Lessons Ch. 03

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Learning Three

Chris answered the door. He was surprised by what he saw. A redhead with curly hair, slightly more freckled than his sister, a softer face and nicely shaped (to Chris), with a very nervous smile stood there staring at him.

“Um, hi. Is Brian here?” she asked, clearly nervous.

“Y-yeah, he and Amanda are here. I’m Chris,” he replied, staring back at her.

“I’m Brianna. Our parents hated us.” She smiled.

“Hey Bri! We’re in here!” Brian called from the living room.

“Um, may I come in?” Bri asked in a small voice.

“S-sure, excuse me, please come in.” Chris suddenly felt like a child. He thought she was very pretty.

Brian hugged his sister and they all sat down Amanda sitting next to Brian, leaving Chris and Bri to sit next to each other. Brian made official introductions, then started talking to his sister.

“So, Bri, you find a guy yet?”

“N-no! Why do you always ask?” she responded nervously.

“Hey, I’m supposed to care for my sister. Chris cares about Amanda, y’know. Don’t you, Chris?”

“Of course, I do.” Chris answered firmly, trying to show confidence as Terri had taught him.

“Well, guys, I have to go get the pizza. Brian, do you want to come with me?” Amanda asked, smiling.

“Sure!” he answered. “I’m sure you two will be fine while we’re gone. Beer’s in the fridge, just don’t drink it all before we get back!” he laughed at the comical expression on his sister’s face.

Once Amanda and Brian were gone, Chris decided to try to talk to her. Worst case, it was good practice. “So, Bri, what’s your major here?”


“Would you like me to get you a beer?” He asked trying to pull her out of her shell.

“Not really.” was her noncommittal reply.

As he looked at her, she was looking away. He thought she was gorgeous, but she appeared uninterested.

“Well, if you don’t want anything, I’m going to play a game until they get back.” She gave only a slight nod in return.

He fired up his computer and used the TV as a monitor. He noticed she was watching when the game title came up, and then she began to pay a little closer attention.

“I’ve been playing this for four years now. I’m pretty good at it now.” Chris tried to get her to talk again.

“I’ve been playing for about a year.” She replied.

He typed in his username and password. He heard her gasp. “YOU’RE Christobal the Protector?”

“Yeah, why?” he asked, trying to keep her talking.

“You’re like the most powerful guy in the game that I’ve dealt with, I think. A few weeks ago, you saved some girl on the road from being eaten by ogres. Remember?”

“Let me try… Sylvia, no, that’s not it, but close… Cylena the Mistress of Magick?”

“That would be her… also, me.” She blushed.

“I tried to find you in the next town, but you’d vanished. I had something to give you that I can’t use. A Staff of Casting, it would give you more spells memorized.”

“My god I need one of those! Can you split screen this so I can log in?”

They began to talk freely, as the game broke the ice. He found himself occasionally focusing on her lips instead of what she was saying. She had moved close to him so they could share the laptop as they played.

They found each other in the game and managed to go kill the rest of the ogres in the area. When the last one fell, she threw her arms around him. “Those things have been trying to kill me forever! I’m so glad they’re gone!”

He looked down at her face and made a quick decision, bending close and lightly kissing her. She was startled but didn’t pull away. They kissed lightly for a while, then she let her arms drop and pulled away, blushing.

“I’m sorry, Chris, I don’t know what came over me.”

“What are you sorry about? I liked it, y’know.”

“But we don’t really know each other. I’m not easy. We would have to go on actual dates and stuff.”

“All right, Bri, what are you doing tomorrow night? I can afford a movie and some food, or if you’d rather we can come back here and play. Your choice.” He said putting as much confidence as possible into his voice.

“All right, let’s go see a movie. We need to get to know each other as opposed to our on-line personas. I’m warning you, I like chick flicks!” she grinned at him, blushing as well.

“If you’re there, I’ll enjoy it!” Chris was feeling pretty good about himself and her at the moment.

The door opened and Amanda and Brian came in, holding two pizza boxes and a sack of sides. They spread it out on the table as Brian began to talk to his sister.

“So, Bri, at least I didn’t have to pry you two apart when we came back. You weren’t trying to kill him or kiss him, so how did it go?” he asked with a laugh.

She blushed hard, and everyone in the room saw it. Chris came to her rescue. “She and I are going out tomorrow. Just a casual date, we aren’t getting married or anything. So, nobody got killed while you were out, no.”

