Learning from My Brother

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I was watching TV with my older brother Dan (I am 18, he is 22), while he was home from grad school; I complained that I didn’t know how to get more sex from the girls I dated. He agreed that girls tend to be cautious about allowing sex, for a bunch of reasons.

He explained, “if a girl learns how to masturbate and gets good at it, it is more pleasure for her than having some clumsy guy use her, especially if all he does is fuck her in ways that don’t give her as much pleasure as masturbation would.”

“If a girl or woman truly “loves sex” with a male, she will tend to be fully occupied once guys learn about her readiness to “give out”. A lot of what is said about girls in school is simply fabricated gossip, based on jealousy or imagination or both. Guys will brag about having sex with a girl who refused to even bestow a goodnight hug on him.”

I didn’t say anything about his conclusion, but did ask about female masturbation. I didn’t realize that a lot of girls get very good at masturbating, which they learn at an early age from other girls or teach themselves if they wait until hormones surge.

That makes perfect sense, and it also makes sense that they would not brag about it to me. Or even admit it if I were crass enough to ask.

Then my brother said, “I assumed that once you were 18 last month, you would be having sex with mom. Once I was 18, I had sex with her almost every day until I got a regular girlfriend. Even since then I have sex with mom when it is convenient and nobody else is around. I love it and I have to believe she does also!”

I exclaimed: “WHAT? Wouldn’t she get upset and maybe tell dad?”

“She never told him about me! She seems to love having me hug her, kiss her, touch her and fuck her… but she doesn’t really talk about it. In fact, she never says a single word about the sex or touching. When it comes to sex she is VERY passive, almost like a robot or someone who has been hypnotized? She would probably be like that with you also. She has a very nice body and her body responds in amazing ways, but you need to actually try it and I’m sure you will love her every bit as much as I do.”

I take my time and she does react in ways that suggest pleasure, but she is VERY passive. Even so, I am pretty sure she usually has an orgasm… but she will not talk about it. When I have tried to talk about anything sexual, before or after or during, it is as if she was a deaf mute. I can tell her to spread her legs and she spreads them… tell her to suck my cock and she sucks it… but she just won’t talk about it with me… not before, not during and not after. It sometimes seems like it had never really happened, not ever, even though I either got a blow job or fucked her almost every day I was home after I was 18. It didn’t start until I was 18 because that would have been illegal, she could have been jailed for fucking a child.”

I already loved my mom plenty, and already knew she was a wonderful person and already knew she had a very sexy body for an older woman. I was confused. I sort of knew that having sex with my mother would be considered “wrong”- and my dad would probably beat the shit out of me if he found out… and I also realized that MAYBE (just maybe) my brother was “putting me on” – to get me to embarrass myself by making a move on mom.

I did a quick internet search and discovered that incest between consenting adults, even CLOSE genetic relatives, even parent-child IS LEGAL in New Jersey and we have always lived in NJ. My mom was out working in the kitchen, so I decided to call his bluff while he was home, just in case he was “jerking my chain.”

“OK, I would love to have sex with her, right after YOU prove to me that she has sex with you any time you want it. I will watch to see how you get her to cooperate… then when you are done, I will do the exact same thing you did.”

He laughs and said, “I need to save myself for Gina tonight… but I will get her started and watch so I can TELL you exactly what to do.” It will be sort of strange, like she is in a hypnotic trance- but pay attention, she really loves sex if you do it right. She may not be saying anything, but she can tell if you LOVE her and want to give her pleasure, or if you are just USING her for your own pleasure.”

He went on to explain that if I just started kissing and hugging mom, she would not resist… or would not resist much. She would NOT SAY ANYTHING, but she might pull away some, or even push me away. But would not do more than that and if I persisted, she would cease all resistance and just “enjoy”. Even if I couldn’t make the experience enjoyable for her, she would tolerate without resistance if I did not hurt her, even if I was not very attentive to her pleasure.

“She will know you are inexperienced and will try to help you in subtle ways, but she will not tell you what to do, And she WILL stop you if you are hurting her.”

