Kevin’s Ups and Down Pt. 04

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I approached home, and as I slowed to turn into the driveway, I saw Monique’s red Mustang convertible driving down the street toward our house. I hit the garage door OPEN button and drove in carefully. As I pressed the CLOSE button, I saw Monique’s car entering the driveway, parking just behind the garage door. I stepped out of the garage and felt the surge of lust as Monique climbed out of her car.

Monique was one that I’d really been having as masturbatory fantasy fodder, the combination of her Dad’s British heritage, and her Mon’s Indian heritage had created an exotic, alluring mix. The smooth caramel color of her skin, black silky hair, and jade-green eyes, really got my hormones into overdrive. The Eurasian mixture had created a face that was exotic, and sexy as all hell.

I smiled, seeing her wearing a light summer dress, and from the way it moved, she looked naked under the dress. Oh god, more footage for my masturbatory vault. I did my best not to leer at her grapefruit-sized breasts, bigger than my Mom’s, as they swayed with the turning of her body towards me, her legs were firm and sleek looking.

She walked over, smiling, and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Kevin, so nice to see you again, my, my, you are growing up into such a fine man, in every way!”

Her eyes had a gleam in them as she said that, and I actually felt my face blushing. Compliments like that from women that had a great fuckablity quotient always did it. She smiled, then turned towards the house, I fell in behind her and riveted my eyes on her ass. I could see no hint of panties, oh god, she must be naked under the dress. Was Monique actually swaying her ass a bit, for my eyes? Or does she always walk that way? Am I just imagining things? Whatever, my cock stroking session after I went to bed was going to be a gusher, with the images that I had seen today.

We went in, and Mom smiled at both of us, she hugged Monique tightly, and their lips locked for a bit longer than a friendly hello kiss. I did my best to act like I did not notice, although I certainly did. Mustn’t let Mom think I’m a pervert.

Monique and my Mom had a lot of catching up to do, and before dinner, we were seated in the living room, and I took the opportunity to eye them up. Now that the house had our A/C working again, my Mom had changed into a lightweight summer dress, and I kept my eyes going back and forth, scoping out the charms and assets beneath those dresses.

When my Mom got up to go to the kitchen, I couldn’t take my eyes away from my Mom’s backside, the sexy sway of her ass cheeks underneath her dress, and when I looked over at Monique, she had been watching my gaze. I was mortified, but Monique smiled.

“It’s normal Kevin, look all you want, just don’t touch, unless a lady tells you to.”

That helped alleviate the tension, then Mom called us to the dining Çorum Escort room. My Mom’s dinner was delicious as usual, and I was pulled into the conversation.

My Mom started with, “Kevin is such a fine gentleman, he went to rescue a damsel in distress, her car had broken down, and without a second thought, he went out there to pick her up.”

Monique smiled, and replied, “Yes, you are turning into a fine man Kevin, you’ll be a great catch for a lucky girl. The girl you went to rescue, could she be the lucky girl?”

Oh god, what do I say now, I was able to reply, “Possibly, we really like each other, and after getting to know her better, I hope we can become boyfriend and girlfriend.”

I saw cryptic smiles, they both knew I could have said more, but, fortunately, they were content to leave it at that. After dinner, I asked to be excused and I went to the computer room in the basement. I saw my Mom and Monique settle on the living room couch, two wine glasses, and a bottle of Italian Merlot on the coffee table.

When I logged on, a chat screen popped up immediately. I eagerly answered it, thinking it was Dee. To my surprise, it was Anne, and when she activated her webcam, she was naked from at least the waist up, with a lust-filled smile. I filled my eyes with the sight of her great tits on display.

“Hello Kevin, I was hoping you’d be on tonight, Dee is busy right now. Did you like being watched? Did it turn you on? I want to get what Dee gets, you owe me the opportunity to suck on your hard stiff cock, and I also want my pussy licked. Judging by my daughter’s reaction when you were licking her sweet teen center, it looks like you know your way around a pussy very well. After you deflower my daughter’s sweet virgin pussy, I want my pussy to get a good hard fucking. Everything you do with Dee, I want to get also. Think you can handle that Kevin?”

I nodded eagerly, and Anne smiled as she got up from the computer chair, and she stepped back, oh god, she was totally naked. She posed to her best advantage, so fucking sexy, then she turned her back to me, and let me drink in the sight of her naked behind, that Queen of Diamonds tattoo on her ass pulling my eyes to her cheeks. She looked over her shoulder towards the camera. After letting my eyes drink their fill, she returned to the chair and sat down again in front of the screen.

“There you go Kevin, all yours, for when you are ready. My mouth is all hot and ready to suck every drop out of your prick, did you enjoy filling Dee’s cute mouth? I want my mouth to be filled up, just like hers, I love swallowing a big, juicy load of cum. My pussy is tingling, god I love to be eaten, and she’s all ready for your skills at pussy licking to be lavished on her. I’ll be just as bare and smooth as Dee, I like to keep myself waxed, and have a Brazilian that matches Çorum Escort Bayan Dee’s. Tonight, I’m going to masturbate to the things I want you to do to me. Dee is just about to sign on to her computer, so I’ll say goodnight for now Kevin. I’ll want what we just discussed real soon.”

