Looking for Mr. Greatbar

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Occasionally Louise took a train to get to work in the city.

Usually she got a lift with her best friend and confidante Krissy, but on the occasions her friend felt in an off mood and spent the day, not behind the counter serving people at the food court but instead trying on clothes at her favourite stores, she would be forced to join the unfamiliar and sometimes quirky people on the subway.

Krissy was not so much a keen shopper as a keen window shopper and not for practical attire but for clothes which lewdly displayed her deliciously youthful, yet curvy body. She delighted in selecting the most sexy outfits just to try on in the change cubicles, taking videos and pics of herself to later post on social media for the benefit of her mysterious audience, hungry for the latest glimpse of an attractive young woman demonstrating her very feminine attributes. She didn’t care what they made of her lewdness so long as they jerked off. It empowered her, making her feel like sex goddess or a movie star, displaying herself in a way which caused men to want her. To want to fuck her.

Louise had grown up with Krissy, friends since year 3 at school, but they were very different now at 19, their hormones carrying them in different directions when it came to the newly important, related subjects of men and romance. Krissy needed the attention of men the way a flower demands that of the sun, while Louise was a romantic at heart, a little withdrawn and shy, hoping to meet Mr. Right at just the right time, before she lost her good looks and became known by her friends and family as a spinster, the one who never married and perhaps never knew love or even the touch of a man.

She certainly did possess good looks, verging on glamorous, the allure of her feminine charms all too obvious even under her usually demure, slightly childish clothing.

It wasn’t as if she had no sex drive or didn’t understand or appreciate the lure of sex. She was on occasion taken by the need to satisfy her craving for orgasm, but knew how to stimulate herself to appease the lust goddess that resided within her. It reminded her she was now a woman not a girl and that her body invited the personal services of a man.

And she knew what a man’s body looked like, having been tempted to view the haphazard, confused collection of images which pass as porn on the internet. The sensual activities a man and woman could indulge in surprising and exciting her in ways which left her in no doubt she needed to find a man soon.

Someone sensitive, who could woo her, romance her, at the same time physically endowed with a whole lump of impressive manhood which would physically test and satisfy her for the rest of her life. A penis to adore, a cock to fall in love with and allow it to take her body any way it wished, whenever it wanted. A cock which would control her, use her but above all, treat her the way her body desperately needed.

A brief message arrived on her phone while having her morning coffee alerted her that Krissy would not be at work today and so a train trip beckoned Louise.

The platform was dirty, full of commuters, mostly middle aged men carrying suitcases, Diyarbakır Escort while the few women carried fashionable handbags of some description.

Except her.

She felt naked without her bag. She must have absent mindedly left it on the coffee table when she left the flat in a dopey haze after sleeping poorly the night before.

She had lain restlessly in bed for hours, tossing and turning, her brain under the control of another part of her body which tugged at her incessantly, needfully. Her hands and fingers tried to locate and satisfy this other Louise but last night she was unsuccessful, merely frustrated. She recognized her body desired the attention of someone else, the hand of someone other than her own, or an organ which would entertain and stimulate that part of her body which had lain dormant, ignored and till now unknown to her. She needed cock.

Her mind had fantasized about them recently and she had seen many, many pictures of them the night before on the internet. Thick ones. Long ones. Huge ones. Curved ones. Rigid, amazing, beautiful, invasive male monsters!

She needed to feel a cock inside her. She needed a boyfriend. She desired a man.

Her train arrived with a rush of hot air on the subway and came to a halt with a screech of brakes before the doors opened, releasing a small sea of anonymous, distracted passengers and her new group then pushed their way on board, finding places for themselves and returning to their phones to catch up on the latest, whether it be politics, sport, finance, email or an actual call.

Each person distinct from the rest. In their own space, the way a tree occupies a place in a forest.

She found herself surrounded by several men, all dressed in suits, a black suitcase on the floor between their feet.

Except for one. He was dressed casually, almost too casually, his jeans sporting unfashionably fashionable rips in the denim, his shirt unbuttoned displaying his hirsute chest, embellished with a gold chain. His face was handsome, a 3 or 4 day growth of stubble suggesting either a vagrant but more likely a follower of modern fashion! She studied his eyes, grey, full of power and purpose.

Suddenly he glanced at her and offered her a smile, communicating warmth if not actual desire.

She automatically returned a weak smile before looking away selfconciously, concerned he may take her interest as a sign of flirtation, something she was a novice at, feeling out of her depth, unsure of the values of these visual signals when it came to familiarity, of lust.

She stood on his left, facing his side and she studied his pants further, large rips in the usual high stress areas like the knees but also on his upper thighs close to a large bulge in his crotch. Her heart raced and she looked away aimlessly into the unremarkable crowd, using the time to absorb and contemplate the exciting visual image burnt into her brain! That bulge! She imagined his cock naked! How big was it? It seemed deliciously large!

She dropped her gaze once more to his groin, unable to resist further analysis.

The huge bulge strained the denim and continued down Diyarbakır Escort Bayan his left leg dangerously close to a large rip, the hole open invitingly!

