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“Damn it!” Taylor Jensen stared down at the heel of her shoe. Unfortunately, it was six inches to the left of the rest of her shoe that her foot was currently in. Taylor grabbed the offending four inch spike and hobbled over to the brick building so that she was out of the way of the busy foot traffic at the street fair. She looked at the damage and realized that there was no way to repair it. It was going to be a long walk back to her house. Being a strong independent woman she would normally just remove the faulty fashion piece and walk home barefoot but the weather had taken an unseasonable turn toward the freezing mark.

Now she was ten blocks from her house carrying her portfolio with a shoe that refused to do the only function it was designed for. She thought about the issue and came to a decision that the other shoe would have to match the first if she was going to make it home.

Carefully she balanced her portfolio against the wall and eased her right foot out of the whole shoe. She picked up the shoe and with a whimper at the fashion crime she was about to commit. She grabbed both sides of her shoe and tried to break the heel away. Apparently, this particular shoe was made with all of the reinforcement the other lacked. She grunted and panted struggling with leather. Suddenly the leather, tired of being manhandled slipped from her grip and went flying into the throng of pedestrians.

“Ow!” The sound of an irritated male echoed back from the sea of humanity. Taylor gasped with embarrassment unable to flee due to the fact that she had thrown her shoe, her only mode of transport.

The crowd parted and out stepped her past. One of the Weston twins, so identical that their own mother had to ask which one was which, and everything her high school heart had wanted. Brock and Billy Weston were too hot in their teens but this man was a walking heat wave. He was at least six-and-a-half feet tall, with dark curly hair and the same dimple that had caused more than one girl to pant. He was heading straight for her holding the shoe that her bare foot proved was hers. She felt like a guilty and embarrassed Cinderella but the Prince seemed more pissed than Charming.

Brock held the shoe that had clocked him in the side of the neck and looked for the person who threw it at him. That is when he saw her. She was leaning against the wall and there was nothing that would have tipped him off as to why she would have assaulted him. As he approached her he noticed that her shoes were in unusual states of disrepair. She stood balanced on her left foot that was encased in a shoe matching the one that was in his hand only that one appeared to be missing the four inch spike like the one that had almost impaled his jugular.

“I believe that this belongs to you. Though I don’t know what I could have possibly done to deserve being on the receiving end of its flight. I mean do we know each other?” Brock said trying to remember where he may have met her.

“Well I do know you, which makes this all the more embarrassing.” Taylor blushed. “Are you Brock or Billy?”

“Brock. How do you know me?”

“I went to high school with you. Taylor Jensen.”

“Taylor. You were in art right?” Brock felt an instant rush of blood to his groin. The mere mention of her name took him back to the nights that he had spent fantasizing about her in high school. She had that kind of timeless beauty that had been evident even to a horny high school boy like him. She had gotten sleeker and sexier in the ten years since graduation. She had gotten out of the paint stained, oversized shirts and jeans. She was wearing a short slim skirt with a wide belt and a red silk shirt the exact shade as the shoe he still held. Her breasts were straining the soft fabric and the evidence of her excitement poked out like tempting cherries. All he could think about was sliding against her to feel those nipples poking against his chest.

“Brock,” she squeaked, “I am sorry about the shoe. I swear I wasn’t trying to hit you.”

“What were you doing?” Brock asked trying to peel his eyes away from the front of her shirt.

“I was trying to break it.” She confessed softly.

That statement had him gazing into her eyes trying to gauge if she had gone insane since he had last seen her. “Why?”

“I have a long walk and the other shoe already gave out. So instead of wobbling down the street I was trying to even out the heels a little bit.”

“That is more than a little.”

“That would depend on your perspective now wouldn’t it?”

“I would hate to see your definition of a lot.”

“Damn, here I was hoping that you would have the right measuring stick to prove that 4 inches was very little.” Taylor could not believe she said that, but something about meeting your high school dream boy in all his grown up glory made her libido take over and her common sense take a nap.

“You are looking for a big stick? That I can do. As a matter of fact it is getting bigger by the moment.” Brock Tekirdağ Escort laughed as her gaze fell to the front of his slacks.

