Lost in His Past

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Authors Note: As most of you who frequent my stories can guess, these entries are typical length for me. Lots of story development and of course LOTS of good titillating action. I hope you all enjoy them and of course VOTE (Preferably with 5 starts)! Enjoy! M.


William was a tired, quiet man but not really all that old, only in his mid-fifties. He wasn’t always this quiet or quite this tired, but when his wife, his one true love, died suddenly from a heart attack William retreated into his quiet world, simply marking the passing of the days until he would join her where he believed she had gone.

William’s friends had tried to draw him out, encouraging him to date, but to no avail. The constant bombardment of dating site commercials on TV promised to find him a new true love and a lasting relationship, but that too seemed hollow. “How could one replace what he had found with his late wife?” He asked both his friends and the TV, never receiving anything close to a good answer.

William and his wife lived in a simple twelve hundred foot two story house in the suburbs. It was like many subdivisions built in the seventies and early eighties, cookie cutter houses lined up in neat rows, side by side, only small front yards, nicely sized back yard and of course very little side yard. The houses were so close that you could almost jump from roof to roof.

Each little house was set with an equally cookie cutter privacy fence for the back yard with tall thin trees planted between the houses to shield them from each other. William’s house was the exact mirror image of those on either side. Kitchen, dining room, family room and one bathroom on the ground floor, two large and one small bedroom on the second floor with a single full bathroom. What made the houses in this development a bit unique was the second story deck, taking place of a corner of the main house. The ground floor had a nice concrete patio accessible from the kitchen and also from the dining room through large glass sliding doors. Above that was a ten foot square wooden deck that was accessible by identical sliding glass doors off the master bedroom and surprisingly, the upstairs bathroom.

This unusual arrangement turned out to be one of the things William’s wife loved about the house. In the summer mornings she would step from the shower, wrap a towel around herself and step out on the patio to enjoy the sunrise coming over the distant hills. She always claimed it soothed her and got her morning off to a perfect start. When the weather was too cold to allow her to stand on the patio William would frequently find her looking to the east through the sliding glass door, soaking in the sunshine as the rays peeked over the hills. She never set an alarm clock, but uncannily she only missed the sunrise when she had to be up and gone before the sun did.

Now William got up each morning, as he always had with her, but instead of watching the sunrise he watched the hardwood planks of the deck as the orange rays angled down through the railing around it and lit the favorite spot where she loved to stand.

Yes, it was easy to see that William had lost the ability to see the brightness in the world, choosing instead only to see the brightness of the past and the gloom of the future.


When Shelly moved into the house to the east of William, she didn’t know what to expect. It was her first house, having moved from a twenty fourth floor apartment in New York. She had visions of what suburban life would be like, meeting neighbors and making new friends. Most importantly she was looking for a quiet safe place to raise her two small children. She liked the quiet surroundings, having a safe place for her boys to play, pretty much everything about her new home. She’d been in the house for a good six months and had met many of the neighbors around the neighborhood, but not the quiet man next door. She’d been told that he was a vibrant and active man until his wife suddenly passed. Each morning she saw him as she stepped out of the shower and looked out the sliding glass door. He stood there staring at the little deck, just standing and staring at the boards.

She wondered what he was thinking each morning, and also why he was so quiet. He didn’t seem to be a bad sort, just very quiet, as if he were always contemplating something consuming. She had waved at him many times when he was leaving and even on some mornings from her own deck, but he never seemed to respond. She could see down into his back yard, what looked like flower beds mowed down as low as the surrounding grass, a pool and built in spa meticulously maintained by some service, but seemingly never used. She wished she could afford a luxury like that. Her boys would have loved to have a place to swim all summer instead of running through the sprinkler, but it was what she could afford.

Shelly stepped from the shower as usual, and looked past the dying branches of the dying tree between their houses and saw him standing there in his underwear, the sun Maltepe Escort shining brightly in through the glass doors, illuminating him as he stood and stared for long quiet minutes at a spot on the deck. At times he seemed almost as if he were in tears.

