Masturbation Diaries: Morning Run

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To most people I appear shy in public, although friendly and caring. What most people don’t know is that hidden behind the quiet exterior is a sex addict. I can’t get enough of it! Some days I cannot stop thinking about my cock. Maybe I’m not totally obsessed with it but at least twenty times a day I do think about my cock. I think about what it looks like, what it feels like between my legs, in my briefs or in my boxers. I think about even more how it feels when I get to stroke it. I have been masturbating for most of my life and for as long as I can remember I have been jacking off at least once every day if not more.

Now, as a happily married guy for over 28 years I still have to admit to enjoying some of my most intense orgasms solo. I still usually do it a minimum of four or five times a week; on good weeks almost daily. I don’t think my wife has any problems with my masturbating, but it’s something we’ve never talked about. Although for several years while the kids were still at home it was difficult to find enough privacy for a good, intense masturbation session, it has always continued to be a wonderful part of my sex life. Nowadays I am able to look forward to those times and plan more on how to have a great time with my cock!

Though I’ve actually never kept a true diary on my masturbatory exploits, I thought I’d reminisce a bit and share just how important masturbation has always been to me…

When I first bought them I meant for them to be indoor workout shorts. They were running shorts though, but they were so short and rather revealing. That morning at 5:00 though I put the shorts on. I usually wore briefs under my other more modest running shorts, usually the ones I’d worn to bed the night before. But since I’d slept nude that night I hadn’t felt the need to put on a clean pair just to get them all sweaty.

I smiled as I passed by the hall mirror and could see the outline of even my soft manhood under them.

I set off on my morning run hanging loose underneath my thin blue shorts. It was summer and although it was very early it was still very hot. Because of the heat I took off my t-shirt early in my run more to wipe the sweat out off my face and keep it out of my eyes than anything else.

The running paths were pretty empty that early in the morning except for a few seriously committed workout types and on some occasions a couple women getting there early exercise in before the rest of family arose. As I ran along, I started to pass a handful of walkers and other joggers. At one point I turned to see a young woman run by me, dressed in a pair of skimpy running shorts and a stretchy sports bra. I got a good, although quick, glimpse of her nipples through her top. While her breasts weren’t too large, they were round and firm.

It was then I noticed that my cock was Escort Akbatı starting to swell slightly as it rubbed back and forth loosely against the soft material. It’s amazing how hard it is to concentrate, even on as simple a thing as putting one foot in front of the other, when you get aroused. Watching this woman started to become torture as I would watch her legs flex and the high-cut flap of her shorts catch a breeze and reveal her curvy, taut backside. From the feel of my manhood bouncing around in my shorts by then I knew I would be masturbating in the shower later.

As I ran further I tried not to think about it. When I got halfway around my first lap, I found myself half hard already and noticeably wet through the fabric of my shorts. I indeed felt very sexy, but what I didn’t realize right away was just how obvious it was to others.

I slowed my pace to a jog as another woman came toward me, walking this time. She had long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and a gorgeous face. She also had on a white spandex halter top that I could clearly see her nipples just as I had the younger woman earlier.

As I got closer I smiled and said “Hi!” out of gentlemanly courtesy.

She returned a “Hi!” before she glanced downward.

Before we passed one another she looked backed up at me and grinned as her eyes locked with mine. We made eye contact for no more than perhaps a handful of seconds but it was long enough to let me know she’d seen my cock stiffly tenting out my shorts.

I laughed at myself and jogged on with longer strides for a bit, trying to forget the erotic feelings. But I couldn’t ignore the tingling between my legs and then the warm breeze washing across my nipples. They were hard as stone pebbles and the up and down motion of my cock within my shorts soon had me building a true hard-on. The bouncing around was about all I could stand but the thought of running down the road as exposed as I was turned me on beyond belief and I wanted that feeling to last. Then again I soon knew there would be no hiding my aroused condition at all if someone else came by.

That thought actually was even more of a turn on and I found myself running at a faster pace still with my erection bouncing up and down. It was obvious even if I went another couple of miles my cock would not shrink back down on its own. I could already feel a huge wet spot of pre-cum forming.

I rounded a curve in the path and jogged to the side toward some bushes. I looked down and saw my hard-on pushing out my blue shorts. It was so obvious I could even see the rim and mushroom flare of my cock head. And sure enough I was leaking all over my shorts. The wet spot was spreading before my eyes.

