Kitty Gets Naughty

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Kitty views her naked body in the full-length mirror. She’s trying to decide on what to wear for her 30th birthday party on Saturday – always best to plan ahead with these things, she thinks. Her instinct says safety first as usual. Jeans, sparkly top and safe shoes, perhaps? A knee-length skirt, sparkly top and safe shoes? Or maybe a knee-length dress and safe shoes? She sighs to herself and wonders what would happen if she got a little bit naughty for a change? You know, make a bold statement. “Thirty but not dead yet!” She remembers the party she went to last summer and how she felt so out of place among all those girls in their sexy short skirts, their low-cut sun dresses, all of them bare legged and sporting the most amazing array of semi pornographic shoes. The party eventually descended into an orgy and, despite feeling a guilty wet thrill, an aching curiosity, she gave into her moral side and left in disgust. Those girls had no shame or self-respect, she thought on her way home in the taxi cab, trying hard to put out of her mind the sight of her friend Gloria being fucked by three men on the pool table. And her, a married woman! Yet on the next day at work, it was Gloria who held the high ground, teasing Kitty about being so stuffy and moralistic.

A text message alert startles out her out of her daydream and, speak of the devil, it’s from Gloria, offering to go shopping with her for an outfit. Kitty calls her and arranges to meet but before ringing off, she takes a deep breath and asks:

“Gloria, can I come to your club with you, after my party on Saturday?”

Her friend hesitates.

“Babe, I’m sorry, but you know I can’t bring watchers. It’s just the rules.”

Kitty lingers for a few seconds and has it on the tip of her tongue to tell Gloria to forget she ever asked. But she pushes harder.

“But what if want to take part?”

A few more awkward seconds tick by before Gloria responds.

“Look, tell you what, we’ll talk about it when we meet. See you at eleven!”


Gloria usually likes to shop first for a while and then have a coffee break to discuss progress, look over various bargains, and plot the next offensive on unsuspecting stores. This morning, though, is a bit different so she suggests coffee first and sits Kitty down at a table on the terrace. It’s time to put her straight about the club. She lights up a cigarette, disregarding the no smoking signs all around, and takes a deep drag on it.

“Listen babe, it’s not for me to tell you what to do, but I would strongly advise you to think again.”

Kitty is exasperated by her friend’s negativity.

“But I’m serious! Really!”

“Maybe you are but let’s be honest here, you’ve no experience of the sex party culture, and you know how you reacted at that party, last summer!”

Kitty blushes and looks down at her feet, remembering to book a pedicure. Urgently!


“Yes, I hear you.”

“Yeah, well multiply by ten sweetie and you’ve got the club.”

“But I’m tired of playing safe all the time. I want to take some risks, experience something exciting for a change.”

Gloria peers at Kitty over the rim of her shades, like a teacher with a child who’s never going to be good at art. She takes another puff from her cigarette and exhales out the corner of her mouth.

“Take up rock climbing! Learn to fly!”

“Oh Gloria! Don’t make fun of me!”

“Well I’m sorry but you’re not ready to just walk into a club like that and go with it, you know?”

“What am I supposed to do then?”

Gloria shakes some chocolate powder on the creamy surface of her latte and takes a sip, leaving her with a comical, creamy moustache. Kitty smiles and hands her a paper napkin.

“You need to ease yourself into the culture babe,” says Gloria, wiping her sensuous mouth.

“And how?”

“Well if you’re really serious, me and Terry will help you.”

Kitty was not expecting this. Terry is Gloria’s husband.


Gloria tosses the cigarette to the ground, stamps it out with her heel, and finishes her latte with one tip of the cup.

“Yes, really. I’ll pick you out a hot outfit now and you can come round tonight.”

This is all very sudden. Kitty doesn’t know what to say but the very idea gives her a little buzz of excitement and makes her squirm in the chair. She’s always had a secret thing for Terry.


Gloria and Terry spend some time that evening explaining to Kitty the whole sex party culture and how it works in the context of their club. She sits in the armchair and listens to them carefully, trying to take it all in but, looking across at the couple on the sofa, just feels so strange. It’s like one of those tacky, late night TV programmes. “And tonight on Terry and Gloria’s World of Sex – Kitty goes wild!” She suppresses a giggle, knowing that her friends are being so kind and don’t really have to help her out with this at all.