He said the same attitude toward hugs and kisses was true for touching her body, removing her clothes, sticking his cock in her mouth, telling her to change position, and fucking her. He said that if he told her to get on his cock Etiler Escort and ride it, she would not say yes, no, nor maybe. She would say NOTHING, but would do it!

If his cock was there to sit on, she would get on his cock and ride it and seemed to find ways to make sure she DOES enjoy it.

“If she is riding your cock “cowgirl”, you can tell her to turn around and she will understand what you said and she will do it. IF she doesn’t understand, you can probably just explain it by moving her into the position you want. If she doesn’t do it the first time you tell her, just keep repeating the physical activity or the command.”

I challenged Dan by asking: “So if I pulled off her panties and started kissing her cunt she would not say NO, she would not say YES, she would just allow me to do that?”

“Yup, absolutely.. and she always seems to enjoy it a lot when I do that if I take time and pay attention to what she likes most. I don’t think dad does much for her in terms of “her pleasure”. He fucks her and sometimes she comes, but he is really fast and finishes in a minute or two. I have watched them and it is like nothing happens for her. She resumes whatever she was doing after putting on her clothes if they were removed. But you know she wears a loose skirt, and you should also know that she often doesn’t wear panties – I think she knows her scent will turn me on faster that way.”

“Panties or not, you can just go reach up and finger her cunt and she will not say a word. I am pretty sure she likes it, but she has never said anything about it. If she is on her period, she will have a pad, not a tampon… but if you move the pad and don’t mind the bloody mess…you can still fuck her, even during her period.”

“Is she like that with just anyone? or only people she loves like family?”

“I don’t know for sure, I have never seen her with anyone else, but I sort of suspect that anyone who is bold enough to risk rejection can have whatever he wants, even if she does not enjoy it. I don’t think she would allow anyone to HURT her, but I’m not sure because I have never tried that.”

I had a plan: “OK, it won’t spoil your evening with Gina if you do the oral sex thing now, and just stop and I will follow every move you make in the order you make them.”

We went into the kitchen where she seemed to be getting food ready for dinner. He hugged her from behind and she kept working. He reached around her and squeezed both her breasts and … she jiggled a little but didn’t pull away or say anything. He knelt down and reached up under her clothes and she made a sort of sound, but she didn’t actually say anything and didn’t try to move away. He then pulled down her panties and pushed at one of her legs, then the other, to get her to lift that foot as he removed her panties and gave them to me.

Out loud, so mom could hear what he said, he told me: “Smell these, she has a wonderful scent. In fact maybe you should crawl over there and get your head up under her skirt and lick her some. She can reach around you to the sink. Go for it!”

By now I was quite excited- I did LOVE my mom and had always thought about how sexy she looked… and so far her reactions seemed to prove that everything he had said was totally TRUE. I really wanted to do what my brother just did and then do what he said he had been doing for a couple of years! And even if it was some kind of trick to make fun of me- it seemed like I would enjoy that kind of trick!! So far there was no reason to doubt anything Dan had told me.

But just in case he was spoofing me, I said, “I do believe you, but I’m sure you can understand why I want to be CERTAIN… so maybe you could finger her and have her suck your cock. That won’t spoil you for your girlfriend, will it?”

“No. And I am impressed that you are so cautious. But I also want you and mom to enjoy each other. Watch and learn little brother.”

What was crazy was that she could hear all of our discussion and had nothing to say about any of it!!

Mom had resumed doing something to prepare the evening meal. She did look around briefly but didn’t say anything. He walked over behind her at the sink and put his arms around her and hugged her again, saying “I love you so much, Mom…you are the very best. and the sexiest woman I know”.

She didn’t say anything- not “thank you”, not anything. Nor did she compliment him, she was silent He kissed her neck and reached around to cup her breasts, and as before, she said nothing and did not pull away. He reached under her blouse and undid her bra so he could play with her nipples and then expose her breasts for me to see – she does have beautiful breasts and I really really wanted to go over and play with them and kiss them and maybe suck on her nipples.

But she just kept doing whatever she was doing in the sink.

