Liberating the Goddess Pt. 02

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Time stood still in the lounge on the first floor of the hunting lodge. Sheela, who was grinning like a cat – her naked body living up to its feline grace – and her husband Subho were into the secret but for Rudra it was indeed a bolt from the blue. She and her mother had talked about a gun and he was expecting the Glock Parabellum. But the mode of its delivery, in the hands of his naked mother, was something that had taken his breath away.

“It seems like Rudro has been struck speechless at the sight of his naked Mother,” Subho sniggered, “but I am sure that this is not the first time.”

“Give him a little time, Subho.” Sheela smiled. “I think he is a little embarrassed by the situation.”

“Give him his little toy as well my dear. Then come and sit on my lap.”

Rudro was still a little dazed but he took the Glock from his mother, who then daintily walked back to her husband on one of the sofas.

“So, what is more exciting, kiddo? The gun or the girl in my arms?”

Subho had pulled his wife into his lap, nuzzling her hair with his face and tweaking the nipples on her breast.

“The toy can wait, Dad,” Rudro had at last found his voice, “Let me drink in the Goddess in your arms.”

“That’s right kid, you don’t know how valuable this piece of flesh is.”

“Flesh? You think of my mother as just flesh?” There was a hint of indignation in Rudra’s voice.

“Of course, kiddo, any woman is just a piece of flesh for we men to enjoy.”

“My Ma is a goddess, Dad”

“Yes, my dear and the goddess has been telling me that you have been lusting after her. Dying to see her naked. Which is why she is giving you this gift today.”

“Oh come on Subho, you were just as excited about this event.” Sheela pushed Subho down on the big couch and scrambled on top of him. She was face down on him, covering him with multiple kisses on his cheeks, his neck, his forehead, his throat. Her knees were planted outside his legs and her buttock was up in the air giving her son a beautiful view of the folds of her vaginal lips and the throbbing crack of her pussy.

Rudro had planned for a quiet session of post dinner brandy and was wearing a loose kurta, a long sleeved, collarless shirt, with comfortable pyjamas. But the sight of his mother’s pussy sent his pyjama tenting. He slid his hands inside and started stroking the hardness of his penis while watching the scene that was unfolding in front of him.

Sheela was like a panther on the prowl. Lithe, lissom and powerful. She had dragged her husband off the sofa and Subho was now on the carpet on the floor. He still had his shirt, or rather kurta on, but Sheela had pulled off his pyjamas and was straddling him on all fours. Her crotch was pressed against her husband’s face, her cunt lips lightly brushing against his lips, while her own lips were nuzzling his balls and his penis. Subho had large balls but a relatively small penis and surprisingly, it had hardly hardened even though Sheela was playing with it with her tongue. She held the flaccid member between her fingers, pulled back the foreskin and licked the crack. Then she squeezed her husband’s balls with both hands and rolled his penis between her palms. She looked up towards her son who was sitting on the sofa with his hands in his pyjamas, watching his mother suck his father’s prick but her face was hidden in the cascade of her long, black hair that had tumbled across Subho’s crotch. Sheela took a second, to leave her prize and push back her hair that was hiding her face. As her eyes made contact with her wide-eyed son, she smiled wickedly and winked.

Sheela was merrily flicking her tongue around Subho’s penis, but he was gasping for breath as her hairy pubis pressed down on his nose. Sheela heard him gasp for breath and raised her hips to give him a gulp of air, then slammed down hard again. She loved this because Subho’s nose would bury itself in her crack and the shaking of his head was what gave her a little jiggle of pleasure. Which was actually all that she could hope for because his penis was never quite up to it at all. But things were about to get a little more interesting!

Sheela stopped slurping on her husband’s penis for a while and moved her cunt off his nose, giving the poor fellow, literally, some breathing space. Once again, she deftly moved her hair that was falling over her face and smiled at her son.

“Hey kid, I need a favour from you.”

“Now? What?”

“Get me that big, fat pen that I have in my purse.”

“Pen? Now?”

“Don’t ask, get it.”

Rudro got up, trying to tighten the strings of his pyjamas but his mother grinned at him.

“Drop them, let me see your gorgeous prick!”

Rudro smiled, dropped his pyjamas and with his giant erection pointing ahead, walked to where his mother’s purse was lying nearby. He rummaged through it and pulled out a Montblanc Meisterstuck ‘The Fat One’ # 149 Fountain pen with a 14k nib!

