Meet Annie Cummings Ch. 02

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(Author’s Note: I give to you a two girl/one guy scenario, and also introduce a new character I plan on elaborating on in addition to Annie.)

The woman who makes workplace fraternization fun ANNIE CUMMINGS stars in…

“Download Your Hard Drive”

It was another typically boring Monday morning at the DP Corporation. Annie totally dreaded the fact that after a weekend of nonstop fucking that she had to schlep to work and sit at her cubicle for 8 hours. That’s not to say that Ms. Cummings doesn’t do enough of that very word while on the clock either though now mind you…it’s the principle of it though. Annie’s position in the company was of course Human Resources, since she was such a human resource herself. She definitely knew how to work with customers…and co-workers for that matter. In fact she was voted “Employee of the Month” for 4 months straight because of her exceptional service (or I should say servicing) skills.

So on this day, she was at her desk entering some random, uninteresting corporate data and hating the fact that on this job she actually had to do some kind of work. That’s when it happened. As she tried to save her work, suddenly her PC Desktop froze. You could hear it making some kind of sputtering sound, and anyone in the vicinity could hear her making cursing sounds as result.

“Fucking Dell!!!” she screams. “This is the perfect fucking time for you to decide you wanna get retarded on me, shit!!!” She had a habit of personifying objects and talking to them…it was spurned by the fact that all her “toys” at home have names. The cubicle across from her was filled with a bubbly blonde woman named Penny Pumpton…affectionately nicknamed Penny Pumps because she wore those red “fuck me” pumps, and had the attitude and sex drive to match. In fact, there was something about all the girls in HR…anyway, she overheard Annie’s cursing fit and walked over to her gingerly.

“Did your PC crash on you or something?” she asked.

“Hell yeah,” Annie replied (such a potty mouth she was), “and right as I was finished my weekly report for last week! I swear if I have to do all that shit all over again…”

“Hmmm…maybe the IT department might be able to help you! I’ve seen them in action before, their really whizzes at patching up those computer boo boos.”


“Information Technology or something like that,” Penny smiles. “All these big corporations have ’em. Usually ally a bunch of computer geeks or something.”

“Well, what’s their extension?” Annie asks. Penny gives her IT’s direct line and in seconds she’s on the phone calling them. “Hello, IT Department? This is Annie Cummings in Human Resources. I need for one of you come and take a look at my computer…I think it crashed on me.”

“Okie Dokie, Ms. Cummings,” said the voice on the other end. “We’ll send someone right away.”

10 minutes later, the elevator door open and a little guy in a white shirt with a black tie, slacks and shoes steps out, using a single finger to push up his thick black glasses to his face. He was in shock and awe at the HR department. For some reason, IT had never had to actually come here before and what he noticed in his maiden voyage was that the entire department was female. He asked a passerby the location of Annie Cummings and was pointed in the direction of her cubicle where Annie sat in her chair looking flustered, arms folded, not even knowing that how she had her arms positioned was pushing up her tits to the point they were going to pop out of her blouse which was hardly buttoned up to begin with.

“Ms. Cummings?” the technician asks, trying hard not to stare at her tits but failing miserably. “I’m Dexter from IT. What seems to be the problem?”

“My PC just fucking froze on me while I was in the middle of typing up a very important report, that’s the problem.”

“Well, I’ll just run some diagnostics on her and see if I can fix it right here,” he smiles. “The worst case scenario is that I’ll have to take it down to my department so that we can open her up and check things out. You should lose any data though.”

“Well I would hope not! I’ve got some important stuff on that hard drive honey! Files, reports, the occasional dirty photo or two or…336.”

“I’m sorry…what was that again?”

“Oh…nothing, tee hee,” Annie giggles. “Here, take my seat…make yourself comfy.”

She gets up and stands leaning to the side of the cubicle opening. Dexter replaces her on the seat and starts to type in commands on the keyboard. Every couple seconds he’d look over to Annie standing over him with a look of actual interest in what he was doing. One arm was at her hip and other was draped over the edge of the cubicle wall, giving him a perfect view of her 36E tits as they strained against what he though was the luckiest pink blouse in the world, tucked into a short, short black skirt that barely cover her thigh…bare thighs of long legs that snaked down to a pair of open toes high heels. By the time Ankara bayan escort he realized he was paying as much attention to detail to her body and choice of outfit as I am here, he took a double take and shook his head, blushing heavily.

