Lust and Passion

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Here sit two, one woman one man as they stare into each ones face. The heat begins to rise within the room. Two lust-filled lovers sit; they eye each other with animal instinct. Her legs part as to give him a tease. His mouth drops and his eyes close with the whiff of her sex in the air. He goes wild with lust and passion.

As they sit with low light on the table, setting the heat that will go on this night. Passion fills his mind as she moves closer to touch his tented manhood beneath his clothes. She rubs slow and sweet with each circle a low moan emerging from within his breath. She stops as to tease him more.

His manhood swells more growing like a small tree stock as she rubs her lust full body clinching her breast moaning like a small animal. He watches as she rubs her cunt with her fingers. The moaning gets sharper. She then stops the tease. He rips off her clothes like a hungry wolf. She just lies there letting him take her as he wants.

She now lies nude as he rips into her soaking wet cunt with his tongue. Her hands become claws tearing into his back as his tongue attacks her sweet wet cunt. The heat between them now is growing with every twinge of her body. He stops and she rips into his clothes like a animal. As the clothes fly his stiff man meat pops out. She dives her mouth around it bobbing up and down sucking him as he moans with delight.

She then gets up lying on her back and spreads her legs, exposing her sweet cunt for him to take. He plunges deeply into her cunt as she cries out in pleasure as the heat grows more with every passing moment. The two sex crazed animals maslak escort moan as one. No longer a moan now, but one loud sound coming from them, skin slapping like leather hitting leather. As the two fuck the bed shakes, creaks, and bangs a moan of two get louder and louder for they climax together with the sex slapping between them.

The passion gets hotter as the sex grows. Two sexual persons slapping their sex together the heat making them drip sweat. His mouth rips at her breast sucking and biting then puling and tugging as the smell of her hot cunt drives him over the top. He pumps his meat into her cunt more as the two climax again. The heat is so intense now, her moans becoming louder. As the sex becomes more intense in the bedroom, between the two lovers that can’t help them selves to each other.

The two lovers in a sexual twine with each other never notice the sound of a front door opening up as another woman enters the home. For a split second the two stop but continue their sexual appetite, as the foot steps get closer the two lovers stop just suddenly as though they know they must stop not to get caught but the other woman that has just entered the home.

Both lovers kiss each other and say to one another that they love each other and don’t want their mother to catch them in the act of sex. The sister leaves her bothers bedroom half nude as to tell her bother they are still going to be with each other later in the night some how. Their mother comes up as to wonder why her two children are not in bed as of yet. Then she walks in on her son as he is in the sarıyer escort shower but he never even knows that his mother is half nude. As she unclasps the front of her bra, the pair of twin watermelons pops out. Standing there she is one vicarious and very voluptuous 36yr old woman. As she removes the last of her clothing she begins to enter the shower with her already nude 17yr old son. In most cases you might think that he would be surprised by her getting in with him but he was ready for her and wanting her just as much as she wanted him that day.

Her son just feels his mothers body in his hands and kisses her right on the lips with a little tongue action added to it. As the shower water hits both of their bodies she realizes that he has gotten a hard on just from the feel of his mothers huge tits touching his skin, as is dick gets harder it reaches the edge of her pussy opening cause they are standing so very close to each other. She reaches down and grabs her sons now rock hard dick in her hand and starts to pump it back and forth.

He stops kissing his mother and starts to suck on her tits while she pumps his hard dick in her hand. He reaches for her very wet shaved pussy and starts to rub her clit with his hand. The two mother and son get very hot and heavy in the shower, the water starts to get cold but that don’t seam to mater at this point. The two kiss each other like lovers and don’t really care that they are mother and son, to them right now it’s all just sex.

As they pleasure each other she gets ready to have her son ram his hard dick into his mothers beyoğlu escort waiting pussy that has been aching for a dick to pump in and out of her all day. He puts his mother against the back of the shower and rams his dick right into her pussy knowing that she wanted him to do that. She moans out loud yet no one can hear her moans over the water in the shower so that seams to please her very much.

Her son just rams his hard cock in and out of his mothers pussy so well that he forgets that he don’t have a condom on and that if he cums into his mothers pussy he knows what would happen, he looks into his mothers eyes as to ask her what he should do, in return she smiles just enough to say go for it fill your mothers cunt with your incestuous love juice.

Her son just keeps fucking her pussy, impaling her on his manhood, as he dose this his mothers whole body just gets tight and her pussy grips his dick really hard as a feeling of total ecstasy washes over her. Then in that instant he begins to fuck her pussy much harder and faster than before as his back arches just for a few seconds as he blasts a jet of cum into his mothers pussy. Both stand in the shower holding each other and then kissing like everything that had happened in that shower must stay in there as to not allow anyone out side the house to know. His mothers leaves the shower fully nude and retires to her own bedroom, she closes the door behind her.

Her son turns off the shower dries him self and then walks over to his sisters room, he slowly opens the door there his sexy sibling lays in her bed waiting for him to get into her bed so they can have some incestuous sex again. He closes the door and locks it. The best thing is the guy has two women that want him all the time. Yet could one day end up that all three be in the same room guess you’ll just have to wait and see in the next chapter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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