He waved to me as he knelt down again and I heard her sort of sigh or moan as his hand went up under her skirt again. He kept waving to me and I came over behind her… she looked briefly but didn’t react in any way that suggested she didn’t want both Fatih Escort her sons right there with her. Her blouse was still up over her breasts and her bra with it- so I pushed up against her and reached around to fondle her breasts and gently tease her nipples. She just kept working but knew it was my hands on her breasts, not Dan’s. His hands were busy under her skirt. She did seem to slow down her kitchen work. I wondered if she was enjoying all the attention… that seemed likely.

My brother told her “put that in the sink for a minute, I want you to show how much you love us. Sit on the chair.” She waited until I let go of her and took two steps then sat down at the breakfast table, on a chair my brother had turned away from the table.

He had her stand and pulled up her skirt, then pushed her gently back so she sat down again and he spread her knees and Dan got between her knees and started licking at her wide open cunt. It was sexy the way she spread them even more as he started licking- I considered that to be sort of proof she was enjoying what he was doing, but she said nothing.

He waved to me and despite my amazement at what was happening, I just stood there. He briefly looked up but didn’t SAY anything to me, he just reached at my zipper and made a down movement with his hand. I sort of “woke up” and unzipped my pants, then unbelted and pushed my pants and jockeys down so my stiff cock jumped out. My brother straightened up and put a hand behind Mom’s neck and pulled her head forward to my cock and without anyone saying anything, she just sucked my cock into her mouth.

My brother returned to licking her cunt, and sad to say I started cumming in about a minute, but it seemed like Mom did also. She was bouncing around a lot compared to when he started.licking her.

She must have felt the pulsations and tasted my cum, but she persisted and I had like the best ejaculation ever, but she didn’t lose a drop of it.

My brother stood her up and pulled down her skirt, but didn’t do anything with her blouse or bra, he just pulled me with him as we went back in the other room as he said to her, “We both love you SO much.” But she said nothing.

Her expression was sort of blank, but she did not seem upset or disgusted. After I got through telling my brother what a great blow job I just had, he reminded me that fucking her was even more fun. Then he said, “Go in the kitchen right now and say ‘Hi, what’s for dinner?’ “. I was hesitant, but he had been totally correct so far.

“Hi, what’s for dinner?”

“Mom looked at me briefly and answered, “Chicken and corn, but it won’t be ready for an hour; your dad called and said he would be home late.”

I went back in the other room and didn’t really know how to express my amazement and excitement. We started watching TV and he got us some beers from the fridge. After half an hour had gone by, my brother noticed I was playing with myself (as I thought about what had just happened with mom). I already had an erection… he said something like “Still horny. Now is a good time to prove I know what I’m talking about.”

I did have a full erection and I did want to fuck her… but it seemed sort of “greedy” and I told him that.

“I am almost certain that she loves it more than we do, and actually can’t get enough. I think she already had two climaxes and will have a third one when you fuck her because she is all warmed up.”

We returned to the kitchen and he hugged her and told her how much he loved her. He undid her bra again (she had refastened it) and once again exposed her breasts and started playing with them. He signaled me to reach up under her skirt, and as I knelt down, I said “I love you so much, Mom”. Her hairy pussy was dripping down her legs and it got me so excited to think of having my cock in there to slide around and be squeezed and warmed by her cunt… that I didn’t want to wait. Plus my dad might come home early.

When he teased her nipples, it seemed that she pushed toward him to get more of his attention to her breasts. I tried two fingers into her vagina, and she sort of grunted but did not say anything and did not pull away, she actually just relaxed onto them and I considered using a third finger. I would later learn that she loved getting three fingers in a way that stretched her some, even if the cock she got in there was not as thick as three fingers.

Dan wrapped his arms around her and hugged her and said, “We love you so very very much, you need to know that every minute of every day.”

She did not reply but seemed to hold very still as he signaled to me then to use my cock. I wasn’t sure what he was doing and I stood up and allowed her skirt to drop. He must have realized I wasn’t sure the “best way” was, so he had her move away from the sink and bend forward so she could lean against the sink as he pulled up her skirt. He could move her and pose her like a mannequin – she did not resist and she just stayed where he put her or adjusted slightly for comfort..

