jumped down and looked at me seriously. “I didn’t want to tell you this.” She said looking down at the floor. “Eve told me that Jordan told her that she doesn’t love you like she used to. She said the only excitement for her is the constant sex which shes addicted to.”

I was stunned, but in light of whats been happening recently, I believed Emma. Fuck her. Fucking 12 years together. For what? OK! Right! Done!

“Well.” I replied holding Emma’s face gently. “Looks like you’re my girl. 100%!”

Emma jumped up and down and kissed every inch of my face. “My God you smell so nice.” She whispered. “So its you and I? You’re my man?”

“Damn straight!” I replied smiling.

“OMG!” Emma screamed. “Oh you watch me over the weekend and forever more! I am going to be the biggest slut, whore, cum-dump, whatever, that you’ve ever seen! This will be epic!” Emma said clapping her hands. “Oh and I’ve invited a heap more guys. Been texting them and for them to bring and tell all their friends. Totally EPIC!”

I went pale. So all these guys rocking up to my house. Quiet tree lined street. How the fuck? What the fuck?

“So.” I inquired. “How many?”

“Well.” Emma said looking seriously intelligent. “Easy, easy 50. Then I told them to bring a friend along. Is that OK? A few guys said they knew a few pub mates and guys they play sport with they would invite. Could be, dunno, 150 all up?”

My jaw dropped. Emma saw the shock on my face.

“Hahah I knew you would love it!” She smiled. “OK. I better get ready. Gonna wear Jordan’s dress. That will teach her. Anyway, shower time!” She said as she dropped to her knees and gave my cock a quick kiss and suck.

As she walked into the bathroom I asked “They’re not all coming tonight are they?”

Emma laughed. “Oh God no!” She replied waving her hand at me. “Most on Saturday from 10 am til whenever then, 20 I think, on Sunday. I said until 9 on Sunday. Think I will be tired and sore by then haha. But HAPPY! Weeee”

Right. So most tonight is 30. That’s times two at least for Saturday. I have 40 tonight, plus 51 over Saturday and Sunday. Emma has 20 times two on Sunday. So potentially 240 guys! At my house! Realistically, over a total of two days? Emma? She wont be able to do it on her own. Should I suggest Eve? Then again, Eve could do the 240 on her own. I’ll suggest it.

Emma was singing away in the shower. I walked in and looked at her. Fuck she looked hot. Seriously hot and I told her so.

“Hey babe.” I said sheepishly. “I did the maths and potentially that’s 240 guys you will need to fuck. And lets face it, most multiple times.”

“Yeah I know babe. I thought about that too.” Emma replied. “So suck shit Jordan! I will out fuck you bitch!” Ankara escort bayan

Right. Its a competition. Jealousy? OK. Changes things. Do I suggest Eve? Probably not.

“And!” Emma shouted “That’s like $2,400 in my hand! Yeah bitch! Take that! Sorry hun. You are still married to her I know but you’re with me and getting a much better deal!”

The convoy of cars started rolling up at 7:30pm and kept coming. I had a plastic bucket in the lounge and it was getting filled up with money as quick as Emma was getting filled with cum. And she was loving it. All the attention was just on her and she went crazy over it. All the guys picked up on her energy and were fucking her harder but coming quicker.

I’m not sure how many turned up before midnight but the house was full. I walked around to make sure nothing was being stolen or damaged, but the guys were just focused on Emma. Some older guys were in the kitchen talking, so I thought I would see what they were saying. One mentioned the ‘farm party’ which made my ears prick up.

“Hi.” I said. You went to that party last week? The one north of the city?” I inquired.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Replied a guy who looked around 55 years old. “I was just saying to my mate here, I reckon I saw that young girl there. Emma? I didn’t get to fuck her because I couldn’t get near her. I did fuck, umm whats her name. Starts with ‘J’. Jackie or something?”

“Jordan?” I answered.

“Yeah that’s it! Jordan.” He said pointing at me. “Yeah shes got a reputation that one. Good on her! Haha”

“Really?” I said sounding surprised. “Like what?”

“Oh just what I heard.” The old guy replied. “Does gangies like during the week, then most weekends. Dirty whore. Will fuck anyone. Has hired herself out to sex parties. Loves it up the arse, which I found out first hand and is single to boot! Loose pussy though. Easy to fist.”

“Single? I replied shocked.

“Oh yeah.” The old guy said. “Tells everyone shes free and can fuck at anytime, anywhere. I would be making money out of that slut! Hahaha.”

Both guys laughed then excused themselves to go into the lounge room. I had a million thoughts in my head, mainly how was I to approach Jordan on this and where are we going with our marriage? OK. Sure. I’m a fine one to talk after with whats happening with Emma but I only see this as a temporary thing until she thinks I ‘m too old for her.

I looked at the pile of texts I had on my phone from guys wanting the address and saying they have extra friends. I then saw a text from Jordan which was unusual considering she would be getting a pounding. Plus she NEVER texts me when shes away at gangbangs. I went outside to read it.

‘Hi hun.’ It started. ‘Heaps of guys. Done over 50. Emptied holes twice. You’d luv it. That sluts not in our bed is she? B home Sunday sometime xx’ That was it. Hmmm at least it started with hun.

