Lucy 01

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I – Forcing Dan into my cumslut

It is incredible. Unbelievable what just happened on the last weekend. A big milestone turning hubby into my private little cumslut. And the best thing: He hates cum, what makes me even hornier every time I think about it. The more persisting he is in not being gay, the more fun I have thinking about the plans I have for the future. And what just happened of course. I got him from tasting it once years ago and never again up to drink nearly half a liter of fresh gooey cum on last Saturday. Impossible? How I could get him into it? That is, why I am sitting here. I am going to write it all down for you and in fact I could get off right now, knowing what is coming.

Let’s start at the beginning and let me give you a short introduction. My name is Lucy and I am married to a wonderful man. I love him for everything he is doing and the way he is. Dan and I are in the end of our thirties. He is a very successful businessman. We have our own little house and a 20 year old daughter. Sam. She went to London to become a nurse. All at all I would say, we are living a quiet normal social live and in this roles me and my husband Dan are equal. But if it comes to sexuality it is different.

It came with the last three years. Before that the sex between me and hubby became more and more boring over the years. And after Sam left us, Dan nearly wasn’t interested in sex anymore. Can you believe that??? Everything was about work and soccer. He never cheated on me, I am sure of that, but I was in the middle of my thirties and because it is the time, when most women become most sexual active, I was horny like hell all the time. So I did, what all the people are doing nowadays: I surfed on the internet to find a solution. Then I found that stuff about “Tease and Denial” and thought that method could also drive back the lust into my husband. And what shall I say? It did! In the beginning I was always just teasing and denying him for a few days and then I gave him some shivering unforgettable orgasms. I fucked him and stopped all the time, when he was on the edge and till he was begging for release. I gave him wonderful blowjobs and even swallowed his cum regularly. One day I fucked him till he was on the edge; I drove his cock right into me again and went up so slow that he couldn’t hold it anymore. Just the tip of his cock was resting in my wet hole when he blew his load right into me. That was the only day, I tried to make him eat his own creampie using the arguments I had found in that forum – I am getting wet just thinking about men eating their own semen. So, there we were. His cock was still in me and I bowed forward, whispering into his ear that I want him to go down on me and lick me to an orgasm. He was arguing that he couldn’t do it, because he just came in me. I reminded him of all the blowjobs I gave to him and all the cum I swallowed, but his answer was that he would not be gay. I begged him to do it, just once and if he would not like it, he would never have to do it again. I will never forgive him how carelessly he licked me. But finally he did it and said, he definitely would never do it again. But I knew his days were counted, because nothing turns me more on, than the thought about cum eating men. It was just a question of time and a good preparation. Good things come to those who wait, says that good old saying.

The following week I was looking for ways to get Dan more and more horny, till he would do anything for me to be allowed to cum. And that was it. I had to find something that would put him into a situation, where he needs my permission or even better that gives him a possibility to cum. So I read a lot of entries about chastity belts, bought one and offered it to Dan after a whole week of teasing and two hours of edging while he was bound to the bed. Of course he couldn’t say ‘no’ and he was very aroused by the thought of it. I am still wondering why? Maybe because I put the belt on directly without giving him release. He was allowed to shoot his load after another three days of pure pleasure and said that was so hot that he would be willingly to wear the belt all the time, so he cannot masturbate “accidentally” and ruin the fun. I was impressed how good things were running.

For the next three months I let him out of his cage nearly every day and did all the good things you cannot imagine. I told him all the time he would not be allowed to cum without my permission and he agreed. Of course he was so fucking horny that he did much more good things to me. He was allowed to fuck me as long as he stopped just in time. His fingers know the inside of my pussy better than mine nowadays and oh my god – he became such a good tongue worker over the last years, I would never ever give him away. And while he was allowed to cum once a week I increased that period in the following six months. I just let him out every second or third day, without getting less attention of him of course and he was given Bostancı escort release every second weekend. He could cum as often as he wanted and wherever he wanted on those weekends. On my ass, my tits, legs, back and even on my feet. In my pussy, mouth and now and then I allowed him to shoot his load right into my face. And the biggest turn on for me afterwards, was always the imagination of him, licking his cum from parts of my body or out of my creamy cunt. He never did – so far.

