Lover Beware

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Vic felt across the bed and found an empty space, his brain tried to compute the situation, it was dark, it was quiet and it was lonely.

He sat up and ran his hands through his hair, yawning he sat forward and stretched his arms above his head then leaned back again.

“Bollocks, he mumbled and pulled the duvet aside, swung his legs out of bed and stood.

He scratched his balls and pulled his short fat prick a couple of times. He padded into the bathroom, aimed at the toilet and sent a thick stream of coffee and booze smelling piss into the bowl. Finished he flicked the last drips off, flushed and turned around, then wandered back to the bedroom. Pulling on a dressing gown and slippers he headed to the kitchen.

Saturday morning 9 am, he lit the gas and placed the kettle on it, lifted it off shook it and sighed. He ran some cold water and filled the kettle returning it to the blazing gas hob.

“Bollocks,” he rumbled and opened a cupboard to retrieve a cup, empty shelves, he sighed and looked at the sink filled with cups and plates.

“Double Bollocks!” he mumbled and walked over to run hot water and wash up his small collection of cups and plates, knives,forks and spoons.Ten minutes later he finished drying the last plate and put it on the pile on the worktop. He took a cup and spoon to the other side of the kitchen and opened the cabinet, pulling out a jar of coffee that had just enough in it to make a very weak drink. He simply turned the jar upside down over the cup and sighed.

“It’s your own fault you dick head,” he mumbled and opened the fridge, to discover that there was no milk. “Oh for God’s sake!” he said, “What the fuck are you like.”

Vic had been a Director of a very respectable printing firm, alongside his wife. However, unknown to her until three months ago, Vic had been very much alongside his secretary usually naked and sweaty. That was when he found that his wife was also ‘working late’, although to be fair, he thought, she was actually working. The nuclear explosion had been loud, messy and totally destructive. Within hours he was not only out of his job, but the marital home, He lost his car; and his secretary had fled after his wife had reduced her to a quivering wreck. Now three months later he lived alone in a cheap rental flat as he tried to find a way back into the working world.

He had a few thousand in his bank account, fifty grand in deposits and a few shares worth possibly ten grand. All things considered, he had found a place to live, and he had a reasonable standard of living. There’s always a ‘but’ and his was that his vindictive bitch of a soon to be ex-wife had made sure he was unemployable, threatening any supplier who might accept Vic onto the payroll that she would cancel the contract with them. She leaked his infidelity to all their friends and business contacts, ensuring that no one would touch him with the proverbial barge pole. He was a pariah in both his private life and the business world, truth told he was fucked for a fuck.

Vic smiled and grinned at the thought of Tiffany, his ‘ex-sec’, a statuesque brunette with legs up to the sky, a flat stomach leading up to the firmest, biggest unsiliconed tits he’d ever had the pleasure of drooling over. She was built for comfort, not for speed. He felt his dick stiffen at the thought of her hairless pussy and cute tight arse. Sitting down he began to stroke his cock feeling it slip through his fingers.

The sound of the doorbell disturbed his wank and he grumpily made for the door, unlocking and throwing it open, surprised to see his soon to be ex-wife stood there in jeans and a baggy leather jacket.

“Glynn – Fuck do you want?” he said totally confused, she pushed past and strode into his lounge.

“We need to talk, this is ridiculous, your heading downhill to hell, look at this shit-hole?” she exclaimed looking round at the chaos all around her.

“‘s’got to do with you?” he mumbled ambling back into the room, after slamming the front door shut.

“Well despite your complete betrayal of our marriage vows and absolute and total destruction of my self esteem, I do still actually care about you. Vic this place is the pits, how can you live like this?” she said, placing her handkerchief on the only comfy chair in the room and sitting down.

“Lack of; money, a job, also of self esteem; because it’s all I can afford, and oh! because I can’t be arsed anymore.” he smiled and plonked himself on the arm of the chair alongside her.

“You need a shower and shave, you smell like shit, have you had the same sheets on the bed since you moved in?”

“Do I need more than 1 set? They didn’t say that when I bought them, you’d think they’d have said something.”

“Oh! like; ‘are you a sad git living all alone, well then you have to change the sheets regularly and wash the dirty one’s!'”

“Probably, wow, you certainly are bitchy this morning.”

