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I was waiting for her to meet me at a near by spot. I think of the things to come that evening and get excited at the thought of being with her. I start to think she will not show, and then I see her pull in. We get out of our cars and we kiss deeply and grab each other’s butts. I push her back and look into her eyes,

Then say, “We will have time for that later.”

We get back into our cars and she follows me to the hotel that I got earlier. We park the cars and go up the stairs to the room. She is carrying a small bag with her. When I ask her what’s in there her just smile and say,

“You’ll see late!”

Once in the room, she looks around then says,

“I like it!” and kiss me deeply.

Her tongue pushes into my mouth to find mine. I caress her body and squeeze her ass. It is driving me crazy, but I stop, and tell her we need to get ready. Ser agrees and heads off to the bathroom.

While she is in the bathroom, I put on some soft jazz. As I hear her start the shower, I slip from the room and down to my car. Retrieving some things I quickly get back to the room. I put the items where she will not see them, for later use. I place a cooler out in the open with some beer, and wine coolers on ice.

Then I strip down and enter the bathroom. It is steamy and warm. I peek though the curtain.

She smiles then says, “Want to join me?”

I say, “yes, but we need to go soon.”

I step into the shower, my cock is already hardening, we kiss. I press her close to me, my cock rubs against her and she quivers. I reach back and get the liquid soap and squeeze it into the scruchy. As I slowly wash her back, she reach’s down and softly rub my hard cock. I slide my hands down and caress her tight ass. Then I gently push her back and wash her front, caressing her nipples. As I slide my hand lower, she stops me, and say teasingly,

“We have all night, remember.”

She steps back and rinses off then steps out of the shower. I almost feel it is a relief, but realize it is not. I fight the urge to stroke myself till I cum.

While I finish in the shower, she goes out to dress. I step out of the shower and dry myself. She has hung my clothes in the dressing room of the bathroom. I have a knit shirt, Dockers pants, and red silk boxers underneath. As I dress I wonder what she is up to. When I step out, I see she has found the drinks. As she hands me a beer, I look her over. WOW, thigh high black leather boot, SHORT leather skirt, and a tight deep-vee white sheer blouse. A red push-up bra forms her tits. As I look her up and down, she sees my cock grow in my pants. We decide it is time to go.

As we walk to the parking lot, we pass a dark red convertible sports car.

She says, “That would be a fun ride!”

I just nod and keep walking.

As we approach my car I say, ” You’re right, let’s take it!”

She looks at me puzzled as I walk back to the sports car. As I eye it over I see the concern in her eyes. I fumble with the door lock then get it open. I jump in and open her door, excitedly tell her to get in. I can see the fear and thrill in her eyes she jumps in. I crank it up and drive off with the lights off at first. We get to the street and I switch them on. I tell her to check the console for cds. As she does she finds the paperwork and realizes I rented the car just for our night. I laugh, and she smacks my shoulder.

We drive to the coast to a small restaurant. We ask to be seated in a corner table. We set across from each other during dinner chatting casually with a bottle of wine. After dinner, I slip my shoe off and start rubbing her leg. As I inch upward, she grabs my ankle and pulls my foot between her thighs. My toes are nestled in her warm pubes, no panties, how nice, I press my toes into her. The look on her face is worth a thousand cums… as the waitress nears I force myself to stop. She eyes us, and then smiles. We finish our wine and decide to go.

I ask her if she wants to drive, she jumps at the chance. As she is driving I am rubbing her leg and being my bad self. I tell her just how much I want her to suck me, I inch my hand up to her panty-less pussy. She feels me near her pussy, I feel the heat and wetness, and I teasingly rub near her wetness never touching her lips. It is driving her crazy, I slide a finger in and feel how wet she is, hot and tight. I finger her for a few strokes then stop, pulling my finger out slowly and bringing it to my lips for a taste. Oh so sweet! But I stop there to prevent a crash. I can see the want in her eyes.

We find a club that is loud, busy and full of people. I tell her to go in alone she smiles and does so. As she makes her way through the crowd she senses the eyes on her, she feels that warm feeling inside herself. She heads for the bar and orders a drink. She feels the warmth of the body’s near her, she knows they are looking at her, and wanting her.

I make my way through the crowd, stopping to get a drink on the way. As I near her I see a young guy eyeing her from a near by table. I walk up to the bar near her and work my way in.

We make eye contact, and I casually say, “hi”.

