Maid for Nude Day

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Author’s note: Welcome to my Nude Day contest entry. This is also my first entry in the Group Sex category. As always my style is to spend a little time building up to the heat. An older couple with a younger girl is a personal kink of mine so I feel I really went all in on the sex here, but you can be the judge of that. Enjoy! LC68


It was with a grateful sigh that I pulled into the driveway. Today had been a long one, longer than usual. The new receptionist had accidently double booked me all afternoon. There was a bug going around and many of the kids there to see me were sick. Rather than reschedule, I stayed an extra two hours to see any of them that were willing to wait. Shutting the car off, I frowned when I saw Jack wasn’t home yet. Like me, he had promised to get out at the unheard of hour of five o’clock so we could unwind and enjoy a quiet night before our big day tomorrow.

Getting out of my BMW and approaching the beautiful Colonial we had bought ten years ago, I figured maybe it wasn’t a bad thing Jack hadn’t beat me home. This way he couldn’t bitch me out for working late. The two of us constantly told the other they worked too hard, but was more than guilty of the same. Then again we had gotten exactly what we wished for when we had first met. I had my own practice and Jack, along with two other lawyers, had started their own firm five years ago. Neither of our jobs was conducive to short hours and we knew that, but it was times like this weekend I felt the effects of our busy lives.

Our busy boring lives, I added as I looked over to see our next door neighbor Charlotte sitting on her deck in her bathing suit. Damn she was hot. Years ago Jack and I would have tried to feel her out to get a chance to feel her up. These days however, with our careers and social status we couldn’t take the chance so best we could do was talk about her. Whisper the dirty things we would do to her while we fucked the shit out of each other.

I paused at the door and watched Charlotte stand up from her chair and stretch. She raised her arms over her head, pushing her huge tits out. They looked like they were ready to fall out of her skimpy top and I had the brief thought of standing behind her and untying it. Letting it fall away so Jack, who would be in front of her, could… I hurriedly shoved my key in the door and let myself in. It had been a long time since I had been with a woman and normally didn’t think about it that much. Lately though, my mind had been going down that path quite often. Probably because tomorrow was national nude day, a day that brought back many fond and adventurous memories.

Walking through the parlor, I noticed two overnight bags on the floor and saw Katie’s purse on the table. I hadn’t expected her home; she had said she was going to leave for her girlfriends by three. Then again, I had only asked her to do that so Jack and I would have the house to ourselves. I figured maybe we would be as daring as we could these days and have sex somewhere other than the bedroom. Seeing we had both worked late anyway, it didn’t really matter.

Dropping my purse on the table, I could see her bedroom door open and heard music coming from the room. I kicked my sandals off and as I walked down the hallway towards Katie’s bedroom enjoyed the feeling of the cool hard wood floor beneath my feet. I smiled at the thought that for the next two days I would be enjoying the cool air on every inch of my body as I paraded around the house naked. I reached Katie’s room and saw she had her back to me, looking at some clothes spread out on her bed. The music was loud and I went to knock so she would know I was there, but stopped when she bent over the bed.

I hadn’t noticed she wasn’t dressed and as she leaned over was confronted with the sight of her adorable little heart shaped ass, encased in a pair of black lace boy shorts. My eyes made their way across her firm little cheeks and lingered between her legs. The shorts were riding up so far if she bent any further they would be showing more than her ass. Katie stood up holding a t-shirt and began to fold it. She began swaying to the music and my heart quickened while watching her shake her ass.

My eyes wandered down her long legs. Katie was on the track team at PC and it showed in how well toned they were. Those legs were also well tanned from lying out near the pool every day while we were at work. I worked my gaze back up to her ass and when she bent over again, yearned to drop to my knees behind her. I licked my lips at the thought of pulling the shorts to the side and running my tongue through what I was betting would be a set of perfectly smooth pink lips.

I started to breathe heavier as she stood up once more and I let my mind continue to run. While I was on my knees behind her, Katie’s blond head would be buried in Jack’s lap, moaning around his cock while I worked her clit. I shook my head, trying to clear it. Wow, I was in over drive tonight! Jack better get his ass home soon. Katie stood and Ankara bayan escort I got ready to knock when she stripped her shirt off.