“S…sorry Ms. Cummings,” he whispered, curling up almost defensive in the seat.

“It’s alright honey…and please call me Annie,” she smiled back. “I don’t know how you guys are in IT, but here in HR we’re more friendly.”

“A lot more friendly,” Penny added randomly from across the way with a giggle.

“So why don’t we see you IT guys around often. I think just about everyone in DP pays us visits, in fact I should be expecting Roberto from maintenance to show up in about an hour…”

“Oh? Well, you know IT work is very strenuous,” Dexter sighs. “We’ve got 60 floors of technology to maintain here and there’s only 8 of us you know. I went 2 days last week without a break.”

“Awww, poor baby…” Annie pouts, but sincerely. “You know, it’s our job here at HR to make sure that everyone is comfortable and satisfied, Dexter. You really should’ve came to us sooner.”

“Work, work, work, Annie…” he frowns, “Always busy, busy, busy. No time for that I’m afraid.”

“Well if time’s such a commodity to you…” she muses as suddenly she moves behind the seat and places her hands on Dexter’s shoulders, “then we should make the most of this time you’ve got here, don’t you think?”

The very touch of her hands on him sent shocks up his spine and blood down to his breeder bar. She could feel him tense up suddenly.

“Just relax Dexter,” she whispers into his ear with a sweet little soothing voice. “You’re too tense. It’s gotta be tough getting anything done when you’re all wound up like this.”

“Are you sure that is alright?” he asks nervously. “I don’t want to get you into any trouble or nothing…”

“Are you kidding?” Annie giggles as she spins the chair around. Dexter was now directly in front of her. “This is what we do baby. That’s why our department’s the best!”

Annie reached down to Dexter’s knees and gingerly parted them from each other, exposing a noticeable bulge in the man’s crotch. Kneeling herself down between Dexter’s legs she started to rub her fingers up along the fly of his slacks, tensing them right along the strained length of his wanker.

“Besides…” she smiles, “You look like you could use some release.” Annie then uses her hands to undo the buckle of Dexter’s belt, then next the button of his slacks, then slowly she pulls down the zipper. Underneath those pants was a pair of tightie-whities with an enormous bump straining against them. Annie started to grab at the waist of them with baited breath. The very thought running through her mind now of just how big Dexter’s dick was had started to arouse her. She could feel her own juices starting to trickle out of her trim. Dexter lifts his hips up from the chair high enough for her to get both his bottoms down to his ankles and when she comes back up she’s shocked and delighted by what she sees.

“Oh wow baby,” she coos, taking into her hand a fully erect, long, thick and proudly protruding 10 inches of Dexter-dong into her dainty digits. “Penny! Come and check this out! This is some piece of cock you’ve got on you honey!” Penny comes around again and her eyes bug out. Dexter was not a big guy by any stretch, he must’ve only been at least 5’8″ or so and 180 lbs. soaking wet, but the man organ in his trousers was full grown that’s for sure.

“Oh…my…god…” Penny stammers, “look at the size of that dick! You’ve been keeping that a secret haven’t you Dexter?” Meanwhile, Annie begins to incoherently stroke Dex’s decker in her hand, almost out of instinctively.

“Well, I haven’t actually used it great deal,” Dexter replies bashfully. “Just with Gretchen Goldsmyth about a month ago.”

“Gretchen!” Annie shouts. “That snobby little scamp from accounting!? God, she’s flatter than my desk! Oh no, this big fucker deserves some better company than that honey…” Penny nestled herself right next to Annie, both buxom and busty beauties handling Dexter’s hefty humpstick. Annie hand was at the base and Penny’s was just above it, yet you could still see maybe another inch or so and the helmet head.

“We’ve got a two-hander here Annie”, Penny smiles.

“With room to fucking spare!” she replies. Both girls continue to stroke Dexter out, applying different levels of pressure with their hands on him. It felt so good you could see him starting to twitch a little. “Does that feel good baby? First time getting double stroke by two girls I assume.”

“First time with two girls period,” he responds with heavy breath. “Oh my…this feels really good Annie…”

“Like I said, this is what we do in HR. It’s our job to keep company morale up and make sure everyone is happy here. You’re morale is way fucking up right now, tee hee.”

“So what do you wanna do with it now, Annie?” Penny asks. Feeling his Escort bayan Ankara sensitive and soft yet hard as rock flesh against her hand was sensational, but she wanted to feel it in other places as well.