For eryaman escort her part, Gloria doubts that her friend fully understands what’s involved. There is a big difference between theory and practice and Kitty is, after all, one of the most moralistic, principled women she knows. She doesn’t want to see her compromise her values on a mere whim borne out of insecurities about her age or her sex life. She knows that’s what’s at the bottom of all this.

“Kitty, everybody who goes to club knows they can have sex with anyone, regardless of looks or personality, and sometimes even in groups of three or four. Of course, you can say no if someone’s being an ass, but if you refuse too many times for no good reason, or you’re too inhibited, you will be seen as a watcher and asked to leave eventually.”

Kitty nods, trying to show that she understands and accepts what they are telling her. The couple exchange a certain look before Terry gets up and approaches Kitty, his hand outstretched to her.

“Come here, babe!”

Kitty hesitates. Babe? She’s known Terry for years and he’s never called her Babe before but she complies and allows him to help her to her feet. He places his strong hands on her shoulders and turns her to face Gloria. Standing behind her now, he talks softly in her ear, his breath warm and ticklish. She sighs and relaxes.

“Close your eyes now Kitty and imagine you’re at the club. The music is loud, hot and pulsing. There are people having sex everywhere you look – on the dance-floor, in different rooms off the dance floor, and it starts to turn you on. You spot Gloria in a raunchy dance with two half naked men. And just off the floor, I am taking a much younger woman from behind. Are you seeing all this?”

Kitty nods, letting Terry’s low, hypnotic voice bring the whole scene to life in her head. He slips his arms around her – one around her waist, the other in a diagonal across her chest – and caresses her breasts through the low cut top she bought that morning.

“Imagine then what would happen if you felt a stranger’s strong arms slip around you like this. Imagine his lips on your neck, hot and wanting, almost sucking your flesh.”

Terry’s voice trails off as he starts to lick her ear and suckle the soft lobe. He slides his hand under her top to caress her warm, bare breasts, making her shiver and shudder, making her tight and wet between her legs. She knows in her mind that this is so wrong, that she’s never ever allowed a man to touch her body so intimately first time round, never mind handle her like this. And this was Terry, Gloria’s Terry! And Gloria is sitting right there watching him do it to her!

“Is this good for you, babe?” he whispers. “Do you want to go on?” She gasps and nods her head.

Terry grasps the back of her neck and bends her forward. She lets out a little yelp of excitement and keeps her eyes closed tightly. The scene is so vivid in her mind and she shudders as she feels his cock enter her from behind. He gives her a long, slow, rhythmic fuck. It makes her teeter on her high heels but his firm hold prevents her from losing her balance.

As he thrusts into her, her imagination takes flight. Another man approaches her and offers her his large, thick cock . She imagines herself taking him in her mouth and sucking the tasty meat. Soon, some other men gather round her, all naked and erect, so many cocks all wanting to take their turn on her, wanting to cum inside her and all over her. The thought sears into her consciousness and makes her cum hard on Terry’s cock, her pussy clenching on it and coating it with its slick juices.

What happens next snaps her out of her trance. Rather than finish her off, Terry pulls out and brings a firm hand down on her ass. She yelps with shock but the hot sting feels so intense it almost makes her cum again. She opens her eyes and turns to see him pad away to the bathroom, wishing it didn’t have to stop so soon but relieved that he didn’t cum inside her.

“Did you enjoy that, sweetie?” asks Gloria, who is now sitting with her legs spread, pleasuring herself with a small, pink vibrator.

Kitty sits down on the floor to watch her work it over her swollen pink clit.

“Yes I did enjoy it. I didn’t expect it though.”

“He just wanted you to realise the reality of what happens at the club so if you didn’t like it then just forget about it because it can damage you otherwise.”

Kitty nods and smiles. Her mind is made up, though, because she never realised until tonight what a thrill it is to be claimed and taken like that. When Terry returns, she kneels up and takes him in her hand to get him hard and thick again, this time for her mouth. Gloria smiles, slides down beside her and together they bring him to a shuddering climax, sharing his load in a creamy kiss. The old Kitty would so disapprove.



“So did you have a good time last night?”

