Loving Wife

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As i walked into the house from work, i could hear my wife laughing out loud from upstairs. She is getting ready for her girls night out with 2 of her friends.

“I will meet you two at the Varnish Club around 8 OK?” I hear her say as she hangs up the phone.

“Will, is that you sweetie?” Carrie shouts from upstairs.

“Yep, just got home from work!” I state.

“I am going to the Varnish tonight with Cathy and Sam and will be home late. I put 3 six packs of beer in the fridge and your diner is on the stove. It is hot so be careful.” She explains.

I look in the fridge and thin to myself, “Beer, Beef Stew and Thursday Night Football!” I smile a devilish smile.

I turn to see Carrie behind me looking as lovely as the day I met her 12 years ago.

“You look gorgeous! I can’t let you go out looking so beautiful”. I state.

Carrie looks at me with a smile and says, “You are too cute!, I love you, you have everything for a good night alone and f you good perhaps I will bring you home something!” She smiles that devilish smile that goes straight too my testicullars…

The door closes and I can hear the car doom shut and the car drive away.

I want to park close to the Varnish Club so I don’t have to walk a great distance after closing. I know we are staying until closing, we always do. Carrie thinks to herself.

As Carrie pulls up to the Varnish Club a parking space right in front of the pub is being vacated. “I am so lucky!” Carrie says with a giggle.

After parking Carrie walks into the Varnish Club, a southwestern hoedown type establishment with line dancing and great beer. The people are always nice and cheerful and everyone loves to dance.

“Carrie, over here!” Cathy and Sam yell.

I see their hands waving in the distance and they have or favorite table.

As I walk on over to the table someone takes hold of my arm. I twirl around to see Jarrett the club bouncer looking down at me from his 6’8″ body. “Miss Carrie, you know I must take your car keys before you can start drinking?” Jarrett states with his husky voice. Sends chills down my spine as to how gorgeous of a man Jarrett is. Hell, Will looks at him with a glitter in his eye. Jarrett is a gentle giant. I have known Jarrett since High School.

“Here you go darlin!” I state as I hand him my car keys. The Jeep is all your until I leave.

“Thank you mam, establishment rules, if you have had too much to drink you do not get the keys. We will call you a taxi to get home.” Jarrett announces in a management style voice.

I get to our table and greet both the girls. Dancing is about to commence and all I have on my mind is Jarrett. That granite body and manly voice. I bet he would be so much fun to dance with. In my drunken mindset Cathy is talking to me as we start dancing but I am too far into Jarrett to hear anything.

I turn to see Cathy running on about something and lean towards her ear and shout, “WHAT?, I can’t hear a fucking thing?”

After the dance we return to our table and have some beers. Our talk is all about how our husbands are stuck up cowboys and how they are the center of their universe. We are always a second thought.

Stacy tell us, “Tom called me yesterday and said he was golfing after work so I can fend for myself for diner. I was so livid! WTF”

Cathy chimes in with, “Yea Kevin was siting on the couch on Saturday and wondered out loud if he wanted to sit with me and peal peaches or go out, he was gone in two seconds flat.”

The night dragged on so until we heard last call. We got our last beer and last dance in and headed for the door.

Cathy and Stacy left quickly as I stayed behind lollygagging around for some unknown reason.

Jarrett gave me kadıköy escort my keys and bid me a good night. I could see him locking up as I got into my car. I turned the key and nothing. No sound what so ever. “FUCK!” I shouted.

I heard a knock on the passengers window and looked to see Jarrett. “Can I be of assistance Miss Carrie?” He asked.

“The fucking thing wont start Jarrett!” I stated.

“Let me look at it and see if I can find out what is wrong.” Jarrett says as he opens my door and sits inside the Jeep.

He cranks the engine and floors the gas pedal but nothing.

“Dead miss Carrie!” Jarrett states.

I need to call Will but it is 2:30 and he has to get up at 5:30 for work. I can’t call him.

“I will call a cab?” I state as I turn to look at Jarrett siting in my jeep.

As I look at him he begins to say something however I can not hear for I am staring his cock. The bulge in his pants ends at his knees. His cock hangs to his knees I think. Holy Fuck! I think.

“What?”, I state looking at Jarrett who was attempting to say something.

“I can give you a ride home Carrie.” He says.

“You sure, I live like 40 miles from here.” I state.

“As long as your OK riding my motorcycle?” Jarrett says pointing to a rather large motorcycle across the street.