“Oh, my.” She breathed.

“Let me give you a ride.” Her eyes snapped back to his face with surprise. “I mean to your house. You obviously can’t walk in those shoes.”

“Oh, yeah. You are right. Thank you.” Taylor was having trouble breathing. “Where is your car?”

“Stay here, I will pull around.” He said grabbing his keys and backing away.

He rounded the corner and then he was gone. She stayed there trying to figure out what was wrong with her. She had practically told him that she wanted to fuck him on the street 10 seconds after she had seen him. There was something disconnected in her brain. She was no prude and if she wanted to be with a man she was not shy about vocalizing that fact. She was a pleasure seeker and found that the fastest way to pleasure was honesty. But this encounter was bold even for her. After about five minutes she realized that Brock had not returned. She waited about ten more minutes before she decided that she had scared him off and decided that she was going to have to wobble home after all. It was that moment that she realized that he had taken her shoe.

She was stranded against the side of a building with no way to get home. There was no way that she would make it home with her foot in one piece. There was no help for it. She grabbed her portfolio and started down the street. She had made it half a block when there was a frantic honking from the street ahead of her. There in a silver Dodge Charger was Brock waving. He jumped out of the car that was in the middle of the street and raced over to her. Before she could react he swung her up into his arms and raced back to the car that was blocking traffic. He threw her in the passenger seat and her portfolio in the back. He waved at the waiting cars and jumped into the driver’s seat.

“I forgot that the roads were blocked for the street fair. I had to go down to Western and turn around. Never mind, sorry that took so long. Were you leaving?”

“I thought that I had scared you off.” Taylor answered honestly. “I can be brutal in my honesty.”

“I am not scared. I am very fond of honesty.” Brock said as he moved forward in traffic. “Which way?”

“Turn right and head down to Lander Avenue.”

“The old village area?”

“Yes. I own an old artist cottage that needed a lot of work so I got it for a song and was able to make it my very own.” Taylor said with pride.

“I can’t wait to see it. Every square inch of it.” Brock said no longer speaking of her home.

“Well it is small, very tight. You may not have to spend very much time there.”

“I like tight, small places. It may take me hours and hours to fully explore all of the places.”

“God that sounds good.” Taylor said quietly.

“I really like to explore. I used to be a boy scout.”

“Thank god. Do you still live by the motto?”


“You know, ‘always be prepared’.”

“I take it that I need to stop by the drug store before we get to your place.”

“At least before you get to my place.”

“Touché.” He said with a grin. “There is a store. Stay put I will be right back.”

“I don’t have any shoes. I am sure that my escape is an improbability.”

“Don’t be sassy. At least not right now when you are dressed and I can’t spank you.”

“Well, I may have to rethink this trip to my places for hours. I am not into hitting.”

“Don’t worry we will work up to that.”

“Good then I can get what I want before then and you can find the next shoe throwing nympho to take your aggression out on.”

“One step at a time, my dear. I think that we can figure out something that will satisfy both of us for the time being.” With that he got out of the car and headed into the store. When he came back he had several bags full of items.

“Grocery shopping?” I had other plans for the afternoon.”

“So do I, that’s why I need supplies.”

“You are kind of freaking me out.” Taylor said slowly. “I was hoping for a fun afternoon and that is really all. You know, a little fantasy fulfillment.”

“Trust me I am only stocking up for that very same thing.” Brock winked at her. “I just need to make sure that you have enough energy to keep up.”

“I do not think that you need to worry about my stamina.” Taylor scoffed.

“Good then we are all on the same page. My cock is so fucking hard right now.” Brock said shifting in his seat.

“Hurry, I want to see.”

A couple of turns and a trip up the stairs, the reality of situation was setting in. She had literally invited a man that she had not seen in over a decade into her house to have sex with her. He was carrying all of the bags and her portfolio while she hobbled up in her broken shoes.

She opened the door and nervously bit her lip trying to decide how to proceed. There was a clatter as he dropped all of his Tekirdağ Escort Bayan packages and grabbed her from behind. He pulled her around and pulled her against his chest. His lips closed over hers in a searing kiss that rocked her to her core. There was an electric current that ran through her system as his mouth danced over hers, his tongue seeking entrance to her recesses.

