Luisa Ch. 10

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You can decide how the story ends. I am leaving the ending up to you. Put your ending in the comments section.

I hope you have enjoyed the story.


This is the final chapter in the series and you should read the prior chapters.


The ride home was long and uneventful. We discussed our lives and what we wanted and of course the topic came around to John and Carol.

I asked Luisa what she thought of our new friends. She said she liked them a lot and she could see us having and intimate relationship with them on an ongoing basis.

I told her that I liked them as well but I wasn’t sure if I wanted them in every aspect of our sex lives and that I didn’t want them with us every time we fucked. She agreed with me on that point.

Luisa said that once a month would be a nice alternative where the four of us got together for a pleasant weekend that culminated in some sexual activity at the end.

It was late by the time we got home and we went straight to bed.

The next morning we got up, showered and had breakfast. Luisa said she would call Carol and discuss arrangements for our get together.

As I was relaxing, I heard Luisa talking to Carol and I gathered they were coming for a visit in two weeks for an overnight stay, which was fine with me.

After Luisa got off the phone, we discussed the plans for their visit. I told her that I just didn’t want to jump into bed but rather a nice quiet weekend where we all got to know each other better in a normal fashion. She agreed.

After our discussion, we decided that when they got here, we would show them around the area and take in some sights, then go out to a nice dinner and dancing then back to our house for drinks and relaxation.

The next day we would go out to breakfast and visit the beach and gift shops, then back to the house to relax and have dinner before they went home.

We both figured by then, we would really have gotten to know them better.

Well, the two weeks went by rather quickly and before we knew it, Carol and John were here.

We set them up in our guest bedroom and gave them the cooks tour of our place.

We told them of our plans for the weekend and they were ok with it.

Then John and Carol said that they wanted to talk to us Pendik Escort before we got the weekend started.

John said, “Carol and I think you guys are terrific and the sex with you two was incredible at the resort but life isn’t all sex. We were hoping that this weekend we would like all of us to get to know each other much better and not just sex.”

Luisa looked at them and responded, “Guys, we like you too and you are right, sex isn’t everything. We want to get to know you guys better too.”

With that being said and things clarified, I told them of our plans and they were ok with it.

After we had a bite to eat, we took them on a your of the area and showed them some of the sights in our small community.

We finally made it back to our house and had some wine as we got ready for dinner.

The women were dressed in nice dresses and John and I wore sport jackets and slacks.

I took them to very nice restaurant where the waiters knew us. Carol and John loved the place for its intimacy and ambiance.

We ordered dinner and a bottle of wine, then got into a conversation. Throughout the evening we talked about our likes, dislikes, hobbies and personal matters.

Luisa even told them about her swinging days and I told them about my sordid past with my kids.

It did seem like we all had similar tastes and lifestyles.

By the time we finished dinner, we did get to really know our new friends better.

I then drove over to a little night club for dancing and drinks.

The place wasn’t crowded and the music was live and enjoyable. We danced with our wives and changed partners a couple of times. Overall, it was a very nice evening.

It was about 1:00 a.m. when we left to go home. We all had a nice time and we did get to know each other a lot more.

When we got home, Luisa and Carol made some coffee and we sat around and talked some more.

Eventually, the topic came around to sex.

I asked Carol what her favorite position was and she said she liked the doggie position. She said she liked it when a guys balls hit her as she was being fucked.

Luisa said she loved the cowgirl position as it allowed her to be in control and give her the maximum penetration.

John said that he preferred the old fashioned Kurtköy Escort position with the guy on top.

I told them that my favorite position was all of them, as long as my cock was in deep in the woman’s cunt.

They laughed and said that wasn’t a position.

By now, it was a little after 2:00 a.m. and I suggested we call it a night. We all agreed.

As Luisa and headed to our bedroom, she turned to our guests and told them that if they wanted to join us, they could but that was up to them.

Carol looked at John and told Luisa that they would pass on such a wonderful offer but they were tired and going to go straight to sleep.

Luisa told them if they or either one of them changed their minds, our door would be open and we said goodnight.

Luisa and I undressed and decided to take a shower together. Just as the water cascaded over our bodies, Luisa hugged me. Then, I felt a warmth sensation on my leg and I knew it wasn’t from the shower.

I looked at Luisa and she smiled. My wife gave me a golden shower and I kissed her and continued our shower.

After we dried each other off, we got into bed naked. Although we were a little tired, we are never tired enough to pass up some good one on one sex.

As we were making out, I heard a noise and figured one of guests was roaming about. However, it didn’t stop us from our goal of getting laid.

After a few minutes, I finally got my cock into my wife’s cunt and started fucking her. It didn’t take long before we were both ready to cum.

As always, Luisa is kind of vocal when she cums and this time was no exception. She gave a scream when she came and suddenly two naked people were in our doorway asking if everything was ok.

I smiled and told them that it was just Luisa having an orgasm. We all laughed and, as Carol and John started to head back, I asked them if they cared to join us. Carol looked at John and then she said they would like that very much and joined us in bed.

While Luisa was resting, John and I started on Carol. We had her in the middle and John and I each started sucking on her very erect nipples.

Our hands were all over her naked body and her hands found our cocks and she started jerking them slowly.

John got on his back and Carol mounted him Tuzla Escort and slid her cunt over his cock. I told her to lean back and I pressed my cock into her slit and soon John’s cock and mine were in Carol’s cunt, together.

We started to fuck her and got into synch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Luisa watching us.

As we fucked Carol harder and faster, we could feel her tension building and by her moans and movement, we knew she was ready to cum. And cum, she did as we shot our loads into her.

When we pulled out, our cum was flowing out of her wide open cunt and her body was still shaking.

In a few minutes, Carol started saying that was the best fuck she ever had and we all laughed.

Then, out of the blue, Luisa asked Carol if she could spend the rest of the night with her, alone, in the other bed.

John and I were surprised, as was Carol, but Carol said ok and the two of them got up and went to the other bedroom while John and I stayed in my bed.

I don’t know when, but I know it was still very dark outside when I felt a strange sensation then realized my cock was being sucked.

I looked down and John had my entire cock in his mouth as he was sucking me off.

I looked at him and said, “John, what the hell are you doing?”

He stopped sucking me and looked up and said, “Tony, I figured that since my wife and yours are doing the same thing and I have admired your cock from day one, I couldn’t resist. Do you want me to stop?”

I looked at him and saw his hard cock and said, “No, please continue. You seem to be really enjoying it and it feels good.”

It wasn’t long before I shot my load into John’s mouth and it felt good.

We both fell asleep soon thereafter.

The next morning, the four of us got up around the same time. We showered and Luisa and Carol made breakfast.

Nothing much was said about last night and I mentioned that we had a full day ahead of us and that we would going out around 11:00 a.m. and back by 5:00 p.m.

We took them everywhere and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

When we finally got home, Luisa and I started preparing for dinner. I was going to grill some steaks and Luisa was going to take care of the rest of the menu.

Dinner went well and we all enjoyed the meal and the wine. Soon, it was time for Carol and John to go home.

We all kissed and said our goodbyes.

We waved goodbye as they drove out of sight.

Luisa and I looked at each other with a quizzical look on our faces and wondered what would the future hold…

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