He even spread out her legs a little more, so my cock was now at a perfect Halkalı Escort level to enter her from behind; my target was more obvious with her bent so her upper body was horizontal and her big breasts hanging free while her hands provided a pillow for her head and support to allow her to lean forward like this. I was impressed by the profuse pubic hair she had, but her labia were spread enough that I could see the pink inner lips beckoning my cock. Before now I had thought that the vagina was in front and was a hole where guys have a penis, but that vagina is oriented almost straight down and it is the clitoris that is there in place of the male penis.

She had black hair everywhere, not just on her pubis but all around her genitals and even on her butt and her upper thighs near her pussy. I knew I had a lot of body hair and all the dark body hair on mom was probably part of our mostly Greek ancestry.

Dan waved me forward and signaled me to put my fingers in. She sort of moaned and pushed back against the fingers- I had only put the tip of my longest finger (the middle finger) in and when she pushed back, it disappeared into her with my index finger which had been right next to it..

She pushed back again to get my fingers all the way in, and as my fingers disappeared into her and she gave a whispered groan and I could feel my fingertips bumping against something (which was her cervix, but I did not know a lot of anatomy at the time).

My brother pointed to my cock, so I pulled my fingers out and moved closer so I could direct the tip of my cock into her cunt. When she felt it in her, she pushed back the way she had against my finger, and my cock went almost all the way in, and with one more small movement of her hips, she had my cock balls deep, and I could feel it hit the tip of my cock against the end of her vagina (her cervix) as she sort of sighed and groaned at the same time. If you have wondered about the different sensation having sex from behind or from the front, some can be related to curve of the stiff penis, but also the part of the penis that gets rubbed by the cervix is different. For most guys, “doggy position” allows the cervix to rub the most sensitive part of the penis, because most women have a uterus that tips FORWARD and thus the cervix is on the FRONT side of the vagina.

I was so stiff and so excited by the warm tight wetness that I didn’t really think of anything else, but then I worried I would come too fast as I had when she sucked my cock. But I guess the earlier experience had reduced the pressure to cum, because I got to pump her for several minutes and I think she had orgasms every few minutes. When that happened I would wait and pull back- but she would always push back against me after a short pause.

“Just keep humping until you are done”, my brother whispered, but I am sure she could hear him, she was right there.

“She takes pills so she will not get pregnant.” She started pushing back as I pushed forward and that was enough to get me off the second time. I finished but didn’t have a handkerchief so I took a dish towel to wipe off my cock and balls, then sort of mop up her pussy, and pull down her skirt.

My brother and I went back to watch TV and as we left, I noticed that mom had picked up whatever she was doing in the sink and had continued.

He was right- she had not said a word. She didn’t resist. She didn’t consent, but she did seem to enjoy… and enjoy a lot.

My brother looked at me and laughed, then said, “I bet you still don’t believe me- why don’t you go in the kitchen and tell mom you love her and give her a big kiss on the lips, then pull up her skirt and lick her clitoris… so we can ALL be sure you know exactly where that is?”

I had to admit to him that I had heard the word but did not really know where or what it was. When I kissed her there before, I just was kissing a big wet area. He drew a quick diagram and told me that if I simply stick my tongue in where I just had my cock, then licked straight up… that would “do it”. If she reacts, just keep doing it until you get tired or she does not react.

She will NOT say anything, but you might try telling her something like “you are so sexy” and “I love you so very much”. She won’t say anything, but maybe you can convince yourself that she wants you to do this.

I did what he said and realized as I did it that I was getting some of my own cum in my mouth. I had jerked off a thousand times, but had never tasted the cum.. of course I could SMELL it but the taste was more than just the smell. I must have spent a long time at it because my brother commented “did she climax again? is that what took you so long?”

I told him I wasn’t sure… but the truth was that I was pretty sure that her reactions were pleasure and climax… but so strange that she did not say anything. My dad got home exactly when he said he would, and as we sat down he asked “anything good happening today?” and we all agreed it was a nice day and we were mostly just talking and having a beer. My mom said, “It was a very nice day.” and it seemed that as she said that she looked directly at me and then at my brother, a little longer than she usually would, and smiled… but my father either didn’t notice, or didn’t care? And maybe I was imagining it? The entire experience did seem like something I had imagined but not really experienced because it is so strange to have someone so quiet about something so amazing!

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