“Chris, you dog!” Amanda said with a laugh. Kıbrıs Escort “She wasn’t here for an hour and you have a date! Toldja, Brian!”

“Yes, you did. And you were right, too. I give up. You won this round!” Brian laughed too.

“What’s so damn funny, Brian?” Bri asked her brother.

“For a few weeks now, Amanda has wanted me to invite you over to meet Chris. I told her about you, and she said you and Chris would make a great couple. I don’t like setting people up, so we just left you guys alone for a while to see what would happen. Amanda was right, I guess.” Brian admitted.

“Amanda, we girls have to stick together. So, you were right, of course. Chris seems like a decent guy. Thanks!” Bri smiled at Amanda.

Bri and Chris began dating. They did some hot and heavy kissing, there was over-the-clothes fondling, but nothing else. Chris tried everything he had learned, but she wouldn’t go further. He knew she wasn’t a virgin because they’d had discussions about sex. Chris’s admissions conveniently left out the parts about his sister. Bri was not particularly forthcoming about her experiences, but he knew she’d done more than just petting.

Two months later, Chris knocked on Amanda’s door. He knew Brian wasn’t there, and he wanted to talk to her about Bri.

“Come in!”

“Hey. I’m having a problem and you usually help. I need some advice, I guess.” He admitted, somewhat embarrassed.

“Is this about Bri?”

“Yeah. She’s great, really. We have a great time together. It’s just, when things get hot and heavy, she pulls back. She won’t go anywhere even under the clothes yet. I’ve tried everything I know, and I can tell she’s interested, but something’s holding her back.” Chris was at his wit’s end.

Amanda smiled slyly at him. “Tell you what. Invite her over tonight, we will all hang out. I think it’s time for a more proper introduction for you two.”

“What do you mean by that?” he asked, confused.

“Can’t tell you. You’ll find out tonight. I promise, Chris, this won’t be a bad thing. I kinda get her reluctance. So, are you all backed up? I’d be happy to blow you.”

“Oh god yes. I’ll never turn you down.” His frown turned into a smile.

“You don’t think you’re cheating on Bri?”

“Not really. If anything, I’d be cheating on you with her. You were first. I know it sounds fucked up.” He hung his head.

“Actually, I get it. I sometimes used to feel that way about you and Brian, but I got past it. Tonight’s going to be a good night, Chris. Now whip that big thing out!”

He pulled his half-hard dick out and his sister stretched out on her back on the bed, hanging her head over the edge. “Fuck my throat, Chris. You know I like it and you love it!”

He stood close her, pulling his pants down as he moved his cock toward her mouth. He grew hard immediately as she licked him, then he put it in her mouth, sliding all the way to the root as she swallowed. He pulled out, she took a deep breath, then reached over her head and grabbed his ass, pulling him in again. He let her set the pace. It wasn’t long before he was feeling close.

“Gonna come soon, Amanda!” he said through clenched teeth.

She pulled him out. “On my face!” she said, then swallowed him again. He stroked a few more times, then pulled out and aimed it at her.

“Ohhhhrrrrrrr!” he growled as cum spurted out covering her face. She kept her eyes closed as he painted every little bit. When he stopped, she opened her mouth for him to put his deflating cock inside so she could clean him. Then she used her fingers to push the come on her face into her mouth, loudly licking and sucking them. He brought her a washcloth to clean around her eyes so she could open them.

As she wiped her eyes, she began to giggle. “What?” Chris asked.

“You were really backed up. Dumb girl doesn’t know what she’s missing!”

“She’s not dumb! She’s just confused.” He defended Bri.

“You have no idea how much, Chris. But we’re gonna fix this tonight.” She smiled as she continued to clean her face.

“Should I be worried?” He looked like he already was.

“It’s gonna be ok, Chris. Brian even agrees, so tonight it is. Now, the only thing to remember is to go with the flow tonight, OK? No crazy Chris. Be like you were with Terri. Calm and cool.” She had the same smile on her face as when she introduced Terri to him.

“I’ll be ok, I just wish I knew what was going on.”

“A few more hours. Text her now.” Amanda assured him.

He went to get his phone, texted her, then sat down in front of the TV. It was just background noise for him as he sat wondering what was going to happen tonight. His sister seemed confident and that helped a bit.

It took two hours, but Bri confirmed her visit via text. Brian came home, showered, then disappeared into the bedroom with Amanda for a bit. When he came down, he sat beside Chris. “Hey, I hear Bri is coming over to hang with us tonight.”