“Yes, give it to me”

Rudro squatted on the ground close to where his mother Nişantaşı Escort was playing with his father’s penis and watched in awe as she pushed his knees apart to reveal the puckered hole of his anus. Then she pulled apart his arse cheeks and as her husband’s glory hole revealed itself, she pushed the body of the pen straight in.

Subho shouted out in pain as the thick pen pushed into his asshole, but Sheela paid no heed. Then she started stroking his penis with one hand while with her other hand she gripped the pen and started shoving it in and out of. Subho started screaming but soon enough, the pain gave way to pleasure as Sheela, with her precise prodding, found the exact spot where his prostate gland was.

“Now for the fountain!” Sheela looked up and smiled at her son who was watching his mother’s ministrations with awe.

The pressure on the prostate had immediately caused a stiffening of Subho’s penis. Sheela had stopped sucking but was stroking it with increased frequency. Subho tried to say something, but his voice was garbled and all that his wife and son could hear was a gurgling sound that was rising in intensity until all of a sudden, he gave a shout. Sheela’s naked breasts that were lying on his lower abdomen sensed a sudden contraction and she pulled down his foreskin just as a thin fountain of creamy jism jerked out. Sheela tried to take it in her mouth, but it was so little that it merely landed on the tip of her nose. She kept pulling on the penis and pushing in with the pen, hoping for some more, but all she got was one more tiny squirt that hit her on one cheek. Nevertheless, she declared victory!

“Thanks a ton, Subho for that wonderful cream.” Sheela got up and pulled her son up from the ground as well. Then mother and son, one fully naked and the other in just his shirt sat down on one sofa. Subho, who was lying drained on the floor, finally got up and spread himself on the other sofa. His penis had shrunk back to the size of his little toe and was nestled comfortably on his abnormally big balls.

“Now we can raise a toast to our son! On his birthday.” Each one picked up a brandy snifter and took a swig. As the royal pleasure of the Rémy Martin XO diffused through their mind and body, conversation turned to what was next.

“Sheela, did you drink my cum?” Subho asked.

“Of course, my dear,” his wife replied cheerfully and then lowered her voice to a whisper to mutter, “as if there was a cup of it to drink.”

“It’s very important that none of my precious sperm is lost.”

“I know, dear and ever since you have stopped cumming in my cunt, I have been drinking this ambrosia with pleasure.”

They silently sipped on the brandy as Rudro slowly readjusted himself to this strange scenery of being naked in front of his naked parents.

Slowly the brandy was taking effect and Rudra could feel the buzz in his head. Not the normal alcoholic buzz but a question that was buzzing in his head and it was not a question that son would normally ask of his father!

“Why is it important that Ma has to drink your cum.”

“Yes, Subho, that is a question that I too have wanted to ask you for a long time.”

“Ha! There is a long story around it that only me, my father and your father know.”

“What story?”

“Do you know your mother, Sheela?”

“No, she died soon after I was born. My father brought me up alone.”

“No, your mother never died. She was too powerful a woman to die. In fact, she was a Tantrik Bhairavi, a fragment of the transcendent Shakti, who fell through a crack of space-time and was captured by my father and yours.”

“A crack in space time? Is it the brandy speaking through you?” Rudro was incredulous.

“I have heard my father talk vaguely about these things, but he always skipped the crucial details.”

“Yes, even I am a little fuzzy about all this, but your father and my father had struck a deal and you were a part of the bargain.”

“Me? A part of the bargain? What bargain?”

“You carry in you a part of your mother, the Bhairavi, and she needs my seeds..”

“Why should she need your seed?”

“Actually, I need to feed her my seed because only then my business can bloom as it has been blooming.”

“But Subho, your seed has been a little thin as of late?”

“What to do sweetheart? Age is catching up with me.”

“But are you sure you are not scattering it anywhere else?” Sheela’s long held suspicion was showing through.

“Oh come on Sheela, don’t be jealous. A man in my position cannot sit around while his wife is in another city.”

“But why could you not take my Ma to Bombay?” Rudro anger and indignance was showing through.

“You just shut up. This is none of your business.” Subho shrugged his son off rather brusquely.

Rudro was about to say something harsh, but his mother pressed his testicles to divert his attention. “Shh …” she muttered beneath her breath. “Never let your anger Pendik Escort derail your plans.”

