Marlene’s Mature Fantasies Pt. 04

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Marlene stood outside on the steps of the courthouse with a smile on her face and a tremendous sense of relief. It felt as though a huge weight had been removed from her shoulders and she felt almost giddy with pleasure.

The court proceedings had gone smoothly and flawlessly, and worth every cent her lawyer had cost her. She was not only granted a divorce but was also rewarded with one-half of everything she and Gary had owned jointly.

Gary’s countersuit, smugly presented by his lawyer, and replete with volumes of photos and meaningless surveillance reports, was summarily dismissed by the judge as having no credible evidence of any wrongdoing by her. Gary had also produced a witness who had been present at one of Louise’s parties and witnessed her doing her little stripper dance. He alleged that Gary had suffered irreparable anguish and embarrassment because of the humiliation he had felt to see his wife acting so lasciviously in front of the other party guests.

But it was quick-thinking Ross, who really destroyed Gary’s countersuit by producing an actual video of her doing her dance from his phone. The video showed her doing little more than dancing and looking surprisingly innocent, but it also showed Gary smiling and clapping along while chanting her name, which completely nullified his suit alleging irreparable anguish and embarrassment which was almost laughed out of court.

Alimony was waived, she didn’t need his money, she had only wanted what was rightly hers by marriage. Gary had the option of buying her equity in the house they had owned or selling it outright and giving her half of the net gain. He opted to sell and said he was going to put the house on the market immediately. They were to divide the proceeds of their joint bank account and she and Gary were to each keep their respective vehicles.

As for the house furnishings, Gary said he wanted very little if anything. After the judge’s verdict, they very amicably made an appointment to get together at the house to take the things they each wanted and then parted ways. He had left the courthouse hand in hand with his new love interest and, much to Marlene’s surprise, it was not the office assistant he had been fucking on his desk.

A week or so previous, Ross had located a house for her to rent that was just around the corner from their place and she had already put a deposit down on it. It seemed perfect, and nice to be close to Louise.

She was finally a free woman, free to openly explore her new relationship with Jimmy, as well as explore her sexual fantasies. She took a deep breath of the fresh air, finding it hard to keep the smile from her face.

“Congratulations,” said a voice from behind her, giving her a start.

She turned to see the private detective Gary had hired, the man who spent all those countless hours following her all around town in an attempt to justify Gary’s countersuit of infidelity.

She smiled at him and nodded. His name was Gerry Porter, as was reported in court. Having never seen him so up close and personal, she looked him over appraisingly. He appeared to be in his mid-fifties, with a receding hairline and a rather hefty paunch around his middle. “You are a very tenacious man, Mr. Porter,” said Marlene. “I know from my own experience with you that you worked your butt off. I just hope you were adequately compensated for all of your wasted time and effort.”

He smiled and nodded, “Thank you, and yes I was indeed nicely compensated for my efforts,” he said. “Most of the time, in my kind of work, the jobs are more than a little unsavory at best, sometimes even dangerous. But following a pretty lady around was actually one of the most pleasurable jobs I’ve had in a long while.”

Marlene smiled at his thinly veiled compliment. “I would think that following me around would have proven to be almost as exciting as watching paint dry.”

He laughed aloud and nodded, “It certainly did have its dull moments, I’ll give you that. I hope I’m not being too out of line by saying this, but you have exceptionally nice legs, and watching you get in and out of cars sure made up for all the other boring times.”

It was Marlene’s turn to laugh out loud. “I hope you realize that none of that was accidental. I’m not normally in the habit of allowing my skirts to rise that high when I’m getting in and out of vehicles,” she explained with a little smile. “I only allowed it to happen when I knew you were watching.”

He looked at her curiously, “Teasing me, eh?” He queried with a raise of his eyebrows. “Maybe we could talk more about that over a couple of drinks sometime?”

“Oh, I don’t think that would be such a good idea,” she returned with a smile. “But I’ll tell you what,” she continued, “if you enjoyed looking at my legs, then you just might enjoy seeing a lot more of me at the Little Darlings strip club. I’m looking into trying my luck there on one of their amateur nights.”

His eyes widened and he smiled, looking her up and down with an appraising leer. “Yes, Ma’am, I Şişli escort bayan think I would enjoy seeing that very much. When will you be dancing there?”

