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Spring 1998

“Who are you, and what are you doing in my daughter’s room?” Barked out the black haired woman in the red kimono.

I was startled at the sight! My girlfriend had just called me over saying that her roommate had stepped out and she wanted some ‘company’. I had just let myself in when I found myself facing this lady.

“I’m a good friend of…” I tried to say.

“Quiet!” The woman commanded. “You’re dating my daughter aren’t you?”

I knew I couldn’t lie to this woman, she must be the famous tiger mother that my girlfriend spoke of.

“Ms Park?” I asked hesitantly.

“Who else could I be?” The slim olive skinned woman asked harshly. “Now answer my question!”

Ms Park was obviously faster witted than me, but growing up on the streets of Detroit I knew that wits weren’t enough.

“I guess I can’t lie to you Ms Park.” I said honestly. “We are dating.”

“You’re having sex with her aren’t you!” She accused with a pointed finger.

I was stuck in a corner with her words! I wasn’t sure if I could save my relationship with her daughter, but I could save my dignity!

“Yes we have sex.” I declared. “She’s a grown woman, and can make her own decisions.”

Ms Park made a face that could either be an attempt at holding in laughter, or a look of disgust. I was fairly certain that she didn’t tell her parents that she was dating and having sex, and now the chickens have come home to roost.

“She is my daughter!” She said raising her voice. “We worked long hours to pay for her schooling!”

I tried several times to interrupt, I wanted her to know that our relationship was genuine, but whenever I opened my mouth, she cut me off! I was starting to lose my cool.

Ms Park was on a roll as she rambled on, she finally finished with. “And I don’t want you to see her again!”

“Ms Park, let’s be honest.” I said calmly. “You can’t tell me what to do.”

“Like hell I cannot!” She blasted back at me.

“When you leave, we’ll do as we like.” I countered. “You can’t stop us.”

“I see.” She said.

If this were back in the hood, I would have dived for cover! Those words often meant that guns and knives would appear. This tiger mother was weighing her options.

When she made up her mind, she walked over to her purse and produced a cheque book. I held in a giggle, in the previous year I had helped my wealthy roommate out of a couple binds, his lawyer paid me so well that I was able to invest in real estate. I made so much on rental income that I was very well off.

“How much would it cost to make you go away?” She said holding a pen to her cheque. “Five-hundred?”

I held in a laugh, then spoke. “Surly your daughter is worth more than my monthly car payment?”

Ms Park looked up at me in surprise! Her shrewd business senses had perked up.

“A thousand dollars?” She said her voice rising in pitch.

“Ms Park, you don’t know how much I’m really worth do you?” I stated.

“Two-thousand dollars!” She said as if it were her final offer.

“Madam, you couldn’t pay me enough to forget altyazılı porno your daughter, we have a deep and special bond!” I clarified for her.

“Special bond…” Ms Park mused. “Is that what they call sex these days?”

I slowly brought my eyes up to meet hers, along the way I made sure I looked at her body. Her kimono was tight on her body, concealing plenty, but hinting at a great deal as well.

Ms Park must have seen my leering eyes as she replied. “Don’t think of it mister!”

I was so shocked by her words that I was unable to conceal it on my face. Ms Park caught this, and laughed at me. I quickly recovered as I spoke.

“If I can’t sleep with your daughter, I will need an alternative outlet.” I stated as I took a step forward.

It was now her turn to be shocked, and for me to laugh an evil laugh. Like a young Hercules, I figured out a way to slay the hydra.

“Are you suggesting that if I were to sleep with you, you won’t sleep with my daughter!” She said in a high pitched voice.

“I know you’re a married woman…” I said settling her fears. “But not only will I break up with your daughter, but I will also keep this a secret.”

I could see that she was struggling for words, and quickly closed the distance between us. The key to any swift seduction is to strike when the iron is hot!

I put my hands on her petite hips and brought my face down to kiss hers.

“We can’t.” She tried to say as my lips pressed against hers. “We just can’t!”

“Shhhhhh…” I said kissing her goosebump covered neck. “If you can’t satisfy my needs, I will go to your daughter, and you don’t want that…”

She melted under my gentle touches, and shuddered in anticipation. I moved behind her and pressed my manhood into her back, while my hands ran up and down the sides of her body.

If someone were to walk in, they would have seen quite the sight, at six foot two, I towered over the petite black haired Korean woman. My skin was a blend of reds and browns, and hers a deep olive.

At that moment it did dawn on me that the door should be blocked! Getting caught with my girlfriend’s mother was the last thing I wanted to happen!

“Where are you going?” A suddenly alone Ms Park asked.

I found the door stopper the girls used to prop the door open, and jammed it to prevent any interlopers from getting in. She smiled wisely at this, as she held her arms open to me as I returned to her.

We kissed deeply when I came back to her, although we had had been secret lovers for the last five minutes, we embraced as two deeply intimate partners. We slowly inched towards the bed together, when I halted and picked her up!

“Hey!” She cried out putting a hand on the top of her head. “What are you do… Ah!!”

I had tossed her on to the bed, then leapt on top of her, whereupon I started undoing her kimono.

“What are you doing?” She demanded between kisses.

“If you don’t like it rough, I can always switch back to your daughter.” I threatened.

“Fine!” She huffed in surrender. “Do your worst.”

I had her dress opened from türkçe altyazılı porno top to bottom, underneath was a magnificent sight! She wasn’t a busty woman, but her frilly brassiere, silk panties, and flat stomach hinted that I wouldn’t miss her daughter.

