Life Decisions – Life with Sean

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Life Decisions with Sean –

This is based on the idea Laura and Sean get it together and stay together.

The story arc carries on from Life Decisions – Laura 4 Years Later – Fetish –

Friday – Several weeks later.

Laura dangled her cigarette as she got two more packs of cigarettes out of her bag and put them on the kitchen table next to the half empty pack beside the ashtray. She also took out the bottle of red wine and two bottles of ales and placed them in the fridge. Then opened the cupboard and whilst singing to herself retrieved two coffee pods and inserted them and got her coffee machine to whirr.

“Evening darling!” Sean said as he came up behind her and slid his hands between the folds of her green wraparound dress and worked his fingers over her belly to her naked crutch. “It’s great that it’s the weekend!” he grinned as he stroked her inner thigh.

Lauran moaned and rubbed her bum against his crutch and his hardening cock, he nuzzled further into her neck as the smoke from her dangled cigarette went up his nose as he kissed her. “Oh yeah!” she purred.

Sean smiled as he removed one hand and carefully grabbed the knot to slowly undo the wraparound dress. “No honey, later, I want you, but I also need my post work coffee!” Laura said taking the cigarette out of her mouth and tapping the ash in the sink and exhaling whilst still wiggling her bum against him. “It is your fault seeing as you said I couldn’t start the wine before dinner, I need to drink something!” She whinged.

“Are you sure we can’t have a little fun first, make the drink worth it?” Asked Sean, a grin wide across his face as he continued to untie the knot.

“Oi, yes, I am!” Laura said smiling as she turned around and let her dress fell open to reveal her naked lower half as she leaned past him to extinguish the cigarette in the ashtray.

“You do look good sweetie!” Sean said as he put his arms around his girlfriend as his fingers migrated inside her now draping dress as she remained leaning across his body as she reached around him for the cigarettes on the table.

“Thanks honey, but it’s my coffee and it’s the freaking weekend cigarette time!” Laura happily jiggled as she grabbed a fresh cigarette from the pack on the table and lit it and double pumped the inhale, and as she moved back to leaning against the counter and exhaled up to the ceiling. Once the coffee machine had stopped whirring, she smiled naughtily at Sean as she let her dress fall to the floor as she got the milk out of fridge for the coffees.

“Are you sure you don’t want fun?” Sean asked looking at Laura in just her bra.

“Oh, yes, I do want fun…” she smiled taking a sip of her coffee. “But I need my coffee and cigarette first!” She grinned.


“The grilled chicken and couscous were absolutely amazing honey!” Laura said taking the last mouthful of the food and then chewed. “Where did you learn to cook like this?” She asked once she swallowed and had picked up the cigarette pack on the table and fished a cigarette out and lit it.

“I experimented, take a cookbook, read it, ignore it and make it up as you go along!” Replied Sean sheepishly.

“I think I am lucky to taste it that is for sure!” Laura said as she exhaled her latest lungful of smoke and smiling at Sean and then taking a large gulp of her wine.

“It is ok, I enjoy experimenting with food,” Sean grinned taking her left hand and squeezing his fingers between hers.

“I will certainly always enjoy eating your experimentation!” Smiled Laura.

“Is that what you called giving me a blowjob last night!” Sean chuckled.

She gently patted him on the arm, “Oi, anyway, I better go and get dressed again and get ready to meet the girls” she said as she finished her wine and got up from the table in just her white work bra. Her dress was folded over the back of her chair.

“Oh, but I was enjoying your nakedness, and I am sure the high street would too!” Sean said taking a swig of his beer.

“Thanks for the compliment honey, but I need to at least put some dry knickers on, it’s getting colder out there at night.” She said before drawing on her cigarette as she got to the bottom of the stairs.

“Ah ok darling,” he called down the hallway. “Please, just remember later that you have put them on, I know what you are like.” He smiled to himself and chuckled at her as she rolled her eyes back at him as she exhaled.

“Shush you, you know I only wee myself when drunk! However, will you be ok all on your own?” She asked.

“I think I am old and ugly enough to look after myself.” Sean grunted finishing off his beer. “How late do you think you will be?” He asked

“Not sure, depends on how many men who don’t demand I get dressed and don’t piss myself that I can find?” She beamed.