After being into tease and denial for nearly a year, my desire for seeing Dan eating, licking or even drinking cum grew more and more. It became the key to my lust. All the pictures in my head drove me crazy, whenever I thought about sex. That was the time when I worked out a plan that would take me two years to get, what finally happened last Saturday. In the following year I increased the period of his denial again. I asked him, if he would be fine, to do so. I told him, it would increase his lust and would give him a total new experience of pleasure and orgasms. And he really loved that idea. I let him out nearly every second day and teased him to the limits, while I got off once, two or sometimes three times a day. Fuck, how great is that. In return he was allowed to do, whatever he wanted to do with me and shoot his load once a month. After half a year in that second one I started to play with his bum deliberately. A part of my plan. And that was a real surprise. It drove him crazy. It took no time from teasing his little male pussy hole and sticking my finger into it to the point when I could use a strapon to fuck him – without letting him cum. And of course I let him fuck me with the strapon, too, while keeping him frustrated and full of lust in his cage. But that is another story. I just asked him one day, what the difference would be between having his ass fucked and licking up his cum and that both would have nothing to do with being gay. Everything would be allowed in sexuality as long as both would like it. He just answered that this would be the point. I would fuck him and not a male, it just would be a part of our sex, but swallowing cum that would be something just women do – or gay men. That was the point when I was sure about that he will not just pay for that sentence. I got sure about that I would turn him into a little cumslut – my little cumslut.

Two years of teasing, denial, chastity and fucking with a strapon. Everything went perfect. I decided to increase the time between his orgasms again. And he really got used to that feeling. He got so addicted to be horny and full of lust, heading forward to that one day, when he would be allowed to let all that build up pressure go in one big never ending, shivering orgasm. Two in half a year. Each after three months. And the last six months of my plan were about to come. In the next three I teased him every morning, when he came back from work, one, two hours at night time and over the whole weekends. I wanted to build up the pressure in his balls to a maximum and it was very important that he never came by accident. He never did. And after these three months he was as horny as never before. I tied him to the bed and undid his chastity belt. I looked him straight in the eyes, while I fucked his ass with my strapon, till he nearly cried. He was looking at his rock hard cock, swimming in precum, and was begging for release. I cannot remember a second time, where I had an orgasm by just hearing a word. I was so fucking horny and turned on, seeing Dan’s desperation to shoot his load and frustration not to be allowed to. I was fucking his brain out and I came, when I asked him, if he would swallow every drop, if I would let him cum into my hand and he just said “no”. And after I cooled down from my orgasm I told him that this would be the price for letting him cum at all and that he would have to wait at least another week if he wouldn’t do it. And he said what I wanted him to say; that he couldn’t do it and that he wouldn’t have had a problem to wait another week. I loved that desperate sound in his voice. I told him that it would be fine and pulled the strapon out so teasingly slowly that he moaned in agony. Then I let him cool down, put his chastity belt on, had a shower and went to bed.

Twelve more weeks to the great final. From now on, I teased Dan every second I could. He always was tied to the bed, to a chair or somewhere else. That was the term for letting him out of his cage. He was always rock hard in a second, leaking precum like his cock would cry and he never gave up hope that this would be the big moment. Of course it never was. I always told him that he has had a choice and now he would have to wait, till I would be in a very good mood. I told him, too, that the more he would beg the later he would cum. And he begged. He begged like a maniac, while he received the slowest blowjobs, the most slippery handjobs and the deepest ass fucks ever. And I can’t remember Anadolu Yakası Escort how often he was on the edge. It must have been thousands of times, but I never let him cum.

