Losing Her Purity Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: All characters featured are eighteen years or older.

I groaned sensuously as my body yielded to the delicious feelings that I’d been repressing for so long. The warm wet softness of Madeline’s lips pressed into mine as her tongue probed the insides of my hungry mouth and her fingers found their way down to my needy throbbing sex. I could feel the dark sinful wetness rush down to that forbidden place between my thighs—seeping out unbidden—as I felt the silky kiss of Madeline’s black hair, draped across my naked skin. I clenched my thighs as tightly as I could. Don’t let it show, Lucy. Don’t let your sin show.

Madeline’s fingers slipped inside my feverish need as her mouth bit my shoulder. I let out a guttural cry and arched my hips up. We were doing it on my bed. We couldn’t do it here. Mom would find the juices. Mom would know that I had been having sex immediately. I couldn’t let her know. I couldn’t let her find out…

My secret confession wept down the sides of my inner thighs and onto the sheets. “We’re going to make a big mess here, ok?” Madeline whispered, breaking our kiss for a moment and staring at me with those spellbinding green eyes. “When I’m done with you, there’ll be a nice big stain on the sheets and you’ll have to hide that yourself.”

“Mom will know,” I gasped hoarsely, already feeling the evidence dampening beneath my thighs. “Mom will find out. All of my sheets are different. I can’t change them.”

“Better hope they dry in time then.” Madeline’s twinkling eyes stared back at me as she smirked in that way that always made me look away and try to think about something pure. Madeline leaned back in for another kiss as her fingers expertly drove themselves deeper and deeper inside of me. I could feel my climax approaching as my hapless fingers fumbled cluelessly against the exquisitely soft warmth that was Madeline’s body. I felt a scream building up inside my chest, as I squeezed my toes and pushed myself against Madeline as all thoughts of purity were forgotten in the throes of my incoming ecstasy—

“Lucy!” came the shrill cry of my mother, as she barged into my room for my morning inspection.

Well, barged wasn’t necessarily the right word. There wasn’t a door for her to barge through. One of the many charming quirks of the Albright household was that I had to live with the indignity of having no privacy whatsoever. My mother had made sure she would know every detail of my life, and she made sure that she did. Every morning, her mother would either scream me awake or silently pull up a chair so she could sit cross-legged and watch her daughter sleep. She wanted to make sure I was keeping myself pure. It was, after all, what God commanded.

I groaned as I opened my eyes, legs already spread so Mom could spend a good minute or so making sure there wasn’t a single drop of sin staining the pristine whiteness of my good-girl panties. This was one of those days where Mom opted to barge in instead of watching me while I slept. Probably a good thing. It was one of those increasingly common times where sleep had come with an arousing dream that promised an extremely uncomfortable day filled with fidgeting and idle wandering thoughts.

The cold splash of sudden wakefulness had cowed my body into docileness, but I sorely questioned whether my dream had left me in any state to claim purity. I vividly remembered those exquisite sensations as my pussy wept shining wetness all over my inner thighs and bedsheets. Those dark libidinous desires hadn’t left me yet, and I eyed my mother nervously as she darted down to scrutinize that one special place between my legs that held all the evil in the world.

Mom asked sharply, each repetition rasping against my ears. “What is this, Lucy?” she asked. “These look dirty.”

“It’s just a natural thing, ok?” I replied, sitting up bare-chested, my ample breasts swaying. “I’m a teenage girl…” the look Mom was giving me could kill armies, “and I just kind of sweat down there sometimes. It’s just a youth thing. It has nothing to do with anything sinful.”

Mom eyed my breasts critically. I hoped my nipples weren’t poking out too much like they were prone to do when I got all hot and bothered. Unfortunately, I could feel their straining hardness as Mom glared upon them. “You looked riled, Lucy,” she said.

“It’s just cold, ok? You don’t let me sleep with a bra because it makes your morning inspections easier and the air conditioning in this room has been broken for weeks. I’ve been doing all my daily devotionals and bible studies and leading my female youth group like I should. There’s no way Satan could be tempting me.”