“This man will be naked in your bed waiting for you!” he said, Laura blew him a kiss and then dangled her İstanbul Escort cigarette as she made her way up the stairs.


Sean sat in the living room alone with his thoughts, without Laura in the house for first time since he had sort of moved in, he really should not have let her go out and get seriously drunk with the girls. Between them he had been trying help to keep her drinking down. She had been relatively good for the last couple of weeks. As such he could have gone home to his own place, but he had thought to himself, and reasoned it would be good to be here when she eventually got back from her night out.

He got up and walked over to the fridge and got his beer out and was about to open it when he looked across at the table with its full ashtray and a half empty pack of cigarettes, he picked up the pack of cigarettes and removed one. He looked at it and smelled it, “it doesn’t smell as awful as this” and tutted and returned the cigarette to the pack.

Whilst he was there, he picked up the ashtray and dumped the contents in the bin under the sink, he then walked through to the living room and picked up that full ashtray next to the other half pack of cigarettes and brought that back to tipped that into the bin too and coughed as the dust and ash spilled up and out.

“Why she does this to herself is beyond me,” he said to no one. “Might as well sort the bedroom ashtray out as well” he tutted and then coughed to himself and climbed the stairs went for pee and then went into the bedroom and carried the extremely full ashtray down.

“Fuck how much does this girl smoke?” He asked himself as he emptied that ashtray and wiped it with some kitchen towel as well.

He returned to the sofa with his beer, sat down and watched Friday night television happy at least the ashtray beside him was now clean and not tickling his nose.


They kept staring at him, or he kept staring at them in the advert breaks, the half full packet cigarettes beside him, “no I won’t try one” he said to himself swigging his beer, I don’t need to, I get enough second hand from Laura and moved the packet the other side of the ashtray.


Sean was just washing his teeth to get in to bed when he could hear either a cat or Laura’s keys scratching at the front door. He spat out his toothpaste and wiped his face with a cloth and padded down the stairs in his boxers and opened the door to Laura.

“Hey darling, had a good night?” he asked as he opened the door for her and she fell into the hallway dangling a recently lit cigarette, she removed it and gave him a drunken smoky kiss.

“Yesh my honeys, it was, a wery good catch up with the girls!” She slurred smiling tipsily at him. “Did you have fun?” She asked giving Sean a hug then dangling her cigarette whilst kicking her heels off and un-ceremonially dumping her bag and denim jacket on the hallway floor, whilst holding on to Sean she bent down to pick up her pack of cigarettes and lighter from her jacket before stepping on them.

“I did some tidying and watched the telly, had by the looks of it had nowhere near as much fun as you were having!” He smiled as he replied watching as her belongings scattered in the hallway.

“I missed you very much honey, couldn’t stop thinking about you, that is for sure!” She smiled, “I’m sure we can have fun together in a bit?” she asked kissing him again and then groped his hardening cock through his boxers.

“That’s kind of you, and I am enjoying what you are doing now, as it was lonely here on my own.” he said as he undid the button on her skirt.

“Oh, like that is it?” She grinned and wiggled her knees and let her skirt fall to the floor.

“Can be?” he said as she smiled sweetly as he undid the buttons on her blouse.

“Umm, I was thinking of going upstairs for a pee first?” She said as attempted to hop out of the skirt around her legs. “Then we can have a drink and some more fun!” She said continuing to stroke his cock inside the boxers. Laura then gave him a big sloppy kiss.

“Oh ok, the fun sounds good, but you’re wet already?” Sean said once the kiss broke, and she wiggled free to climb the stairs. “I will see you in a minute,” He sighed as she watched Laura’s obviously damp blue panties wiggle up the stairs before he bent down to pick up her now discarded and equally wet clothes tutting with a wry smile on his face.


“So how were Karen and Zoe?” Sean asked.

Laura giggled, “Karen and I were our usual drunken fools and Zoe were her sensible boring self!” She then gulping down her vodka and coke before having yet another deep inhale on her cigarette.

“So, you had fun?” he followed up

“Yup, we did, a couple of cocktails in Rumours and then we headed off and had wine in the Cork and Bottle” she informed him whilst exhaling yet another cloud of smoke.

“That’s good, I am glad you had a good time!” Kadıköy Escort Sean said moving the ashtray with the end of fingers away from his nose.

“Thanks for allowing me the night cap honey.” Laura said flicking the ash of her latest cigarette into the cleanish ashtray.