My hand froze inches from the door when I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra. I took in the smooth flawless tan skin of her back and yearned to place a soft kiss between her shoulders. Katie tossed her head and her long blond hair cascaded across that perfect skin. I swallowed hard and could feel a warm sensation building between my legs. Katie turned sideways and I caught a quick glimpse of her small, perky little tit. Compared to her tan skin they looked milky white and I was just able to get a look at a tiny pink nipple, before she saw me.

Katie released a startled yelp and instantly crossed her arms over her tits.

“I’m sorry Katie!” I exclaimed, well sorry she saw me anyway.

“It’s…its okay.” She gasped, “You just scared me. I didn’t hear the door.”

While she spoke, I dropped my eyes, as if I were looking away from her top, but instead stared at her soft flat stomach and the front of those beautiful thighs. The front of the shorts was lace and I had to tear my gaze away before I stared directly between her legs to get a peek. I regretfully turned my back to her so she could put her shirt back on and lied, “I just came in and was going to knock when you turned around. I didn’t realize you were changing.”

“My bad,” she said behind me. “I should have closed the door, besides; I wasn’t supposed to be here.” There was a pause, “You can turn around now Jen.”

I turned to see she was wearing a black tank top and a pair of shorts. Reaching up she pulled her hair into a ponytail and I noticed she hadn’t put a bra on.

“Why are you still home?” I asked.

“I’m sorry,” she put her hands up; “I know I was supposed to be gone, but everything went wrong today. The groceries didn’t show up until after four and the guy who cleans the pool couldn’t make it until five thirty and something told me you or Jack wouldn’t make it home so I stayed. I was just going to shower and head out.”

“That’s okay Katie,” I said with a disgusted wave of my hand, “You were right. I didn’t get out until seven and I haven’t heard from Jack. He’s probably stuck at work and doesn’t want to call me because he thinks I’m waiting for him.”

“You guys work way too much.” She said, shaking her head. “I’m glad you’re doing something special this weekend. You deserve it.”

“Thank you,” I gave her a tired smile, “I feel the same way.”

Katie nodded and smiled back, but it seemed forced. Looking more closely at her, I saw that her normally bright baby blue eyes were tinged with red and she was rocking back and forth nervously.

“You okay hon?” I asked, stepping into the room, “You look like something’s wrong?”

“Oh, I….” she looked away and shrugged, “I just have something’s on my mind I guess.”

“You still upset about Sarah?”

As soon as I asked the question, Katie turned to look over at her nightstand. She still had the picture of Sarah, a cute little brunette, who she had been dating for over a year on there. My eyes followed hers and as I had several times over the last year imagined the two of them lying naked, wrapped up in a sixty nine. The fact that Katie was a lesbian had fueled several of the dirty little stories Jack and I would tell each other at night while we played. Last week Katie had come home in tears. Concerned, I had followed her into her room and after gently prodding her had found out Sarah had broken up with her.

“Sort of, I guess.” Katie’s voice snapped me back to the present.

She looked as if she were going to continue and started rocking again. Katie had been working as our maid for three years, and had lived with us for the last year and a half. At this point Jack and I considered her the daughter we’d never had and I knew her well enough to know there was more. At that thought, as I had many times, I felt bad I fantasized about her sometimes, but she was so damn hot!

“So what else?” I prodded.

“It’s nothing Jen, really.”

She put her head down which told me it was anything, but nothing. Walking up to her I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Katie, you’re families out on the west coast and we’ve both told you that if there’s anything wrong you can come to us.”

Katie looked up at me with those big blue eyes and her lip came out in a pout. I was torn between the urge to give her a supportive hug and the vision of seeing that pout as she looked up at me from between my thighs.

“When my transmission broke last month it cost me over a thousand dollars,” she began. “I told you my sister is getting married in two weeks?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “We told you to go on and stay out there as long as you wanted too.”

“I… the money I used to pay my car was all I had. I don’t have money for the airfare, my wedding dress and I was supposed to help with the shower.” She shrugged. “Between the dress and the ticket it’s almost a thousand dollars, and I Escort bayan Ankara only have a couple of weeks.”