I replied ‘Hi babe. Glad ur having fun. Have a small group here and Em’s in the lounge. C U Sunday.’ I then deleted my text to Jordan, just in case Emma saw it.

I walked back to the lounge and Emma was moaning. Some of these guys were giving her heaps and fucking her so hard and fast. I went up to her and she was covered in sweat and cum. Her eyes were closed and she was obviously getting off on all the fucking. It this point it was only in her cunt, so I’m guessing shes giving her arse a break. Cum was over her chest and face so shes blown a few as well.

I whispered “You OK baby?” She opened her eyes and smiled at me, reaching for my cock. I was wearing boxers and she grabbed my cock and shoved it in her mouth. She sucked it like she was trying to suck start a Harley. She was seriously worked up.

“I love you.” She said pulling my cock out then shoving it straight back in. She then licked my knob and asked “More coming? I want more.”

“Yes babe, lots more coming.” I replied a bit surprised.

“Good.” She smiled and winked. “I’m warming up. Fuck my arse?”

Emma then turned around and got up on her knees. The guys fucking her wasn’t happy until she told him to lay on his back and she mounted him. A bucket of cum came out of her cunt and ran over his cock and balls and she slid down. Emma then laid Escort Ankara on him and shoved her arse in the air. I slipped straight in. This was a seriously stretched arsehole and lubed up with cum. I held her hips and slammed my cock in. Emma moaned some more then squirted.

The night ended at around 4:30 am. Some guys slept in the lounge as they were either too pissed or exhausted. Emma and I went to the bedroom, locked the door and fucked for maybe 7-8 minutes before we fell asleep.

I was up at six the next morning and went out to check the house. Guys were making coffee and looking through the butlers pantry for food. There was only four of them left and they apologised but said they were starving. We sat around talking for about an hour then Emma surfaced. She looked a hot mess and was still naked.

The guys I spoke to had either fucked Jordan in the past or knew of her. They confirmed that she had done gangbangs when it was just her showing up. It surprised the guys when I told them she wasn’t single. When they saw the wedding pictures on the wall, that confirmed it for them.

“Fuck dude.” One of them said. “Look no offense, but shes trash.”

I nodded and looked down at the floor. Is there any coming back from this?

Emma bounced in, grabbed a coffee and toast and sat down. “Don’t talk about her when I’m here please.” She said looking at everyone. “Do any of you guys wanna fuck me before I shower?”

All four said yes. Emma finished her coffee and toast then bend over placing her hands on the kitchen table. “Go for it but blow quick.” She said. The guys obeyed. Emma then grabbed my hand and we walked into the en-suite.

“I want this life.” She said to me.

“What the gangbangs?” I replied.

“Yes I want the gangbangs and the glory holes every week but I want you with it. I wanna do it with you.” Emma said seriously as she put her hand in the shower to check the water temperature. She then turned off the tap. “Can you ask the guys to piss on me?” She asked giving me an evil wink.

I walked out, shouted from the hallway and they were all in the bathroom in 2 seconds pissing on Emma who had squatted down in the shower. After they left Emma started the shower again and looked up at me.

“You can have this forever. Always. Do you want that?” She asked wide eyed.

“Oh God! You know.” I replied. “I fucking do!”

Now I don’t know if its because Emma was tired or she had some urine in her eyes but she started to tear up. I thought “this girl is seriously fallen.”

“I want two kids as well.” She continued. “One of each. It would mean I would have to stop GB’s until I’m pregnant so we know they’re yours. Once I’m pregnant, I will still do gangies until its too uncomfortable, so you can relax.” She said patting my chest as she went into the shower. “Join me?” she asked.

Emma’s had this all worked out and planned to the enth degree. Family, kids at 46? Oh fuck! This isn’t just a fling in her mind.

While in the shower we kissed constantly. I didn’t really respond to what Emma said as I didn’t know what to say to her. Maybe silence at his point of time would be wise. Once in the bedroom, Emma laid back and opened her legs. “Cunt or arse sir?” she asked me smiling. “I choose arse for you sir.” And she turned around and put her arse in the air.

The weekend continued with non-stop fucking, especially on Saturday night. We had the cops turn up once as the guys were out front talking loudly and cars were blocking driveways. Besides that, Emma was a trouper. We had guys constantly coming into the house, some returning with mates. Emma and I explained to the guys the money was all going to her and some guys put in a couple of $50 notes.

Sunday afternoon came and we had to turn guys away. Emma was exhausted and sore. She was walking like a cowboy and I put some cream on her arse. Her cunt? That was fine.

At the end of it, the bucket was overflowing. Emma made $2,380.60 in one night. Where the 60 cents came from? Don’t know. Did she fuck 238 guys? She thinks yes and more so as some either returned the following day or fucked her more than once. Plus looking at how many were in my house and parked out the front? I would have to say closer to 280. Mammoth effort by the beautiful, brown eyed, brown haired girl. Could this work long term? Could I keep it up or die young-ish trying? Would I even make 50?

Next, the talk with Jordan. But before that, I better wash the sheets!

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