Lisa Takes a Challenge

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Lisa has always been the athletic type and that has come in handy when she makes her porno movies.

One day, she got a call from a guy named Isiah Edwards. He tells her that he is an event promoter and would like to talk to her about a business deal.

Never the one to turn down a money making opportunity, she said she would listen to him.

She made arrangements for us to meet him at a restaurant to discuss the deal over dinner.

Now, let me back up a minute…

My name is Tony and Lisa and I are married. She is a porno queen who just made a ton of money on her last movie, which earned her an Oscar.

My wife is 5’7″, 125, big tits, nice ass, brown eyes and long black curly hair. She has a smooth pussy with her trademark pussy tattoo.

We went to meet the guy and over dinner, he said he wants to promote Lisa to wrestle another woman wrestler. He said he would pay her one million dollars.

We told him that Lisa isn’t a wrestler and we had no knowledge of wrestling. Edwards said there is more to the event and explained.

“This match is a private event for a very wealthy person. You would have to wrestle in the nude. It would be more like an exhibition match, naked, for him and his guests entertainment,” He said.

He continued, “The match would be held at a secret location and he would have a bunch of well to do friends in attendance. The woman wrestler is already on board. He wants you because of your name and special talents. The match would be no more than thirty minutes long.”

Lisa looked at me and said to him, “There seems to be something missing. Tell me the rest.”

Edwards looked at her and said there was one more thing.

He said, “You are right. There is one other thing. The loser will have to fuck anyone in attendance that wants to fuck the loser, whomever that may be.”

That being said, we got up and told him thanks but no thanks and left.

The next day Lisa got a call from Edwards. He upped the amount to five million for the match. She told him she would think about it and get back to him.

She told me the new offer and, as impressive as it was, I told her to ask for ten million and see what he says.

Lisa laughed and said it did sound like fun though. After all, how many men would there be who who would want to fuck me.

I told her to be careful. There may be more men that she could handle if she lost.

The next day, Lisa called Edwards and said, “We thought it over and I would wrestle for ten million, nothing less.”

Edwards responded, “Deal. The match is in three months so will have some time to train. I will give you the name of a trainer for you to use. I will have a contract over to you tomorrow.”

Lisa got off the phone and told me she is getting the ten million and she will have three months to train by a professional trainer.

The next day Lisa got the contract, signed it and returned it to Edwards. She contacted the trainer, a woman named Karen Kadıköy Escort and her first session was arranged for the day after tomorrow at a private location.

I drove Lisa to the private club and we went in. There, we met a middle aged woman, she introduced herself as Karen who would be Lisa’s trainer.

We chatted for awhile and I took a seat outside the ring while Karen took Lisa to the dressing room.

As I sat, I heard them coming toward the ring. Both women were nude. Karen was about the same hight as Lisa but more muscular. Her tits were definitely smaller than Lisa’s but inviting. Her hair was a short dirty blonde and she looked like she could kick my ass. My reaction was shock. Karen saw my expression and told me that since Lisa was going to wrestle naked, she had to be trained the same way.

I watched as Karen showed Lisa some basic holds and counter holds. They trained like they were doing a ballet. There was no hitting or anything else that was violent, just graceful moves.

After an hour of training, they rested. Karen, without covering up, explained to me that she starts out slow and gradually gets her students to perform in the ring without getting hurt.

By the end of the session, Karen said Lisa is a natural and will do well.

She then said, “Do you guys know who Lisa is wrestling?”

Lisa said she didn’t know, except it was a woman wrestler.

Then Karen said, “Lisa, you are going to wrestle the woman champion. You didn’t know that?”

Lisa said she didn’t know.

Karen continued, “I think you have been had. Unless you get lucky, you aren’t going to win but I will do my best to see that you do win.”

I heard Lisa curse Edwards under her breadth.

Then Lisa said, “Karen, I will do everything you want of me. I will show them that I am not just a cunt.”

Karen and I both applauded.

Over the next few days, Lisa trained with Karen every chance she got. By now, Lisa learned some maneuvers and holds and counterholds. She learned how to fall properly, not get hurt and protect herself.

After two months of training, Karen said that she was going to have a simulated match with Lisa to show her progress.

The day came for the match between Lisa and Karen. There were two other trainers/advisers who would analyze the match as well as a cameraman taking video for analysis later on.

The match started and both naked women approached each other. They exchanged holds and counters. Lisa looked real good and Karen gave her a workout. Lisa took some hits and looked like she was a natural in the ring.

Karen even put some illegal moves on Lisa, like squeezing her tits and slipping a couple of fingers in her cunt but Lisa held her own as the match ended.

I was really impressed with Lisa.

The analysis of the match was encouraging. Lisa actually stood a chance against the champ and we still had one month to go.

Two weeks later, there was another simulated Kadıköy Escort Bayan match. This time Karen brought in another woman wrestler for Lisa.