“It’s ok Law, I wouldn’t have done if I had needed to carry you to bed!” He smiled as he raised his eyebrows and ran his hand along her naked leg.

Laura flicked her eyes down to his hand and smiled. “Don’t think you would carry me honey, I’m far too heavy!”

“Don’t be harsh on yourself darling.” he said watching yet another exhale as it headed up to the lounge light.

“I am not,” she smiled “I am being truthful.” She sighed as she manicured her cigarette in the ashtray balancing dangerously on her belly.

“I know what, as the weather is still nice, crickets over, how about we go for a walk tomorrow, get some fresh air see some of the countryside?” Sean asked.

“Is that a hint towards exercise?” Laura huffed and turned her head and had a cheek caving inhale which the cigarette popped as she released and exhaled upwards out of the corner of her mouth.

“No, not trying to say anything! It was a case of having a Saturday together, as I am not playing cricket doing something fun!” he pleaded.

“Ummm not convinced” she said with smoke still pouring out of her mouth “it does sound fun though; make sure it’s a short walk!”

“With a big lunch?” Sean teased as Laura laughed, coughed, and threw her nearly empty cigarette pack at him.


It was a pleasant sunny Saturday morning. Sean had managed to get out Laura up, dressed and out of the house for eleven, which for hungover Laura was impressive. Especially as the weekend plan did not involve a direct trip to the pub dangled in front of her like a carrot. They had driven for a twenty or so minutes and parked up in a wider section of a narrow country lane.

No sooner had the huffing Laura got out of the car and she lit her ‘pre walk’ cigarette whilst looking around the tree tunnelled road that Sean had parked in.

“Are you sure there is enough room for others to get past?” she queried looking at Sean’s car parked neatly in a passing place

“Yeah, plenty of room, we won’t be long, it’s a short walk to the pub from here!” He smiled as he tutted to himself as he crouched down to retie his walking boots again. “So, I have got water and our raincoats in my bag, you should be, ok?” He looked up as winced as Laura stood there and hurriedly and repetitively puffed away on her cigarette.

“Yup I am fine!” She nodded whilst exhaling sending the cloud tumbling in the narrow lane.

“You know you can smoke and walk?” He asked as she flicked the ash into the hedgerow.

“Yup but you’re making it exercise rather than enjoyment!” She grinned.

“It should be both!” he said as he opened the map out. “Right, we are going down the road for a few metres, then we should find the sign, hang a right through the hedge and into the field. Ready?”

Laura nodded, exhaled, and dropped her cigarette and then stubbed it out with her pristine if a little dusty walking boots they had found this morning behind the vacuum in the cupboard under the stairs.


“Are you related to a mountain goat?” Laura stuck her tongue out as she panted, her face almost the colour of a cricket ball, her equally red skin on the top of her chest was sparkling as it glistened in sweat as they slowly made their way up a gentle hill. Laura was plodding behind Sean by at least five paces.

“I don’t think so.” Sean stopped walking and with his hands triumphantly on his hips looked back and watched her stretching out her chubby legs as she moved along the path.

“Just you don’t seem to have as many issues with these hills as I do!” She said her mouth wide open as she gasped for air.

“Probably just longer legs,” he smiled, turned, and kept walking. “Just keep thinking of the pint of cider in the pub for lunch.”

A smile crossed her face, “That’s a great carrot honey, I am thirsty and hot!” She said flapping her sweaty pink, the colour darkening where the sweat was dripping between her breasts and pooling above her stomach. The flapping of the t-shirt was for air circulation rather than to be sexy.

“My pleasure.”

Laure stretching her top out over her overhanging sweaty belly. “I would take this top off, if we were not in public.” She sighed, holding the t shirt out in front of her, trying to find a breeze, and failing so it flipped up over her breasts.

Sean nodded approvingly, “Well I wouldn’t complain,” he smiled kindly at Laura, “we can stop and have a water break at that stile in the corner?”

“Ah that would be good.” She said sticking her tongue out and panting before finishing with a gentle cough as she got a cigarette and her lighter out of the pack in her cargo pants knee pocket in preparation Ataşehir Escort for the rest.

“It’s nice to go out for a walk with you Law, it’s good to get out of the fresh air and look at the gorgeous views, and of course have great company.” He laughed as he watched Laura slowly waddle along the path as leaned against the stile.

