Locked in the Closet Pt. 02

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Eventually, he fell asleep. He couldn’t handle the tension anymore, like the crawling of insects itching all over his body. Even then he slept uneasily, dreaming about loud noises in the night, screams of pleasure, and of pain. Once he woke up, with the same dreamlike feeling that he had had in the closet. He thought that he heard someone in the room with him. An erection pressed against his pajamas, the light fabric barely holding it in. As soon as he felt the presence in the room, without looking, he lifted the comforter over his head, bared his legs, and waited. He tried to move as little as possible, but his feet twitched with excitement.

He waited, prayed, but the presence silently left him, if it was ever there. When he opened his eyes again it was light outside. His cousins, all three of them, played on the bottom floor. She had picked them up then. He felt relief. This he was used to, lots of sounds, lots of getting out of the way. He looked at the watch. 10:30. He had slept late, but he didn’t feel it. As he stood up, he almost fell over. His clothing lay everywhere, and before his aunt got a chance to see it, he cleared everything up, put on something clean, and took a deep breath before he opened the door to go downstairs.

Afterwards he wondered how he could have been so stupid. The same sights as usual met him at the ground floor. He barely evaded his youngest cousin as she ran headfirst though the living room, to the hallway, to the corridor and the kitchen, where her mother yelled at her to keep it down. It was still early.

“Good morning,” she said to him. “Sleep well?”

“Well …” he mumbled, and sat at his place, ready to eat even though he didn’t feel like it. He felt sick, just looking at her. Not that she disgusted him, never that. She was as beautiful as ever in her green dressing gown, her hair in a thick ponytail that curled down her back.

He felt sick because of the feelings inside of him. He couldn’t process them. A part of him wanted to run away, another to get closer to her. Most of all he couldn’t ignore the rising feeling in his crotch, and he moved his chair closer to the table so that no one else would notice. Still, he blushed as she turned her eyes on him and asked if he wanted some juice.

“Yes, please,” he answered.

But everything was not the same. Ever the stylish lady, his aunt had more of a Betty Draper expression this morning. Except to ask if he wanted anything she didn’t look him in the eyes, and when he tried to look at her, she turned half her face away, showed her profile, started talking with one of her children. She was cold. He shivered. Maybe because of that he grew harder under the table, but he tried not to.

As soon as breakfast was over, he rushed upstairs to call his mother. He held the phone painfully close to his ear, begged it to connect the call.

Finally, he heard a click. “Mom!” he shouted. You need to control yourself, he thought. His hand felt slippery against the plastic. His mouth rushed to get everything out, or at least his general feelings, but he hadn’t even gotten past the part where he begged her to pick him up when she interrupted him.

“I can’t,” she said. “We talked about this. You stay till next weekend, then I pick you up.”

Two sisters, two single mothers, his own worked at a law firm, trying to get a promotion next month. That’s why he was here, because she wouldn’t be at home. She didn’t like it, him being all alone all the time. Neither did he. But that didn’t seem so bad right now.

“I can make my own food,” he started.

Immediately she stopped him. “I’m not your driver, young man. I have things to do, and we agreed on this. I don’t understand you. When I dropped you off you asked me if you could stay a whole month.”

“I changed my mind.”

“Listen …” She sighed on the other end. “Listen, let me speak to your aunt for a second.”

“She isn’t here.”

“Okay, well, ask her if there’s something to do, around the house, I mean, if you’re bored.”

“I’m not bored, I–“

“I really don’t have time right now. Call me anytime, I mean it, but not for this. When it’s urgent.”

“Okay …”

“Love you, say hello to your aunt from me. Say … We have stuff to talk about. Tell her that.”

“Love you, mommy.”

“All right,” she said, in the official way that made him understand that someone else was in her office. “Take care now. Goodbye.”

After she hung up, he sat there for a while. As he couldn’t ignore the tension in his pants, he started to stroke himself, but had to abandon the effort as he heard his cousins organizing a manhunt for him through the house.

He half-hoped that they would tie him up again, leave everything to someone else.

The rest of the morning continued in the same way. Eventually he understood that he had done something wrong, but even though he tried to help her around the house she didn’t change her expressions around him. She was the perfect single mom, noble and elegant, and didn’t want anything to do with him.