“I haven’t decided yet, but very soon I would think,” she replied. “Maybe I’ll see you there?”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure you can count on that,” he smiled, staring at her chest.

Ordinarily, she might have taken offense by such an overly salacious come-on but reasoned a man like Gerry Porter was exactly the kind of man who would normally be attracted to watching women dance in strip clubs. With that in mind, she thought it a good sign and didn’t mind at all. To be completely honest, she was even moderately pleased by his physical attention.

It did, however, give her pause to consider how she might react if he ever did attend while she was performing and offered her money for a lap dance. Would she consider writhing on his lap and grinding her body against the bulge of his erection? It brought a smile to her lips to realize that she would not only consider doing it, but she would also even look forward to doing it. What an ironically poetic ending something like that would be to Gary’s involvement with this man’s attempt to damage her reputation if she were to pleasure herself while pleasuring him with a lap dance.

At that moment Ross and Louise approached, their faces wreathed in happy smiles. Mr. Porter took that moment to nod a goodbye and make a hasty retreat.

“What was that about?” Asked Ross, frowning as he watched the private detective walking away.

Marlene smiled and shook her head, “Nothing really, he was just saying goodbye.”

“Well, I say good riddance,” said Louise with a wide grin. “Listen, why don’t we all go out to dinner to celebrate your newfound freedom?”

Marlene took a deep breath, thinking there was no time like the present to tell them both about her new relationship with Jimmy. “Yeah, about that,” she began tentatively. “Actually, I already have a date for dinner.”

Louise grinned, “A for-real date? It’s about damn time. Who’s the lucky guy?”

Marlene bit her lip, “Okay, I might as well tell you now because you’ll find out soon enough anyway. Jimmy is taking me out to dinner tonight.”

“Jimmy?” Queried Ross with an expectant look. “Our Jimmy?”

Marlene nodded, “We…kind of hooked up a few weeks ago, but never said anything to anyone because of the whole divorce thing that was happening and the detective always skulking around.”

“He’s a little young for you, don’t you think?” Asked Ross while Louise just smiled and gave Marlene a wink.

“No, Ross…he’s a lot young,” Marlene retorted. “But the age difference doesn’t really seem to matter much to either of us very much, and…well, we enjoy each other’s company.”

“Well, I for one think it’s wonderful for both of you,” chimed in Louise as she stepped forward to embrace Marlene. “Have a good time tonight, we’ll leave the light on for you.”

“Thank you,” smiled Marlene, reaching up to embrace Ross. “You saved the day with your video, Ross. I can’t thank you enough,” she said, raising on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

Ross blushed and smiled tentatively, “Just this morning, I remembered I had taken the video of you at the party. But I sure didn’t remember Gary’s enthusiastic reaction. I’m glad it all worked out for the best.”

They said their goodbyes and parted ways on the courthouse steps. Marlene turned just as Jimmy pulled up to the curb in her car. She hopped in the passenger side with a broad smile and leaned over to kiss him passionately.

Jimmy laughed as the kiss ended and Marlene leaned back into the seat with a smile. “Everything went well?” He said as he pulled away from the curb.

“Oh, Jimmy, it was perfect.” She went on, relating the details of the hearing and the judge’s decree. “I’m hoping you might get some time next week to go with me to meet Gary at the house,” she said, explaining how they were going to divide the furnishings. “Once that’s done, I’ll get a moving company to pick up my things and rent a storage unit until we move into our house.”

Once Ross had discovered the house for her, she had asked Jimmy if he would like to move in with her. She had laughingly told him he could have his very own bedroom, as long as he promised to only sleep in hers and Jimmy readily agreed.

Jimmy was equally agreeable to helping her with her furniture, noting how he now had his days free again. He and the band had been working day and night on a weeks-long recording project and had just completed it.

“So?” Smiled Marlene, “Where exactly are you taking me for dinner?”

In answer, Jimmy leaned forward and looked up through the windshield. “There,” he said, pointing with his finger.

Marlene leaned forward and looked up to see they were approaching the Stratosphere. She had, of course, seen the Stratosphere every single day. How could one miss it? It towered above the Las Vegas skyline. And yet, for all its familiarity, she had never had Escort Sultangazi occasion to visit. She had never been all that fascinated by casinos in general and had only ever ventured down to the Strip when family or out-of-town friends were visiting and wanted to see the sights.

