Laura Jean Ch. 01

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Laura Jean is girl-next-door pretty with an athletic build. She’s no beauty queen so when I paid attention to her she was thrilled, even though I am quite a bit older than her, I’m a handsome guy and physically fit and when I asked her how old she thought I was, she guessed no more than 30-35. I am actually 47, so I lied and said I was 35. But even 35 is old to a girl just past her 23rd birthday.

Girls like Laura always fall for bad boys like me. I don’t know why. When nice wimpy guys show interest in them, they keep them as friends. But the only men who arouse real passion in girls like her are men who act cool, confident, and funny. So that’s what I do. I admit I am a bit on the domineering side, maybe even arrogant. (I’ve been called that many times). I honestly don’t know why they put up with me, but they do. They not only put up, they put out. They don’t always look like movie stars, but I have always been attracted to the young girl-next-door-types. A lot of them fall for guys like me and I don’t question it. Maybe I’m a challenge to them. For me, it’s all about conquests and easy sex. Hey, if they’re so willing to give it, why should I turn it down?

Laura was a student/part time waitress who waited on me one evening in a restaurant downtown. I sized her up right away. I could tell by the way she looked at me she was an easy target. Picking the low hanging fruit. She’s young and has a bubbly personality and she likes to please other people. To test how “pliable” she was. I ran her ragged.

“Bring me some steak sauce.”

“Get me some more water.”

“Bring me another napkin.”

“Take this back it’s too rare, and bring me some more bread. Hurry up.”

I never said please, but she always apologized and did what I told her every time without any dirty looks or backtalk. Oh yeah, this girl was definitely fuckable.

I left her a nice tip and slipped my business card in with the charge card slip. On the back I wrote “Call me tonight when you get off work.” I figured, if she called me, I would score. If she didn’t, what the hell. Nothing ventured, nothing fucked.

I almost forgot about her after ogling another much hotter babe at the Pine Grove Bar. But that girl had a ring on her finger and gave me attitude and dirty looks. I figured my usual “charm” wasn’t going to work with her.

My cell phone rang.

“Hi, this is Laura from the restaurant.”

“Meet me at the Pine Grove bar in 10 minutes.” Then I hit the end call button. If she showed up, I knew I was in for an easy lay and probably a couple of blowjobs at the minimum.

I didn’t want her to think I was already there waiting for her, so I went Escort Beylikdüzü out to my car and waited for her to walk in. I waited a few more minutes to keep her guessing and make her worry I might not show up. Then I strolled in and told her to get us a couple of drinks, while I grabbed a booth in the back. She ordered and paid for the drinks and brought them to me as if she was still waitressing. I wasn’t being mean, just establishing who was boss.

She asked about me and I gave her a bio that was about 50% true. I pretended I was a lot richer than I am, and higher in the corporate structure, and she bought it. I learned a long time ago not to ask girls much about themselves. Being a good listener is for those other wimpy guys she calls “friends.” Whenever she turned the conversation around to herself, it was downright boring so I changed the subject. A few times, I let her ramble on, so I could eyeball her chest. I was pretty sure I could make out two very slight bumps in the front of her uniform where I was sure her nipples were hiding. I know she caught me ogling her a few times, but she didn’t say anything. So I started staring right at them openly.

She saw me gawking and asked, “Like what you see?” with a touch of sarcasm.

Ah, the girl had some spunk after all. I like them a little feisty. If she gives ME spunk, I’ll let her taste some of my spunk later.

“They’re kinda small, but I like ’em — I like tits any shape or size.”

She obviously didn’t know what to say or how to take it. She didn’t get upset, so I figured it was time to make my move.

I stood up, paid the rest of the bar tab and said to her “You’re a nice girl, Laura. Kind of pretty. Maybe a little skinny, but what the hell. You wanna fuck?”

She was shocked by it and a lot of girls would have slapped my face and stormed off. But she shrugged her shoulders and said “Sure, Ok.”

“Let’s go to your place. I’ll follow you.” I told her.

Her place was an ordinary garden apartment but fixed up nice inside with cheap but attractive furnishings. I used her bathroom and made her wait. I always make them wait. It makes them want me more.

When she went into the bathroom, I got naked and got into her bed. I loved watching her peel off the uniform. No bra. Nice little A-cup titties and a flat belly where I could almost count her ribs. Watching her undress gave me an erection, so I pulled the sheet off so she could see it. When she reached for a nightgown, I told her she wouldn’t be needing that.

“Just lose the panties and get over here.”

