Ken , Janet

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Ken stepped out his front door, and raised his face to the sun to take in the warmth of its rays. He took a breath, then went to begin the task of washing his truck parked in the driveway. He went into his garage, and came back out with a bucket, and an assortment of rags and sponges.

As he filled the bucket, Janet, his neighbor across the street, comes out to her mailbox on the curb. She takes a moment to admire Ken’s calves and thighs, as he bends over in front of the spicket. “A fine, chocolate brother like you is gonna melt on a day like this,” she calls wiping a bead of perspiration from her forehead.

Ken got a kick of flirting with Janet, and got a broad smile on his face. He turns his head to her direction, “Well then, you’d better hang around to sop me up,” he winks.

“I just might,” Janet grins and goes back to her house.

Ken returns to the task of cleaning his truck, bobbing his head to the radio he has on. Janet attempts to return to the task of cleaning her house, but can’t get Ken of her mind. Usually, she flirts with him, and then goes about her business. But today she can’t help peeping out of the window at him. He had on black spandex shorts, and a white, Y-back tank-top that allowed glimpses of his sexy ass– no shoes or sox. He looked way too good bending and stretching in the bright sunlight.

Janet gave up on her original plan. She got a glass, and a pitcher of iced-tea from the kitchen, then took a seat on her porch to enjoy the show. Janet watched Ken bend over to dunk his sponge in the bucket of water. Then as he rubbed it against the truck, the water would run back down his defined arm, or splash onto the front of his tank-top. Soon, Janet could see impressions of his nipples and chest hairs. She lifted the glass of iced-tea to her neck, and let the condensation run down her chest. The drops running down her cleavage were a refreshing sensation, but not as refreshing as Ken’s dick would feel in her pussy – which was starting to “run” on its own.

Ken was aware of Janet’s attention, and he liked it. Whenever possible he made sure to reach across the truck, so that his tank-top would raise up enough for her to see his ass. In monitoring her reactions, he noticed she would shift in her seat whenever he did this. When Janet came out to get her mail, Ken noticed that she had nothing on under her yellow sundress – which was little more than a comfortable lounge dress to Janet.

Janet liked to walk around nude in her home Antalya Escort on hot days like this, and threw on the dress thinking she would only be outside for a moment. But, the sun being slightly behind her as she went to the mailbox, Ken was able to easily pick out the outer lips of her pussy as she stood with her legs slightly apart. He wished he had stood up and let her see the dick swelling she was causing, but the initial opportunity had passed.

Ken put down the sponge, and grabbed the hose to rinse the truck off. But before he started, he took a moment t catch his breath. He noticed Janet pouring herself her third glass of iced-tea. “Enjoying the show?”

“There’s not enough flesh in it for me,” Janet called back with a grin.

Ken nodded his head, and swiftly took off his tank-top.

Janet’s eyes widened at the sights of sweatbeads cascading down his defined chest and six-pack.

Ken grinned, flinched his pecs, and started rinsing his truck.

Janet slid down in her chair a little more, and put the glass that she had been pressing to her neck between her legs. Her dress was between the glass and her pussy, but the effect was no less thrilling. She slowly moved the glass up and down, letting the cold mix with her own warmth. At this point, she really wanted Ken’s dick inside her – and fantasized about him walking over, burying his face in her pussy and drinking every drop of her. As she watched his back glisten in the sunlight, she moved one of her hands off the glass and underneath her dress. She cocked her leg to the side, and slid her fingers along her shaven pussy – spreading the lips to make soft circles around her clit.

Ken tried not to drop the hose when he realized what Janet was doing. He had driven this woman to masturbate, in the open – as cars periodically passed by. His dick was fully erect at the excitement he felt. He didn’t realize just how visible it was until that moment. He looked down and saw that his dick was pushing his shorts three inches away from his hips. At the front, left corner of his truck, he turned to face Janet’s porch – this gave him the best view of her. He continued to rinse the truck, but got so into what she was doing, absent-mindedly began running his hand along his dick.

Janet’s head went back, as she inserted a third finger. She lifted her head to see Ken with a handful of his dick, in plain view of anybody driving by, and started cumming. She sat up and squeezed Antalya Escort Bayan her legs around her hand to intensify the feeling, but never took her eyes off Ken.