“SURE!”, I say while staring at the bike.

” I will leave a not on your Jeep so Tom does not tow it away, ok?” Jarret says.

“That would be so nice Jarrett, you are so kind.” I say.

I walk a cross the street and Jarrett assists me onto the bike. He sits in front of me and we communicate through the helmets. This is so fucking cool, I think.

As we start out the bike is much more powerful than I thought it would be and I end up squeezing Jarrett tightly around the stomach. “Sorry!, I shout”

“No need to be sorry or to shout, these mikes are really sensitive. We can just talk naturally and hear each other very well.” Jarret says.

“Great,” I say.

Holding his body is like holding a tree, solid and sturdy. I feel so safe as we ride along.

I cant stop thinking of his huge cock. My pussy is getting so moist as I imagine his cock in my hand or in my mouth. How full it would be.

Before I realize it I notice I am massaging his stomach as I daydream about having sex with him.

“Are you nervous Carrie?” Jarrett asks.

“Just a bit Jarrett” I state.

“Do what ever makes you feel safe Carrie. Motorcycles can be intimidating.” says Jarrett.

Before I can even begin to think my hand is massaging his cock.

The motorcycle sways from one side to the other. I have obviously startled him.

“You sure that is what you want Carrie?” Jarrett ask with a stunned voice.

“FUCK YEA!,” I state as i become bolder by rubbing with more pressure. Putting pressure to feel how hard his cock it. I am dripping from my pussy, afraid I will leave a wet spot.

“I have to say, this is a first for me carrie” Jarrett states.

“ME too but don’t worry I have permission from my husband to explore if I wish.” say.

“Exploring sound great to me.” Jarrett says as he gains control of his bike.

As we drive down highway 10 I ask Jarrett if he can take his cock out while driving or do we need to pull over.

With one hand Jarrett does his thing and his cock is in my hand. I am stroking his monster of a cock.

“OH shit I say as I begin to stroke him.”

“Jarrett, would you like to help me do something?” I ask, still stroking his cock.

“Anything!” he says.

“I want Will, my husband to watch you fuck me. It is a fantasy of his to watch another man have sex with me as he watches. Would you be willing to help us out?” I say

“This kadıköy escort bayan is his fantasy and you are ok giving it to him?” Jarrett asks.

“Exactly, he may participate some but be assured he is heterosexual so there will be no contact with you two. OK?” I stammer.

“Sound like a fun night, count me in?” Jarrett says.

“One question Carrie, What is off limits with you?” he asks.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Is it alright to cum on you and what about anal?” he asks

I am so happy with this conversation as I continue to stroke his massive cock.

“I am fine with all of that though we will have to take it easy on anal, you are quite large.” I say.

“OK” Jarrett says.

Once at my house we immediately go up to the bedroom, I am naked in a flash and on my knees sucking Jarrett s hard cock as he still undresses. I have never been this fucking horny.

We are both naked and he is fucking my face as Will awakens to see us in this position.

He smiles and pulls out his cock and starts stroking his cock.

“OMG, did I die and go to heaven?” He asks.

“Hi Jarrett, nice to finally meet you. heard a lot about you from Carrie.” Will says.

Not able to talk as I work his cock Jarrett grunts out a “YEA!”

We move to the bed and I begin kissing Will as Jarrett takes me from behind. I am dizzy with anticipation as he grabs my ponytail and pulls my head back. “Ride Me Jarrett.” I shout.

With that his cock pushes into my cunt. I bite Wills tongue as it swirls into my mouth.

The intense pleasure of Jarretts hard cock thrusting into my pussy is almost too bearable to bear.

I lean down and begin sucking Wills cock as Jarrett pumps me into another stratosphere.

OMG I am so fucking enjoying this I think as I deep throat Will and Jarrett fucks me deep. So deep it feels like he is in my stomach.

After several minutes of this we switch and Will takes me from behind and Jarrett’s glistening cock is bobbing in front of me.

I am a bit taken back because, being honest with myself, I can hardly feel Will after Jarrett stretched my pussy so much. Not letting on I begin licking my juices off of Jarretts cock. From his head to his balls.

He has suck big balls. I can take one in my mouth and suck on it like a piece of candy. He delights every time I pull his ball into my mouth. I get a funny thought and begin playing with his anus with my middle finger.

“Hay”, Jarrett says surprisingly.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“You asked if it was ok to do anal? Right!” I state.