I kissed her and sucked her tits and then pushed her sweet face down toward my Escort Bahçeşehir crotch and told her to suck me. Without hesitation she gave me a pretty decent blowjob, especially after I told her how to do it the way I like it. It was great the way she wrapped her lips around the whole head and swirled the top with her tongue. She swallowed too. I really like it when they do that. {As if I give them have much choice. You just have to hold their heads down on it and don’t give them too much warning you’re about to cum.)

She gave good handjobs too, and got me hard again pretty quickly. I finger fucked her and got her moist. When I was ready, I had her roll a rubber on me, pushed her onto her back and shoved my cock up inside her and banged away like she was a ten-dollar hooker.

The sex wasn’t that great but it wasn’t bad either. I’ve had better. Her cunt was nice and tight, which is one of the reasons I usually prefer young and thin girls. Their cunts are usually as tight as a midget’s asshole. I liked that I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my dick just as I was cumming. But tight as she was, the oral sex was better. I got two more blowjobs from her: one more that night, and another one before I left in the morning. It was the least she could do to thank me for spending the whole night with her.

I told her she had my number as I was leaving and told her to call me if she wanted some more company again.

“I notice you didn’t ask for MY phone number. Does that mean you don’t plan to see me again? You expect me to call YOU?” There was that same feisty bit of sarcasm I’d heard before.

“YOU call ME. I’ll come if I can. It was fun. I’d really like to do it again. Tonight even. “

She paused then said “Ok. I get off work at 11. Come by at midnight. You know your way here, right? You want my phone number in case you get lost?”

“I won’t get lost. Be wearing that nightgown you almost wore last night. I want to see it on you in it tonight.”

All day long I thought about fucking her. I kept thinking about how great it felt having her lips wrapped around my cockhead and about squirting jism into her sucking mouth. By 9pm I was so horny I was tempted to show up on time at 12, but decided to make her wait until about 1 am. Gotta keep them guessing, and never let them think you are too anxious to fuck them. Drives them nuts.

“You’re late,” she said.

“Yeah, I had to let my juices build back up. I got all worn out from screwing the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders all night. Pour me a Scotch on the rocks, will ya?”

“I don’t have Scotch. I have some gin.”

“Ok. I’ll have a martini,” I said as I sat down on her sofa.

She brought me a strong martini and some kind of drink for herself and we chatted for a few minutes. Her hair was still wet because she had taken a shower and she had changed into the nightgown like I told her. But she had a big fluffy bathrobe on that was hiding her little body.

“How ’bout you lose that bathrobe and show me that nightgown.”

“It’s cold in here.”

“I’ll warm you up.”

The damn nightgown was practically transparent. When she peeled it off, I could see two dark circles where her nipples were and a dark triangle that didn’t quite disguise her pubes. The silky material was clingy and draped her curves and outlined her hardened nips. Her face reddened slightly.

“Come over here and sit on my lap.”

My hands were all over her the second she sat on my lap and kissed me. I let her kiss me on the lips and neck while I groped her tits and then her crotch. She began breathing deeply into my ear and planting soft kisses on my lips. That girl was hot for me.

I inserted a finger and found she was moist but not real wet. I rubbed her clit for awhile and got her humping my finger. I purposely stopped just before I thought she was going to cum. I wanted to keep her unsatisfied for awhile. I think the man should always cum first. Maybe a few times first.

“Give me one of those great blowjobs you showed me yesterday.”

She kissed her way down my chest, lingering on my stomach while her hand pumped my shaft. I was unusually horny and almost came when I felt her lips wrap around my cockhead. She pumped my shaft hard the way I like, and gave me a sweet rim job until my grunts told her I was getting close. I moved my hands to the back of her head.

“Swallow it baby,” I grunted between deep breaths.

She did. I erupted like a geyser and filled her mouth with a good load. She kept sucking the entire time and continued after my peak making the pleasure last a nice long time. After I recovered, we kissed and we fingered one another until she was wet and I was hard again. Then we fucked. Her tight little channel had so much friction I almost came too quickly again. But I paused a few times to hold off and fucked her for a good 15 minutes before finally exploding.

“Take my rubber off,” I told her as I rolled off her.

“YOU do it” she said in her feisty tone.

“No, I want you to do it. Take it off and drink the cum.”

“I don’t want to.”

“What’s the big deal, you swallowed all my other loads, didn’t you?”

She finally shrugged her shoulders and squeezed some cum onto her tongue as if it was toothpaste. She opened her mouth wide to show me, then swallowed

“Good girl.” I ate her pussy as a reward for being so compliant and gave her a couple nice orgasms before we both fell asleep. And of course, I got my morning blowjob for staying the night.

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