“I think we all need a refill on the brandy.” Sheela got up from the sofa and filled their glasses making sure that what she poured for her son and herself was a tiny fraction of what she poured for her husband. Then she made it all the same with water.

“Come Subho, you and I have not danced together for a long time.” She flicked through her phone and selected Sadher Lau, the ever-popular Bangla dance music. Then as Runa Laila’s husky voice spread across the room, she pulled Subho out of his sofa and spun him around the room.

“Rudro, will you please dim the lights a little please.” Sheela told her son. “We could do with some atmosphere now.”

Rudro watched in amazement as his naked parents started dancing or rather prancing around the room. Subho was in bit of a stupor, but Sheela was a pure dynamo — her long hair flying around as she banged her head against an imaginary wall and her breasts jiggling in gay abandon. She had one hand around Subho’s neck, pulling his lips to hers and the other was around his hips, pressing his crotch into her own. But Subho’s crotch was as lifeless as ever. His balls were bloated, his penis was shrivelled and even with all that grinding that Sheela was doing on it, it stubbornly remained impassive.

“I need your seed; I need your seed.” Sheela dropped to her knees and started to suck on Subho’s penis. “I need your seed for our business to bloom.”

“Oh, damn it you bitch! I just can’t get hard with you anymore” Subho pulled out from his wife’s hug and fell back on the sofa behind him.

“But for your business to thrive I need your seed in my body or at least your family seed.” Sheela smiled.

“I know.” Subho grumbled and then he said something that shot a bolt of excitement through Rudro. “That is why I have brought him here today.”

For a moment there was a stunned silence, before Rudro spoke

“So you brought me here to fuck my mother?”

“It’s a win-win situation, kid. I know that you have been lusting after your mother and I need someone to flood her with the family seed otherwise the curse of your daainee (witch) grandmother will sink our family business.”

“That is fine. I am sure that Rudro will not hesitate to do what needs to be done for the family business, but..”

“But what?”

“I need to know what happened to my dainee mother?”

“She is with your father!”

“What do you mean? How would I not know if she was with my father?” Sheela was indignant.

“You think you know everything you bitch?”

“Oh come on, Subho, unless you tell me..”

“Then what?”

“Then I will not allow Rudro to feed me with his seed! And unlike you, I know he will never force me.”

“Ok. She is locked up in the picture of hers that hangs on the wall of your father’s study.”

“You have had too much brandy! You are not making sense..”

“You are a daainee’s daughter, such things should be very clear to you.”

“Please tell me Subho.” Sheela pleaded.

“But first the show! I need to see you being fucked by my son, just like my father!”

“Your father? Where does he come in?”

“You will get to know everything, but first let us celebrate Rudro’s birthday fuck”

“Oh, of course.” Sheela deftly covered up her disappointment, with a fresh bout of enthusiasm. “How can we deny my son the pleasure that he has been lusting for so long.”

Subho took a large swig of brandy and watched as Sheela pulled Rudro gently off the sofa and led him to the terrace outside. The night was pitch dark but the sky was blazing with stars. There was a small day bed on the terrace, at the edge of the circle of light that was spilling out of the sliding glass doors. Sheela led Rudro to the bed and pulled off his shirt. Totally naked, mother and son stood under the stars of the sky and hugged each other tight.

Rudro felt the soft plumpness of his mother’s breasts as he squeezed them gently in his palms. At his touch, her nipples hardened into tiny pebbles. Sheela shivered as her son started rolling her nipples between his fingers and felt the hardness of his already erect penis pushing against her pubic mound. She grabbed his neck, pressed her lips against his and then pushed her tongue right into his hot mouth. Rudro grabbed a fistful of his mother’s hair that had fallen out of its bun and was hanging all over her back. He pulled back her head and pushed her tongue out of his mouth with his own and then pushed it back into her mouth. For a moment mother and son duelled with their tongues.

“So how would my son like to fuck his mother for the first time?” Sheela grinned, while breathing heavily.

“I don’t know Ma, you tell me, you teach me!”

“We could do it face to face, you on top in a missionary position or you could take me from behind, doggy style.”

“Anything that gives you the maximum pleasure, Ma!’

“But we have Rus Escort to make it something very special for you, and,” she lowered her voice, “and we have to also keep your father happy.”