She opened the door and stepped onto the deck, the bright pink fluffy towel wrapped around her body, her double D cup breasts pushing it out far enough that it would be hard to tell that the rest of her body was slender and trim. For some reason she was drawn outside today, the morning less than chilly but not exactly warm either. Goosebumps sprung up on her arms and chest as the late October morning air caressed her shower warmed skin.

“Hi!” she called, waving her hand at him to attract his attention. He wasn’t bad looking, especially in the boxers he had on. He was older, maybe mid fifties, slightly graying around his temples, but otherwise he looked strong and what she would call ruggedly handsome. She walked all the way to the railing, getting as close as she could to him, only thirty or so feet away, and waved again to get his attention.

“Good morning!” she called a bit louder.

He looked up at her, his features showing how startled he was before he disappeared from sight.

“Was he blushing?” She wondered as she waited a few moments for him to return before turning and walking back into her own house.


As had become his habit of late, William showered after getting up and pulled on a pair of boxers. He stepped to the door, not really even considering if anyone could see in, and stood staring at the spot where his late wife used to stand, the sunlight beaming over the hills as the orange slice of brightness slowly climbed and grew, soon to be a full round orb headed high into the sky. The sun had almost cleared the hills, only a small sliver bitten from the orange disk by the hills when he noticed her.

She stood on her own balcony, staring not at the sun, or the scenery, but at him. She leaned against the railing of the deck, almost as if she were reaching for his deck at the same time, the pink towel wrapped around an obviously curvaceous body. Her slender legs were long and looked, well, both strong and sexy at the same time. Her arms were likewise proportioned to her body, the only thing seeming out of place on her obviously slender form was the size of her breasts. Even through the heavy towel he could tell that they were large enough that even using both hands he would have trouble fully covering one of her breasts. He felt his groin stir at the thought of his hands wrapped around her breast. His eyes had just completed another trip up and down what he could see of her body when he realized she was waving to him.

Embarrassed at both his thoughts and his near nudity, he retreated from the window, feeling his face flush red. He shook his head, wondering what had brought those thoughts, thoughts of naked breasts in his hands, to the forefront. They had quickly overtaken even the mental image he held of his wife standing in the sun, basking in its morning glow. He felt embarrassed that he had so easily allowed the image of her to be pushed away.

Quietly he dressed, heading downstairs to eat a quick breakfast before walking to the garage to drive to work. He started the car and backed out, surprised to see her again, standing on the front porch, a thin bathrobe containing her body and those large most likely luscious, breasts as she bent to pick up the morning newspaper, a large mug in her other hand. She straightened and watched him drive by, a slight smile on the corners of her lips.


There he was again, twice in the same morning! She was wearing only her robe as she stepped out onto the front porch to get the paper, enjoying the quiet of the morning before her two boys got up. She didn’t have long to waste, but she did enjoy the few quiet minutes of each day before work. She watched as he drove by, looking quite dashing in his sport coat and tie. She wouldn’t say she was attracted to him, in fact she felt he was a bit old for her, but she still couldn’t help but smile as he drove by, staring at her in the thin robe.

She could feel her nipples harden as she watched him pass and wondered to herself if he had been able to see how hard they had suddenly gotten. She stepped back into the house after he had passed from view and went about her morning routine.

She climbed the stairs, looking at the front page of the paper, but not really seeing it. Her mind was on her neighbor, wondering what he was really like and why he was so quiet and shy. She’d met shy men before, but there was something different about him. It wasn’t as if he were afraid of women, but that he was choosing to stand away. She could see the strength in his body. For an older guy he seemed to be in good shape, no beer gut that most middle aged men grew, in fact, his stomach looked rather firm and flat as he stood in his boxers in the window.

