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Hypocrisy of some men tempts me to laugh. Men go down to strip joints or juice bars hiding their hard-ons as they fork over their money to stripper dancers. They talk about wanting to fuck dancers but ask them if they’d like their wife or girlfriend to be a dancer they will start putting dancers down.

That’s bullshit!

I’m proud to be married to a very successful stripper. My wife dances topless in a rather upscale ‘Gentleman’s Club’, and then dances nude at stag parties. Quite often she has sex with men at stag celebrations and sometimes, if she comes across a cute or well hung guy at topless bar she will ball him in a VIP lap dancer’s room.

Away from work she is sexually insatiable. Before we got married she estimated that she’d fucked over 300 men. She has added a lot more to that lifetime number total since. Her philosophy is to fuck a new guy every other day allowing a day to recover.

We live near a beach on west end of Galveston Island so she’s down there on Island’s “unofficial” nude beach every day weather permitting. She has balled guys out there.

Her name is “Sam”, short for ‘Samantha’. It is her stage name, a daughter of an American Sailor and Japanese prostitute. Her mix has resulted in an indescribably sexy woman. She’s with a few extra pounds, weighing 135 pounds, 5′-6″ tall, measuring 38D-32-36 with long thick nipples that protrude beneath every outfit, straight Auburn hair cut short, a tight, perfect round belly, and a magnificent ass.

She also has a “snapper” you know, one of those pussies that can squeeze then milk cum out of your cock. She brags that man hasn’t been born that she can’t deep throat and so far, she hasn’t met one she couldn’t. Her mother had sent her to a finishing ‘school’ training to be a prostitute since she was sixteen. She was an avid student.

Sam thinks her legs are too short but I’ve never heard anyone complain. If I had to name a flaw it would be her boyfriend, Mike.

Actually, I like having Mike in bed with us now that we have settled one issue. You see, Sam’s been in love with him since before she married her first husband. Mike is her best friend’s husband, and he’s bi-sexual. Sam’s first husband Ray was one of Mike’s friends; Sam married Ray as a means of keeping Mike in her sex life.

Fact is that Ray enjoyed sharing Sam with other men made it all even better.

Her first marriage didn’t work out for reasons that will be revealed as this story unfolds.

Point of this was story is to relate an abbreviated biography of my loose wife. So I’ll begin.

Sam’s mother only married her American father for one reason, he was comparatively wealthy. He married her because like me, idea of being married to a loose woman who is fucking other guys appeals to us.

Growing up in Japan and then educated in a convent school run by French nuns, Sam was subject of their scorn. She was a “bad girl”, she smoked, and she hung around with ‘wrong’ people. Worst of all, she hung around with boys having a reputation.

She was first in her class to get breasts. By time she was thirteen she had a respectable set of breasts, for a thirteen year old. She ‘dated’ lots of boys enjoying letting them fondle her breasts or suck her nipples. So at thirteen, it was little wonder when a sixteen-year-old local band drummer asked her out on a date.

She was really excited about having an older boyfriend, especially a musician. On their first date he fucked her, setting her on a path lasting into her late thirties.

He asked her not to wear a bra when she was with him. He liked to show her off to other guys in band. All of them were all much older than he was. She would hang around while they would rehearse. He would take a break, smoke some grass then she’d fuck his brains out. After a couple months he asked her if she’d mind fucking another guy from band. She was more than happy to do it.

Soon she was screwing all of guys in band. Older guys taught her all kinds of things. She learned rudiments of cock sucking. They kissed, licked, and sucked her pussy, and they fucked her in her. They’d show her porno Videos. Band members would try things seen in those videos like gangbangs and double fucking.

Imagine an insignificant local band with a groupie. She was in love with her boyfriend so when he asked her to fuck a couple of his buddies, she did it. She kept doing it because she enjoyed it. Eventually, she was screwing promoters to get them gigs.

A major event occurred when she was sixteen which influenced rest of her sex life. It took place when her best friend, a cute but trashy blonde, told her that a major American Rock and Roll band (whose identity is not revealed, as none are famous, therefore would not be able to get away with screwing underage girls) were performing in Tokyo.

She suggested they try to get into their hotel rooms. Imagine being able to brag about fucking one of these stars.