“It’s in my nature arsehole, now get in the shower, I’ll check Ataşehir Escort your clothes out and get those rancid sheets off your bed.”

Vic tutted and shambled to his feet, trudged along to the tiny bathroom, shrugged off his dressing gown without undoing the waist cord and kicked his slippers at the door, causing a banging sound, Scrambling into the bath/shower he switched on and timidly stood at the far end until his fingertips told him it was warm enough to step under the spray. He found the shower gel and lathered up using it as shampoo too. As he rinsed the water suddenly went ice cold and he yelped and jumped out of the spray.

“For fucks sake, have you turned a hot tap on? he yelled at the door. It opened and Glynnis walked in, saw his state and laughed.

“Whooo hooo, big boy your smaller than I remember,” she chortled and wiggled her little finger imitating his frozen cock.

“Oh Fuck off! Why don’t you!” he yelled and held his fingers out to the spray. Finding it passably warm he went back under to finish rinsing off.

With the noise of the water and the inbuilt fan, he didn’t hear the swish of clothes as Glynnis stripped. Her saggy 44 GG breasts and round ample belly wobbled as she climbed in behind him. She walked forward and placed her hands on his hips. Startled he tried to turn, but she held him firmly, then slipped her hands up and across his back helping to remove the soapy bubbles. Moving her hands lower, she found his hairy arse and began to cup the cheeks in her hands, moving closer and rubbing her belly and breasts over his wet back.

Vic couldn’t move but felt his cock rising up. Her hands parted his cheeks and pushed at his legs, asking him to part them, he numbly did so feeling her hands pass between then, and pause at his anus to rub the little pucker, then a hand grasped his cock and the other slid gently round his balls. He also became aware that something was licking his anus and it felt good. He moved his legs wider and squatted slightly, feeling Glynnis’s wet head come between them and starting to lick the small space between his anus and his balls. One hand meanwhile carried on jacking his cock and the other rolled his balls gently around. Vic felt his legs trembling and his knees aching, suddenly his cock erupted and streams of cum spurted out into the bath, striking the side and were washed back down to the base by the force of the shower spray.

“Oh God, Nhh, nuhh, nuhh, nuhh, arrghh” he managed as each spurt flew out. Glynnis’s mouth appeared round his cock-head and swished and swirled round it, emptying his cock and cleaning him up.

Finishing, she withdrew between his legs and kissed his puckered opening again on passing, standing she touched his arsecheeks briefly before stepping out of the bath. Grabbing the only bath towel she dried herself vigorously and began to pull her clothes on. Dressed, she blew a kiss and opened the bathroom door allowing the cold air in and causing the fans note to dip and recover.

“Don’t forget to hang the sheets up when they’re finished, it appears to be the only set you’ve got, byee.” and she was gone.

Vic stood in the shower completely dazed and confused. It had to be a dream, but no the bath towel was totally soaked and lay on the floor. There were wet footprints on the mat, not his size. Turning the shower off he stepped out of the bath and used the small hand towel to try to dry himself. Giving up he air dried on the walk to the bedroom, as he entered he noticed the thin and shabby curtains had been opened, as had the window, he shivered and walked to the bureau taking out clean pants and socks.

Pulling on his pants and socks he went to the small wardrobe and took out his only clean shirt. Putting it on he tried to remember where he’d put his trousers. Walking into the lounge he saw the pile of dirty clothes by the chair. Vaguely recalling what had happened last night he rooted through it to find his creased and dirty jeans. Shrugging them on he zipped and buttoned up, then walked back to the kitchen. He found his shaver on the worktop and set about removing the two day growth on his face.

In their whole married life Glynnis had never, ever been so sexually aggressive, she had always just lain back, opened her legs and let him get on with it; waiting til he withdrew to turn away from him onto her side, drawing her knees up in the foetal position before sleeping. What the hell had happened to her. How did she learn to do that. He relived the whole scene again and felt his cock stiffen inside his pants. He smiled and enjoyed the replay, then looked in the bread-bin, empty. cereals, no can’t no milk. He felt reality hurtle into him at full speed.

“Bollocks!” he shouted and sat at the kitchen table. The day had it’s ups and downs for sure he thought.