“You can borrow it from us.” I said with no hesitation.

Katie shook her head.

“You guys have been way too good to me Jen. You let me stay here when I had problems at my dorm. I live in a great place for free, get to use the pool, and you pay me every week on top of it, I can’t keep taking from you guys.”

“That’s sweet Katie,” I said, “But really, we can help just give us a little back at a time.”

“I…I really don’t want to Jen.” She said. “I’d rather find some way to earn it,” I started to speak, but she continued, “And taking your money isn’t earning it.”

I sighed.

“Okay hon, if that’s how you feel, but if you can’t come up with it, you come see me and we’ll take care of it, you can’t miss your sister’s wedding.”

“Okay.” Katie nodded. “Well I’m going to shower and head on over to Jamie’s, you guys enjoy your privacy.”

I thanked her and left her room feeling bad. Katie worked for us and went to school full time, she was honest, responsible and a good student. Jack and I had no problems helping her, but if she wanted to be stubborn there was nothing we could do. I went into my bedroom and quickly stripping out of my clothes, entered the master bath that was off of our room and turned the shower on. While waiting for the water to heat up, I turned and looked at myself in the full length mirror behind the door.

I had to say I was holding up pretty well for forty one. My long sandy brown hair was still holding out against the greys and although my hips had widened a little, I still had a pretty good figure. My tits might be a little lower than they were a couple of years ago, but considering their size gravity had been kind to me. As the room started to fill with steam, I cupped my heavy tits and lifting them, presented them to my reflection. I started to rub my thumbs across my hard rose colored nipples and sighed as I imagined a woman’s soft lips on one while Jack sucked the other.

With a shudder, I turned and after adjusting the water stepped into the shower. I stood under the hot water for a couple of minutes, wetting my hair and soothing my back and shoulders. I stepped from under the hot water and picking up the French vanilla body wash Jack loved, began to lather up. As soon as my hand slid across my smooth pussy, I leaned against the wall of the shower and closed my eyes. Putting one foot up on the edge of the tub I started rubbing my clit in slow circles.

I released a soft moan as my hand found my nipple and my mind again found Katie. I imagined her between Jack and I in the shower, pouting and trembling nervously as our hands, and tongues wandered over her supple young body. Back in the day Jack and I had played with women pretty much our own age, but as we’d gotten older had begun to think about enjoying a young less experienced girl. Laying her back and making her cum harder than she ever had, watching her nervously go down on us while the other watched, sharing her tits and….

I gasped and began pumping my hips as my thighs trembled in anticipation. My fingers danced across my clit as my mind conjured the image of me on my knees next to Katie, passing Jack’s cock back and forth, watching her tentatively suck on it. I would make sure that when he came it would be in her mouth. I through my head back and released a long shuddering moan that turned into a loud squeal as my pussy convulsed and I came hard, thrusting my hips into my fingers. I sighed and slumped against the wall panting.

I really should have waited for Jack. We’d planned on doing pretty much nothing but fucking from tonight until Monday morning, but with the way my mind was running, I had to take the edge off. Stepping back under the water I rinsed off and after getting out and drying off, slipped on Jack’s favorite short red satin robe. The robe barely went past the cheeks of my ass and showed my long legs off quite well. I’d wear it for a little while once Jack finally got his ass home. Then when he slipped it off me I would be naked for the next two days.

Going back into the bedroom, I sat down at my dressing table and started to dry my hair. I glanced down at my phone and saw I had received a text from Jack.

Sorry Jen, the clients flight was delayed, be home as soon as I can. I’ve been thinking about tomorrow all day!

I sent him back a quick text; telling him it was okay and I would wait up for him. Finishing my hair, I put the dryer down and looked at a picture of Jack and me on a beach in Cancun. The picture had been taken eight years ago and was my favorite of the two of us. Even though we were in our early thirties we looked young and care free. We were both working a lot, but for others and not ourselves and still always made time for fun, especially our special fun.

