Lust Filled Aspirations

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Chapter 1: Giselle

I wasn’t ashamed to admit it. I loved having sex. I loved the attention and being desired. My only loyalty was to my body and the goal of obtaining ultimate satisfaction. Typically, I wasn’t interested in a relationship. My mind was on whatever was underneath your clothes and how quickly I could get it inside of me or in my mouth. Throughout high school, I was branded the slut, whore, girl who sucked cock and occasionally kissed girls….I think you get the point and made many enemies along the way. But that was more than five years ago. Ask me if I cared. Go ahead, ask me.

It was with this attitude that I found myself standing at the bar in a nightclub just outside of the small, everybody-knows-everybody town that I lived in. I often cursed under my breath and occasionally out loud if the situation called for it, about why I had to have been born into a family of a small town. I wanted the big city life. I blew the only opportunity I had to get out of here either due to stupidity or lack of interest in my education. It didn’t bother me much except for when I was on schedule at my dead end job at the Harris’ dry cleaning store or sitting at home alone because the only sources of entertainment within five miles were the town’s year-round carnival or the stuffy theater located right by the town’s version of a mall which was actually a few stores thrown together into a strip plaza. I usually passed on being seen at either of those lame places.

My mini skirt was barely covering my protruding ass. To occupy my time, I worked out regularly, which always helped when I would go into the city looking for someone to work my love hole. My white strapless top exposed the top of my brown mounds. I carelessly scanned the room. There were clusters of people everywhere. Some I recognized and some I did not. I made sure to pretend not to see the few I did recognize for fear of them approaching me to socialize. My eyes locked on a guy at the opposite end of the bar. He was tall; at least six feet. He had thick, neatly threaded cornrows in his hair and several forearm tattoos. His fitted t-shirt outlined his hard pecks and sculpted stomach. I gave a shy smile, attempting to draw him in. He took the bait and began to make his way to me, pushing and shoving through the crowd.

Once he finally became in arms reach of me, he led me without a word to the dance floor. We grinded on each other for a few songs causing friction between our lower bodies. My plump backside pressing against his lap. I soon felt a bulge pressing up against me. He made sure to press it against my center with his pelvis once I turned to face him. I inwardly applauded myself for deciding on my five inch stilettos as part of my outfit for the night. They enhanced my shapely legs and brought me within inches of my dance partner’s face when he looked down at me with heavenly, honey brown eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and brought his face down to mine. Our lips nearly touching, he spun me around before turning me back to face him. His eyes pierced mine, causing a silent shiver up my spine and stirring that sexual desire that lived in the pit of my stomach. The DJ paused for a break. We were both covered in beads of sweat. Our skin glistening once the lights passed over us. He leaned down to my ear,

“I have a table over here”, he said pointing, “let’s sit for awhile”. I obliged and followed him to the table Ankara bayan escort in the direction in which he pointed. Once seated, he offered to get me another drink and made his way over to the bar. I better scope out a back up in case this guy falls through, I thought. Just then, a long red-haired, shorter man waltzed over to our table and sat down. He seemed to not have noticed me sitting there because his eyes widened once his eyes met mine. His eyes were mesmerizing to say the least,

“I’m Brent”, he introduced himself. Sloppily reaching his hand out to mine, he took my hand and kissed it. His lips felt nice on my warm skin. His emerald green eyes were glazed from his buzz but were still drawing me in. He had tanned skin and broad shoulders, visible through the white tank top that exposed his muscular upper body.

“I’m Giselle”. Nodding approvingly and smiling slyly, he said, slurring his words.

“You with Jase?” he asked, pointing towards the bar where ‘Jase’ stood. I nodded. I actually didn’t know what his name was but I assumed he meant the butter pecan delight, which aroused me on the dance floor. My panties still stuck to my engorged labia from the wetness he created.