I watched as the two women started grappling. Lisa’s opponent used several dirty tactics, such as: pinching Lisa’s nipples hard, ramming a couple of fingers in her cunt, biting her tit, and shoving a finger in her ass.

But Lisa countered every one and actually pinned her opponent.

Karen was ecstatic with Lisa’s performance, as was I.

We had two weeks left and Karen gave Lisa a week off before a final session right before the match.

The day of the final tune up match was here.

Lisa and Karen entered the ring and immediately started to wrestle. Lisa took Karen down to the mat quickly but Karen pulled her hair and escaped the hold.

For almost thirty minutes, they fought like it was for real and in the end Karen defeated Lisa.

I could honestly say that Lisa looked like a pro and had a good chance to win.

The day before the match, Edwards called Lisa to make sure all was set and if she was ready.

Lisa just told him everything was set.

The night of the match, a limo picked us up and drove us to the secret club location where the match was being held. We saw a lot of expensive cars parked and could only imagine who was inside.

We entered the club and saw the ring and the crowd. There must have been a hundred people there, men and women.

We were taken to her dressing room and Lisa was told to get undressed and ready for the match.

Karen joined her and helped her to get psychologically ready.

I went out to the take my ringside seat.

In a short time, I heard yelling and saw Lisa coming out wearing a short white satin robe with her name on the back. Karen was right along side of her.

As Lisa entered the ring, there was more yelling and I knew the woman’s champion was coming.

From what I could see through her untied robe, she was about 5’9, 150 – 160, short blonde hair, smaller tits than Lisa’s and a firm ass.

Finally, the two female warriors met face to face. The referee gave them their instructions. The women went to their corner and removed their robes.

The announcer told the audience that the loser of the match was required to get fucked by anyone in the audience who wanted to fuck the loser.

The audience started yelling and applauding as the two women taunted one another and finally made contact.

For every hold the champ put on Lisa, she countered with a move of her own. At one point, she almost pinned the champ but the match continued.

Then the champ grabbed one of Lisa’s nipples and bit it hard. Lisa screamed out in pain and grabbed her nipple while the champ beat up on Lisa.

At this point, Lisa looked like she was going to lose. Then Karen yelled to Lisa and suddenly, Lisa became the aggressor and beat up on the champ.

Lisa had her on the mat in a Escort Kadıköy submission hold and just as the champ appeared to be tapping out, the bell rang and the match was over.

The announcer called it a draw.

People started yelling that they wanted a winner and to continue the match.

Suddenly, Edwards was in the ring talking to both women about continuing.

Lisa said she would but fucking all the people if she lost, was out and that she would only fuck five. The champ agreed and the match would continue until someone won.

Edwards motioned the wealthy guy and he okayed the change.

The announcer quieted everyone down and said the match would continue. He also said that the loser would only fuck five people.

The bell rang and the match continued.

This time Lisa took the fight to the champ and beat the hell out of her until she was put in a submission hold and tapped out. Lisa was the winner.

Just as the announcer was going to talk, Lisa leaned over and said something to him.

The announcer said, “Winner by submission is Lisa. I was just notified by Lisa that, even though she won, she will be available to anyone who wants to fuck her for the mere price of one million dollars. She will be in her dressing room.”

I walked with Lisa and Karen to the dressing room laughing at Lisa’s proposal.

As Lisa was showering and getting cleaned up, there was a knock on the door. I opened it up and there were four men who said they wanted to take Lisa up on her offer. I told them to wait.

I told Lisa that there are four men here to fuck you. She laughed and put a towel on her and opened the door.

The men said they each have one million in cash to fuck Lisa.

Lisa asked them if they wanted to fuck her one at a time or all together.

The men said they prefer to fuck her all together. She said ok and asked to see the money.

One of the men hander her a briefcase. She opened it up and sure enough, there was four million in cash. She told me yo take the case and for me and Karen to leave and invited the four men into her dressing room.

Lisa asked the men to undress while she got ready. In an instant, Lisa got on the bed and the undressed men joined her. She told them that they had thirty minutes to be with her and said the clock was ticking.

One guy told her to get on all fours as they lined up behind her. One by one they each had their turn fucking her until they came in her cunt.

The first guy got hard again and made Lisa get on her back. He mounted her as the others watched.

He slipped his cock in her and fucked her hard until he spurted out some cum.

By now, the other guys had their cocks ready to fuck her again. Lisa spread her legs and invited each one to stick their cocks in her one more time and fuck her, which they did.

As time ran out, the men asked Lisa if she would pose with them as a keepsake.

Lisa called me in and smiled and told me to take their picture. Lisa got in the middle of them and I snapped a couple of pictures and told the men I would give the pictures to Edwards to give to them.

They left and Karen, myself and Lisa celebrated her new career, which was only a one night career.

Or was it?

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