As the day went on, he beat himself over the head with it. He had looked Girne Escort at her like sex-starved madman, as if something had happened between them, and maybe would again, begged with his eyes even, even though nothing had happened. It was impossible. The whole thing had been a dream. The most vivid dream he had ever had but to not think of it as a dream was too horrible, to imagine his aunt doing those things to him. Hard-on or not he was disgusted with himself just for thinking about it. It was wrong. She would never do any of those things to him, be that cruel.

Would she?

He could be mid-thought when she would turn around the corner, go through the room, still not looking, right next to him. He would feel himself swell at the flowery scent of her, the barest touch as she accidently rubbed against him, put a hand on him to move. She wanted something on the shelf, or in the living room. He tried to make himself absent, but it was her house. She went wherever. It was his stupid fault that he got in her way.

In the afternoon, as it was too early to start dinner, the children won over their mother and dug out their torn cover Monopoly from the closet. It was old, almost certainly from his mother and aunt’s childhood. It had that yellow look to it, that dry feeling.

There would be two teams.

“I can play with you, James?” he asked his oldest cousin, and moved to sit next to him, as far away from his aunt as possible. But the kid pushed him away.

“No!” he said.

“Then, who should play with who? We should be one adult each.”

“You’re not an adult! You can play with mom. Then it will be three against two.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, glancing at his aunt.

She smiled at her son, nodded.

“See!” his cousin said, beaming with joy.

Before he could do anything all the seats except for the one next to his aunt was taken. Because of the distance rule, to prevent cheating, he found himself leg to leg with her. He started to sweat, to shake. Only the presence of his cousins at the other end of the table helped him, if not to relax, then to find a hidden place within himself where he could dump all his troubled feelings. His aunt helped by not acting any different from previously that day. In fact, she was happier, into it. Soon the game was on.

He found himself laughing with the rest of them after a while, and as the tensions left him one by one, he turned to see his aunt smiling at him, that friendly smile he was so used to. It was just dark red lipstick after all. When it was their turn, she tapped his hand, pointed to one of the streets, whispering in his ear. “Buy that one.”

Soon they had some classic non-alcoholic drinks, the children had some sugar free soda. He himself had gone to get the last round, he had nothing to hide anymore. But as soon as he sat himself down again, he felt a tightening of the bladder, so he started to excuse himself, rise from the chair.

His aunt held him in place.

“Where are you going?” she whispered. On the other team they bickered about what to do next. They paid no attention to them.

He moved his body, so that she would understand, but she only raised a questioning eyebrow.

“I need to pee,” he whispered, and as he said it, he really had to.

“Sit down,” she said. “Soon it will be our turn. You can go after that.”

“It will?” he asked, but did as she said. He clenched his legs together, waited for his cousins to make a decision. They didn’t do anything.

He turned to shake his head at his aunt, but as he did, she sat silently looking at him, her dark red lips turning up at the corners. She didn’t smile at him. It was as if she thought about something amusing. The distraction helped to take some of the tension from his bladder. He wondered what she was thinking about, leaned closer in case she wanted to whisper it to him.

Her hand, covered from her children’s eyes by the table, moved to sit on his thigh, squeezing him through the jeans. He felt her heat going into him. He was hard in less than a second.

He moaned in her hear. She smiled, but gave him a warning glance at the other side of the table. He leaned back, trying to breathe normally.

Their turn came, and she leaned forward, looking closely at the board. All the time her hand moved farther into his lap, until it curved around his tight erection. She started to fondle him, stroke him as much as possible.

“Hello?” she asked him.

“What?” He sat up, he had slouched backwards. His cousins laughed at him.

“I asked you a question,” she said, still stroking his rock-hard cock. For the moment his need of a bathroom break was completely forgotten. Instead, it felt as if he was close to an orgasm. “Do we buy this street, or do you see anything else we can do for our money next turn?”

He tried as hard as he could to act normally, tried to recollect the board. What was happening again? Swallowing, he nodded. “Sure, buy it. Why not?”

“You sure?” she asked him with another squeeze, harder this time. He grimaced.


“Okay then.”

