Long Distance Relationship Ch. 01

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Its been a while since I’ve been able to see you. You’re busy with work and I’m going crazy with school but we were finally able to set a date. I decide to fly down to you because the cold New York weather is not as attractive as the warm Florida weather. When I see you in baggage claim I don’t care or think about the other people in the area. I cared about only you and me. I walk up to you, go up on tip toe and plaster my body to yours while pulling your head down to mine. I give you the steamiest kiss I can, putting all of my weeks of frustration and wanting into it. If we weren’t in public I would wrap my legs around you while we were kissing and rub myself against you. But I can’t. I need to be at least somewhat good. But I make sure to let you know with my body and my kiss that I want you.

The ride back to your place is filled with laughter and happiness of us just being together again. The landscape is beautiful but dark. My plane didn’t get in until around 9 pm. You Maltepe Escort took the scenic route back to your place so I could see the beaches and the ocean. We’re approaching a turn off for a beach parking lot and I make you take it. I would love nothing more then to walk on the beach barefoot in the warm weather with the stars overhead.

We walk a bit down the beach still talking and laughing. When you turn to me for a proper kiss I have no problem giving it. This time I wrap my legs around your waist and give you the long deep kiss I’ve been waiting for since the last time I saw you. I give a little moan and I press myself against you. All of a sudden I’m weak and hot with wanting you. My body is flush and every touch sends little bolts of electricity through me. I’m lost in the kiss and don’t even protest when you lay me down on the sand. You rub your body against me and I arch my back in pleasure. Your hands are under my shirt, rubbing my breasts and Maltepe Escort Bayan making my nipples hard with want. I’m running my hands up and down your body wanting to touch as much of you as possible.

You pull back and look me in the eyes. I know what you want and while its a little risky to give you what you want on the beach, I take my shirt and bra off silently telling you yes. I stand up and slip my pants and panties off while you lay down in the sand, open your pants and free your cock. You being partially dressed just adds to the kinkiness of the situation. I know we’re in a rush because its been so long for both of us but I have to taste you. I put you in my mouth and just enjoy the sensation of slipping your cock in and out of my mouth. I moan while you’re inside my mouth and enjoy when your hands tighten on my hair from the added sensations.

I’m wet with need. I want you inside of me so badly. I move up on top of you and slowly Escort Maltepe ease you in. Inch by inch. Feeling you stretch my pussy. I slide up and down on you. Trying to fit all of you inside my wet pussy. Your hands are gripping my hips helping me impale myself on you. Our pace is fast but electrifying. I forget how amazing it is having you inside of me. Your cock touches all the right places inside my pussy making me moan and thrash on top of you with my slowly building orgasm. I’m panting and short of breath because the sensations are almost too much.

I know my hands are locked hard onto your shoulders but I can’t seem to pry them off. I need something to hold on to while you take me to another level of pleasure. My body is rocking violently forward with every slap of your hips against mine. You start to moan and I know you’re as close as I am. I open my eyes and see the lust and passion in your eyes. When you look at me and moan it sends me over the edge. I’m cumming on top of you over and over again. My body is shaking and my pussy is clenching your cock over and over. I scream out my pleasure to the night as you cum inside of me.

We get dressed and walk back down the beach towards the car. I already know this is going to be a great weekend…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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