She gives me a funny look, and I wink. I lean toward her and whisper to her, telling bostancı escort her about the guy looking at her. She just nods, and then looks over her shoulder toward him. Then back at me and raise and eyebrow giving me that devilish grin. I tell her to see if she can find a table. I watch her as she works her way through the crowd; she finds some people just leaving and takes their table. I come to her table and ask to join her, she giggles as I sit down. We act as if we are strangers, chatting and looking around the room. She sees the guy again that was eyeing her from before.

I tease her by saying, “I know you want him!”

Then she shoots me an evil smile. I tell her to ask him to dance, while I get us more drinks. She jumps at the chance and strolls toward him. He notices her nearing him, and steps away from his friends.

She say, hold out her hand to him, ” I want you to dance with me!”

All he can say is, “ok”.

She grabs his hand and leads him to the floor. She can hear his friends behind her start talking wildly and she just smiles deeply. When she gets to the dance floor, she turns quickly to face him, looking deep into his eyes. She can see he is a bit nervous she starts dancing and so does he. As she sees him start to relax she moves closer and starts touching him with her hands as dance. Then she moves closer, and rubs against him. As the song ends they both step back, with a large smile he say’s,

“Thanks her for the dance!”

As a slower song starts to play, she grabs his hand and says,

“We’re not done yet!”

She pulls him near her wrapping her arms around him lightly; he takes his hands and puts them around her waist. As they dance they chat lightly and she can feel him pull her closer. She starts to grind on him as she feels him harden. She leans into him and whisper into his ear, as she does she lowers her hand to his hard-on and rubs it though his pants. As the song ends, she gives him a quick sweet kiss and say,

“Thank you.”

She turns and walks to the bathroom. When she returns to the table and sits down next to me, she downs her drink. As she looks at me, I just smile; I know she had a good time. I tell her how I could see her, and his friends. And they were all watching her. As she settled down, she tells me how hot she was getting and she had to go to the bathroom to clean up. I slide my hand up under her skirt and feel the wetness between her legs. After she had rested, the music starts again. I take her by the hand and lead her to the floor. We start to dance and rubbing against each other. I see they are watching us, so I start to play. I slowly grind against her, and wrap my hands around her tight ass. She knows what I am doing and plays it for all it’s worth. She grabs my ass and grinds her pussy on my leg. I move my hand to the front of her skirt and slide it up just enough to get my fingers to her pussy. It is wet and hot! I slip one finger in and play with it lightly, her juices and running down my hand. The song is about to end, so I pull out and bring my hand to my mouth to taste her. She brings her lips near and licks my hand as we enjoy her sweetness. She looks over her shoulder and see them just staring! Then looks back at me and smiles.

I look into her eyes and then whisper into her ear that it is her night to enjoy fully. She smiles at me then gives me a quick kiss then turns to walk away. She strolls toward the guy she danced with, another slow song starts playing. She doesn’t speak, just take his hand and leads him to the floor. As she pulls him other close, she whispers into his ear. Halfway through the song I see her leave the floor and disappear.

While she is gone I order us another drink, as I do a young woman approaches and sets beside me.

Looking me in the eye she says, “I would like a scotch and soda!”

I nod my approval to the waitress. As the waitress leaves I introduce myself to her, and she to me, says her name is Gwen. She explains that she has been watching us and wanted to know if we play this game much. I think of playing it off, but I can see Gwen has seen what was going on and knew the game. I explain to her that it is your night to enjoy and I am doing my part to fulfill you. Gwen nods in with an understanding smile. When the waitress brings our drinks, Gwen slides next to me. As we chat she glides her hand along my thigh. She asks if we want some company? I tell her that we may another time, but tonight I have plans for us. She rubs my thigh more and mores upward, she can feel me getting hard. She tells me that she finds you very attractive and would love to spend some time with us. I tell her to give me her number and I will call her next time so she can join us. While Gwen is writing it down she returns to the table. She has a grin on her face, so I know she had been up to something. She smiles at Gwen and sits down next to me on the other side. I introduce her to Gwen. Then Gwen says she will leave us to our fun, as she gets up to leave, she rubs me through my pants and gives me a quick kiss. Looking at her she sees her smile, then says bye and walks away. We both watch her as she leaves.

She smiles, and tells me büyükçekmece escort that we need to go. So we finish our drinks and get up to leave. As we do she grabs me through my pants and whisper in my ear that she need this now! She felt me throb in her hand.