“That’s Esenyurt escort what they all say,” Mom whispered frantically, clawing my panties down my legs with sharp scraping nails. She rubbed what I hoped was only a damp spot on my panties and then stared right at my womanhood as it rose and fell with the breathing of my body. I winced internally, hoping it didn’t look too excited. My clit had this nasty habit of peeking out beneath its hood whenever I got tempted, and the folds of my labia would also peek out like flower petals.

Mom spent a good thirty seconds or so whispering frantic nothings beneath her breath as she stooped down and eyed my secret place. I’m ashamed to admit the gentle feeling of her hot breath on my sex made it hard for me concentrate. “I think we’re going to have to take you to purity camp next week,” she muttered. “This really doesn’t look good for you.”

While my mother continued to stare between my spread legs while panicking over whether I was being lured by the Devil into womanly sins, I stared up above her at the cross mounted on my wall. Jesus was crucified, head down, crown of thorns around his temple. I privately wondered what God thought of all this. Did He really think it was necessarily for young girls being raised in the faith to undergo such ridiculous treatment?

I could hear the footsteps of my dad walking up to the room. He would never look in, of course, but would sometimes stand and listen to what went on inside. He was the more relaxed Christian parent in this household, willing to intercede on my behalf whenever Mom went hysterical about how I was going to turn into a slut and lead godly men into sin. He was probably the only reason why I hadn’t been thrown into some fundamentalist boarding school where all the girls had to wear chastity belts and never ever talk about boys. The two balanced each other out, in a way. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop Mom from subjecting me to her freaky obsession with keeping me as pure as a nun.

“Martha? Is everything ok in there?” Dad asked.

“I think we’re going to have to throw Lucy into purity camp again,” Mom replied. “Her panties look soaked.”

Dad sighed. “Look, dear, I’m sure Lucy will be fine. You already keep her under constant watch all the time. I’m sure it’s just… some teenage awkwardness. She’ll grow up just fine and I’m sure she’ll keep her purity intact.”

Mom let off another battery of tsks. “Andy, you’re too nice. One of these days Lucy is going to come home pregnant after running off with some boy who’s never going to come back.”

I could hear the sound of Dad bumping his forehead against the wall in frustration. “She will be fine, Martha! Just let her get away with this one little thing, ok?”

“Oh, that’s what you think, isn’t it?” Mom asked, her voice raising in that I’m-going-to-start-arguing-again tone. My parents started to yell about me while I took the moment to discreetly get out of bed and get dressed for the day. I managed to slip out of the bedroom while my parents continued to argue over whether how Mom treated me was necessary or not. I went into the kitchen to start cooking myself breakfast but splashed cold water on myself first to unsuccessfully try to quell that fire between my loins. I offered up a quick prayer before pulling the eggs out of the refrigerator and starting the stove.

Why couldn’t my life be normal? I glanced at the picture of God stapled on the refrigerator wall and tried not to think about the hungry urges between my legs.

I drove myself to school with Mom sitting next to me, arms crossed tightly. She was fuming, and eyeing me and my crouch like I was the Devil incarnate. Dad had to resort to the “God says the husband is the head of the household” card, which meant that Mom was getting pretty hard on me. I kept my eyes stubbornly locked on the road ahead while trying to simultaneously ignore the death glare of my mom and the sensuous dark itch between my thighs.

I nearly mouthed the f-word when we were met with yet another red light. Mom made sure I only got one pair of panties so I couldn’t surreptitiously change them midday in order to circumvent her inspections. That meant that I had to resort to some more underhanded methods to make sure they didn’t collect a single drop of moisture throughout the day. None of which I could employ while my mom was locking her eyes onto me like a hawk watching its prey.

