Maytag Repairman

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“It’s the pump. I can pick one up, and replace it tomorrow,” I said, wiping my hands,

“Oh great! The thing’s practically brand new! What’s this gonna cast me?” he glared.

“Actually, it’s covered by your warrantee, sir,” wondering why he was so upset. There are more important things in life than a washing machine! I mean, what would he do in a real crisis?

“It better be! And do I get compensated for the two days without a washer? No! I didn’t think so!”

I slid the washer back in place in the two-car garage, and wondered why people got themselves worked up over things we can’t control? This guy has a beautiful house, garage with full workshop-grade tools, two late-model cars in the driveway, and he was hyper-ventilating over a machine worth a couple hundred bucks!

I wanted to tell him to chill, but I needed this job, and my boss was on my case already. “I can be here at 8:30 and it should be done by 10, sir.”

“Honey! Where is she? Patti? He can be back tomorrow!”

The door form the main house opened, and out stepped his wife, 45, killer-blonde, with a body from Penthouse. I could not picture this woman washing her own clothes! She had Daisy-Dukes, cut-off jeans, bare feet, plaid men’s shirt, tied at the waist. And even had her hair in pigtails, just like Ellie May Clampett, all grown up!

She looked from him to me, smiling. “Tomorrow’s fine, Donald! I ain’t goin’ no place!”

There was a honk of a horn, and a Town Car pulled up by the open garage doors.

“There’s the airport pickup.” Donald yelled to the driver, Those two bags! I’ll be right out!”

He turned to Patti. “I gotta go, baby. See you on friday.” She gave him her cheek and he smooched it. To me, he was all business. “Make sure it’s fixed, or I’m writing the company!”

I nodded, “Yes, sir,” and let it go, wishing I could give him a few lessons on how to speak to people.

He was pulling out when Patti said, “I’m real sorry bout that. He gets real upset about things and stuff.”

She seemed nice, so I allowed myself to comment, “He’s gonna wind up with an ulcer, if he keeps it up.”

“You know, he has these acid attacks all the time. I said ‘Honey, your’e gonna have a heart attack,’ but, you know, you’re probably right! I bet he has the makings of an ulcer!”

I smiled. She even talked like a hillbilly. “Well, my first call is 8:30, if that’s not too earlt for you.”

“Lord, no, I’m up at dawn, doing laps or running. I like to get an early jump, before the heat of the day.”

“Fine, I’ll pick up the pump and come back tomorrow.”

“Okay, honey, if I’m not here, I’ll leave the garage unlocked, okay? Bye… (she looked at my uniform shirt) bye, Ernie!”

“It’s actually Jake. I think they only hired me because I was the same size as Ernie, whoever he was!”

She had a contagious laugh. “I knew you weren’t no Ernie. Ernie’s are always funny-looking and a litle dim. You don’t strike me as dim!”

“Thanks, I think! See you tomorrow!”

I thought about her the rest of the day. Though 20 years older than me, she sure was attractive, not just with her down-home Ankara escort sex-appeal. To be in that shape, she really must have worked hard.

Everything reeked of money. The Mercedes sedan, and Lexus SUV, the shiny new tools, the finely trimmmed lawn. It seemed odd they would do their own laundry, but maybe Patti was a home-maker at heart. She and Donald were a mismatch to me, but I’ve seen that many times before.

I arrived at exactly 8:30, and only the Mercedes was there. When I got no answer at the door, I tried the garage, and true to her word, it was open. I set about the task, being careful not to scratch or mar anything that would give Donald a reason to squalk.

A short time later, I heard the SUV pull in. She hopped out, came flying by me dressed in leotards which showed off every curve, and there were excellent curves! Her hair was wet with sweat, pulled back in a red elastic headband.

“Hi, Jake! Sorry I’m late! The gym was packed today! Every middle-aged woman in the county must have been there! Like Hormone Hell! How do you like your coffee?”

She snatched open the door to the main house and was gone. I knelt there appreciating the energy I felt as she passed, like a comet or something!

Ten minutes later, the door opened again. having showered, her hair was still wet, brushed straight out. I hadn’t realized how long it was! Now, she wore a loose tank top with no bra, white shorts and sandals.

She wore practically no makeup that I could see, and the slight crow’s feet only accented her blue eyes, and I couldn’t help but see how natural her breasts were, swaying in that thin white top, her nipples clearly visible.

She had a tray, with two steaming mugs of coffee, cream, sugar, spoons and from that bag she brought in, donuts!

She insisted I take a break, and we stood leaning against the washer and the dryer. “So, how’s it going?” she asked, sipping her coffee.

“Good, should be done in half an hour.”

“Oh? That quick? I was hoping to have some company for a while.” She honestly seemed disappointed.

“Well, I’m sure the boss doesn’t expect me to be done before noon, but I told your hasband I’d be done by 10.”

She took a bite of a jelly donut and almost lost half the jelly onto her place, wiping the powdered sugar from her nose. “I love these things, but they are so hard to eat! But, fun! It’ll take me two hours to work this off at the gym!”

“Well, you must be there regularly, as great as you look!”

She smiled, “Thank you, Jake! Except you left out, ‘For an older woman’ right?”

I shook my head. “That, honestly, never crossed my mind. You can put a lot of these 20 somethings to shame, I bet.”

“I have to try my best. There’s a lot of competition out there, and Donald has wandering eyes and too much time alone.”

I knew I shouldn’t be delving into this but she seemed so easy to talk to. “Your husband may be a lot of things, but I don’t think he’s a fool!”