Let’s take a short break and let me tell you a little bit about my plan. For this you have to know that my best Friend Carroll and I are always talking about everything what happens in our life. Even about our sexuality – everyone needs someone to talk about all the good stuff. I know Carroll for all my life and I know that she is a bitch. Very kind and intelligent, but if it’s about sex, she becomes a bitch. And when I told her about my plan, the first thing she said was that she never had thought I could be such a nasty little slut. All I did was grinning at her. Of course she agreed to help me out. I needed her help, to collect a lot of fresh, yummy cum for my little cumslut to be, but I didn’t want to do it myself, because I never have cheated on Dan and so far I’m not interested to do so. Carroll loved the idea and we placed an advertisement on the internet four weeks ago that we would looking for some guys that would be interested in a gangbang with my best friend. No need to say that the email account we have created for this event was bursting in a few days. Hundreds of men offered them like it would be the most normal thing in life, to meet other men and go and fuck one woman. Indeed, we were impressed. There was no doubt about it that we would get enough men for our little party. But we needed a place for it. Dan would never allow a one hundred men gangbang in our house – what would the neighbors think. Carroll’s flat was too small and Dan wouldn’t like the Idea anyhow, to be tied to a chair, where other men – fucking Carroll – could see him. So Carroll came up with a brilliant idea. To earn some extra money she worked every weekend in a sex shop, one with a backroom, where you have that stage in the middle and cabins around. Those, where men are sitting in a chair, throwing coins into a box to keep the window open and jack off to a girl that strips on the stage or gets herself off with a dildo or what so ever. She was friends with the owner and asked him, how much it would be to rent the whole backroom for six hours. He had no problem with Carroll having a gangbang on the stage, but said he would have to charge her five hundred dollars to rent the room for a day. In the end it was just five for each man. How good is that? So we had our room. Then we sent an email with the rules to all of them. And we told them, if they still would be interested, they had to send us a picture of them. Carroll may be a bitch, but why not to choose, if you can? The rules were simple:

1. Everybody has to pay 5 dollars entry.

2. There will be one hundred men in groups of ten. (Because the stage is not that big).

3. Every group will have half an hour. No names, no questions, no introduction. Five minutes to come in and get rid of the clothes, while the others get dressed and leave, twenty-five minutes to play with Carroll and get a good treatment of her.

4. You will be allowed to fuck her as long as you are wearing a condom. You will not need a condom for a blowjob or a handjob.

5. The main rule is the cum rule: No cumming in a condom, in Carroll’s mouth or anywhere else on her or in the room. Everyone has to cum into a big funnel that will be connected to a big bottle.

Maybe for some of them it wasn’t enough time, maybe others didn’t like the cum rule, but in the end we still got 237 mails again, all with pictures of all kind of men. Naturally Carroll picked the best looking and well hung men to send them an invitation with the date, the time they should appear at the sex shop and that they would have to pay the entry to the owner and that he would show them the way.

Two more weeks. Everything was arranged and all I had to do was to convince Dan about, what would happen in fourteen days – in his state: easy. As usual I tied him to the bed, took of his chastity belt and just by the look in his face I could tell that his cock was hard in a second. With a sexy smile I looked him deep in the eyes. Sitting on his belly, I asked him:

“What do you think about my best friend Carroll, hem?”

“What kind of question is this?” Dan asked unsure, what I would be after.

“Do you like her?”

“That’s a trap, isn’t it? You know exactly that I’m addicted to you and I’m not thinking about anyone else all the time.”

“Good answer, Dan. Very good answer.”

With that I turned around and lowered my pussy on his mouth and he dug his tongue deep into my hole. I just held his cock with two fingers at the base and squeezed it a little bit, watching a big stream of precum flowing like a little river down his cock. My bud cheeks in his face, I went on:

“What would you say to see her fucking some men, with us watching her? Like a porno – just live.”

He moaned. He couldn’t do different, Kadıköy Escort because I pressed my pussy harder against his mouth and gave him one single, so teasingly slow stroke, up and down his shaft, that another stream of precum was leaving his cock. What a waste, I thought.