I had quickly changed my panties before school without Mom noticing (which to my dismay were a bit more than just damp) but if this light was going to stay red any longer I was going Etiler escort bayan to start thinking about how deliciously tight my jeans were against my crotch and how my hard nipples strained against my bra just so.

The seductive desires started up in my loins again. I started to jolt my left leg up and down on the car floor in impatience. My mom honed in on that leg, literally leaning over the transmission stick to stare at it. “Nonononononononono,” I whispered as sinful images of girls showering in the locker room after swim practice slipped into my mind. I could see their tight naked bodies, slim legs and ample breasts, as they took turns scrubbing themselves with soap, lathering up their bare skin as water cascaded down, soaking their bodies and skittering down their breasts.

The light was not turning green. My mom stared at my jolting leg with harsh unblinking eyes.

My thoughts took an erotic turn. Instead of themselves, I pictured the girls lathering up each other, skin glistening under the shower lights. Their hands wandered, idly cupping breasts or exploring the curves and valleys of their bodies. I pictured Madeline amongst them, a single pass of somebody’s hand between her thighs, her pussy casually visibly aroused against the sprays of water. Madeline took her sweet time rubbing herself all over, making sure to pay special attention to those places where my mom would always check during her routine inspections. Her pussy was brazenly glistening, large perky nipples jutting out against dark areola. Unable to resist the feelings welling up inside her, she excused herself before walking out to the locker room, still dripping wet, and sitting herself down against the wall on the far side of the room where everyone could see her before stretching her long legs up into the air and plunging two fingers deep into her sopping pussy with reckless abandon.

My left leg started to jolt quicker, and I offered up a quick prayer of strength to God before indulging my fantasies again.

Madeline masturbated furiously, bare breasts heaving as the room was filled with the wet sounds of her fingers darting in and out of her pussy. Her throaty moans filled the air, and her free hand reached up to knead the ample flesh of her breasts. The room was silent except for the sounds of her pleasuring herself. She seemed to enjoy giving the show about as much as I enjoyed watching it. I could vividly picture the image of her fingers slamming in and out of her pussy, the look of pleasurable abandon on her face, her lithe naked form surrendering wholly to the dark impulses within.

I could feel the wetness welling up inside of me. I clenched my thighs as tightly as I humanly could, my right foot pressing down on the brake pedal like it was the only thing keeping me alive. Keep it in. Keep it in. My eyes stayed locked on the lights even as my thoughts raced furiously elsewhere.

Madeline’s fingers were a blur. Her face and chest were flushed red with pleasure, and her skin shone wet as she pressed on with her show, feet held high in the air as glistening fingers slammed in and out of her needy pussy. Her gasps were loud, and all the other girls turned to watch her as she rapidly approached climax.

God, please let the light turn green, please let the light turn green.

Madeline let out a guttural moan. She stared to shake, her eyes rolling back indecently. Her mouth hung open as she took on that dreamy expression of intense concentration that all girls nearing orgasm took on when masturbating. Just as she reached that divine peak, she looked straight across the room and locked eyes with me.

As the light finally turned green, Madeline climaxed in my mind with an ear-splitting scream and I felt a warm liquid sensation flood between my legs. I nearly floored the gas pedal as I jettisoned forward towards school, my hapless attempt to keep myself dry having failed miserably. I risked a single glance at my mom, only to find her staring back at me with a look of shock on her face.

Fuck, I thought as we made our way towards our destination, the damage to my panties already done.

When I finally parked in the school parking lot, I turned back the key and took it out before my Mom caught my hand by the wrist and squeezed so tightly it hurt.

“Show me your panties, Lucy,” she hissed, a look of murder in her eyes.

I eyed her nervously, before nodding silently. She let go of my hand and I unbuttoned my jeans before hooking both thumbs into the sides and pulling down.

Mom’s hand darted to pinch the crotch of my panties between two fingers and rub them. She Escort Eyüp lunged forward, forehead pressing right against mine as she unceremoniously cupped my sex.