They arranged their cover with another friend who’d lie to their parents for Sivas Escort them, dressed up in their sexiest clothes, and caught train to Tokyo. Sam enjoyed looks of Japanese men on her train as they openly stared at her.

She now sported a perfectly formed set of “D” cup tits with enormous nipples which unencumbered by a bra jiggled and bounced under a tube top selected for both unrestrictive elasticity of its material as well as scarcity of that same material. Her bare midriff seemed almost concave above a well-worn and skintight pair of hip hugger bell-bottom jeans.

Since she didn’t have any thong panties, she prevented showing of panty lines by simply wearing nothing under her jeans. Her friend wore a common ‘peasant’ top, which made her smaller breasts seem nearly as large as Sam’s, her midriff also bare above tight Levi’s.

Japanese hotel staff assumed that these English-speaking girls ‘must’ be guests with band. Actually, they figured girls were teenage call girls leading them to their rooms.

From this point, things didn’t go as planned. Of dozen or so men in hotel suite, only one was a member of band.

Rest were all roadies who hung out in suite tired of way Japanese treat “Gaijin” (foreigners). They’d been touring Asia for three weeks. When Sam and Amy entered, all eyes locked on Amy’s blonde hair.

Musician pulled rank, escorting Amy to his bedroom locking his door. Sam was left standing in a room full of half drunk, half stoned roadies, most of whom were big hulking roustabouts. Well, she wasn’t blonde but damn, she spoke English. So guys made her feel welcome.

She had a drink and smoked some marijuana with them. Conversation was openly sexual. Guys began complimenting her full breasts asking if they could see them.

Sam enjoyed showing off her breasts quickly agreed, stood before them removing her tube top. She displayed her big boobs proudly; turning so all could see them. Then she took hold of two men nearest placing their hands on her breasts asked them if they felt as good as they looked.

She closed her eyes savoring sensations of her breasts as men fondled her twisting her nipples hardening at their touch.

“Damm Look at these nipples” one man exclaimed.

“You want to see something?” she asked them loudly enough for all to hear.

“Suck them.” she instructed.

Roadies began to suck her nipples. Her areolas crinkled with excitement. Her nipples themselves swelled to almost twice their resting size.

Sam was really getting turned on seeing how all these guys were mesmerized fondling her breasts.

She wanted more so she unbuttoned her jeans dropping them to floor below. Her perfect pussy lips were wet as she asked aloud “Does anybody here want to fuck me?”

No intelligible words were heard but response was an undeniably unanimous yes.

Men all began pulling off their clothes as they approached. Sam was ecstatic as relished being nude surrounded by a crowd of nude men, all groping her knowing that each of them was going to fuck her that night.

She pushed one down to floor and mounted his erect cock. As she rode it, two other men presented cocks to her mouth. She began sucking each in turn. A fourth began to fuck her ass while rest waited. They all were cheering when she’d cum or one guy would shoot cum onto her face.

She could not be sure, but she thought she’d sucked and fucked every one of them. Cum dribbled down her legs from her pussy. Her ass and tits were sticky with drying cum when guys began to slow down. She was tired too but so electrified with sex she didn’t want them to stop.

A young one, probably only a couple years older than she, brought her a warm face cloth and a cold Pepsi. She drank soda while he gently cleaned cum from her breasts. She took a cloth from him wiping her own face clean while he went to get another towel.

At that moment their door opened. Two black men entered followed a second later by ebony giant. A third black man who looked to Sam as if he was seven feet tall. He had huge arms with biceps that looked bigger around than her thighs.

Scenario before him was not one to which he was unaccustomed so he knew what had taken place. His face flowed into a toothy smile of glittering gold. His eyes twinkled as he peeled off his t-shirt and walked toward Sam.

His chest and abs were of a chiseled body builder. Sam was entranced as he approached. When he reached her he unbuttoned his jeans extracting a cock that was beyond belief. Even soft it was easily a foot long with a girth as man’s arm. She hardly noticed one of other black as he slid his cock into her cum slick pussy. Sam’s eyes were locked on that large cock before her.

“Come on baby suck my cock,” speaking softly.

Sam eagerly opened her mouth wide taking his cock head into her mouth. Try hard as she did she just could not get enough cock into her mouth to give him a blowjob. Her jaw began to ache so she grabbed his cock with both hands Sivas Escort Bayan pulling it from her mouth while she licked it.