“Yeah, my sister has some giant secret thing Lefkoşa Escort to tell me, but she’s making me wait.” He was clearly nervous.

“Actually, that would be me with the secret. Can I tell you something first?”

“Sure, Brian. We’ve always had a decent relationship.”

“I know you fuck your sister. I know she blew you today.” Brian grinned at Chris.

Chris felt himself freeze. Was Brian going to kick his ass? Terror began to creep into his brain.

“Hey, you look scared, Chris. Take a breath. I’ve known for a while, actually. I’m not mad, not angry, not jealous. I just wanted to get that part out of the way before Bri shows up. I don’t want you to be scared tonight, but I figured that if we got this out of the way first, you’d be cool. Calm down, Chris. I’m not going to make you stop. OK?”

Chris let out the breath he’d been holding. ‘What the fuck kind of guy was Brian, anyway?’ he thought.

“So, you’re not mad, and you don’t mind if we keep doing it?” was Chris’s incredulous question.

“Bingo. Shake on it?”

The two men shook hands, then Brian looked at him. “Y’know, after she does you, she’s always hornier for me. She gets wild sometimes, although I bet you know that. As long as it works like that, how can I be jealous?”

“Dude, you’re kinda weird.” Chris answered back.

“And that’s why this whole thing works!” Brian answered, laughing. “Go get a shower, clean up good. I’ll let you know when she gets here.”

Chris went up and cleaned up, then was getting dressed when Amanda yelled up the stairs for him to come down. Bri was there. She’d brought sub sandwiches for them all. He gave her a quick kiss, watching as she blushed. They ate then Amanda brought out a bottle of tequila and insisted everyone have a shot. After the first shot Amanda glanced at Brian and he nodded. She took the floor.

“All right, everyone, I think we all know this isn’t just a dinner party. There’re some secrets in the room, and tonight they need to see the light. Bri, you get the first question. Are you a virgin?” She asked the question like she was asking what kind of pizza Bri liked.

“N-no!” she answered nervously.

“I know. Now, who took that precious bit of purity from you?” Amanda was smiling at her, still keeping the conversation style light.

“I’m not telling you!” she answered, angrily standing up.

“Then I will. It was me.” Brian spoke up. Bri blanched and sat down, staring at her brother.

Amanda spoke again. “Now, Chris, how do you feel about that?”

“I’m assuming she wanted to, and it wasn’t coerced, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. He cares about her, he probably worked hard to make her feel good.” He answered, as he desperately tried to go with the flow.

“Good. Now Bri, you need to listen. I didn’t get to take Chris’ virginity, I set a friend up with him to do that. A small mistake on my part.” She held her fingers an inch apart. “He learned a lot that day. Since then, he hasn’t been shy about showing me what he knows and letting me teach him more. So, to put everything we’ve learned today simply, Brian and I fuck our respective siblings. It’s not like we love them romantically, but we really enjoy the sex. I know where Brian was earlier today and I know what he did. Bri, I heard you came like a screaming banshee! Just so you know, I blew Chris earlier. He coated my face. He cums a lot, and I think you might enjoy it. Brian and I figured that this whole thing needed to come into the open, so nobody gets worried about ‘cheating’.”

She used air quotes to make her point. “Brian and I don’t view the sex with our siblings as cheating, and neither should you. It’s two siblings showing each other how much they care, but in a physical way, that’s all. You two should tell each other what you think now.” She poured everyone another shot as Chris and Bri looked at each other.

Chris was the first to break the ice. He’d had a hint of what the evening was to bring. He took his shot, took a deep breath, and started. “Bri, I have no issue with this. Keep doing what you’re doing with him. When you’re ready for me, I’ll be here.”

Bri was crying a little. “C-Chris, the only reason I wouldn’t have sex with you was because I was worried about you finding out about Brian and that it would tear us apart. I like you, Chris. A lot. Brian and I fucked this morning and I was insanely horny. It was all you, all I thought about was you. He knew it, too. Are you sure you’re ok with this? I mean, I just found out about you and Amanda. I’m a little freaked out, but mostly because it’s surprising to find someone else doing the same thing I was hiding. I have no concerns about it, or how it affects us. Like you, I understand what it really is, what it really means. What does this mean for us, Chris?”

“I think it means we’re gonna have sex soon, Bri. And if it’s half as good as I dream it to be, we are gonna be two happy people!” Chris answered her.

Amanda spoke up. “Bri, I want you to know Girne Escort one thing. That thing is his pants isn’t fake. The boy is ‘built like a soda can’, as a friend of mine said. If you like a wide one, he’s the guy for you!”