For Magosa Escort a moment her hand left him. It was her job counting out the money, keeping track of everything. She pecked him on the cheek as she placed their new street in front of them. The break gave him a chance to feel that he really needed to pee now.

“Can I?” he whispered as she turned to him again.

“What?” she asked with a smile.

“I really need to pee.”

“Oh, right now?”


She leaned close to him, put her dark red lips to his ear. “Doesn’t feel like it,” she whispered in a husky voice, and before he could say anything she started to stroke him again. He started to panic, afraid of peeing himself, there, right in front of his cousins. His cock started to twitch.

“See the board,” she whispered, her lips tickling him. “Next round, if we are lucky, we will get to Free Parking. We will need that extra money now, after your reckless transaction.”

He nodded, closing his eyes. All he could feel was his need to pee, her hand, his sexual frustration. Even the sound of his cousins’ banter vanished as he disappeared into the silky-smooth words coming from her lips. The side of her body pressed against him. It was so soft, so warm. He felt himself leaning against it. She continued to stroke him under the table, whispering comforting words in his ear.

When it was their turn, she asked him to roll the dice, and his sweaty hands almost dropped them.

“You did it!” she said as he hurried to the bathroom. “Good boy!”

But even in the bathroom she held her grip on him. Trying as he might he couldn’t turn completely soft, and he peed in short and painful spurts. Still, it was better than nothing.

For a short while he imagined himself masturbating in there, but he couldn’t. He knew that she would be waiting for him. Instead, he rinsed his face in cold water, tried to fake a smile in the mirror, and went back outside.

She didn’t touch him after that, not for the entire game. Everybody got a little tired. No one really wanted to win, except maybe his oldest cousin, everybody just wanted an end to it. The way his cousins drank told him that they had started to get hungry. His aunt noticed it too, and to quicken the downfall she made some bad decisions, even cheated at one turn, but to land on one of her children’s streets. They didn’t notice. Soon it was game over, and while the cousins started to collect everything, he followed his aunt into the kitchen to help her with the food.

Again, she was different, but not as hostile as this morning. She had to get the dinner to hungry mouths. They were also hungry. In fact, she thanked him when he told the cousins to set the table.

Even though he didn’t know what was going on it felt comfortable doing something completely ordinary. As they sat down to eat, he was starving. His aunt asked him if he liked it that much and he said yes. Only afterwards did he notice the glint in her eyes, that she breathed with an open mouth. As she took a delicate bite it made him think of other things.

Everything had happened, every crazy thing. His aunt had given him a blowjob as he was tied up yesterday. Today she had felt him up as they played Monopoly. He looked at her, really looked at her, for the first time. Previously he had only seen a sort-of copy of his mom, but now he noticed her slim hips, the in and out breathing of her chest, the curve of her back as she stood and walked away from him. He tried not to stare. It was just mom-jeans and a Twin Peaks sweater. But the clothes showed off more of her body today, he was sure of it.

As he saw her with his newly opened eyes, he was filling in the blanks from yesterday, and almost came in his pants. He had to steady himself with his hands on the table, look at ordinary things. As soon as he closed his eyes he saw his aunt’s dark red lips around his cock, her crawling form as she moved to get even more of him into her hungry mouth.

After dinner, he couldn’t listen to her without hearing the sound of sin. When she asked his cousins what they wanted to watch on television she made it sound like something dirty.

“A Disney movie?” she asked, looking at him as she did. She knew what he was hiding under the table. “Which one? You picked one last time. What do you want to … Tangled?”

Her eyes as she said in, like a lewd question, made him blush and turn away.

Soon everything was prepared, and when he came out of the bathroom again, he saw the entire family sitting in their preordained seats. His was, had always been, next to his aunt on the couch. He swallowed.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, remote in hand.

He moved over to sit. There wasn’t any not touching her on the couch. It was just barely large enough for two adults. That’s why the children sprawled on the floor or in the large comfy chair. They lay as crash test dummies after the accident, eyes glued to the screen. His aunt moved her hips, slid closer to him.

“Can you get the light?” she asked.

Turning away from his cousins he went to the light switch, Kıbrıs Escort and as the movie started, he tried to sit as still as possible. Everything was silent, even from the floor and the comfy chair. This was unusual, as his cousins never shut up. But today they had played Monopoly and won after several grueling hours. Maybe they thought that they needed a break. Soon, he could her the youngest two snoring. They lay next to each other on the comfy chair. Soon their older brother started to do the same. He lay in front of the tv, head on his hands.