Kitty looks up at Tom, her manager, as if he had just asked eryaman escort bayan her was she raiding company funds. She feels her face burn with guilt and wonders just how much he knows. She glances across the floor to Gloria, who is in conference with two other brokers. Surely she didn’t tell him everything?


“Dinner? At Gloria’s?”

“Oh, yes it was great”, she says with a smile and a nod. “Very enjoyable!”

He smiles at her and hands her some accounts to check over.

“Can you come back to me on these before lunch?”

“Sure. No problem.”

Tom has been wooing Kitty for the past few months but getting nowhere, a source of exasperation to Gloria who thinks he would be a great catch. As usual, she’s right. Tom is an effective manager, demanding sometimes but fair and reasonable, with a good eye for the welfare of his staff. He seems a decent, kind, good humoured man and quite attractive with his dark looks and a strong, well-toned body. She remembers the mixed doubles squash game she played with him against Gloria and Terry a few weeks ago and how Gloria drew her attention to his body afterwards. Kitty objected. He was her boss and she was not going to complicate the professional relationship. After last night, though, maybe she will give him a break and date him at last? Not before she tries the club, though. Until then, she is committing to no man.

Yes. Perhaps this is the start of a new lifestyle for Kitty? Gloria and Terry showed her a side of herself last night she barely knew existed. She loved how they helped themselves to her and especially enjoyed being spanked and eaten out by them both. She had fun playing the naughty girl, begging them not to spank her and promising to be a good girl in future. And she loved drifting off to sleep with them in their bed, her hot, sticky body entwined with theirs. There was no embarrassment this morning. There was no guilt, no regrets – just a hot soapy threesome in the shower. It was a perfect end to an amazing new experience.

She smiles to herself and looks across to Tom’s office. His door is open as usual and he sits talking on the phone, looking every inch the bad boy: jacket off, tie loosened and feet up on the desk. For the first time since coming to work at the firm, she finds herself fantasising about him; how it would be to go to him right now and straddle his lap; how it would feel to tear open her blouse and press her big breasts in his face and feel him suckle them; and how it would feel to slide down on his cock and ride him slow and sexy until she felt him explode deep inside her.

That would be so good, she thought, but also very bad of her. He would have to discipline her for unprofessional conduct; he would have to subject her to a hot spanking until she promised never to behave like that again: unless, of course, he ordered her to. She squirms in her seat, her pussy tightening, oozing that sweet juice of excitement as she thinks about the feel of his cum splashing her spanked ass, soothing her tingling skin and making her feel so dirty.

Just then, he looks up and catches her staring across at him. He smiles and waves to her and she smiles back without showing any unease. It was funny but only two days ago she would have reacted differently to being caught like that. She would have gone bright red and knocked over her coffee cup or something, drawing even more unnecessary and unwanted attention to herself. But, thanks to Gloria and Terry, she feels liberated and empowered today. And guilty? Yes, there is a feeling of that deep down but it is quite, quite delicious and something she feels she could exploit for her own pleasure.


“Excuse me Tom. These accounts seem in order.”

He receives them back from her with a smile and invites her to take a seat. She accepts and sits with graceful ease, crossing her long shapely legs and waiting for him to speak. He gazes at her for a few seconds as if searching for words and then breaks into a bashful grin.

“I’m, sorry Kitty but I can’t help noticing something different about you today. It’s been on my mind all morning!”

This amuses her. He knows what it is but he can’t say. It’s her satin shirt, buttoned down for just a hint of cleavage, her short skirt, her silk stockings and those sexy but tasteful shoes. She slides a hand along her thigh and rests it on her knee, displaying to him her fine fingers and beautifully manicured nails.

“You do? I can’t imagine what. I’m just the same Kitty.”

“No,” he insists, “you seem more relaxed and self-assured.”

She laughs and shrugs but makes a vital mental note. Tom is a terrible liar.

“If you say so but no one else has said anything.”