First black guy pumped his cum onto her belly. He was quickly replaced by another man. It occurred to her that it was a shame she was distracted as these other men had nice big cocks despite being half size of monster cock now pressed into her lips.

“I guess my big black cock jus’ too big fo’ yo’ little Asian mouth.” he sighed,

“Well, I guess yo’ be happy to stretch yo’ juicy little snatch aroun’ my cock.”

Oh yeah, she thought, I have to get that in my pussy.

While he waited for second guy to finish fucking her, giant used his cock like a trowel to spread pool of cum from her belly up onto her breasts. He straddled her pressing his cock between her breasts. She pressed her breasts in from each side, enveloping his cock in luscious folds of her boobs as he pumped slowly. Sam was astonished as his cock grew even larger as his erection hardened.

She felt guy fucking her begin to shoot his cum as his cock stiffened to its ultimate. He shot deep into her pussy spraying her cervix like a fire hose. She was surprised by an orgasm it set off in her moving from her toes up her legs to her crotch. Giant laughed complimenting her for being such a hot little one.

He took his place between her immediately pressing his cock deep into her pussy until his cock head bumped into her cervix. Then he began to fuck her slowly. Fucking sensation was painful but oh what a good pain it was. Her vaginal lips were stretched so tight she felt every vein as his cock passed into her eager vagina.

She closed her eyes and smiled groaning with overwhelming pleasure. He dropped his weight onto her, sliding his massive body on her cum slick chest. His hand found her left breast. He bent to lick and suck her nipple.

She began to cum, cum, cum, and cum again. Wave after wave of ecstasy began to wash over her. Each wave seemed to be stronger, more intense than one before it.

She fell into a trance. She heard nothing. She felt nothing other than his wide girth cock cleaving her like a diamond drill. It was incredible. When he climaxed his cock head pressed against her cervix pumping what seemed like pints of cum into her.

It was so forceful his cock was squiring past her cervix right into her uterus. He pumped more and more into her. He would back his cock partway out of her and then she would suck him it back semen squirted out between their legs down her thighs.

When at last her orgasm subsided, she fell asleep. She remembered awaking later, with a giant of a man lying beside her sucking nipples. She lay there enjoying it until she once more dozed off into restful sleep.

In early morning following Amy found Sam asleep on floor. She was still nude covered with dried cum. Amy roused her leading her to a bathroom for a sponge bath. Sam used toilet fist then looked at herself in mirror as Amy started a warm shower.

A white crust covered most of her neck, chest, and belly. It struck her as odd that her right breast nipple was covered with dried cum but her left breast nipple was clean. Then she remembered giant man was licking her left breast when she woke during the night.

“What the fuck happened to you?” Amy asked.

“I fucked all of them.”

“What? How many?…” Amy stammered.

“Roadies, I fucked them all. And let me tell you, there’s a black guy with world’s biggest cock here. He gave me an orgasm like I…. Well, you have to fuck him yourself.”

“Not I honey. If my daddy found out I balled a black he would disown me.” Amy replied

“Your mom better not find out about you screwing a black either!”

Sam’s mom, Japanese full-blooded was as prejudiced as most Japanese. Anglos were bad enough, but any other race was “too” inferior.

“What about you?”

Sam remembered to ask, “Did you get laid?”

“Don’t ask. Son of a bitch was so stoned that he fucked me for about two minutes, shot his load on my leg and fell asleep.” Amy complained,

“You should see his dick, little bitty thing like one of Japanese boys.”

Sam laughed at that then ducked into her warm shower. When she finished they went out into sitting room to find her clothes.

They were still looking when door opened when two roadies entered. Clad only in cut-off jeans they stared openly at Sam as they came in. They slid off their shorts sandwiching Sam between them. One erect cock pressed against her belly. Other cock pressed against her back. Their hands stroked her. Sam felt herself becoming aroused as they fondled her breast nipples.

Her nipples were tender but she didn’t object as one began to suck her nipple. They dropped to floor, Sam mounted a cock before she was pressed forward, her breasts resting upon muscular chest of man she was fucking.

Other man slid in behind her, pressed his cock against his friend’s cock guiding both cocks into Sam’s pussy. She’d Escort Sivas never had two cocks in her pussy at same time. Sore as she was, she liked it. Sam was moaning as her orgasm began to rise.