She smiled, looking down, somehow quieter now. “I’ve already caught him. He denied it at first, but I knew. And this trip is to his old region, with lots of Ankara escort bayan distractions around. So, I stay in shape for myself, and if that day ever comes and we split up, I’ll be ready, physically and mentally.”

“I’m sorry. You’ve been so upbeat since I met you, and in 10 minutes, I’ve got you thinking divorce.”

She forced a smile. “Just being a realist, Darlin! And he’s already set the ground rules, now I’m just playing by them. When I feel the urge, I follow it. I just try to be discreet, but what’s good for the goose…”

This woman was something! And Donald was a jerk! “Good for you, then! And may I say that whoever the lucky man is, I hope he appreciates his good fortune!”

“And what about you, Jake? Married? Committed? Dating?” She smiled coyly.

“No, No, and No.” I leaned forward. And, in case you were wondering, my middle name is ‘Discretion.”

She laughed that contagiously silly laugh again. “Mr. Maytag Man! Just as lonely as the commercials? Poor baby! Maybe you should call your office, tell him I busted the dryer, too!”

My God, I got a hard-on here, and she’s not just teasing, is she?

I got closer. “I think you need a total checkup, real close inspection.”

She purred, “Yeah? Will it take long?”

“May take all day!”

“Then lets get out of the garage, Jakie!”

“Lead the way.”

She took my hand and led me into the house, through the kitchen, into the finely decorated den. We got to the center of the room, and she stopped, faced me. Ever so softly, she pressed her lips to mine, almost like that first kiss when you are 12 or 13.

She said, “When I saw you yesterday, I said, ‘He’s got a good smile, and great lips.’ I knew you’d be a good kisser.”

I smiled. “Is that important?”

“The most! It says you can be soft, when needed. And somehow I already knew you could be hard!” I felt her hand on my jeans, and she kissed me again, this time, with definite tongue.

My hands were around her trim waist as I felt her blend into my body shape, becoming part of me. Talk about full-figure! She was tall, about 5’10, the perfect height in bare feet for my six-foot hug. Her hand moved up and down on my bulge as I felt those nipples through the thin cotton.

I got a hnad under her top and she stopped and raised her arms for me to lift it off. Her tits stood firm, those large pink nipples aimed right at me. She puled my head down, and i took a nipple between my lips, licking, sucking, as she made moaning sounds deep inside her throat, holding me to her as my hand grabbed at her rump in the shorts.

She released me and began digging at my belt, her desire apparent, frustrated that they didn’t tear away. I had them open and down for her in a flash, and she gave a satisfied, oooh as she took my shaft in her long fingers and seemed to be weighing it, getting a good feel for it.

She slid to her knees, smiled up at me, and took me in like that jelly donut, careful not to lose any jelly, warm lips wrapped around my shaft, tongue flicking the large pink head as she stroked the 7 inch shaft.

I tore Ernie’s shirt off, Escort Ankara to get a better view of her working me. She kept looking up, as if for reassurance, and I told her how great it felt. During that time, she must have undone her shorts and fingered herself, because when she rose, the shorts and panties stayed down.

We kissed again as I felt for her pussy. She was smooth-shaven, and she spread for me, and I felt her wetness, slipping a finger into her as she squirmed. Another finger and she was making those sounds again, holding my wrist. My other hand was behind her, approaching from the rear. I slid into the same hole, both ways, and she growled, “I’m gonna come!”

“Go ahead, baby, enjoy it!”

She squirmed some more, staring int my eyes, looking like a wild woman! She puahed one hand away, screaming, “Oh, God!” as she seemed to release onto my other hand! She was a squirter! Her juices covered my remaining hand, and she shivered and shaked, not looking at me, turning away.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She looked down. “This is so embarrassing! How did I let this happen? I’ve never done that! Squirted! Grossss! You must hate me!”

“Huh? What? You had an orgasm, that’s all, you just discharged. You’ve orgasmed before, I ‘m sure.”

“Yes, yes, but like that? Oh my God! Donald hasn’t wanted to in a while, but he never made me like that, and just with your hand!”

I smiled. “I’m flattered, but I’m sure it’s just the unusual events, with a stranger, and its new… I’d love to take credit, but…”

She held my head between her hands. “No, that was special. I want you to know you’re my first since I decided to play his game, and if this is what it’s gonna be like, he can have his secretary, and that floozy in Miami!”

She kissed me with renewed urgency, not wanting to lose the momentum. I was still hard, naturally, and she led me to the sofa, laid back and pulled me down to her, her lucious white thighs spread wide for me. I slid in easily, and she shuddered again, taking my full length. we kissed again, with her sucking at my tongue. I began to shift inside her, finding my comfort zone, then eased back out, only to slide back in, and she grunted.

Back and in again, faster, harder, and she moaned, “Yes, like that!” I felt her long legs wrap around me, holding me in, and forcing me in when I backed out, getting worked up from the friction, and so was I.

I shifted my hips, from straight back to a swirl, churning around inside her, and she appreciated it, squealing like a kid! “Yeah, ooh, that’s it, Honey!”

i grunted, too, feeling the end coming soon, and she seemed to sense it, speeding up, getting louder in her demands. “Yes, Faster, Baby, harder!”

I hadn’t planned it but something told me to pull out, and I did, and she squirmed and I discharged at the same time, my white cream flying across her belly and abdomen. I settled back on her and came some more, letting it ooze out of me.

“Why did you pull out?” she asked after a bit of panting.

“You’re too young. Pregnancy, I don’t know, I just wanted to be safe.”

She kissed me, held my head. “Baby, the reason me and him don’t have kids is I can’t.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“That’s okay, would have just made for a uglier divorce, anyways. Next time, just stay in, okay?”

Next time? This doesn’t get any better!

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