Ken caught himself before he came on his shorts, and moved his hand away from his dick. Several cars had gone by, one even blowing its horn, but none of them broke the trance Ken and Janet had been in. They were lost in a lust for each other that neither of them wanted to find their way out of. They had an unspoken agreement to let their imaginations run wild.

He turned the hose off, and went into the garage to get towels to dry the truck off with. He purposely left the waistband of his shorts below his cheeks to give Janet a clear view of his dimpled ass. As he reached the garage, he heard a deep, hard sigh.

He had planned to blow her mind by coming out of the garage without his shorts. But when he came back to the truck, his mind was somewhat blown as well as he saw Janet was walking up his driveway with a glass of iced-tea and a clear wet spot on the front of her dress. “I thought you could use this,” she offered.

He looked at her a moment, “I sure can.” He pulled her dress, ripping it off her sculpted body at the seams. After a look at her, he used it to dry the door of his truck.

The sun felt good on her skin, as she moved behind Ken and picked an ice cube out of the glass. She put it to the base of his neck, and watched a stream form and run between his cheeks. Then she bent over, and licked up his back as far as she could reach. She set the glass down and rubbed her hands across his back, then over his shoulders and guided him to place his hands on the truck.

She picked up the glass and poured the remaining iced-tea down his back, then pressed her body against his – reveling in the heat of their bodies, and the cold of the liquid. As cars made their way about their driver’s business, Janet turned around and pressed her back against Ken’s. She slid down to feel his cheeks on her shoulders and set her empty glass down, then slid back up.

Ken turned, and grabbed her hand that had been in her pussy. He sucked her fingers one-by-one – Janet came again standing there. As he slid the last one out of his mouth, Janet grabbed his throbbing dick.

Without a second thought, Ken open the front door of his truck, started the engine, and turned on the AC full-blast. He opened the back door, and laid the seat flat. He pushed Janet, got in himself Escort Antalya and closed the door. Janet was on her knees facing the back window. Her juices were running down her leg, and Ken slid his dick in her with no problem.

“Fuck me, mutha fucker!” Janet ordered as Ken drove deep inside her. “You been dreaming about this pussy, haven’t you?! Fuck it, hard!! That’s it, mutha fucker! Fuck me, hard! Gimme that dick! Give me that big, black dick!”

Ken was sweating up a storm, but he didn’t care. He had wanted to fuck Janet from the day she moved in the neighborhood, simply because she was sexy. But hearing her talk dirty to him, was beyond what he imagined. He didn’t think she would be passive, but he had no idea she was this aggressive. “You want it? You want this dick?”

“Yessss,” she cried, “I want all of that dick, you gotdamn mutha fucker!”

“Then take it,” he grabbed her hair with one hand, and her hip with the other. “Take this dick!” The harder he pumped, the more she urged him on. He was pumping so hard they could feel the truck rocking. She put her head down to floor, and rested it on her forearm – which gave Ken deeper access to her pussy, so he pumped harder. He could feel her juice coating his nuts as they swung against her clit.

“You like it nasty, huh?”

“Yes,” Janet whined.

“Huh, I can’t hear you!”

“Yes, I like it nasty!” she screamed.

And with that, Ken shoved his entire thumb in her asshole. “Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Janet’s head shot up, “You bastard!”

“You like that shit, don’t you? Say it, say you love this shit!”

Janet did love it, but she was too far into an orgasm to say anything. Her mouth was open, but only unimaginable sounds came out. Her pussy was flexing and contracting like never before, and she tried to squeeze every drop of cum out of Ken’s dick. He fought it back as long as he could, but several loads of sperm shot deep into Janet. All either of them could do was hold on until their bodies stopped riding their roller coasters of sensations – which was the longest, most enjoyable 25 seconds of their lives.

Ken reached to turn the AC and engine off, then got out of the truck and went into the garage. Janet stepped out of the truck, picked her dress and glass off the ground, and crossed the street back to her home just as Ken’s wife pulled into the driveway. Ken, with his shorts on, came out of the garage just in time to lift his daughter into his arms, “I missed you, baby!”

“Where were you just now?” Sam asks coming downstairs from the bedroom.

“Across the street, finding out what Theresa was going to get into today. You want something to eat, honey?” Janet asks as she tightens her silk robe and goes to kitchen to fix her husband’s breakfast.

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