“Look at you – totally horny and desperate to cum, with a twitching cock, leaking like never before”, I teased him. “It looks like you would love the idea. Me pleasing you all the time, watching Carroll giving away some good blowjobs and get fucked like a good little slut.” I played with his nipples and he moaned again, digging his tongue deeper into me, while his whole body was shaking.

“Come on, tell me the truth. I would be more than fine with that, she is doing it anyhow, with or without us,” I lifted my body a little bit, to give him a chance to say something. He just asked in a very interested way:

“What do you mean – she will do it anyhow?”

I turned around and laid my whole body on his. I made sure, that the entrance of my now soaked, dripping cunt was touching the tip of his cock. Then I licked his lips and looked him deep in the eyes again.

“See”, I said, “I told you that she is working every weekend in this sex shop to get some extra money, didn’t I?” He agreed. “And you know that she is a little bitch and she is fucking around all the time. She makes no secret out of it. And now she got an offer from her boss, to make some real good money.” I lowered myself a little bit and the tip of his cock was half between my wet lips.

“What offer?” he moaned in frustration. I told him a few white lies. That Carroll’s boss has arranged a gangbang for her and she would get fifty percent of the money spent in the cabins. And I said that we would sit in one of that cabins and that nobody could see us, because the glass is darkened if you look from the stage into the cabins. After I told him everything he had to know, all his doubts were wiped away. And dipping his cockhead into my wet hole a few times, I said to him:

“By the way – the day it will happen is the end of another three months for you, being locked up. Wouldn’t it be great to release that pressure in your balls at the end of the show? I promise you, that I’ll get the very last drop out of your balls. So, what do you think?”

“Alright”, was all he answered and made me almost cum. Happily I went back to tease him and couldn’t wait for the next two weeks to pass.

There it was. The day, I’ve been waiting for two long years. And if everything would happen like I have planned it, it would be the beginning of something wonderful. A new experience to me; reaching an absolutely new state of arousal in my sexual life. I couldn’t fail. It was just a matter of how far I had to go with Dan. He on the other hand was horny as hell. I was sure; he would do anything in his state, to have an orgasm. Six long months stored up cum in his balls and he was so desperate to let it all out. And knowing that it would happen today, because I promised it, filled him up to the rim with lust.

When we arrived at the sex shop, Dan left the car and gave me a hand. It wasn’t the first time, we entered such kind of store to buy some little toys, but we never have been in a show like that. Carroll had told her boss about a couple coming an hour early and that we wouldn’t have to pay something. But everyone, who would ask for her afterwards, he should charge five dollars – that would pay the backroom.

“You are looking for Carroll, aren’t you?” he asked, “She is at the back. Just go through that door.”

When we entered the backroom Carroll was already waiting for us. And with a cheeky smile she said to Dan:

“Bet, you always have been interested in seeing my cunt, didn’t you?”

“Carroll!” I sizzled and Dan’s face turned red.

“That’s alright”, said Carroll with a chuckle. “And – here Lucy.” She handed me over a key. “That’s for the money box.”

“What’s that for?”

“Oh, you put it into the money box and turn it. Keeps the window open. You are friends of mine and don’t have to pay for the show”, she said and gave me a wink. “I have to prepare myself now. This is your cabin by the way.” She opened a door. “Enjoy yourself for an hour till the show starts.” Then she disappeared at the end of the hallway.

No need to say, that I tied Dan to the chair and teased the shit out of him in the following hour. Then Carroll entered the stage and Dan had no clue, that our cabin would be the only one that would be in use. There was a bed in the middle of the stage. Carroll was completely naked, laid down and started to play with her cunt. I stood behind Dan and played with his nipples. He swallowed.

“Save that for later”, I giggled.


“Doesn’t matter. Just watch…”

And then it started. The first group of men came in and gave it to Carroll like they wouldn’t have had a fuck for years. They screwed her pussy, her ass, her mouth; they used her in every way you can imagine. And all of them came – most of them several times. And they all came into that funnel. Dan was looking at Carroll, how she was collecting all that cum in a bottle. And while I was licking the shaft of Dan’s rock hard cock, he moaned:

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