Just then, Jase-short for Jason, as I learned his name to be, came back to the table and started to introduce Brent and me. He paused. It was then he realized that he hadn’t learned my name. Very close to his ear, I said,

“We’ve met and I’m Giselle”. He smiled, looking me directly in my eyes. I started sipping my drink and Jason and I struck up a conversation. He told me how he grew up in the city and his experiences as a college student at Capesford which is not too far from here. Deep down, I envied his enthusiasm as he talked so eagerly about a life that I knew nothing about. Sure, I had been on the campuses of a few colleges but I wasn’t there to be lectured. Eventually, he laid his hand on my inner thigh that was closest to where he was seated at the small table and began stroking me ever so gently with his fingertips. The boldness of his actions incinerated my love canal and the desire within me poured out, soaking my panties even more. Once his fingertips made it up to the meeting of my thighs, I parted them slightly, inviting him closer to my juicy lips. He looked me in my eyes again. His expression indicated that he knew that he had me exactly where he wanted me and casually said in my ear,

“Its time to get out of here, are you coming with us?”

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed.

The three of us made our way through the crowd, into the parking lot and to Brent’s car. Brent was visibly intoxicated so Jason opted to drive. Brent climbed into the backseat with me and he flirted with me all the way to Jason’s apartment, putting his arm around my shoulders and locking eye contact with me as we spoke to each other. He totally reeked of rum but I’m sure I did too. I saw Jason watching us in the backseat but he never intervened. I got the impression that they intended to share me.

Once inside, I was impressed with the spacious and open format of Jason’s apartment that was a short distance from the club. Brent led me to the wet bar centered in its own space that was down a few steps and separate from the main living area. The main living area was directly in front of the entrance. Brent attempted to play bartender. I felt Jason walk up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist. Next, he Escort bayan Ankara slid his hands up my skirt, massaging my firm, round ass cheeks. I parted my legs and looked back at him, devilishly smiling. Brent reached out from behind the bar and massaged my throbbing nipples that pierced the cloth of my shirt now slightly lowered because I hadn’t bothered to adjust it. I threw my head back on Jason’s shoulder and let out a slight moan. Jason began to tease my clit through my panties, while Brent stumbled from behind the bar and lowered my shirt beneath my breasts.

“Damn! These are nice!” he said. Jason, still standing behind me, pressing his hard cock up against me, took my right breast firmly in his right hand, squeezing it. Brent dipped his head down to nibble on the other.

“I like her skin, reminds me of milk chocolate”, Jason mumbled in between kisses on my neck. I relished in the probing and kissing that was taking place. Two for one, isn’t bad at all. Brent took me by the hand and led me to the rear of the house into a bedroom that had a large bed, fit for the romping that we were about to do. Brent slid my shirt off completely. Next he slid my mini skirt up and above my head, forcing me to raise my arms. Jason ran his hands along the sides of my now nude- except for my panties, panting body. Brent took off his pants. Jason appeared after disappearing into the adjoining bathroom, in just his boxer briefs.

Getting on my knees, I alternated between the two huge cocks in my face. Brent’s cock was narrower than Jason’s but thicker than most cocks I’d ever seen with a tip that continued to swell as I took him into my wet mouth. Jason was even thicker with deep veins reminiscent of bright, long outstretched lighting bolts across a dark sky and thrust himself into the back of my throat, stretching my mouth wider and wider. Brent pushed me back on the bed and Jason ripped my panties right off of me.

Brent lowered his cock into my mouth again, straddling my face. Nearly in the 69 position, he lowered his mouth to my sensitive, stone hard nipples. He arched his back and lay his hands flat on the bed and pumped his throbbing hard shaft into the depths of my throat, causing me to make involuntary, soft, gurgling sounds. He threw his head back in ecstasy and moaned loudly as he felt his climax surging through his cock that somehow fit every groove and pocket in my throat like a curvy-edged puzzle piece.