Vic shopped and cleaned, enjoying the novelty of seeing his little world tidy and sparkling. The sheets had dried outside on the communal washlines, a nice lady helping Ataşehir Escort Bayan him out by lending him some clothes pegs. He had bought some pegs and a small basket to keep them in, returning his borrowed set to the owner as he took his washing in. He remade the bed and and settled down with a nice cup of tea and a piece of fruit cake that he’d bought. Not having bought a television, he turned on the small clock radio he had retrieved from the marital bedroom and listened to the local radio station, a mix of news and chat, with a few musical interludes.

Later hungry he opened his fridge and decided on a couple of sausages with eggs and oven cooked chips. Not exactly healthy, but suitable for a Saturday evening. He ate, cleared and cleaned up, leaving the kitchen spotless. He sank back into the chair and listened as the voices and music cooled and the late evening wore on. He sipped at a bottle of beer he’d bought earlier and felt himself relaxing.

He must have dozed off, but, as he awoke he became aware of something distinctly unusual, something or someone was sucking his cock. Fuzzily he moved his hands down and encountered a bobbing mass of hair.Looking down he quickly recognised the colour and cut. Glynnis was sucking him off. He lay back and enjoyed the sensation. It stopped and he opened his eyes. Glynnis was stripping off again, her breasts swung into view as she launched her bra across the room. Her leggings and pants followed and her round saggy belly wobbled slightly, it blocked most of her pubis from view, although he could see the thick tangle of hair hanging down between her puffy thighs. Turning, her large arse was presented to him. She backed towards him as he saw the cellulite wobbling and stretching across her rear.

She paused put her hand between her flabby thighs, grabbed his jeans and fumbling through his clothing for his now limp cock. With a sigh of satisfaction she discovered it and pulled it out through the cloth. Jacking it gently she steered it towards her. He felt her wiry hairs tickling the crown, then she brushed it along her slit. He felt the warm sticky, slippery juices coating the head. then she pushed it back slightly and settled down on him. A warm, moist, slick, velvet glove slipped round his cock and he felt himself stiffen inside her. She began to rise and fall on his manhood and he felt himself reach a fully erect state..

“Why?” he murmured, even as his hand moved round her waist to grasp her breasts, feeling the nipples harden under his palms.

“Shhhh,” she whispered, “Just enjoy.” then she fell silent and concentrated on enjoying the sensations her body gave her.

After fifteen minutes of gentle movement she began to move a little quicker, then she upped the tempo again. Vic responded and pushed himself deeper into her as she came down onto his lap. Eventually the pistoning reached a crescendo and Glynnis began to yelp and whine. Vic hammered at her pussy and grunted towards an orgasm. Finally as she rose he gripped the arms and pushed up with her, She tried to come down but he was too deep inside her, she pushed down harder and he erupted inside her, streams of cum plastering her vaginal walls, which were contracting round his cock. She came so violently he could feel her anus contracting round his groin, he licked his finger and pulled out slightly so he could ram his finger into her anus, feeling his cock through the thin membranes separating them. Glynnis screamed and bucked on his finger and cock, rocking back and forth in orgasm, her juices drowning Vic’s cock and the sensation causing her to involuntarily lose bladder control. Her piss streaming over his cock and balls. Vic groaned and pushed his finger and cock deeply into her. She rose shakily and turned, falling to her knees she grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth. Though it was wilting she swirled her tongue round its head and sucked as hard as she could.

Vic ran his hands through her hair then shifted to pull her face off his cock. “Too much, I’m drained,” he gasped.

She groaned and sat back on the carpet, her breasts hanging down on her belly. Her huge, thick triangular forest of black hair masking her pubis and labia, she lay back, so her breasts sagged to either side of her and her belly flattend across her frame. He could see, however, a small glob of his cum,emerging through the hair. On a whim he knelt in front of her grasped her knees forcing them apart. Moving down he buried his forehead on her mound and his face in her pussy. Using his tongue he entered her and began to lick and thrust. His nose on her clit, he bobbed his head rubbing her clit with his nose and used his tongue to scoop out her juices and his cum, pursing his lips round the mixture and sucking it into his mouth. Glynnis pushed her meaty vulva at him, and began to whimper, he slurped and licked on, feeling her clit against his nose. He encountered a delicious musky, pissy smell and realised this was the first time he’d Escort Ataşehir had oral sex with her.