When we get to the car she starts to unbutton her blouse. I open the door for her and she turns and kisses me deeply, I move my hand up to her tits, her nipples are rock hard and ready for sucking, she takes my right hand and moves it down, shoving it up under her skirt. She is soaked, and ready. I scoop up some juice and bring it to my lips. She tastes so good. Then she takes my hand and finishes licking it clean. I hold her hand and she gets into the car. As I get to my side and get in, she already has her skirt hiked up and her fingers working. I fire up the car and take the quickest route to the hotel. She is in her own world as we drive. We get to the hotel and make it to the room. She is glowing. She tells me she wants to freshen up and, takes her bag to the bathroom. I tell her I will fix her a drink. I do so and hand it to her through the door.

While she is in the bathroom, I am busy setting up the room. I get the stuff I hid before. The chilled champagne I put in a bucket with ice on the bar with the glasses. I turn down the lights, light the candles in the bedroom and turn down the bed. I put on a soft some music then take care of some other items for later. I still have time to wash up at the sink outside the bathroom.

As I finish up she opens the door and sees me there, and waits to open the door fully. I tell her I am just about done. I go to the bar and wait for her to come out. As she does she has a hotel robe wrapped around her, she sees me and laughs. I am in my Bugs Bunny boxers and a Hawaiian shirt. She walks to the bar and sees the champagne. She smiles and winks as I open it. I pour us both a glass and toast to the up coming night. She asks me what other surprises do I have for tonight,

I just say, “you will see!”

I ask, “when do you plan to unveil yourself from the robe?”

She takes a long drink, sits the glass down and steps around the bar in full view. She teasingly plays with the cord and slowly pulls it. As she gets it untied, she clasps the robe with both hands and hikes it up slightly. I can see black stockings as she turns. She is enjoying the tease, and playing it so well. She can also see my cock hardening in my shorts. {Bug’s ears are standing up}. She takes a step away and lowers the robe over her shoulders and back, then looks at me over her shoulder and sees I can’t take much more. She let it drop to the floor. She still has hers back toward me, the black stockings are held up with a black lace garter belt, no panties, and a black lacy babydoll teddy. Her ass looks so hot I just want to grab it right away. As she turns, I see the teddy is an open front, with her tits held in and nipples hard and ready. She sees the approval in my eyes as well in my shorts.

She looks me in the eyes and say ” its all for you baby!”

I step forward to her and place my hands on her bare hips, pulling her close our tongues meet in frenzy. I move my hands to her tight ass and grip it firmly; she drives her tongue in deeper. She feels my cock pressing against her, lowering her hand she rubs it through my shorts. I back off slightly and lead her to the bed. As I lie her down I pull off my shirt and shorts. My cock is standing hard. She looks at it with hunger in her eyes and licks her lips. I crawl into the bed with her, rubbing her feet on the way, as I make my way up her know I am teasing. Her hands go to her nipples, and twist and pull then. She closes her eyes as I near her hot pussy. She spreads her legs slightly hoping I will dive in, but I just run my fingers lightly over her mound and lightly blow on her lips. I slide my hands up across her belly to her tits. I can feel her heart racing; her nipples are so hard and hot. I pull the teddy away and suck them each in turn.

She can feel my cock rubbing her leg; pre-cum is oozing from the tip. I don’t know how much I can take, but it is her night. She must know what I am thinking and reaches down grabbing my cock, pulling me to her face. Her lips engulf me fully and she sucks hard. Somehow I manage not to explode. She is sucking me so hard, taking me all the way down then pulling back and licking the head while looking up into my eyes. Rubbing my balls with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. I tell her if she keeps going like that I am going to cum. She looks into my eyes and gives me an evil grin, squeezing my balls and dives down on me again. I know what she is up to now, but I will make her work for it.

While she is sucking me, I slide my hands down and grab both tits, and firmly squeeze them. Flicking her nipples though the lace and pinching them. I feel her moan on my cock. I slide my hand down her belly to her soft pubes. Her stomach tightens with my touch. I distract her from her sucking, but only for seconds. I place a finger on her pussy; she is so wet and ready. I slip a finger in, and her juices flow out into my hand. I slide a second in and start to slowly pump çekmeköy escort her. This is causing her to go to more of licking and stroking. As I curl my fingers upward I hit her G-spot and she clinches her pussy down on my fingers. At the same time she takes me down all the way and sucks hard. I rub her spot and pinch one nipple. I can’t stop now, she feels me pulsing, and my fingers are still twitching.

I breathlessly tell her, “I’m going to cum!”