His hand moved over her silk clad breast and he tweaked her excited nipple. She moaned and opened her mouth to his full invasion. She arched into his hand and rubbed against him like a big cat looking for a caress.

“Naked now.” Brock said against her lips. She began to fumble with his buttons. “Not me. You. Now. Naked.”

She swallowed as she started slowly removing her clothes. He stepped back and watched as she opened her shirt. Her ample bosoms were filling the cups of her bra in a way that had his mouth watering.

“More. I want to see you.”

“Brock, stop you are making me weak.”

“Good, I like to be in control.”

Taylor panted at the mere idea of taking sexy orders from the captain of the football team. The most popular boy in school talking dirty to her, it was enough to soak her panties. She stripped away the blouse and started on the skirt.

“God how is it possible that you are even sexier than I fantasized?” Brock asked tugging at her bra. He was driven to see her golden skin. He wanted to touch and taste and fuck her forever.

Then she was bare. He felt his knees go weak with desire. She was tall with legs that looked long enough to wrap around him twice. Her breasts were full and tipped with dusky pink nipples that were ready to be sucked. Her mons was shaved bald and the soft lips of her labia pouted prettily begging to be caressed.

“Turn around.” Brock’s gaze roamed over the rounded cheeks of her ass, as she turned around. “You are fucking hot. I cannot wait to sink into you.”

“Now you.” I want to see what the captain of the football team filled his cup with.” Taylor said with a saucy grin.

“You have some mouth… I am beginning to wonder what it does besides talk dirty.” He began to unbutton his shirt watching her face as she stared with rapt attention at each inch of skin that he bared. His chest was lightly furred with dark crisp curling hair. His pectorals were firm and gloriously tipped tight brown nipples. The hair continued down, bisecting his abs deliciously to disappear beneath the black slacks he had yet to remove. She gazed with wonder at the twisting delineation of his broad shoulders. He was a hard body that was for damn sure. When he reached for the button of his slacks she was compelled to move forward. She placed her hands over his and took over the task of removing the garment.

Brock thought he would go insane. The feel of her fingers sliding across the taunt muscles of his stomach caused his breath to catch. Taylor slid the zipper down which vibrated against the engorged cock she was so eager to get to. Her hands slipped beneath the fabric of his briefs and she cupped the throbbing length of him.

“Oh, god,” she moaned. “This is so much bigger then I imagined back in high school.”

“You thought about me in high school?” Brock bit out trying to distract himself from the delicious feeling of her fingers wrapped around his member.

“I was a female at the school… I am sure that even the lunch ladies thought about you and your brother.” She exaggerated. “Twins are an oddity all by themselves and then when you throw in dark good looks and incredible athleticism you have yourself a recipe for teenage heartthrob.”

“Thanks?” Brock seemed unsure of how good it was that he was considered an oddity.

“I actually did a nude painting of what I thought you looked like. I mean I had a good idea of the top half but the bottom half was a delightful mystery.” She gave him a squeeze. His breath hissed through his teeth. “I am so inspired. I may have to go back and fix my high school art.”

“Not right now. Right now I have some inspiration that needs an outlet. Right here is going to have to work if you don’t take me immediately to your room.” Brock’s jaw was clenched as he removed her hand from its playground. “Now, Taylor. The first time I take you will not be on a hardwood floor in your foyer.”

“Fine. I will take you to the room but the next time you tell me to strip naked, you will take me where we are. I do not like to be delayed by location issues.” Taylor said with a saucy swish of her hips.

He grabbed her from behind and pulled her back against his hard length. “I believe I told you that I was in control here. If I choose to delay you then you will look at the delay with anticipation knowing that you will be well rewarded for your time.” Brock’s gruff whisper sent chills racing down her spine. His hand was spread wide over her side the tips of his fingers spanned from the underside of her breast all the way to her hipbone. The power Escort Tekirdağ in him was not to be denied. “Take me to your room.”