She blew a kiss towards the camera, then the chat window closed. Five seconds later, the chat window from Dee opened. I had to concentrate on our IM chat, jeez, I’d had so much thrown at me, my mind was spinning.

After we signed off, I was restless, the computer wasn’t holding my interest. I went back upstairs, and from the top of the stairs, I could see into the living room. Holy fuck, my Mom and Monique were in a steamy clinch on the couch, mouths pressed tightly together, lips open to each other’s tongue. My heart started to pound, I could barely breathe, and my cock surged up.

They broke the kiss, and Monique whispered something to my Mom. She looked shocked at first, but then she started to smile and whispered something back. I scurried back down the stairs and figured I’d better let them know I was coming upstairs.

I called up from the basement, “Mom, do you want to use the computer? If you don’t I’ll shut it down, I was just about to log off.”

A few moments passed before my Mom answered back, “Go ahead Kev, I’m not going to be using the computer tonight.”

I went back in, powered down the computer, and whistled a tune as I went up the stairs. Monique came towards me, smiling, a wineglass in her hand. She handed it to me.

“At 18, I think it’ll be fine for you to enjoy a glass of wine with us, come and join us, Kevin.”

I took the armchair next to the couch and sipped at the wine. We talked about the normal, everyday things, school, sports, that kind of stuff.

My Mom stood up, stretched, and said, “Well, I’m tired, I’m going to bed.”

Monique flashed me a sultry smile, as she said, “I’ll join you, Lisa.”

I felt the rise, join, as in sleeping in the same bed?

I watched them climb the stairs, then Monique playfully goosed my Mom, she squealed, and said, “Oh I’m gonna get you for that!”

I could hear Monique reply, “I was hoping you would!”

I heard the footsteps overhead, then the opening and closing of my Mom’s bedroom door. My cock was rock hard, the imagining of what they would be doing made my mind spin. Even though I should respect their privacy, fuck it, I’d go crazy if I didn’t get at least a peek.

I glided up the stairs silently, avoiding the steps that I knew were creaky, and padded silently down the hall. I carefully turned the knob and eased the door open. My Mom’s bed was on the side of the room that was visible first, and what I saw was one of the most sexist sights I’ve ever seen.

A small bedside lamp was on, and Monique and my Mom were both naked, standing Escort Çorum next to the bed in a tight embrace. Their mouths were feasting on each other, and I ran my eyes down, seeing their breasts and bellies pressed tightly together, each other’s hands cupping their partner’s ass cheeks, pulling their hips together. The contrast between my Mom’s fairer skin and Monique’s darker skin was stunning.

My cock felt harder than ever. I wanted to stroke it off, god, I’d be shooting in less than a minute. I pulled off my T-shirt, I didn’t want to blow my load all over the place and let my Mom know her horny son had been watching.

Just as I was about to unzip, Monique’s voice cooed, “Come in Kevin.”

I froze, oh holy fuck, I’d been spotted. My mind froze, in a panicked rush at the feeling of being discovered, and the feeling of being even closer to the sight of two very sexy, and naked ladies.

Monique’s voice, a soft seductive purr, said, “Yes Kevin, come in, come closer. We know you’re there, come and watch us. Don’t make me come and get you!” she finished, with a giggle.

I nudged the door open wider and stepped in slowly. They were facing me, and my eyes tried to drink in the visions as fast as possible, wondering if this was a dream. My Mom’s lighter skin tone, the rise of her orange-sized melons, topped with stiff, cherry red nipples, the sleek skin of her belly, a trim waist and a curvy flare of the hips, a neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, the curve down to her legs, my mouth was dry.

I quickly swiveled my gaze to Monique, ummm, the generous swell of her grapefruit-sized milk jugs, her nipples a dark dusky red, big and oh so suckable, her tummy having just a slight, but super sexy swell, her black pubic hair was shaved down to a neatly trimmed landing strip, and her legs were firm and sleek. She walked over to me, the blood was roaring in my ears.

“So hard, oh my goodness, you must be ready to lose it. Lisa, I’m going to relax Kevin, he needs a blowjob, we don’t want to waste any of his cum. He can watch us, and get nice and hard all over again.”

My Mom was suddenly right next to Lisa, and she watched, lips parted and face flushed, as Monique was quickly on her knees, and in one move, swallowed my cock. Oh fuck, fuck, her mouth was hot, moist, expert, and alive, I tried to make it last, but it was useless. In 30 seconds, I could feel the cum bolting up my shaft.

“Fuck, oh fuck, fuck, yes, yes, YEEAAAHHH!”

I roared as my cock erupted, and I felt thick streams gushing, my cock pumping my load into Monique’s willing mouth. She kept me in until my prick was done, then she rose up. My load was still in her mouth, she grabbed my Mom and opened her mouth as my Mom’s mouth took hers. My god, my Mom was tasting MY cum. I could hear sounds of pleasure as my cum was shared between them, cum slick tongues sliding sensuously together, as they each eagerly swallowed my load.

Monique pointed to the bedside chair, and said, “Pull up that chair Kevin, and get yourself settled, and we’ll show you how your Mom and I make each other feel so good.”

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