“You gave into temptation, Lucy,” she snarled. “You got dirty again. What boy were you thinking about?”

I opened my mind to respond but no sound came out. After all, I was a lesbian. I couldn’t exactly tell Mom that. I stayed silent as my mom stared into my eyes with a look of absolute disgust.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” was all I could muster.

“Ok, Lucy,” Mom said. “Remember Emily, your purity partner. Both of you synchronize your bathroom breaks so that both of you can stay pure. Today, because you have betrayed my trust, I will text her about your failure and tell her not to let you out of her sight. I will not allow you to masturbate like a filthy animal. Do you understand?”

I nodded silently, feeling her forehead boring into mine. There went my only way to satisfy my urges.

“Get out,” was all she said. I took that as my cue to pull up my jeans, button them up, give Mom the car keys and get out of the car. I retrieved my backpack from the backseat and walked up the steps and into the hallways of Cliffs Field Highschool. My hormones were raging. I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate without a chance to relieve myself, but as soon as I walked into class Emily would immediately be on my case and I wouldn’t have the chance to even think about masturbating. That meant I had to take care of myself now. I slipped past the numerous crowds of people into the nearest girl’s bathroom, and sat myself down in the first available stall.

I had about three minutes before class started, so I had to be quick. I unbuttoned my jeans and immediately plunged my fingers right into my sweet spot. I quickly found my clit and had to bite the fabric of my wrist to avoid letting out a scream. There were girls inside the bathroom, going about their business. I had to be quiet.

I started to rub my clit furiously, with my other hand around my mouth to stifle any gasps, moans, or screams I might let out. The intense jolts of pleasure radiated warmth throughout my body, as I felt wave after wave of dark desire course through my body, always coalescing between my legs and on the hard flesh of my nipples. I could feel the burning sensation between my legs welling up as my eyelids grew heavy with pleasure. I could feel myself starting to spasm, my hips unconsciously grinding against my hand, wanting to feel as much pressure as possible against my raging core.

I could feel the delicious feelings of my nipples strained against my bra, giving me an exquisite picture of the exact texture of its fabric, the way the material slightly rubbed against my hard nubs just so. As girls walked in and out of the bathroom, I added a third finger to my pleasure. An image of Madeline naked popped into my head—long black hair and emerald eyes, bountiful breasts and bare legs—with her hand cocked on her hip as she stared at me with a confident smirk. Her nipples jutted out like fleshy darts, pussy glistened and throbbed in sync with mine—thighs slick with her juices—betraying the desire she felt for me. I watched her hips and breasts sway as she walked up to me before kneeling between my legs, spreading them indecently wide, and probing the aching wetness of my pussy with her tongue, her own hand between her legs, attending to her need.

I climaxed with an explosion of radiant pleasure, my ears ringing so loud that I couldn’t even tell if I stifled my scream. My fingers slammed in and out of my pussy, a messy blur, and I was having trouble seeing straight. All of the built up eroticism of the past few days surged through my mind, as my body finally received the release it craved. I rode the endless tsunami of pleasure that filled out my body and turned my legs to jelly, basking in the golden light that made me shake uncontrollably and obliterated all conscious thought.

When I finally managed to recover enough to wipe my hands with toilet paper, get up, pull up my jeans, and button them, the bathroom seemed to be empty. I put on my backpack, opened the bathroom door, and walked out to my first class of the day.

As soon as I exited the bathroom door, I nearly bumped into Madeline. She seemed to be listening to music with headphones on, absent-minded as usual. I blushed, mumbled a greeting, and moved to first period, which I had with her.

She followed behind me, and we entered class together, late. I gave an apology to the disapproving teacher before sitting down. Madeline did as well. While the teacher began his lesson, all I could think about was how good it had felt to finally experience orgasm. It had been a week since I had managed to feel that way. Positively amazing.

All I could think about was when I could do it again. I shook my head and turned my eyes to the teacher, even as I could feel that familiar itch returning between my legs.

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