Taylor nodded unable to trust her voice. His macho attitude and knowledge of what he wanted were enough to make her climax and one brush of his thumb against the sensitive underside of her breast was all that it took. Brock could feel the tremors under his hand and recognized them for what they were.

“Move Taylor.” She did not hesitate. The mere idea of waiting any longer was going to drive her insane. She entered the room and Brock was amazed. She had the biggest bed that he had ever seen. It looked custom made with an ornate brass headboard that looped and swirled. He could well imagine tying her to that headboard and not let her up until he was replete and from the ache in his balls that could take weeks to achieve. The bed was covered in a rainbow of color that probably made sense if the bed was made. There were pillows strewn all over the room and clothes that had obviously tried on and rejected this morning were heaped over the arm chair in the corner.

“Tornado?” he asked.

“Did you come here to critique my housekeeping or to fuck me?” Taylor turned to him mutinously. “Because one I want and the other I don’t need, and I can do without both if they come as a package deal.”

“I never said a word.” He pantomimed zipping his lip. “Get on the bed.”

Instantly her pique died under the raging fire of arousal. Quickly she turned and tripped over a shoe that she had discarded this morning. She righted herself and blushed as she climbed on the bed.

Brock tried to hide his smile at her less than graceful maneuvering but then she looked so sheepish that he was forced to laugh. She gave him a disgruntled frown. “Ah, shuddup,” she snapped.

“I am sorry but you are so cute,” Brock grinned, “just like you were in high school all gangly limbed and graceless.”

“Are you trying to blow this? I mean I practically told you that if you came to my house I would fuck you, now you are trying to get me to kick you out before you can finish the deal.”

“I am sorry but there is nothing getting me out of here before the promise in those deep brown eyes of yours is fulfilled. Now before you start in lay back and keep your knees up and open.” Brock quirked an eyebrow at her when she hesitated to follow his order.

Taylor bit her lip and lay back. Who was she trying to kid? She would sooner remove herself from this house then she would get rid of him. She lay there tense with anticipation but he did nothing more than move to the side of the bed. She waited and nothing. Finally she looked up at him.

He was looking her over. His study was so intent that she thought that he might be trying to memorize her every pore. She caught her breath at the intense look in his eye.

“What are you doing?”

“Looking over my property.” His matter of fact statement gave her a flash of concern. He seemed a bit ardent to be playing a mere sexual game with her. “I am savoring the moment before I touch you and lose control. I am enjoying the torture of my arousal.”

“So am I.”

“Good.” He stood at the foot of the bed and looked at her naked cunt. Her sweet pussy glistened with her dewy desire. “Spread your lips for me.”

Taylor slowly lowered her hand to the apex of her thighs. She was in an emotional blender. Part of her was turned on by the very idea of following his every whim, but another innately feminine part of her was terrified expose herself so completely. There was no denying she would, however, it was just a matter of summoning her courage.

“Taylor,” growled Brock. He was devolving quicker than usual he realized. Normally he could make it through the first encounter with a woman without all of his base male tendencies burning to the surface. He craved being in control of a woman in the bedroom. He was not shy or ashamed of that fact. He loved the adoration that a willing woman gave him. For some reason Taylor needed to be the kind of woman that liked to be controlled. He knew on some level that if he got on this bed he would never want to leave. Therefore before he committed to this he needed to know that he would be accepted for who he was. When she opened her labia he was given all the proof he needed that she was the kind of woman that he craved. Suddenly, he could wait no longer to make her his.

When he climbed on the bed, she knew that there was no going back. Brock was about to become so much more than a fantasy or one-night stand. Instinctively she knew that he was about to take over a major portion of her life. Then his lips were on hers and she no longer cared, he could have anything he wanted just as long as she got this.

“Lay still.” Brock said pulling away from her. “I left the bags by the front door. Taylor, I mean it. Don’t move.”

Out the door he went along with her certainty that she was doing the right thing. She had not seen this man in over a decade and even then she had not known him that well. What in the world was she committing herself to?

Then he was back and all the doubt was gone. In its place was firm muscle and heat. His mouth covered hers telling her that he was happy with her obedience. Then his hands were stroking and she was melting.

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