Bri blushed. “I wondered. It seemed huge through his pants. I was hoping it wasn’t fake. Uhm, Chris, did you have any plans tonight?”

“Not really.”

Bri glanced at her brother. “Chris let’s go upstairs to your room. We need to talk.”

She turned red as she spoke, but her voice was firm.

“I want to talk to you too, Bri. Do you guys’ mind if we go upstairs?” Chris asked his sister and Brian.

“Go ahead! We’re going to Amanda’s room too, so ignore any noises you hear!” Brian laughed.

Chris and Bri walked slowly up the stairs together and into his bedroom. He shut and locked his door, watching as she sat on his bed. She gave him a smile and patted the bed next to her, indicating for him to sit.

“Chris, I like you. I really do. Now, finding out about this, I think I like you even more. You’re not a crazy jealous type. I don’t think I’ve met anyone else who would let me keep fucking my brother. It’s pretty impressive, Chris. I want to make absolutely one-hundred percent sure though that you feel that way, though. There’s no one else up here, just me and you. How do you really feel about this?”

“I like you too. A lot. I was being honest downstairs. I don’t have a problem with what you do with your brother as long as you don’t have a problem with what I do with Amanda. It’s just part of who we are, part of us. I need to know something though. Were you planning on doing something together tonight? I don’t want to push you into anything.”

“Don’t be stupid. I’ve wanted you for weeks. Tonight, I’m gonna find out just how big that thing is! I want to warn you, I’ve been known to scream a bit. I’m pretty sure that you’re going to make me scream, hopefully a lot. How about we start simple? I’ll take off your clothes and then you can take off mine. I want to explore a bit before we jump into it.” Bri was blushing but looking at him with lust in her eyes.

“That’s a good start. I think foreplay is great, so we have all night as far as I’m concerned. We can figure out what we like!”

He was a little nervous, trying to remember everything that Terri had taught him and what he’d learned from Amanda.

She reached for him and pulled his t-shirt off, running her hands down his chest. “I don’t want to make this weird, but you’re only the second guy I’ve ever been with. Tell me if you want me to do something, or to stop, or whatever.”

“Bri, we have a lot of time to learn about each other. Let’s just go with what feels good, and then we can worry about fantasies later.”

She giggled as she reached for his buckle, undoing it, then opening the button on his jeans and sliding the fly open. His pants fell to the floor on their own, and his briefs bulging in the front. He stepped out of his pants, and she reached around and grabbed his butt.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a while now!” she smiled at him.

She then grabbed the waist of his underwear, pulling them out and down over his bulging cock.

“Holy shit, Amanda wasn’t kidding! That thing’s fat!”

She dropped his briefs on the floor and looked at him.

“I think it likes me!” she grinned, watching it pulse as he looked at her.

“My turn now!” he replied.

He slid the buttons of her blouse through the holes one by one. Once it was open, he slowly slid it off her shoulders, folding it gently and laying it on the chair. He put his hands on her waist, sliding them up and down, then around and meeting on the snap of her pants. He unsnapped them, then slowly slid the zipper down. He pulled them over her butt, rubbing his hands on it along the way.

“Damn you’re pretty.” He spoke quietly, almost as if he was talking to himself. He folded her pants and put them on the chair as well.

He opened the front-hook on her bra. He slid it off slowly, exposing her large breasts, noting her erect nipples and large pink areolas. He bent forward and licked her right nipple, watching as it responded to his touch causing a shiver to race over her body. He took her black panties off slowly, sliding them down over the slight curve in front and finding she had a neat bright red ‘V’ shaved into her mons just above her slit. He could smell her arousal as he dropped them to the floor.

“You’re such a beautiful woman!” he told her.

“Thank you,” she blushed. “Chris, how do you feel about oral?”

“I love it on both sides. I think every guy in the world loves a blow job, but if you don’t give back, I think you’re an idiot. The girl who taught me made sure that I understood how important it was to give back. I’ve learned to enjoy it, quite a bit.”

“Rock, paper, scissors, Chris.”


“Just do it.”

They followed the ‘one, two, three’ ritual and she had paper while he had rock.

“Guys always pick rock!” she laughed. “This means you have to do me first! After that, I’ll do you.”

“Not that I mind, so lay back. I take my bets seriously, so be prepared!” She scooted back on the bed, and he climbed in between her thighs. “Y’know, you’re very pretty.”

“Says every guy in a position like this!” she laughed.

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