Sheela placed a pillow on the day bed and told Rudro to lie down with his head on it. Then she spread his legs and lightly stroked his penis. His penis had already increased in size but as he stroked it and fondled his balls, it grew into a nice, thick erection that was a pleasure for his mother to play with. Sheela rolled her waist length hair into a loose bun and got on the bed. Placing one leg between her son’s legs and the other outside his thighs, she squatted over her son’s crotch.

“Hold my butts in your hand, kid.”

Then she leaned down, grabbed his penis, stiff and big by now, and slapped it against the gaping crack of her cunt. Rudro gave a gasp of pleasure as he felt for the first time his penis pushing at the doors of his mother’s vagina. Sheela too felt a shiver of pleasure as her son’s penis pressed against her pubic crack. She leaned back, supporting herself with one hand and used the other to press his son’s erection into herself.

Sheela gave a squeal of pleasure as Rudro’s penis, expertly guided by his mother’s hand, was suddenly swallowed by his mother’s cunt as she lowered herself into her son’s crotch. Both Rudro and Sheela began to jerk spasmodically as Rudro began thrusting deeper and deeper into his mother. Sheela’s hair, that she had rolled up into a bun, suddenly fell out and cascaded on her son’s face but Rudro pushed it aside and then reached out to grab her breasts.

Sheela was now stretched out over her son, face upward, supporting herself on her hands while Rudro squeezed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. His penis was now fully embedded in his mother’s cunt, but sliding in and out with each thrust and jerk. Sheela was screaming with pleasure and ecstasy as she felt her son’s penis, bigger, fatter and far harder than her husband’s, was thudding into her with each thrust of his crotch. Once in a while, Rudro’s inexperienced penis would flip out but his ever vigilant mother would catch it almost immediately and stuff it back again inside her.

After a while, Sheela changed her posture. Instead of leaning back with her hands on her son’s shoulders, she now leaned forward so that her hands were next to her son’s knees. Now Rudro could grab her buttock and then raise and lower them in the rhythm of his thrusts. In fact, he could now see his penis slide in and out of his mother and this sent a new shiver through his ecstatic body. Sheela too, with her eyes closed, could feel a new and powerful pulse of pleasure shooting up through her spine, from the base — the Muladhar chakra, where her son was thudding at her, to all the way up to her neck — the Visudha chakra, and even upward.

But Rudro was too young and new to last too long. Soon enough he gave a shriek of ecstasy and Sheela found a thick white stream of her son’s jism flooding into her, not just once but twice, thrice very copiously and then a weak fourth and fifth spurt. Sheela felt a sudden spasm in her body as her son’s cum flooded through her innards. But unlike a normal orgasm that was pure ecstasy, she suddenly felt a new surge of power, of energy that was flooding through her — it had never been like this before, certainly not with her husband or even the surreptitious escapades that she had had with Shankar, who of course always had a condom. It was a truly novel experience that seemed to set her body and mind on fire. Surprisingly, this new charge did not die away even as she eventually collapsed on her son’s body, her head on his throat, her butt on his crotch and her hands gripped tightly in his. She sensed a new buzz in her body even as she felt a few drops of his son’s precious semen leak out of her happy cunt and wet the bed.

But this was no time to relax and enjoy her newfound post-coital bliss. Sheela got up from her son’s body and walked up to her husband who had been watching their performance with a glazed look.

“Did you like that Subho? Did you have a good erection? And ejaculation?” Sheela asked her husband, but he was still too dazed to answer. The brandy had been good, and he had had another refill while watching his wife being fucked by his son.

“Now tell me about my daainee (witch / enchantress) Mother.”

Subho was incoherent or perhaps he was trying to dodge the question. But Sheela had a way of squeezing answers out of her drunk husband and the story that she and her son heard sent a shiver up their collective spines. Of a young tribal girl being kidnapped, confined and raped by Sheela’s father. Of her anger and hurt exploding in a wave of rage and destruction that threatened to destroy his world. Of the sorcery of Subho’s father who managed to trap her in a state of sex denial and enbalm her in piece of magic parchment. Of her being kept in a state of suspended animation with minimalist sexual stimulation. Of a deviation from minimalism that had resulted in the unexpected birth of Sheela. Of the payment that was extracted in the form of her daughter, Sheela, who carried in her, her mother’s powers. Of how that had destroyed the sorcerer’s genitals when he had tried to savour his prize and of how he had managed to cover all this up in the form of her marriage to his son, Subho.

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