Meeting Him for Lunch

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Standing next to him, Marie felt frumpy. Zach may not have been amazingly handsome but he was pretty darn hot in her eyes. She always considered him perfectly built, slim and muscular but not overly either.

Comparably, she was short, and overweight-bigger than she wanted to be for sure. He loved her ass, which was proportionally large, and her breasts, which were a large handful at a 38D.

“Surprising your man at work” Jeff, Zach’s boss said, “Now you hold onto a girl like that, Zach.”

Zach turned his head and smiled down at Marie. “I will sir”.

She shifted uncomfortably as the boss’ eyes traveled her body, making her feel naked standing before both men.

Zach kissed the top of her head and pushed her long brown hair from her shoulder as she looked over at him, frowning slightly, clearly uncomfortable with all the attention on her.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, “I’m glad you came to surprise me at work. Come on. I’ll take you back to the office.” Resting a hand on her lower back, he steered her towards the back of the room.

“Nothing’s wrong,” she mumbled. He didn’t know that she felt they were mismatched, she kept those feelings to her self and tried to hide the thoughts when they popped up. And she knew he was aware that she hated being stared at. “The office would be good, I brought you a surprise,” she said, gesturing to the bag she had in her hand.

He smiled down at her and led her through the store towards the office. Opening the door he ushered her inside. He closed the door behind himself and pulled her close, hugging her tight and smiling down at her. “I hope you brought me something naughty,” he laughed as she squirmed uncomfortably, looking around making sure they were alone.

She laughed after ensuring they were alone, “well if I did it isn’t in the bag,” she said as she handed it to him. He let go of her, grabbing the bag and greedily ripped it open.

“Lunch.” He stated, sounding a bit depressed. “Thanks babe, I knew I was forgetting something when I left my apartment this morning.”

“I warned you it wasn’t naughty,” she laughed.

“Fine. You owe me something naughty then.” He smiled down at her, naughty things clearly on his mind. “Come on then, time to pay up!” He laughed pulling her close again, pressing his body tightly against hers. He pressed his lips against hers, hungrily kissing her, his tongue slipping past her lips, deepening the kiss. Taken aback, she was momentarily stunned, unsure of what to do. Feeling his semi-hard cock pressed against her belly she kissed him back, shyly at first, then slowly giving in and pushing herself up cevizli escort against him. He kept the kiss going, slowly walking her backwards, her ass bumping into the desk. She giggled and grabbed the edge as she felt it move as she bumped into it. Reaching up she pulled him back in for another kiss. Hungrily kissing him, she knew she wanted more but she knew that it couldn’t happen in the office at Zach’s work.

He pushed against her, his hands sliding down her back, grabbing what he could of her ass, it too big to fit in his hands. Barely breaking the kiss he grunted “up.” She mindlessly jumped the little bit so she sat on the edge of the desk. He continued to kiss her, his hand moving to her breast, knowing if he exploited her love for having her nipples played with, she would do whatever he asked, no questions asked.

He fingers found the tiny bud through her shirt and bra. He ran his fingers over it. Tracing the tiny bump he kept kissing her. Small moans escaped her lips through the kisses, getting lost in his mouth. He kept teasing her nipple, noticing she was just beginning to writhe against him.

He laughed to himself, knowing he had her where he wanted her. He was always amazed at how quickly playing with her nipples got her going. He thought it was one of the most unique things about her.

He slowly pulled his hand away from her breast, both hands now slowly sliding up her back under her shirt. Lifting it up slowly he pulled away from her to pull it off completely. She barely seemed phased and her mouth was searching for his once again.

He dropped her shirt on the floor and continued to kiss her, marveling at the way she pressed against him, her body full of need.

He smiled as both his hands reached for her breasts. Playing with them over her bra for a few seconds, both nipples standing at attention. She pulled away slightly from him as she let out a low moan. He took this opportunity and quickly pulled both of her breasts out of her bra. The cups of which were now crumpled beneath each of her heavy breasts. He stepped away from her and smiled as she reached for him. He loved seeing her this needy and half undressed. Plus he thought nothing was hotter than her breasts still perched up over her bra, perky and waiting for attention. Her nipples looked like stiff, pink little peaks just begging for more attention.

She reached for him again, whimpering a bit, wanting him standing between her legs again, needing him to kiss her, to touch her again, but he stood just out of her reach. She had little care about where she erenköy escort was now, just solely focusing on him. Looking him up and down, she noticed the tent in his pants. Her mouth watered knowing that he was hard. Just for her.