“OH Shit!” he states.

With great care I slide my index finger into his anus as his cock slides into my mouth. Jarrett closes his eyes and drifts his head back in delight.

The further his cock goes into my mouth the more finger I insert. I pull his cock from my throat and my finger almost out of his ass. Again I slide his cock into my mouth and this time I begin pumping his cock and my finger in and out.

Will is fucking me hard and fast. I can not see him but I can be assured he has a shit eating grin on his face. I love feeling his cock brush against my clit. He makes me so fucking wet.

I feel Jarrett’s balls tighten and know he is about to erupt so I stop sucking his cock and pull my finger from deep in his ass.

“Lets switch things up.” I suggest.

I lay Jarrett down and climb on top of his granite body. Leaning reaching back I position his cock and begin inserting it into my eager wet pussy. As I begin to ride him I turn to see Will smiling at me with a grin of approval.

“You next baby.” I say.

Will looks at me with a puzzled look on his face. I look into his eyes and escort kadıköy simply say “Anal”

Wills eyes pop out of is face. He is like a child on a hill with new snow. He knows he has always wanted to try this and I have always protested. Tonight all my inhibitions are gone. This is for my husband Will. He is the most compassionate and loving person I have ever known.

“Lube me up Will.” I state.

Will goes to the night stand and retrieves a bottle of lube as Jarrett fucks my brains out.

I am so delighted with his massive cock in my pussy I forget what else is happening around me.

I feel Will rub lube on my rosebud. His finger penetrating my hole with his index finger just as I did to Jarrett.

“Ready baby?” Will asks.

Shaking my head I feel Will push his cock into my anus. It is a feeling of pain but in a sensual way. I look at Jarrett and he slows his cock from pumping my pussy until Will can establish himself in my ass.

I close my eyes and am delighting in the feeling of Jarrets cock in my pussy and now for the first time Will is in my ass. The two cocks makes me feel so full and the sensation is far better than I would have ever expected.

Will and Jarrett begin to pump me in unison. Both gaining purpose and speed.

“OH FUCK ME BOYS” I begin to say over and over. My head is swaying back and forth in total ecstasy.

Never have I felt so pleased and with so much sensuality.

Both men are slamming me now and I am feeling something I have never felt before. It is like my pussy is going to explode in pulse of delight.

All the sudden I feel a gushing of fluid stream out of my pussy. Covering Jarretts cock and balls. It just keeps coming. I am almost about to pass out and yet the pleasure increases with every pulse of fluid.

I look back at Will and we kiss as I feel him cum in my ass. Cum spurts time and again into my hot little rosebud. The cum begins to flow out of my ass and all over Wills balls.

Will pulls out of my ass as the cum drains downward to Jarretts legs.

Jarrett leans back with his head his eyes disappearing into another universe. I feel he is going to erupt himself.

I pull his cock from my pussy and lower myself so I can take his cock into my mouth. The taste of the fluid is sweet and creamy. I love the wet sensation I felt on his cock. Will is watching as I feel Jarrett begin to erupt in my mouth.

The first load hits the back of my throat and almost chokes me it is so powerful.

I pull his cock from my mouth and he begins spraying all over my face and tits. Will is pumping his cock yet again as Jarrett finishes painting my face with his cum. I lick all the cum from Jarretts cock squeezing every drop than lapping the rest up with my tongue.

His cum is so delicious. I am so satisfied but this night is not my night. It is Wills.

I look over and begin sucking Wills cock with Jarretts cum still all over me. Faster and faster I suck his cock. Will begins to gyrate into my mouth grabbing my hair and fucking my mouth.

After several minutes I feel Will tighten his balls and his leg muscles begin to quiver I know he is about to explode in my mouth. Something he has never done before.

His cum shoots into my mouth and I am able to take his entire load. Shot after shot he shoots his cum into my eager mouth. I suck him some more and milk all the cum from his cock.

Opening my mouth to show Will his cum he looks at me with pleasure as I swallow every drop.

“MMMMMMM that was delicious and so satisfying.” I state.

I kiss both boys and thank them for the most incredible sexual evening of my life.

I whisper to Will, “My fantasy is next baby.”

We shower and Jarrett leaves satisfied as he has had the time of his life.

The next morning Will comes downstairs and breakfast is ready with a fresh cup of coffee. His is all smiles.

“Love you baby.” I say.

“I will never doubt that ever in my life.” Will states as he leaves for work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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