She eyed that bulge hungrily. The denim did its best to conceal the details of the erotic form, but she couldn’t help but notice the unmistakable head, hard and swollen! That was what she needed last night! A cock. A big cock. Perhaps this cock!

She looked up at him again and was embarrassed to see him looking into her eyes, now full of charm as well as confidence and desire!

She looked away again not knowing where to look, a sense of guilt filling her conscience but she couldn’t help but return to his warm gaze and she openly offered him a smile, genuinely filled with friendliness if not sexual heat.

Her heart was thumping in her chest, her body responding to this erotically charged encounter in the only ways it could, causing her to become aware of her desire for this man, this handsome stranger.

She felt her hand slowly reach for his bulge as if it had a mind of its own. Perhaps it did for she certainly was unaware of actually deciding to touch him. Their eyes were locked onto each other as she felt the hot, erotically oversized bulge hanging temptingly under the faded denim.

He smiled encouragingly at her and she responded, her mouth opening as if to say something, but perhaps instead to receive something. Her fingers continued to explore this desirous, exciting object of lust in his pants, the object which she had dreamed of for so long, the cock she felt she needed, that was hers, hers to do with as she pleased. The cock that deserved to be granted the licence to enjoy her body any way it wished. To use her, penetrate her, fuck her, his cum spurting inside her cunt, hot and invasive or perhaps onto her naked skin, perhaps her breasts, her face or into her mouth, the erotic, sexual essence running down the sensual curves of her body till it pooled in invaluable puddles.

She felt it stiffen under the fabric and increase in length until it soon emerged from the torn denim, eager and intent on displaying itself! She glanced down once more at his show. It was beautiful! Erotic! Primal yet natural, personal yet public. Her fingers explored his naked form, now hot and hard, exposed to her gaze for her to enjoy, to use!

She ran her palm along his shaft and pressed it into his thigh while moving up and down, stroking him slowly but firmly as it continued to grow, both in length and girth until it extended several inches from the privacy of his pants!

She gently massaged with curious enthusiasm the engorged, hard head, wishing that it was teasing her wet lips. She didn’t care if that were the lips of her vagina or the lips of her mouth so long as her sensitive skin could feel this potent form against her body.

She moved to stand closely before him, shielding his show from the others, his erotic display for her benefit only, her hand stroking him with enthusiastic delight.

He stared at her, reading the intent in her eyes and realizing her motive, then kissed her gently on her mouth, his lips warm, his sex intoxicating.

She Escort Diyarbakır pressed her breasts against his chest. She could feel her nipples, hard and needy against his skin.

She coyly reached under her short skirt to pull the crotch of her panties to one side but was shocked to realize she was naked under her skirt! How had she forgotten her panties as well as her bag? Her fingertips felt the soft, moist lips of her vagina ready to take him and pressed her hips forward until she felt him touch her!

Her heart was pounding, both with desire and the excitement of getting caught!

The surrounding passengers mostly faced away from them, only one facing them both and he was engrossed in his newspaper, unaware of the sexual scandal unfolding right before him!

She knew he wanted her. Knew he needed to be inside her and feel her pussy embracing him, hot, wet, tight, their bodies both full of a primitive desire!

He tugged on his jeans so his cock was now fully exposed through the large hole in the denim and her hands delighted in feeling his impossibly long shaft, 9 perhaps 10 inches long! She stroked him feverishly with both hands now, relishing its size and weight until she lifted it up to enter her pussy, soft, hot and wet with her juice.

He groaned softly and he placed one hand under her blouse to feel her naked tit, squeezing it, feeling its nipple long and firm in his palm.

They were oblivious now to the crowded space, in their minds there was just him and her. She rocked her hips so his cock moved inside her warm, moist, sensitive cunt, one hand continuing to stroke him, ecstatic at feeling this huge sexual organ actually inside her, touching her in her special place, the place which desired for so long the feel of a man. To embrace the thrill of his cock entering her, penetrating her, taking her, fucking her! Her clit was swollen, tender and sensitive, eager to savour the new sensations of this man’s amazing penis, this magnificent cock, huge and powerful, getting even longer, thicker and harder!

Her legs trembled, her heart pumping hard, her breathing shallow and rapid. She felt weak as if she may faint! What if she collapsed! This wonderful man standing next to her with his huge cock sticking out of his jeans! Imagine the consequences for them both! The questions. The outrage!

This critical moment was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of a bell, loudly ringing. Was there a fire on board? A fire alarm? She looked around the carriage but could only make out a picture on one wall, a village scene, a colourful flower garden in the foreground, the whole illuminated by soft light through a curtained window.

Where is he? Where did he go? Her mind struggled to understand the rift of time, the sudden change of location until harsh reality slowly dawned on her.

“Ssshhhit!!!!” she swore as she reached out and banged the snooze button with her right hand, the fingers of her left still deep inside her pussy, hot and wet.

She lay there panting, her body covered in sweat as her mind desperately relived her awesome fantasy for a few more seconds, relishing the impossibly erotic details. That amazing, beautiful cock!

“Fuck!” she uttered in despair.

“I need a man!” she admitted to herself.

The dream continued to selfishly fade frustratingly out of reach of her consciousness until only a few disjointed details remained to savour.

“Who is Krissy?” she pondered.

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