She thought of his cock as the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. It was the perfect length, not too wide-just enough to fill her mouth and her pussy. And right now she wanted it bad.

He smiled as he watched her breathe heavily, her eyes glued to him. He loved when he got her this worked up.

He crooked his finger at her. Motioning her towards him as he took another step back. She dropped off the table and onto her knees in front of him. He smiled and was grateful she read his mind.

Her hands reached for his belt, quickly undoing it. Her fingers grasped the button and popped it open. Sliding the zipper down she smiled up at him.

He smiled down at her, using his right hand he tweaked her left nipple. Pinching it. Not too hard, just enough so that she looked up at him.

She smiled up at him and asked, “may I? Please”

He smiled and said “of course hun.” He pinched her nipple again causing her to moan as she reached into his pants and boxers pulling out his magnificent cock. She wrapped her hand around the base and slid her hand slowly up and down it a few times. Grasping the base she leaned in and began to lick the tip like an ice cream cone. He kept playing with her left nipple, his other hand grasping the right nipple as he felt his cock slip into her mouth.

“Finally!” He thought as he moaned. Sighing as she sunk him deep into her mouth. He pinched and pulled her nipples, rolling them between his fingers, all the while she she happily sucked on his cock. Her cute head bobbing up and down in a slow but steady pace. Her eyes looking up at him as they both moaned.

He let her happily alternate between licking and sucking his cock while he played with her nipples for a few minutes while he enjoyed the feeling of her tongue and mouth on him. Deciding to spice things up he dropped her nipples abruptly. She looked up, disappointment in her eyes, his cock popped out of her mouth and she dragged her tongue down his cock again.

He smiled down at her knowing she would love what he had in store.

He ran his fingers through her hair, getting a nice handful and pulled her head back. He then positioned her beautiful mouth in line with his cock. “Open wide babe” he smiled.

She obliged, her mouth opening wide for him. He proceeded to guide her head towards his cock. He felt esenyurt escort himself slide into her warm and wet mouth, slowly going deeper and deeper. He always pushed her down further than she went on her own.

“Don’t gag. Don’t gag!” She thought has he pushed her head down his shaft. She hated when she gagged on his cock, she always felt like it was rude, and she just wanted to make him happy. She loved sucking on his cock and wanted him to know that. She felt accomplished as he bottomed out in her throat. Only a slight gag as he held her head down on her cock.

He sighed. “Damn she is good,” he thought. He let her rest with his cock buried in her throat. As he felt her relax he pulled her head back again, gripping her hair tighter in his hand. He pushed her down again. This time he did it bit more forcefully and quicker.

“God I love this!” She thought as he began to fuck her face slowly gaining speed and getting a bit rougher with her. Her hands reached up to her breasts playing with them, pinching her nipples between her fingers and pulling them away from her body the way she loved. Pinching harder as he got rougher, she moaned around his cock.

He was moaning, slightly losing control as he fucked her face. He watched his cock disappear into her mouth over and over. Noticing saliva dripping down her chin, he smiled. He gripped her head tighter and pushed her down on his cock and held her there, it was then he noticed her playing with her breasts. “She can be such a slut,” he thought, smiling to himself as he felt his balls tighten. “I’m not going to last much longer,” he thought to himself.

He gripped her head tightly and fucked her face with abandon. Holding her down again as he felt himself ready to cum. He emptied his load into her mouth, moaning loudly. He felt himself squirt into her mouth, and when done he slowly pulled his cock from her mouth dropping his hand from her head.

She watched his cock leave her mouth, swallowing what cum she could. She blushed as she felt cum and salvia drip down onto her chest. Reaching for him, she pulled him back closer, and taking the hint he held his cock so she could lick it clean. Her tongue covered every inch of his cock, cleaning the cum from it. When satisfied she had gotten it all, he scooped what he could off of her chest, feeding it to her from his fingers.

She accepted it hungrily, licking his fingers clean.

All of a sudden they heard a slow clap.

Cock still in hand, he turned to face his boss, embarrassment flushing his face.

She peeked out from behind him and saw his boss, Jeff, smiling at them. She quickly tried to wipe her face clean, her hands trying to hide her messy breasts.

Jeff laughed, “don’t cover up now, little girl. I could show you both a few things”. With that he shut the door behind him and walked over towards them.

She looked up at Zach, red with embarrassment. He smiled down at her, chuckling and said, “Ready for more fun babe?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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