“If you say so honey…” Laura panted as she walked a little quicker to catch him up. “The view from here is nice, but I am so effing unfit.” she stuck her tongue out whilst putting her hands on her knees for a couple of deep breaths before sheltering her cigarette between Sean and the hedge and lighting it. “That the view is difficult to enjoy.” she exhaled after her double pump inhale.

“I’m glad to be of service, do you fancy your water?” he asked as he handed her a bottle of water.

Laura exhaled again and then gulped down the water, “Thanks for that, its hard work this walking malarkey,” and then inhaled on her cigarette again “it’s better than a gym, I am sure.” She then forced her exhale up against the blue sky. “Where is the pub we are going for lunch?”

Sean pulled the map from the bag and opened the map out and put his finger on the green line. “We are here next to this hedge,” he said pointing his finger to the black line of the hedge, he then moved his finger along the line. “We are aiming for the logo of the old pint glass here, but we are going up this hill to go via this ancient bronze age fort here, where the views of the county are spectacular. Which if we wiggle and don’t have too many ciggy breaks, we might get there by Christmas next year!” he attempted to joke.

“Harrumph, this is my first since we left the car!” She sighed and then gently coughed.


“I am sure the ancient fort designers thought of me thousands of years ago this is an ideal smoking seat.” Laura declared as she sat down and leaned against the earth mound and drew deeply on her freshly lit cigarette.

“I am sure you are right; do you want some more water?” Sean asked.

“Oh yes, I’ve been ‘glowing’ walking up that hill,” she laughed. “Actually Sean, think it’s better to say I’m sweating buckets!” She giggled before again taking deep inhale on her cigarette.

“Here you go,” Sean said passing the bottle. “When you stand up on the edge here, the views are quiet spectacular.” Sean grinned as with his hand he pointed out into the distance “You can actually see the pub we are aiming for!”

“I am just celebrating the fact that I got up the hill,” Laura sighed before taking another deep inhale. “I am looking forward to the downhill bit now,” she said exhaling a cloud of smoke down wind. “Mind you it’s nice and cool in the breeze up here!”

Laura stubbed the cigarette out in the grass and then asked Sean to help her up off the floor; Sean had a good squeeze of her arse as they hugged and then admired the view together in between a long passionate kiss break or two.


“Wow, Laura, you have necked most of the cider already and the food isn’t here yet”

“I was hot and thirsty,” she said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Just don’t get too drunk, we still need to walk back to the car!” Sean warned as he sipped his ale shandy.

“Me, drunk, after one pint, don’t be incredulous?” Laura huffed as she slid another cigarette and retrieved her lighter out of her thigh pocket and lit it with short deep inhale.

Sean smiled at Laura, “I guess for you it’s more like 10 pints?” Quickly ducking as he chuckled on the anticipation of something being thrown.

Laura exhaled, nodded then grinned, “Don’t worry not planning drinking that many!”

“That’s good, I know it’s hot, and at least we can sit outside, but to be covered in cider as well, wouldn’t be pleasan.t”

Laura looked down at herself and mumbled “This is where I wish I was wearing a skirt” as she exhaled.

“You actually ok sweetie?” Sean asked.

She nodded “Yup, just so hot with my heavy breasts and fat legs, I wish a wore a skirt!” she said before she inhaled again on her cigarette, whilst squeezing her thighs together.

“Oh, right.”

“Yeah, and a fill bladder not helping. Err, you couldn’t hold on to this for me?” She said offering him the recently lit cigarette as she exhaled away from his face. “Just going to pop inside to the ladies before our food comes, I shouldn’t be long.”

“Cool, I’m not going anywhere!” Sean replied awkwardly holding the cigarette between his thumb and index finger as he watched Laura’s thighs swish together as she went inside as he then stared at the light brown stained filter balanced between his fingers in front of him.

“What is she trying to do to me?” Sean muttered out loud to himself as the wind brought the smoke into his face, he momentarily coughed, then thought about trying to suck it and see, he brought it close to his mouth, but thought better of it as a waitress neared the table carrying food. Like a naughty schoolboy he hid the cigarette down the side of the table “Oh burger that side, and chicken here.” The reason for hiding it was a natural reaction and only because of personal guilt, “Thank you!” he grinned happily as the food was placed in front of him.

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