“I’m coming, Vic, I’m coming, I can’t control myself, Vicccc.” She came and Vic felt the ripples in her vagina, as it tried to grip his tongue, then a warm sensation as her bladder relaxed and a little piss dribbled from the exit of her urethra straight into his mouth. He clamped his lips around her pussy, just as a stream of warm piss jetted into his mouth. He swallowed it as it entered and keep going until it stopped. By this time she had started to come down and began to push his face off her. Bringing his face up, he stared madly at her. Straddling her he aimed a kiss at her lips. She held him back by placing her hands against his chest, then gently relaxed until she could lick his face, nose, cheeks and jaw then she allowed him to kiss her. Their tongues came together and mixed their juices as their lips locked on. His cock was hard again, but because of her size and his medium size cock, he only just entered her. She grunted and shifted her hands to his lower back pushing him into her, agreeing to his penetration of her sweet, slippery wet pussy.

He pushed down off her slightly to increase his penetration, she sighed into his mouth and he began a slow back and forth motion with his hips. Her knees parted wider, lowering her belly more, pushing slightly he moved into her again. Moving her knees slightly she flattened her feet onto the ground and thrust against him increasing the speed until once again they came, one after the other, their lips still locked together.

They parted faces, staring at each other, he lying full length along her supported on his hands and feet. His dick wilted and slipped out of her, her face made a sad ‘O’ as she felt his limp prick slip out and rest against her arsehole, dripping the last of his sperm against it. She wiggled and giggled, then kissed him again. Finally she pushed him off and he sat with his back against the chair, his cock shrunk back, but still trailing a small stream of cum down his balls and onto the carpet.

Glynnis lay back and parted her legs, giving a view of her vulva and arsehole, surrounded by a forest of black hair, cum still visibly dripping out of her down her crack and onto the floor. She smiled and winked at him.

“Wow, you are the perfect lover, lover.” she winked again, and a fresh glob of cum appeared at her entrance, dribbling down again. She sat up and wriggled, giggling at the sensation of his sperm dribbling out of her.

He hauled himself up into the chair, noticing a slight damp patch at the front where she had pee’d on their first coupling, not that he worried about it. He felt his breathing returning to normal.

“Bloody hell, you’ve changed for the better. We’ve never, ever had sex like that. Actually I’ve never, ever had sex like that with anyone before, ever. That was fucking amazing. Wow, you are something else.” he lay back and smiled.

Surprisingly his dick was starting to stiffen again. Glynnis noticed the change and smiled. Passing a hand between her legs she began to push two fingers into her pussy, Vic stared in disbelief as she began to frig herself in front of him. His hand moved to his prick and he began to jerk off. Before long both reached a noisy orgasm. He aimed his cum at her pussy, hitting her hairy pubes and her wrist with several shots, keeping it up until the last trickle ran down his hand. Glynnis came and came then took her fingers out and slurped his cum off her wrist. She ran her hand over her fur and gathered up the rest, jamming her fingers into her mouth and noisily sucking. Vic stared in disbelief, whilst she cleaned her fingers off. Smiling she stood, holding out her hand, dragging him into the shower, where they soaped and washed each other. They shared the bath towel drying each other. Glynnis took his hand again and led him to the darkened bedroom and slipped into bed with him. They dropped off wrapped around each other.

He awoke next morning to see her sleeping next to him, on her back, her huge breasts splayed either side of her chest and a smile on her face. Vic slipped out of bed and made two coffees, intending to take them to the bedroom. She walked naked into the kitchen as he stirred in the milk. He felt his dick harden. She smiled and sat at the table, reaching for a coffee cup, her breast squashing against the edge of the table. She drank,

“Mmmm good cup of coffee Vic. Aren’t you going to sit and drink yours?” she purred, patting the seat next to her.

“Glynnis, what is going on, I’m just so bloody confused, what are you after?” he said sitting next to her.

She eyed him amusedly and thought something over as her eyes focused outside the flat. Coming back she looked at him,

“Have you ever thought about who hired Tiffany?” she asked

“You did, you hired everyone at the firm!” he said confused.

“And it never struck you as odd that I chose her, a women who couldn’t type, had no memory for names or numbers and tits like a porn movie extra?”

“No, I assumed you knew what you were doing,” he said and sipped his coffee.

“Well I did, because I employed her to distract you, because behind your back I was selling the firm.” She smiled and sipped her coffee.

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