She set her mug of coffee on the Maltepe Escort Maltepe dresser and tossed the paper on the bed. She slipped the satin dressing gown off her shoulders and tossed it to the bed as well as she stood in front of the dresser. She pulled the top drawer open reaching in for a pair of panties as she looked at herself in the mirror. She felt like the stress of being a single mother was aging her early, causing wrinkles to already appear on her twenty seven year old face. She looked down at the panties in her hand, a frilly pair of tiny red panties that she hadn’t worn since well before the divorce. She wondered how they had even gotten moved to the top of the drawer, having been pushed all the way to the back with the rest of the unsensible little things she had collected over the years.

She dropped them back in the drawer and picked up a pair of plain white cotton briefs, her other hand reaching to close the drawer. She paused, looking down at the red panties. She still wasn’t sure why, but she dropped the white briefs into the drawer and picked the red ones out again, quickly closing the drawer. She stepped into the tiny red frilly panties, sliding them up her body and over her tight trim butt. Without thought she pulled on the brassiere that was laying on the dresser from the day before, strapping it around herself.

She lifted each breast in turn, settling the huge mammaries into their containment, the material cupping and holding them in place as she scurried toward the open closet. She pulled a dress down from a hanger and turned to start putting it on, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She paused and looked at herself, her body bare except for the tiny red panties and the heavy bra. She turned to and fro, examining her form, her free hand running up and down her body until her hand, almost with a will of its own, slipped all the way between her legs. She felt the hotness of her pussy on her fingers, realizing that the crotch of her panties were damp.

It had been a long time since she’d felt that. In fact, it had been quite some time since she’d felt the desire to be touched or to touch herself. She walked to the bed and dropped the dress onto it. She pushed the tiny red panties down over her butt to the middle of her thighs and turning, lay back on the soft mattress.

She closed her eyes as she reached between her legs and felt her fat full outer lips, with her fingertips, engorged with desire. She arched her back involuntarily as she stroked a finger along her wet lips, slowly working it back and forth. She wiggled her legs, working the panties down farther until they slid down her calves to the floor, leaving her nude except for the heavy bra.

Her fingers slid up and down her wet lips, feeling the wavy soft inner lips close around her finger as she pressed it deeper between her lips, the tip feeling her pelvic bone. She stroked one way and then the other, allowing her finger to push deep into her vagina before pulling out and stroking back up between her lips to her exposed clitoris.

“Oh god yessss.” She hissed softly as she teased her own hard nub, her legs coming up so she could rest her feet on the edge of her bed. She spread her knees wide, spreading her pussy wide as her fingers worked up and down along them, each time taking plenty of time around her clit. “Ohhhhh god yes.” She murmured again as she bucked her hips up off the bed in reaction to her own touch. Up and down her hips went in time with her finger, pushing deep into her hot vagina and then stroking to her hard clit again.

“God I’m going to come!” she moaned loudly, looking down at herself and then seeing herself in the full length closet door mirror, one finger pressed deep into her pussy. She moved her other hand down, stroking her clit while her other finger pumped in and out of her pussy like a little cock. “God I wish it was a cock.” She groaned as she stared at herself in the mirror. She seemed unable to take her eyes from her own reflection as her orgasm thrust itself upon her, her hips bucking as spasms clenched her vagina around her finger. “God, is that what I look like climaxing?” she asked herself as her chest heaved, her body still periodically spasming. “Kind of hot.” She finally said as she pulled her finger from deep within herself.

She looked at her glistening finger and smiled, thinking about the man next door and suddenly wondering how big his cock was and how it might feel pushed deep into her. She was lost in these thoughts as she sat up and pulled her panties back on, picking up the dress after she was done and taking it back to the closet. She was startled from her thoughts about the man next door realize she had put on a much sexier dress than she had taken out earlier, this one going only part way down her thighs and forming to her body snugly. She turned back and forth in front of the mirror and smiled to herself, wondering what the man next door would think of this look. Her thoughts were distracted by the sound of her boys arguing.

“Was Escort Maltepe a nice thought.” She whispered to herself as she headed out of the bedroom to go find her sons.