She put more pressure on my cock and pushes me in as deep as her could, her pussy was flowing and I can feel it grip me tighter. My cock explodes in her mouth, and that sets her off. She starts bucking against my hand. She will not give up my cock, as it spurts she sucks it harder, her pussy is gushing on my hand, her lips are clinched so tight I can’t pull out if I wanted to. Slowly, we clam down, she pulls my semi-hard cock from her lips and licks it clean causing it to twitch and me to giggle. Then I slide my fingers from inside her and my hand is soaked. I smile and start to lick it clean as I look into her eyes. She sets up in bed and helps me lick up her sweet juice.

We lean in and our lips meet, our tongues play tag. I slowly crawl from the bed and get the champagne, bring it to the bed and pour us each a glass. She is on her back; I am propped up on my side next to her. I teasingly (spill) some on her belly, it pools in her navel. Being the gentleman I am, I have to clean it up. So I lean close to her, plant light kisses on her belly, then noisily slurp it up. That makes her laugh. I ask her if she is ready for a snack. She grins with wonder and nods. I go to the cooler I hid and retrieve a bottle of chocolate syrup and a bowl of strawberries. I set them aside and tell her we need to remove her sexy outfit.

She decides to make a game of it. She finds some music then sets me in a chair. She starts to dance and tease me. She is being so bad, and she knows I like it! She is swaying to the music and slowly untying the teddy letting it slip to the floor. She turns and rubs her tits, and pinches her nipples. She knows she is getting to me cause she sees my cock growing. She unsnaps her garter from the hose then turns her back to me as she bends over and slides it down. I want to bite her hot ass. She turns and sways back and forth. Then she walks toward me. Putting one leg up on the chair she brings her pussy close to my face then backs off. She takes my hands and places them at the top of one of her stockings, I slowly role it down and off, then we do the same with the other. She climbs on me in the chair and ask me what I had in mind. My cock is pushing at her lips already. I tell her to lie on the bed. But she pushes her hips down and my cock stabbing her pussy, dam that feels good. She pumps a few times then pulls off jumping to the bed.

As she settles into the bed I am there by her side, I kneel over her; I get a berry and dip it in chocolate, then feed it to her. She licks it then sucks it in and bites it. I get another, dip it in and cover it in syrup. I take it to her tits and cover her nipples then I eat the berry. As I get another, she can feel the syrup run down her tits. I start to lick her nipples, as I do I take the next berry and rub her clit, then slowly push it into her pussy. It is cold and she clinches just a little, but her hot juicy pussy soon has it warmed up. I take another, pushing it deep into her hot wet cunt. As I clean the chocolate off her tits with my tongue my fingers are rubbing her clit and sliding my finger in. I start to move down kissing her belly and licking her navel. I move between her legs, she pulls them up to give me a better view. I start to lick her lips slowly, she is so wet and hot the juice from the berries mixed with hers is running down her crack. I don’t miss any of it. I push her legs back further, and take a long lick; I run my tongue up from the bottom right up over her ass tickling her hole just a little. This causes her to moan and squeeze, more wetness flows from her. I move up and get to her pussy and start licking and sucking.

I move slowly, lightly blowing on her lips, they are swollen with hot excitement. I dip my tongue into her, then my fingers, working them into her sucking the sweet cream from her. I rolled her clit in my lips, and find a berry with my finger. I slowly work it out to where I can reach it with my tongue. As I pull it out I bite it then rise up far enough for her to see me suck it into my mouth. My lips and chin are wet with her cream; she can see it gleaming in the candlelight. I eat the strawberry, and then go back for more. By now she is ready, I go back to what I like, pleasuring her. I dive my face back between her legs, and push my tongue hard into her. I lick at her pussy hard grabbing her ass with both hands, I feel her start to buck against my face. My tongue finds the second berry; I suck it out and gulp it down so I can go for the real treat. I dive back in, two fingers are working in her, and I suck hard on her clit. I can feel her going crazy; I slide one finger down to her tight ass and slowly push it in. She has so much cream flowing it is well lubed. With two fingers in her pussy, one in her ass, and me sucking her clit, she can’t take any more. She is bucking so hard; it is all I can do to stay on her. Her legs grip my head, and her hands pull me in tight. I can hardly breath, but I won’t stop. Then she gushes! Her orgasm is so hard she gushes all over me, flowing faster then I can slurp it up, so I come up for air. It is flowing all over, and I love it. We are soaked! As her breathing slows I slowly pull my fingers out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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