Jason went for my pussy. He danced his warm, wet tongue on my clit. Sliding his tongue between my swollen lips, sucking up all my juices, never missing or leaving behind a drop. He kissed my lips and pressed his hands against the underside of my thighs, parting my shapely thighs, diving deeper into my sweet nectar. Urging him deeper, I arched my back which caused the spurting cock in my mouth to slide deeper into my throat. I felt my hot, foamy lava seeping from my slit as I came.

I felt Brent begin to buck and jerk his hips, as his orgasm took over him. I looked up at him as he rolled his head back. I inadvertently made sopping, slurping noises that were muzzled by his wide girth. The wideness stretching my mouth, causing the corners of my mouth to sting, the skin stretching and nearly torn. I felt his hot, salty cum shoot into my mouth, scorching the back of my throat. He moaned triumphantly and I made sure to catch every drop. He lay on the bed next to me and began massaging Bayan escort Ankara my nipples again.

I looked down at Jason as he was looking up at me, his eyes dark with lust while his expert tongue licked my juices from his own thick lips. He stood and climbed on the bed, straddling my waist. He wedged his arm beneath me and lifted me with ease, his large biceps flexing.

He entered me smoothly since I was wet from his licking and suckling of my juices. I felt my pussy stretch, attempting to accommodate his large, thick penis. He pushed deeper and deeper inside me, causing me to moan as I looked deep into his captivating, brown eyes. He bit on my bottom lip as I dug my nails into his back. He pounded into my hungry cunt with animalistic savagery harder and faster as we both inched towards climax. The sweat from his chiseled body dripped down on me.

I felt him stiffen inside my tight walls that hugged the length of him and felt hot streaks of semen splatter against my insides as he began to cum inside me. He moaned loudly and his limp body fell onto me, his cock softening while still inside me. He rolled off the bed and I closed my eyes as I felt my juices mixed with his, cascading from my center.

I looked up to see Brent entering the room and he gestured for me to get up. I stood to my feet and felt clumps of hot cum trickle out of my freshly fucked cunt onto the floor. He sat down on the bed and pulled me towards him. Surprisingly, he was already stiff and his delicious cock was pointing straight up into the air. He grabbed and squeezed my lovely ass as I stood facing him. He slipped a single finger into my pussy and then pushed the same finger into my ass. I encountered pure ecstasy from his probing finger. I slowly lowered my pussy that had begun to resume its natural tightness over his erect cock and took all of him in one full stroke. I began to speed up, raising myself up and down and up and down, as my breasts bounced freely in his face. I felt myself coming. He felt it too and cupped my breasts together and made a trail of his saliva from one nipple to the next. He instructed me to turn around.

I turned and again lowered my juicy cunt onto his cock. He spanked me as I bounced up and down. He blurted other obscenities and then held my arms, pulling them toward him, as he thrust himself into me over and over again, my ass slapping down on his lap. I looked back at him, his face was construed and his eyes were closed. I felt myself inching toward another riveting orgasm, bubbling in the pit of my stomach.

“Give me your cum!” he ordered. The only light illuminating the room came from the adjacent bathroom, in which Jason was. I felt my heart rate rise and my breaths became shorter on each intrusion of his cock. My heart thudded loudly in my chest and I screamed,

“Oh shit, I’m fucking coming!” Brent pounded me even harder as he felt my warm stream, run down his shaft. He swung me around, by hooking my limp arms with the insides of his elbows, his cock buried deep inside me, bending me over the edge of the bed and removed his cock from inside my burning hot love hole. I felt his cock spurt streams of fiery hot cum all over my ass, as he pumped his cock and moaned. We were both sweating and panting rapidly, his broad chest heaving. I rubbed his cum into my skin and licked the remaining sticky droplets from my fingertips, while looking at him seductively.

Brent laughed, “Don’t start!” he said looking at me as he made his way towards the bathroom.

After the three of us showered together, we slept together on the bed that was our fucking nest. I drifted off to sleep with a satisfied grin on my face.

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