They sit there looking at each other for a few more seconds before Tom changes the subject back to business matters. She tries to concentrate on what he’s saying to her but she finds it difficult to suppress the fantasy of seducing him right there in his office. And what about him? Is escort eryaman he fantasising about her? Is he looking at her legs and wishing he could spread them wide and lick her wet, throbbing clit until she came in his mouth? She shifts in her seat, uncrossing her legs and crossing them again the other way, hoping she’s giving him a flash of what he desires. She’s not sure, though, because his face betrays no hint of distraction. She hopes this is just Tom being professional and business-like and it’s rather assuring to think that he takes her seriously as a colleague. She’s always liked that about him, his respect for women, but she wishes he would crack right now and just take her like Terry took her last night. She wants him to manhandle her, throw her on his desk and be primal with her, fuck her hard like an animal, with everyone gathered round to watch.

“Okay then, Kitty, we’ll go with that!”

She blinks at him. Has he read her mind? She shakes herself and stands to leave. She has no idea of what he was talking about but she bluffs it.

“Sure. Sounds good to me.”

“Excellent. Now back to work with you!”

She smiles and moves to the door before remembering something else.

“Oh Tom, I meant to ask if you’re coming to my party tomorrow night? You got my invitation, didn’t you?”

He blushes and shrugs apologetically.

“Yes I did Kitty but I’m afraid I can’t make it. I’m sorry. I should have told you by now.”

The disappointment stabs at her in an instant but she makes an effort to play it off gracefully.

“Oh don’t worry. I understand.”

There is nothing else either can say. They just look at each other with regret.

She goes back to her desk and tries to focus on her work but for the rest of the day she has to fight back those old feelings of insecurity. It is only when Gloria comes to chat to her that she lets go and decides that she is not going to be defeated by anyone from now on. She is going to enjoy her party and celebrate her new beginning. And after that? To the club of course!


Her birthday party takes place at Gio’s Italian restaurant in town and marks the official launch of the New Improved Kitty. Original Kitty used to come to parties in rather plain, loose-fitting outfits that hid her figure and made her look rather unremarkable. But Gloria has done an excellent job as fashion consultant and tonight, the New Kitty turns out in a short black satin dress, cut low back and front, and a pair of rather daring strappy heels. Yes, the New Kitty is absolutely stunning tonight, and the look is finished off with beautiful pair of silver earrings and matching pendant, her birthday present from Gloria and Terry.

The dress is sexy, not slutty, but still gives the men lots to look at. It amuses her to observe its impact on them. The unattached men gaze at her firm breasts too long and run the risk of a slap. The attached men pretend not to gaze but they don’t fool her or their girlfriend or wife or whatever. And of course the wives and girlfriends take their disapproval out on her with hostile looks and gestures when, really, they should take their men outside and give them a good kicking or a blowjob.

Gloria’s arrives just then, interrupting her wicked train of thought. She’s late as usual but for once she’s deliberately dressed down, not wanting to take the limelight off Kitty. No Terry, though. Kitty feels disappointed but she plays it off as she greets her friend with the usual hugs and kisses. She is careful not to ask after Terry right away and make it seem too obvious. Instead, she hands Gloria a flute of champagne and together they indulge in their favourite past time: people watching.

“See any guys you’d have, babe?” Gloria asks, always so direct.

Kitty giggles, high on champagne, and looks around for a likely candidate.

“I’d have any one of them – in theory”.

Gloria laughs, knowing exactly what Kitty means. They’re all decent enough guys but there are no real hotties.

“It’s a shame Tom couldn’t make it, though.” Kitty just shakes her head and shrugs it off.

“I told you it’s no biggie. What about Terry, though?”

“He’s been delayed at work, babe. He should be along in time for dinner, though.”

“I should hope so, too!” jokes Kitty.

Gloria squeezes her arm and whispers to her.

“How are you feeling? Still up for later?”

“After the last night with you and Terry? Try stopping me!”

“Well I hope it will be good for you, sweetie, but try not to depend on us too much, okay?”

Kitty turns and looks at her straight on.

“What do you mean?”

“Just leave yourself open to possibilities, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Oh don’t worry! I intend to!”

“Good!” says Gloria, glancing at her wristwatch. “Well we should get a cab in a hour’s time and go to my place first. I need to change into something suitable”.

Kitty smiles and twirls herself in front of Gloria, her dress billowing up.

“I think this will do for me?”

“Oh no, Kitty, not your good dress”.


“No. Change before you go. Things could get messy.”

Kitty thinks about this for a split second and takes a hot flush. Whatever is she letting herself in for?

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