Interesting fun fact about the famous Las Vegas Strip, Marlene had learned, very little of it is actually in the city of Las Vegas. Everything south of Sahara Avenue is technically in Clark County and not part of metropolitan Las Vegas.

Dinner had been wonderful, and the view was breathtaking. She had one glass of wine too many, however, and designated Jimmy to continue being the driver.

“I’ve got one quick stop before we go home,” said Jimmy, glancing over at her with an enigmatic smile.

Marlene smiled, turning in her seat to face him. “Are you sure you don’t want to take me home right away,” she said, playfully lifting her skirt and parting her legs to reveal her thong panties.

Jimmy’s eyes widened and he kept glancing over to watch her. Marlene smiled teasingly and slipped her fingertips beneath her thong. “Ooh…and I’m already so beautifully slick and wet.”

When Jimmy suddenly had to make a quick steering correction to keep the vehicle in its proper lane, Marlene laughed and lowered her skirt. “I guess I better not do things like that while you’re driving, huh?”

Jimmy laughed and nodded, “Probably not a good idea,” he said.

“So then…where are you taking me?” She asked, facing forward once more.

“The band house,” said Jimmy. “The guys are having a bit of a party to celebrate the recordings we just made, and I wanted to stop by to spend a little time with them. And, besides, I’ve been dying to be able to show you off to them all.”

Marlene nodded and smiled, it pleased her very much to know that Jimmy was proud to show her off to his bandmates, and she wondered what they might think of him being involved with an older woman.

Arriving at the house, it was evident that the party was in full swing; loud music and voices were clearly audible from the street as they got out of the car. The band had been working diligently on their recording project during the day and then working at night. They were probably more than ready to let off a little steam.

Jimmy was greeted vociferously as they entered and he smiled and shook hands with many of the party guests, all of whom seemed to be in some measure of intoxication. There was, of course, an overabundance of lovely young girls present as well, most of whom eyed Marlene suspiciously to see her fingers possessively entwined with Jimmy’s.

Not about to be in the least intimidated by pretty young girls, Marlene smiled at everyone warmly. She allowed Jimmy to lead her into the large dining room area of the house where most of the band members had congregated with their respective girlfriends and, or aspiring want-to-be girlfriends.

They greeted Jimmy cheerfully and handed them cold bottles of beer from a huge tub of ice on the floor. The band members all raised their beer bottles to toast the successful conclusion of their recording sessions.

“You guys all remember Marlene?” Said Jimmy, acknowledging her presence with his arm around her waist. They all smiled and nodded and, though it took a moment to register with some of them, Marlene smiled to see the realization register in their eyes as they suddenly greeted her with warmth and respect that was normally given to their girlfriends.

For the next thirty minutes or so, the members of Jimmy’s band came to them one at a time to spend a few minutes in greeting. They were all surprised to see Jimmy and Marlene together as a couple, and many asked when and how it had all come about. Marlene was pleased to note that none of them seemed even slightly unhappy about them being a couple.

Stuart, the drummer, seemed especially pleased. He smiled and complimented Marlene, “Wow, Marlene, you look really great tonight. Not that you don’t look great every night,” he stammered, looking slightly self-conscious as he moved away.

“In case you don’t know,” said Jimmy, bending to speak softly in Marlene’s ear, “Stu’s always had kind of a thing for you.”

Her eyes widened, “Are you serious?” She asked, her lips curling into a smile. “How very sweet.”

Jimmy nodded, “Just like me, Stu never really recovered from seeing you dance at Louise’s party.”

“Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” she asked a few moments later after noticing how Stuart seemed to be without female companionship.

“Yeah, he’s been dating this girl up in Utah for a few years now. It’s a little strange, she’s one of those strict religious types who wants nothing to do with our evil, demonic band. She’s forever trying to get Stu to quit and devote his life to God…or something.”

“That’s so sad,” returned Marlene, suddenly seeing Stuart in a new light.

Jimmy shrugged, “Stu seems happy enough. We all think it’s a little weird, but if he’s happy, what Taksim escort the hell.”

The evening devolved into a game of poker at the dining room table, with most of the band members playing. When Marlene asked if she could join them, they all smiled and readily agreed.