“Hey!” Ms Park cried out as I pulled up her bra.

I was done with the small talk at this point, as I attacked her breasts with fingers and lips. Like a lioness full from the hunt, Ms Park purred under my attention, however she yelped again when I slid a hand down her silken panties.

“Oh!” She screaked!

“Shaved?” I asked. “Why would a married woman your age shave?”

Ms Park stuttered unsure how to reply.

“You planned this all along didn’t you!” I accused as I fingered her vigorously.

There was no reply from her, there truly wasn’t anything she could say. This kid from the hood had out foxed the fox herself!

I quickly shucked off my pants and underwear, then straddled her upper torso. Ms Park was completely struck dumbfounded by this, and more so when I struck her with my hard penis in the face.

“What are you doing!” She stated. “I’m not that sort of woman!”

“You are now!” I said jamming my redish-brown beef jerky into her mouth.

She didn’t fight it, but allowed me to guide my manhood in and out of her expanded jaw.

“For a woman your age, you’re doing a marvellous job!” I teased.

Anger flared across her face, but stuck under me there was precious little she could do! She tried to speak, but with eight inches of penis rammed past her tonsils, all she could do was make a delightful hum on my shaft.

When I felt the rumble in my loins indicting that my own Mount Vesuvius was going to blow I pulled out of her mouth quickly to spray my hot magma across her face!

“Ah!” She cried! “What on earth… Ugh! What are you doing!!”

It was a good load of my seed! Looking down at my handiwork I could see there was a clump on her forehead, it was connected by a thin white strand of DNA across her eyelid to a second clump on her left cheek. She kept her eyes shut tightly as I did my deed, and when I climbed off she stayed very still.

“Ugh! I’m glad this is now over!” She barked. “Now get me something to clean up with!”

I walked around the bed to stand between her still parted legs.

“Who said we were done?” I asked as I pulled her silken panties aside.

“You finished, and so am I!” She roared oblivious to what was going to happen next.

Although I came, I was far from done. It wasn’t until I lifted her legs up and drove home my ebony gladius did she make a peep. She grunted, moaned, then like a defeated Carthage she surrendered to the superior foe!

She was wet when I first slid it; I was convinced she came when the first splash of semen on her face. As I hammered her well lubricated pussy, I looked down at Ms Park, she laid on her back clenching the bedsheets.

I’m not one for a single position, so when I tired of missionary, I pulled out and flipped her onto her stomach. I then lifted her hips to put her on all fours. hd altyazılı porno There was no resistance from her, it was as if she had embraced becoming a sexual substitute for her daughter!

I gripped her red kimono as I fucked her from behind, if I couldn’t feel her coming repeatedly, I could hear it! Each time it happened, she shouted it out.

I could feel a second eruption building inside me; I didn’t know if she were on the pill, or if it mattered. I however was lost in lust and was determined to pump my load into her tight mature Asian womb!

Amid our sexual noises, I could hear the door knob turning, then when that didn’t work a key being put in! I knew for certain that it couldn’t be my girlfriend… it had to be her roommate!

I didn’t want to be caught like this, but I also didn’t want to stop! Lucky for me, coming from the streets, I knew how to close a deal in an emergency!

“What’s going on in there!” Yelled a female voice.

“Huh?” Ms Park said confused.

If it were possible to fuck faster, I was doing it! The door was unlocked but the woman outside couldn’t get in, the door jam I placed there earlier was buying us time.

“Hurry!” Cried Ms Park as she looked back at me with a hand on her head; my warm cum was still on her face and dripping on the bedsheets.

I was almost ready to blow.

“Who’s in there? Let me in!” The voice yelled shaking the door!

“Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh!!” I grunted as I came.

If I had a denarius for every individual sperm I pumped into Ms Park, I’d be richer than Crassus! Forgetting that we were going to have company I kept fucking, I felt so good that I was good for a third round!

“Fuck!” Cried out an indignant Ms Park. “You weren’t supposed to cum inside me asshole!”

She extracted herself from my still hard penis and after a few failed attempts to slap me she swore and ran with cum on her face, to the bathroom. Reality stepped in, and I pulled on my trousers and sauntered to the door.

“What the fuck!” Called out my girlfriend’s roommate.

“Oh?” I said trying to buy time. “What’s up?”

“Tyreese, why did you block the door?” She asked.

“We were uh…” I tried to think of a reply, but really I needed a nap.

“Go fuck at your place!” The roommate roared, she was pissed.

“I wasn’t doing nuttin.” I said doing up my belt.

“Like hell!” She said walking around looking for evidence.

My girlfriend’s roommate was lean and Asian as well, her name was Xue, and part of me wish she came in sooner… perhaps she would have joined in! I was lost in my fantasies when she flared up again.

“Why is my geisha wig on the floor?” Xue yelled.

“Maybe you left it here?” I suggested then laughed.

She wasn’t laughing, she went to her closet swearing, I started looking for exits.

“Where’s my red kimono!” Xue roared, then said. “Where is Jun?”

Like a young Perseus deciding to fight the Gorgon another day I stepped silently towards the now unblocked door. Xue was ragging back and forth, however when the shower started she found a new door to bang upon.

“Jun!” She yelled. “Jun! I know you can hear me!”

Those were the last words I heard as I slipped out of the room. They’d make up, and there was little I could do to help the process, besides I exhausted and needed a nap.

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