It had been a long day at work, but not particularly longer than normal. William wasn’t quite sure what the difference was, but the day seemed to drag on, quitting time almost as far away as the last time he had looked at the clock. When time came to call it a day he was surprised to be anxious to go home, something he hadn’t particularly looked forward to since his wife passed. He collected his papers in his brief case, closed his laptop and stuffed it in after the papers. His secretary barely had time to say goodnight as he whisked quickly through her office toward the door. She looked after him curiously, wondering what had him in such a hurry today.

William wondered the same thing as he pushed his small car five over the speed limit and even a tad more, something else that was uncharacteristic for him. He could feel his stomach knotted slightly as he turned off the interstate and headed closer to home. One street at a time flashed by as he made his way home, slowing only as he drove down his own street.

He pulled into the driveway, looked around for…well he wasn’t sure what, and lingered in the driveway longer than really necessary. He pulled the car in and put the door down.

William changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before heading back outside to mow. He wasn’t sure the grass really needed it, but he felt like mowing it again anyway. The weather was pleasantly warm, in the low eighties as he pulled the cord on the mower and began walking his familiar pattern around the front yard. It only took half an hour to mow the whole front yard and clean up the mower before heading back inside to cook some dinner.

He still didn’t know what had come over him as he settled in front of the TV to watch a movie. He had been acting like some kind of kid, hoping that she’d see him working, maybe drive into the driveway. He shook his head in disgust at his own actions. She was probably only half his age, certainly not in his league. She had two small sons, that made her what, mid thirties at most. She wasn’t going to be interested in an old fart like him. And then there was Mary. She’d be turning over in her grave if he even thought about taking up with something that young. Heck, she was only gone three years. He hadn’t even thought of another woman in all that time and now he was fantasizing about a young woman living next door? What had come over him?

He shook his head, having barely seen the movie he watched. He turned off the lights and went up to bed. As is usual, he stripped down naked and pulled on a pair of light weight pajama bottoms. “Bed pants they now called them”, he mused to himself as he walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He looked up in the mirror and noticed for the first time that the tree out the window was slowly dying, and with that he could see more of the house next door. More to the point, he could see that the bathroom light was on. When John and his wife lived there he hadn’t ever worried about that except in the winter when no leaves were on the trees, and even then the curtain to the bathroom was always closed over that door. He doubted that they even paid any attention to the fact that it opened.

William noticed though. He noticed that not only was his curtain open and the leaves on the tree growing sparse, he noticed that the curtain on the other bathroom was open. Hell, he didn’t even know her name and he was playing peeping tom? He turned away from the door and was about to head to bed when his peripheral vision caught movement. Not much, but it was enough to draw his attention.

He turned, the bathroom light still on where he stood and was startled to see the woman next door in her bathroom, undressing. Piece by piece she took off her clothing, shoes, tossed off her foot toward her own bedroom, the dress, dropped to the floor around her feet, the charcoal gray material pooling around her feet, leaving her back practically naked. He could clearly see the heavy band of elastic for her brassiere, and also a pair of tiny red strings around her hips, joining another that disappeared between the creamy white globes of her ass. She bent to pick up the dress, her round firm looking butt pushing out at him as well as a tiny bit of red between her legs where the panties covered her pussy.

He couldn’t help but reach down and stroke his hardening cock through his pj bottoms as she reached behind her and flicked the clasp of her bra, allowing the two inch wide elastic strap to snap around her sides. She shook her shoulder and let the rest of the bra slide down her arms, catching it in one hand to be tossed into the bedroom with the dress.

She stepped closer to the sink and bent over, her ass pushing out at him again. He watched, his cock now rock hard and sticking through the fly of the pj’s as she brushed her teeth. Bent over the sink he could easily make out the view of her butt shaking back and forth as she brushed vigorously, portions of her big breasts swinging into view as she worked. She bent lower, presumably to rinse her mouth and then stood, wearing nothing but the red panties.

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