When Jack and I had met in college we’d both been a little wild. I was pretty much a party girl and at one point was with just as many Bayan escort Ankara girls as guys. Jack was a good looking guy and hell bent on making his way through the sorority’s one or occasionally two girls at a time. We met at a party on a Friday night and ended up back at his place. I didn’t leave until that Tuesday and was right back there on Friday. Within a month I had moved in and the two of us were fucking like a sporting event. We both realized early on there was a lot more than sex between us and we promised to settle down and just make each other our recreation.

One morning that summer Jack mentioned to me it was National Nude Day. I’d never heard of it and after some joking around we decided to go to a nude beach. We stayed there all day, enjoying looking and being looked at. Well in some cases, as we learned that not everyone who was walking naked should have been, but in general it was a hot time. At one point we went back to the car and fucked in the back seat. We were pretty sure people could see us, and that turned us on even more.

We stayed all day and at night went to a bar down the road from there. While sitting there an attractive young brunette started flirting with both of us. Jack asked me if I missed women and I said yes. Taking me aside, he asked if I wanted to invite her back to our place. I mentioned we had promised we would stay faithful and with a grin he said it wasn’t cheating if we did it together. With a smirk I asked if that meant I could invite another guy home some time. He had frowned and said it wasn’t the same because he wouldn’t enjoy a guy, but we would both enjoy a woman. I rolled my eyes, but a minute later he sighed and said we could if I wanted to.

I laughed and said I had no desire to have another guy. He was more than enough; I had just wanted to see if he would. We ended up bringing her back and had one of the most amazing weekends of our lives. After that we began to pick up a woman every once in a while. Even after we were married, at few times a year we would reward ourselves with a special weekend with some hot girl we found. We always made sure one of those occasions was on nude day to celebrate our first experience. We would go to a beach or to a camp ground and find someone.

Unfortunately as time passed and we moved up in our careers things began to change. We had good jobs and in order to network, had begun serving on social committees. It occurred to us we just couldn’t do things like that anymore without worrying about it being found out. We were both disappointed and Jack had suggested escorts. We did that a couple of times and it was fun until one day I was in a mall and walked right by one of the girls we had hired. She looked at me and I know she recognized me. She didn’t say anything, maybe she was embarrassed as well, but it scared me. I was a pediatrician and certainly couldn’t have that come out about me.

Our next idea was to only do it when we traveled. The week we went to Cancun, we picked up a dark skinned Mexican beauty at a club. Upon getting back to our hotel she asked for money. We hadn’t realized she was a prostitute, but said the hell with it and paid her. We more than got our money’s worth and had an incredible time. The next morning however, we began to worry. We had been drinking and Jack rode her bareback. It was obvious she had done things like this before and we started to hope we hadn’t caught anything. In the past we had never concerned ourselves with things like this, but sadly life isn’t a porn movie and reality sets in.

After that, although we didn’t come out and talk about it, we just stopped doing it. Our careers blew up and we began to work longer and longer hours. Jack and I had a tremendous sex life, hell no matter how tired we were we fucked just about every night, but we both knew we were lacking that extra little thrill. Every year on nude day we always cleared the weekend and would spend the entire weekend naked. We only stayed around the house or went out to the pool when the neighbors weren’t home, but it was something.

Jack and I had also taken to what we referred to as ‘story time’. Some nights while we fooled around we would discuss a woman we had seen and pretend she was with us. Jack would fuck me and tell me how the woman would be sitting on my face or licking my clit while his cock slid in and out of me. I would then tell him how she would slide his cock from me and suck on him before putting it back inside. I would describe double blowjobs and he would fuck me doggy and tell me my face was between her legs. It provided for some fun and strong orgasms, but there were times we yearned for the good old days.

It was a shame because we would both enjoy it so much and with all the stress of work we could use an extra thrill. The two of us were attractive and would have no problem finding someone. The problem was who could we find we could trust to never say a word? Or that we knew was safe? I sighed as I looked at Jack in the picture. Like me, he may have aged somewhat from our prime, but his black hair was still thick with only a few grays and his green eyes as bright as ever. He worked out five times a week and fucked me like he was still in his twenties. It was such a waste we had become so boring.

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