Left Alone To Her Own Devices

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Amanda Keen was widowed two years ago, only three days after celebrating her fifty-fourth birthday. Husband Kenneth died of a massive heart attack, leaving her well set financially and with a gorgeous mansion overlooking the Cumberland River outside Nashville, Tennessee. They never had children, a fact that Amanda had often regreted, even more so now that Kenneth was gone. Now she had no one; but she had gotten use to being alone and actually began to enjoy the solitude. She became a total recluse. Bill paying and even banking was done over the internet, and groceries were delivered to the residence.

Amanda wasn’t a raving beauty by any stretch of the imagination. More of a plain Jane you might say. Standing only five foot one and slightly

pudgy at about 148 pounds, she had a thick luxurious head of dark brown hair that was just beiginning to grey at her temples. Her face and entire body was covered with a downey covering of light blonde peach fuzz, which seemed to really stand out against her rich deep suntan.

She and Kenneth had enjoyed a very happy twenty year marriage, and an even happier and very fulfilling sex life. Shortly after the two year anniversary of his passing, Amanda was clearing out some of Kenneth’s belongings and came across the briefcase full of porno DVDs and old video tapes that they had so often watched together. It finally hit her, that it had been two years since she had even taken the time to think about sex. There was just no reason to do so, not a spark of desire had existed. She merely sighed heavily and slid the briefcase under her big bed with the mirrored headboard, and thought no more about it. That was about to change.

That night as she prepared for bed, the thought of the porno materials came to mind as she slipped her thin transparent nightgown over her totally nude body. Walking to the solid mirrored doors of her closet, she twisted and turned at all different angles, checking out her curves and proportions with a seldom seen smile on her face. “Not bad for an old widow lady” she said aloud, and slowly lifted the hem of the short diaphanous garment up her creamy thighs.

Turning around and glancing over her shoulder, she raised the gown to her waist and gazed at her smooth bubble ass. It hadn’t changed in shape, maybe just become a little more firm and round if anything. Kenneth’s favorite position had always been doggy-style. He loved gripping her wide hips and watching his meager six inch rod going in and out.

Turning back, she eased one shoulder strap down and freed a breast, lifting it high and letting it fall back into place. Her tits were still very firm, still coned shaped and hardly sagged at all. Sighing again, she dropped the gown back down and crawled into the huge lonely bed. Once more, the briefcase entered her mind. Leaning over the side of the bed, she pulled it out and layed it next to her on the mattress. Gingerly, she opened the snaps and began sorting through the various DVD titles. In her hand was one entitled “Alternative Pleasures.” Oddly, she didn’t remember ever watching that one. Maybe she had just forgotten the title or something.

She got Escort Sefaköy up and padded across the deeply carpeted floor and placed the disc in the entertainment centers’ player. Grabbing the remote she crawled back into the bed and turned off the nightstand light at her side. The room in total darkness now, she pushed the play button and lay back to see what happened.

The opening scene was of a man with a huge dangling cock, licking the very hairy pussy of woman who was probably even older than her fifty-four years. Memories quickly flooded her mind as she recalled how much Kenneth enjoyed sixty-nining with her. She thought of the many multiple orgasams she always had as he would lick, suck and tongue fuck her. Oh god, how she was beginning to miss his cock. Kenneth only had about six inches, but it was fat and thick. And it kept her perfectly satisfied for twenty years. She had no complaints. Until this moment.

Amanda had always wondered how in the world any tight little pussy could ever accomodate those big long cocks. She watched on, as the older woman crawled on top of the man and slowly eased her wet bush down over his mouth. As the camera showed him lick up the lips of her cunt from clit to asshole, it panned down to show her licking the oozing precum off the huge fuckpole in her hand as she slowly pumped it up and down, pulling the foreskin back and forth over its glistening tip.

The tingling between Amanda’s legs was more than she could stand. Slowly she pulled the flimsy gown up to her pudgy waist and slipped one hand down to cup her protruding hairy mound. The heat and tingling she was feeling there was amazing! Sliding her index finger down between her pussy lips, she felt the wetness of her dripping juices. “Oh fuck! I’m so damned wet” she whispered to herself, as she continued to just tease her cunt with her slick finger. A moment later, she removed the gown, throwing it to the foot of the bed.

For the next minute or so, the action played on. Then the camera panned back to show an old woman; much older even than herself, watching that very movie, and plunging a big cucumber in and out of a big old stretched out pussy. Amanda gasped at the sight. “What in the world?” she said aloud. Be she couldn’t seem to look away or shut off the disc. She was facinated and somewhat turned on by this filthy display of passion she was viewing. Now just sliding her finger up and down through the hairy lips of her own pussy was no longer enough. Slowly, gently Amanda eased her trembling finger inside the warmth and wetness of her cunt. For two years, nothing had been inside her love tunnel except the nozzle of a douche bottle.

“My God! I am so damned wet!” she mused. “I can’t do this. This is crazy!” Amanda wanted to stop. Right here, right now. But even her own lewd cuntplay was making her hotter. Making her even more fucking horny! She now eased a second finger into her cunt, as the old woman in the movie pulled the shining wet vegetable from her pussy and sucked her own juices off of it. As the woman in the film reinserted the massive cucumber into her sloppy splashing cunt and began Yenibosna escort bayan pounding it in and out, Amanda herself began in earnest now, feverishly finger fucking her own wet pussy with elevated enthusiasm. “Oh fuck yes, this is what I need! AHHHHH! I need to cum so badly!” She inserted yet another finger into her cavern of lust, and twisted and turned her wrist as she pleased her hungry opening. Her other hand massaged her coned breasts and teased their stiffening nipples.