The movie had barely begun, and he looked at his aunt. “Should we …?”

She shook her head. Even he had had no idea what he was going to say. She turned down the volume, enough so that they barely heard the voices. Then she pointed to the side.

“Why don’t you get the blanket?” she asked. “I’m feeling a bit cold.”

“Ah-okay …” he mumbled. He tried to hide it as he stood up, but he knew that she could clearly see his cock trough his pants in the fairy tale light from the screen. He sat a little clumsily and gave it to her.

“You can share it with me,” she said, and made him sit even closer to her. Under the blanket the heat of her was intense, the sensation of her hand unyielding as it moved under cover to grasp his crotch again. This time she didn’t wait. She unzipped him, lifted him through the hole, and started to stroke his cock in long and even motions. Meanwhile she kept her eyes on the screen, smiled when something funny happened. She seemed not to notice him staring at her, eyes wide open. As he laid his head on her shoulder and gasped, she shushed him, and the reminder almost drove him over the edge. She had shushed him that time too.

It wasn’t just the hand on his cock, it was the entire arm rubbing against him in a steady rhythm, her shoulder and body doing the same. Above the blanket nothing happened, but beneath it she moved with an even pace. Once in a while she stopped, held him tightly in her fist. Sometimes she would continue in the same hard way, sometimes so delicately that he barely felt her fingers through the pleasure. Everything kept him close to the edge, but never tipped him over. He didn’t have to be tied up to be completely in her control. As one of the cousins rolled over in their sleep, she put a finger on him that held him tighter than all the ropes in the building. He felt himself drizzle on either side of her finger. When she kept going, she used it to rub him all over his sensitive head.

He panted like he was sick. When he didn’t, he gulped down his saliva.

“Why are you doing this?” he finally managed to ask.

She stopped. The colors on the screen glowed on her face as she turned on him. The look of her was deadly.

“You want me to stop?” she asked. Still, she continued to loosen and tighten her grip on him.

He gasped. “No …”

“You are ungrateful, my little prude.”

Her hand left him.

“No, please?” he started, but her cold glance at his cousins reminded him to keep it quiet. “Please, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Damn right,” she said.

“I’m sorry. I don’t … I didn’t mean …”

As she looked on him with disappointed eyes, he kept his hands far away from him. He knew that he would spurt if he so much as touched himself. She seemed to feel it too.

“Lie down,” she said. “No, not that way. Put your head on my lap.”

“Okay …” He did as she said. From this angle she looked like a queen. The coldness from this morning was back on her face. A silent tear fell from his eye. He was sure she noticed even though he wiped if off. He moved to accommodate her when he felt her hand going under his head.

“Lie still!” she whispered. “If you don’t want me to do anything you can lie there, listening. Maybe next time you will be more appreciative.”

“I will …” he mumbled, too scared to look directly at her. Instead, he focused his eyes on the screen. It was a real adventure.

After a while, he could feel her moving beneath him, she stopped again, and pushed him off with an irritated movement. “This isn’t working,” she said.

“What?” he asked.

“Get under there,” she said, lifting the blanket. “Put your head in the same place. Are you stupid or what?”

“No …”

“Then do as I say.”

He sunk his head as she instructed, put it above her crotch. Her fingers had already undone the buttons. They felt cold against his cheek. Now her fingers moved inside her pants, inside herself, as she once again covered them with the blanket, this time with his head locked inside of it. It went completely dark. He couldn’t see anything, just hear her moving body. Her breathing went through him like waves, carrying him with them.

At first, he turned his body so that she could stroke him if she wanted to, but soon he curled into a ball. It was more comfortable that way, even though her hand made a bumping motion against the side of his head. He could smell her now, feel the heat of her. After a while he imagined that he could feel her pussy next to his face, something wet. When he first felt it, he moved his head involuntary. His movements let in the dim light for a second. He barely had the time to see a dark stain on her crotch as she pushed him down again, hard, and trapped him inside the dark again. He could hear the slurping sound as her fingers fucked her pussy inside her pants.

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