I looked one way down the path and then the other and saw no one in either direction. Aksaray escort My hard-on only seemed to continue to grow and throb in my shorts. So, I walked between the tall bushes and out of sight of the paved path and the road just beyond. I had no sooner made my way back there when I pulled up the right leg of my shorts and eased my leaking cock out. I rubbed my hand down it, spreading the wetness down the entire shaft. I then held it loosely and started massaging slowly up and down.

I had never done anything like that before while out running, but I had also never felt so aroused outdoors either. As I stood there I grew more and more excited again. I knew I really needed the orgasm. I just pulled my shorts down and as they fell to my ankles I went at it right there behind the bushes. The natural warm breeze around me only added to the wonderful horny feeling that had enveloped me. Since there were high hedges all around this side of the jogging path I knew nobody could see in directly but it was also right next to a main road so there was traffic. Sounds of cars and an occasional runner or walker filtered by, but I actually found myself relishing the feeling I could be caught at any moment.

The feeling of full freedom outdoors was purely exhilarating. I was as horny as I’d ever been as I slid my hand down my hard shaft and felt the warm pre-cum ooze out to meet the morning breeze as it washed over the wet head of my penis. I looked down at myself. My nipples were as hard as my cock. I took turns tweaking them as I stroked myself with one hand. The connection between my nipples and my cock was direct; the more I pulled on either of them the harder they all got.

I’d played with myself outside before but never to completion, in other words, I’d never actually cum outdoors. But I decided I’d see what happened if I kept going. I half turned around presenting my hard-on to the street, just the bushes between it and any passing car. I could still see out the corner of my eyes, watching for movement to my left or right. I slowly stroked the length of my shaft and closed my eyes engrossed in the ecstasy of the moment.

I listened to the sounds of the generous amount of pre-cum squishing between my fingers and my hand slapping my balls on each downward stroke. I switched back and forth between slow and fast stroking in order to keep from cumming, knowing the longer I held off the better the climax would be. It was then I began to think about the woman who had passed me earlier and who had smiled at me after assumedly getting a look at the hard-on in my shorts. I shivered as I thought about what my lovely running partner would be doing if she really was watching me in those bushes. I pictured her already having a hand down her jogging shorts, caressing herself as she watched me. I Ankara escort bayan saw her in my mind pulling down her shorts and stepping out of them. Then she took them and tossed them at me hitting me in the face…

At that moment I heard footsteps on the other side of the hedge row.

I’d gone too far to stop playing with myself. I could feel my orgasm hitting me.

All of a sudden down the jogging path walked that same attractive woman who had smiled at me and my obvious erection. My heart raced as my eyes quickly adjusted downward to view an extremely short pair of grey flannel shorts that fit her like a glove. You could tell she was either not wearing any panties or she had on thongs by the way the seam was tucked all the way up the crack of her ass.

What an extreme turn on to know I was standing there with my hard cock in hand as she went by.

Looking over my body again, if possible my nipples stood out even harder, the usual reaction just before an orgasm. I could see my stomach muscles tense as my knees bent but did not buckle. Suddenly my whole body shook and I let out a squelched yelp as my orgasm hit me. As I furiously stroked, arcs of cum started jetting out of my cock and thick ropes of cum landed in the bushes before me. I had to hold on to the nearest bush for support as my knees buckled. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy, but I knew I couldn’t and let the woman on the other side of the bush or other early morning joggers know what I was doing.

As the shakes started to roll over me, I finally I let out a long sigh until all the air had left my lungs and the soft glow of complete relaxation spread through my body. I stood there gasping for about a minute until I felt steady enough to stand on my own.

The feeling was one of the most incredible I’d ever experienced. It was also a huge load I’d produced and I was proud of it. It was awesome to see after the morning I had been having. Just to see so much cum shoot out of my cock was fantastic but to see it all over the leaves in front of where I stood and the blobs and streaks of telltale thick, whitish moisture dripping off a few branches was almost another incredible high in itself.

I could again feel the heat of the rising morning sun on my body at that point. My entire body was beaded with perspiration from my run and the recent exhilarating solo sexual escapade. The combination of the effort of even the abbreviated run, the hot sun, and the intensely draining orgasm almost made me want to lie down and nap right there.

After biting my lip to keep from laughing at what I had just done I made it back into my shorts. I quickly left the shelter of the row of bushes. With my knees weak, I made it a ways down the jogging track with a genuine smile on my face. I walked the last stretch back to the house giving myself plenty of time to ponder the experience of the morning.

My wife was there when I walked back in the house.

“Did you have a good run?” Mary Ann asked.

“I actually did.” I grinned far too widely. “It was so quiet. I felt so much like one with nature this morning.”

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