The scenario on the screen changed again, now showing two more middle aged women at opposite ends of a big leather sofa. They were watching eachother using dildos on their bushy hair-framed cunts. Heads thrown back in pleasure they moaned and whimpered “Fuck me! Put that dick up in this pussy! The one on the left wet her fingers with spit and placed them on her clit, rubbing it in circles and teasing back the little hood that tried to hide it. The woman on the right side got up to her knees and turned her big white ass to the other. Leaning over the arm of the big sofa, she slid her hand between her spread legs and teased her juicy gash with the head of the rather large rubber cock.

Amanda was startled at just how exciting it was watching the artificial dick sliding through the wet hairy cuntlips of these two women. “Lokks sooo fucking goooood! she whispered, “Christ almighty it looks so damned gooood!” Remembering her mirrored headboard, Amanda rose to her knees, turned and bent to look at her own round mound of assflesh. By the bright glow of the television screen she saw shining wet streaks on both asscheeks, where she had been fingering herslef and rubbing her behind. Watching intently, she slipped her fingers through the hairy jungle of her nether lips, plowing them faster and faster into the hot depths of her inner being. “Cum damn it, gotta’ cuumm! Oh fuck I gotta’ cum again..please! It’s been oh sooo long!”

Turning her head back to the movie, she saw the woman who had been on the left, now bent down behind the one bent over the sofa arm. She had taken over the envyable task of dildo fucking her friend, and was licking her asshole as she did it. “Give it to me honey! Feels just like a real cock in my juicy hot cunt! Pull it out reeeeaaal slow while you lick my asshole baby! Ah…fuck yeah….AHHHHHHGGG!! I’m cuuuming again honey!” When her climax subsided a bit, the woman who had been licking her ass moved around in front of the one bent over the sofa arm. Raising one leg, she placed her foot up on the arm of the furniture. Then she lewdly spread her juicy pink cuntlips open for her friend’s gaze.

“My turn baby” she ordered. “Put your mouth on my pussy! Tongue my clit and lick this wet cunt!” Listening to this filthy language was really beginning to have its affect on Amanda. For the next few minutes, the movie concentrated on the woman getting her wet pink gash licked and tongued by her friend. As the woman climaxed and rubbed her cum dripping cunt in the other’s face, the scene changed once again. Amanda could feel her own pussy juices running down into her asscrack, as she continued to frig her Halkalı escort wet lips and hot hole.

There on the screen was an attractive chubby woman probably in her forties, walking into her bedroom fully clothed. She was wearing a dark green dress and appeared to be just coming in from shopping, as it showed her throwing a few packages and sacks on the foot of her bed. She had short black hair, alot of makeup and a plump bubble-shaped ass. “This is rather boring” Amanda said, as she started to fast forward the disc to something else. Just as she reached for the remote, her curiousity got the better of her as she watched the woman take a rather large mirror from her dressing table, and place it on the floor.

Standing over the mirror, the camera view showed up the woman’s dress. Her thin white panties plainly visible, the woman slowly lifted the hem of her garment up to her waist. All the while, the camera stayed on the view seen in the mirror. Holding the bunched up dress around her ample waist, the woman squated down over the mirror. As the camera shot tightened in on the view, a thick very protruding thatch of hair was clearly showing through the sheer white underwear. The crease between the woman’s cunt lips was evident now, and Amanda was getting turned on all over again watching the display of this personal inspection by the woman on the screen.

Next, the woman rubbed her finger right down the middle of that crease in her panties. Then she slid a finger under the elastic legband, pulling the crotch of the panties to one side. Appearing like early morning dew on the grass, the pussy lips seemed to be glistening with moisture. Amanda was entranced by the hairy slit, and said “I never realized a pussy could look so fucking good!” Pulling slick finger to her mouth, Amanda sucked on it like a miniature prick, savoring the sweet yet slightly salty taste of her cum.

The woman on the screen stood and eased out of the confining panties that covered her wet tangled jungle. Squating again, she gently opened the delicate lips of her furry flower, revealing the dripping pink inner lips and hot opening of her cunt. In exact time with the woman’s fingering of the juicy hole, Amanda did the very same. Within seconds she spread her own legs wider than they had been in two years, and literally hammered her fingers in and out of her slippery wet gash. “Aaahhhhhh yes! C’mon pussy..cum! Oh fuck yes! Fuck..fuck.. fuck!” Amanda screamed, as the dam inside her cunt let loose with a huge gush of her viscious fluids. “Oh my pussy feels so fucking goood! Using every dirty word that came into her mind, she continued to pleasure her slippery hot snatch. “Oh my pussy…my hot slick cunt! I need a big fat cock in my snatch! Aaaaahhh..lick my hairy juicy slit! Lick my asshole damn it! Finger fuck my hot ass!”

Amanda Keen drifted off to sleep, not even bothering to shut off the disc player. She awoke the next morning and searched the briefcase for something to watch that evening. This was about to become an everynight thing. For the next few days, she was busy going on the internet ordering a vast variety of sex toys. Next she began catalogue shopping for three video cameras. She already knew what she wanted to do, and what she wanted to see. Within a week, she would have everything she needed. Everything she needed to properly take care of her long neglected pussy.

Next chapter coming soon: The Deliveries Come, But Not As Much As Amanda.

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