If she’d learned one thing from her regular canasta games with Ross and Louise, it was how to read faces. She smiled to herself seeing how none of the other players knew how to keep their faces from registering what kind of hand they were dealt. They were playing for pennies, taken from a huge jar full of them, and it didn’t take too long at all for Marlene to amass a rather large pile of winnings in front of her.

“Good thing we’re not playing strip poker,” chided Marlene with a broad smile. “You guys would all be sitting here naked.”

Everyone laughed good-naturedly at her little joke. She glanced at Stuart and was moderately surprised to note his cheeks were highly flushed and thought that odd.

Sometime later, she excused herself to visit the restroom and was guided there by Leslie, the bass player’s girlfriend. They struck up a conversation along the way, and Leslie asked how she and Jimmy had met.

Marlene shrugged and answered honestly, “Well, to begin with, we both presently live in the same house, so I actually see him almost every day.”

“You live at Louise’s house too?” She returned, looking slightly surprised.

“I do, I was invited to stay when I split with my husband; Louise is one of my closest friends.”

“Listen,” said Leslie. “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…it’s just that, you know, being that you’re a little older than Jimmy, we girls had just been wondering how you two managed to get together. You know…as a couple and everything.”

Marlene took a breath and nodded. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t been expecting some sort of curiosity from the band member’s girlfriends. At least Leslie was diplomatic about it. “It’s no great secret. One night I couldn’t sleep and came down to the kitchen to make myself a drink. Jimmy came home from work and decided to have a drink with me. We ended up talking for hours and discovered that, despite the difference in our ages, we actually have a great deal in common. Our relationship just kind of grew from there.”

Leslie smiled, “Actually, I’m really happy for both of you. I think you two make a nice couple.”

Marlene smiled and thanked her, and they parted ways at the bathroom. When she returned to the dining room, she saw Jimmy and Stuart off to a corner of the living room engaged in what looked like a serious conversation. Not wishing to intrude, she sat at the table once again where the rest of the guys were still playing poker.

She was dealt in for what she hoped would be her last hand. Hoping for a straight, she drew one card and ended up with a pair of threes. Thinking to bluff, she pushed her large pile of pennies to the center of the table, “All in,” she said, keeping her face impassive.

The other players studied her through slitted eyes. Finally, the keyboard player, Bobby, nodded and shoved his pennies into the center to call her bluff. Marlene rolled her eyes and threw down her pair of threes while Bobby threw down his pair of queens.

“You about ready to go home?” Said Jimmy from behind her chair, leaning down to talk close to her ear.

Marlene sighed and turned her head to smile back at him. “Yes, you better take me home soon, if this was strip poker, I’d be naked.”

The guys chided her good-naturedly, knowing her to be a shrewd poker player and realizing she had thrown the last hand.

At the car, Jimmy turned to her and raised his eyebrows with a smile. “Do I ever have a surprise for you,” he began, looking around as if making sure nobody was nearby. “Stu slipped up tonight and told me something he didn’t mean to.”

“What is it?” Asked Marlene, intrigued by Jimmy’s enthusiasm and excitement.

“Stu took me aside and asked how you and I got together,” said Jimmy. “I told him about it and then he asked me if you and I were having sex. I laughed and told him we were only doing it several times a day,” he continued with a laugh. “I told him quite honestly how you have been the single biggest sexual fantasy I’ve ever had. So then, he tells me that he pretty much thinks the same way about you, and how he thinks you’re the sexiest woman he’s ever seen.”

Marlene smiled, “I think that’s kind of sweet,” she said, pleased by the flattery.

Jimmy smiled and looked around once more, “But wait,” he continued. “Then he told me that he…let me get this exactly right,” he paused pursing his lips thoughtfully. “He told me that he wished his first time could be with someone like you.”

Marlene blinked and gave a slight shrug of her shoulders, “That’s still very sweet, but what is the point you’re trying to make?”

Jimmy grinned broadly, “Don’t you see? He said he wished his first time with a woman could be with a woman like you. Not that he wished his first time with a woman could HAVE BEEN with someone like you, but BE with someone like you.”

Marlene’s eyes widened as the realization struck her. “Stuart’s still a virgin?” She asked, her brows raising in surprise. “I mean, how can that be? He’s had girls hanging all over him, I’ve seen it. And what about his girlfriend?”

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