“How about the Pecker Pucker Sandwich?” she replies.

“Ooooo, I love the Pecker Pucker Sandwich! Been so long since I got the chance to do it, everyone one else keeps the dick all to themselves nowadays.”

“Well shit, there’s so much of it to go around, you can always find your own! But this is a special occasion, our first meeting with the IT department, so let’s make it memorable. Let’s make it so those other 7 fuckers are banging at our door, and banging us soon after, tee hee. Can you imagine if they’re all as big as this fucker?”

With Dexter’s dinger still in her hand she gives it a playful wiggle. Letting go, both girls get themselves into position, Annie’s head to the left of his cock, Penny’s to the right. Together they flick their tongues out lick the length of his Longstreet from base to tip. The feel of his skin was warm what with all that hot boiling blood engorging it, and for him the sensation those two warm, wet tongues were administering was beyond euphoria. Dexter felt like he could come right than and there and be happy for the rest of his life, but something told him this was just the beginning. It was just about a minute of this tongue action before the duo wrapped their lips along the sides of his shaft, slurping their way up and down it like you would a popsicle melting to keep it from dripping. There was a decent bit of saliva generating from their mouths, coating and glistening his cock as they worked their magic. Up and down and up again they went did Annie & Penny, stopping occasionally at the helmet shaped head to flick their tongues simultaneously at both it and each other. Dexter was awestruck and his dobber was throbbing in excitement.

“I think he likes it,” giggles Penny in her sweet, almost girlish voice.

“Then he’ll love this,” responds Annie, now maneuvering his dick squarely in her direction. She pressed her pouty red lips to the head of his hog, giving it a big long kiss at the tip. As her lips smacked off of it she opened her mouth wide and engulfed his hard-on with her throat cavity. The head of his cock hit the roof of her mouth and she let out a groan around it before she slid her head down Dexter’s length, feeling the soft but firm ridge on the underside of his shaft rub along her tongue. There were few things Annie loved more than the feeling of a dick in her mouth, like one in her pussy or ass…or any combination of the three. She enjoyed both the hardness of the shaft going down and then the softness of the head as she came back up on it. Annie really loved the thick, fat kind of penis…the kind that really tightened up her lips when she wrapped them around it, and Dexter’s was certainly one of those.

As Annie continued to bob her head up and down along Dexter, Penny opened her top and freed her 34DD tits to the corporate air. There weren’t too many girls in HR who wore bras, the easier the access the better. Watching the BJ in front of her she fondled her flesh, pinching at her nipple which were pebble hard by now from the excitement building up. She loved to watch as much as she loved to participate.

“Want some of this, Penny?” Annie asks her after she released herself from his shaft with a slurping sound. Her chin was covered in saliva, but not as much as Dexter’s dick was by now. Penny graciously obliged and took her turn impaling her face on his glistening gherkin while Annie undid the buttons of her blouse. You guessed it, she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Annie took it one step further though, getting herself primed up for a randy little rogering by sliding her shapely hips out of her skirt. Needless to say she wasn’t wearing panties either, so now all she had on was her high heels and a devilish grin. All the while Penny happily licked and flicked Dexter’s dick with no hands, they were too busy diddling at her clit to be holding Dexter’s dinger in place, her throat was doing just fine. Annie propped a leg up to her desk as she watched and started to rub her nipples with one hand and her own clit with the other.

“Oh yeah, suck that fucker Penny…” she cooed. “Get that thing nice and wet. Doesn’t that bitch feel good going down your throat?” Penny nods in response. Working her clit into a stupor, Annie’s finger were rubbing at herself with a friction like a floor buffer. She alternated rubbing her clit with stick a finger inside of her pussy, moaning her satisfaction the whole time, making it a show for the IT guy. A few more minutes of this fellating and masturbating was sure to make Dexter pop his cork, and Annie wanted to be the one to experience that.

“Alright Penny, my turn again.” Her co-worker responds by giving Dexter on last, long lick from base to tip and a kiss to the crown before she rises from her perch and lets Annie get her some more. The redheaded cockgobbler Bayan escort Ankara reached back up and grabbed his dick and then proceeded to deep throat him in a slow sensuous way. Dexter just leaned back and watched her suck his big boy and after a couple of minutes she actually swallowed the whole thing to both his and Penny’s amazement. By that point Penny was out of her white blouse and slacks with her panties slid down to her ankles. Her hands were wandering the creamy nether regions, pleasing herself as she watched her friend’s exploits.