She pressed her face into man’s chest beneath her. Her mouth found his nipple. She began to suck. As her orgasm peaked she began biting his nipple.

Both men continued to pump her pussy as her orgasm faded, sensation of their cocks slipping around one another added to her pleasure. She was disappointed when one man beneath her began to cum pumping his cum into her.

Other guy cumming at same time added his cum to her pussy. She was enjoying having two cocks in her pussy. She’d had one in her ass while one in her pussy before, this was better.

As men climbed off of her some commotion drew Sam’s attention on floor nearby. Amy was nude on her back, black giant burying his massive cock in her little blonde snatch while she sucked another cock in her mouth like an immense noodle.

Sam started to watch but one of other guys pressed her back onto floor beginning to fuck her. This time she closed her eyes savoring sensation of his ebony bone hard cock gliding in and out of her as he roughly fondled suckling her nipples. She began to orgasm. His pumping became more energetic, faster, and more forceful until sound of his balls slapping against her ass could be heard over her pleasured growling animal grunts.

She had a large orgasm with her nails raking his back, pulling him into her as if to force him to drive his black piston out through her back.

He became even more forceful and his ground himself into her clit as he buried his cock in her with every thrust. Sam orgasmed again as he finally unleashed his cum.

Sam lay on floor with her eyes closed in a dreamy state for several minutes until sounds of passion brought her back. Black giant was in process of overflowing Amy’s pussy with his semen. Each time he drove his shaft deep into her, his semen squirted out around his cock. Amy was thrashing around in throes of orgasm as a third black guy, having removed his cock from her mouth to keep from being bitten, jacked off onto her breasts.

Amy’s pussy gaped open when giant man pulled out his cock moving away from her. As she lay there Sam could see Amy’s pussy slowly begin to close as cum drained down her thighs.

“Wouldn’t your daddy be proud?” Sam asked of Amy.

“No…. But I sure am,” Amy replied with a laugh.

Sam and Amy climbed into a warm shower together washing each other. When they’d finished they went back out into sitting room of hotel suite to find their clothes.

As they hunted around, both still naked, another roadie entered. He stripped and asked if he was too late to get laid. It was, but when Sam realized it was young one who had kindly brought her a warm wet towel last night.

Sam asked if maybe he would like a blowjob, even though her lips were raw and a little swollen from cock sucking done night before.

He responded, “Well of course that would be great.”

Sam guided him to a chair kneeling between his legs. She took his erect cock into her mouth. Using all skills she had learned from sucking others. She quickly had him shooting semen down her throat in no time. She wanted to avoid having to clean cum off her breasts or face again so she held his cock in her mouth swallowing his semen.

Amy had found their clothes. They both dressed quickly after Sam finished her blowjob. They were at elevator when black giant ran down hallway toward them carrying a couple of t-shirts. “Hey you babes, you have got to get something for great time you showed us last night”

He handed each of them one of the commemorative t-shirts for band’s Asian tour signed by all band members. He also handed Sam an 8×10 picture of their band. Picture was autographed by musicians with the inscription “To Sam; Thanks for great gang bang and best blow jobs in Asia!”

Then he handed them each three back-stage passes for that evening’s concert. “Bring some of your friends that likes to fuck as much as you do.”

“We will!” both girls exclaimed as elevator doors opened.

Unfortunately, girls didn’t get to go back that night. Their parents had discovered they had been out all night grounding them. They couldn’t think of any of their friends who they could count on to fuck guys so they just kept those backstage passes as scrap book memory souvenirs.

A few days later, after things settled down, Sam approached her mom with questions about sex. She told her mom about gangbang then about not being able to suck off black giant because his cock was too big. Mom realized Sam was destined to follow in her footsteps as a prostitute. It was time she learned her trade.

Following week Sam began receiving private tutoring three evenings a week after school. Her tutor was a senior Geisha who over next few weeks had Sam turning tricks. Sam was taught skills she would need to be a top hooker like her mom.

Afternoons would be spent having sex with American sailors and Marines chosen by Mistress Geisha for their large cocks, their staying power. It was their understanding that if they ever breathed a word of this to anyone, supply of prime teenage pussy would vanish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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