“Wowzers, Annie!” she gasped. “You just took the whole thing down like it was nothing! I could see it sticking down out of your throat. You’ve got to show me how to do that!”

“One of these days honey”, replied Annie after she came back up for air. She gasped and let out a refreshed ‘ahh’, then her eyes fixated onto those of the very fortunate IT tech. “Relax and let me slide your cock down my throat for a while because my kitty and asshole are a lot tighter than my throat so you better get used to it.”

“Kitty?” asked Dexter between short, baited breaths.

“As in pussy, tee hee…” quickly replied Penny. “You’re gonna like how it feels too, heaven knows I love it!”

She couldn’t believe that Annie was taking that huge thing down her throat but she was a real trooper as her spit was drooling out of the side of her mouth and glazing Dexter’s dick as he was probably getting the best blowjob he had ever had. Dexter’s knees started to buckle a little and she pulled his cock out of her mouth and started to lick and kiss on it and was laughing at him.

“No way are you getting off that easy”, she giggled. “You’re going to fuck me then cum on my face or in my mouth on my tits or all three, but you’re gonna do it fucking me!” Rising back to her feet, Annie pulled Dexter’s knees forward bit to give her some sitting room, then with a fiendish grin almost, she propped herself over his lap, the heft of her E cups tits hanging inches from his face. Grabbing the base of his 10 incher, she guided the tip to her wet and waiting pussy and let just the helmet head into it as she started to ease her tight hole down onto it.

“Oooh Penny,” she cooed. “This thing feels so good stretching me out. How does it look going in and out of my pussy?”

“God it looks beautiful Annie. That big, beautiful cock is all wet with your juices, I’m surprised it’s even fitting into that tight little hole of yours! Mmmmm…”

By then, Annie had managed the whole of Dexter into her pussy just as she had her throat minutes before. Somehow the woman was able to accommodate the big ones with the greatest of ease. Her ample ass could be heard flopping against Dexter’s thighs as she merrily bounced up and down on his dick. Her big tits were now smothering Dexter’s face and they too were bouncing and flopping as she did, hitting him hard enough to knock his thick black glasses off axis on his face. Annie giggled as she jiggled.

“Awww…I’m gonna knock those specs right off of you with those big bitches aren’t I? Well, I like it rough baby. You like me beating you up with my big fucking tits while that big mother dick is beating my pussy up? Huh?”

“I…ugh…I…” replied the shy IT guy. What could he really say with a pair of 36E’s bouncing in his face gloriously?

“Here’s let me help you those…” Annie chuckles as she removes Dexter’s glasses and jokingly put them on. “…now I’m a four eyed fucking bitch bouncing on your fucking dick! Hey, that kinda rhymed didn’t it? Now go ahead and lick those bitches, lick ’em good. My tits need some attention too!” Arching her back, she offered him up a smorgasbord of ripe titflesh to feast on as she grinded her pussy down deep onto his cock. She started to alternate her motions, first with the grinding and then bouncing on the dick and back again. By that point she was working up quite a sweat, and his dick was working up quite a friction inside her. She didn’t even need to do any clenching or milking to this one buried deep inside her, it was thick enough to fill her up nice and complete, and long enough to make her squeal like a school girl. Dexter little by little begin to up-thrust himself against Annie’s downward motion until their loins were pounding hard against each other in a frothy fucking frenzy.

“Oh shit, I can feel him in my fucking stomach!!! This shit is gonna make me cum!”

A good bit of bucking bronco here was enough to push Annie over that edge now. The sweet tingle of orgasm was now tickling her pussy and there was no going back now. With a loud roar her body exploding with sweet sensations up and down her spine. Penny could even see Annie’s leg twitching from the force of this wonderful orgasm Dexter’s dick had brought her to, and yet while the brazen babe was stick bucking and convulsing in ecstasy, he never stopped his attack, ramming his dick up her pussy with reckless abandon.

“Now you’re just teasing Annie!” giggled Penny back. “I wanna get fucked too baby, lemme get some of that Dexter ding-dong!”

“Alright, don’t say I never did anything nice for you Penny! Just remember this around Christmas time!” Annie lifts off of the cock, rubbing at her tingling pussy all the way. “How do you want it?”

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