Just Turned 18

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This is a true story and happened in the days when safe sex was not getting caught by your parents or girlfriends and the only thing I’ve changed is a name or two.

When I was 15, I had enough of the scouts which I had grown rather bored with and decided to leave. They gave me a dispensation or something so I could join the Ventures and so I began socialising with the others, all 17 and over. It was great, more physically challenging and I think it gave me a better physique, I had always been slim but twice weekly cross country and other pursuits toned me up.

There were certain things I seemingly couldn’t do either by law or due to insurance regulations until I was 18 which I had to accept and of course, come my 18th birthday all of that changed. I had been camping several times a year with the scouts from being a young teenager but once over the age of 18, the camping was at sites next to the adventures and sports to be pursued by day and often close to a pub coincidentally for drinks by night.

The first trip there were 12 of us, all divided into 4 three man tents. 9 Venture Scouts and 3 Leaders. We were staying in the Lake District and the 3 night trip was to be a mixture of water based and climbing activities. I was sharing a tent with Tim Watson and Michael Probert. Tim was the same age as me and had stayed in scouts until he turned 17 so it was his first trip as an 18 year old and Michael was about 2 years older than us.

The first day we arrived, set up our tents, ate some crap out of tins we had brought with us cooked over a fire we made, drank a few beers we had also brought along and hit the sack (sleeping bags) once we’d heard enough of the older guys conquests, all carefully edited for the benefit of the Leaders. Our troop was associated with the church and a small minority of members and leaders were respected church goers.

It was warm and we had been instructed on what to bring for day wear, activities and indeed night wear. Pyjamas? Yes, pyjamas!

Tim fell asleep straight away I think, at least he was facing away and wasn’t moving, his breathing heavy. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I saw Michael, like me, wasn’t in his sleeping bag. His ginger mullet and blue eyes weren’t so colourful in the dark but I sensed he was looking at me so I raised my head a little to try and confirm. I was in the middle of the two of them, at this point lying on my belly. As I looked at him, he put his middle finger in his mouth which I found strange and then he moved his hand to the small of my back, pulled back the waistband of my pyjamas and ran his hand down my bare buttocks. I was stiff with nerves and shock but equally my cock hardened instantly so I was stift there too and as I raised my hips slightly to accommodate my instant erection, his moistened finger found my arsehole and (with the exception of a medical examination I once had) for the first time ever, I was penetrated. Now I’d love to describe how hard and deep and pleasurable the incident was… but sadly can’t. I almost instantly shot my load, removed his finger from my arse, found a tissue that I had kept under my pillow in case I needed to blow my nose in the night and used it to mop up the spunk, then climbed into my sleeping bag full of shame and embarrassment and didn’t move until morning, not once looking at Michael again. I guess that young Mr Probert was… a prober.

The next day, nothing was said and he acted as if absolutely nothing had happened (thankfully) even though I was terrified he might say something to the others. Probably very naive of me, he was hardly likely to say to the other 10 people there who I would have wagered were all exclusively heterosexual “guess where I placed my finger last night.”

After a day climbing rocks and fell walking we had the treat of a shower, the shower and toilet block was on site and we went, for some reason in groups of 4. I think there were 5 shower heads so it would have to be 3 groups of various sizes as a minimum. Our tent was accompanied by one of the other guys dad, one of the responsible adults and someone I wouldn’t have wanted to see naked. Fortunately I didn’t see much of him, keeping my eyes on my own body and the section of wall straight in front Beylikdüzü escort of me but catching a peek of Michael’s cock which appeared tiny in his ginger bush and pale white skin. I put it down to the fact the showers were tepid at best although Tim’s seemed normal sized, perhaps due to him having less pubes. But although he was average in length, it was a particularly fat cock. Again I only peeked and tried not to dwell on it for fear of getting hard in front of any (or all) of them showering with me.

Michael was very slim, almost puny when naked and Tim was the more athletic built, as we dried I couldn’t help but notice his buttocks were pretty big but also firm and muscular, which I decided was down to his rugby playing at school.

Again, home cooked tinned food over the fire, tales of which girls might put out and which girls had put out- allegedly- a few beers and another early ish night after all that fresh air. I had paid particular attention to my arse when showering, still unsure what had happened the first night or why. Had Michael seen my as yet undefined sexuality and taken advantage or just given me a helping hand? Or finger?

Anyway this evening, Tim was again first to switch off, lying this time on his back and I was in my sleeping bag but hadn’t zipped it up. Once I had adjusted to the dark and saw there was no movement from Tim, I moved back the top of my sleeping bag quietly in case Michael was wanting to show me anything new. I did so in a quite natural way in case the previous evening was a one off rather than a desperate invitation to be touched. And sure enough, Michael’s hand was soon at the small of my back. I, rather than freezing, moved my arm over until I found his waist and he was on his side and so I fumbled until I found the open fly of his pymamas and slowly and carefully I explored until my fingers brushed against some hard flesh. Rock hard! Now I’m between 6 and 7 inches long, average girth and with a nice set of bollocks too, even if I say it myself. They’re shaved completely now but I was never that hairy before, it’s just that the hairs grow long as you age so I prefer to be bald down there nowadays. But Michael’s cock and balls were absolutely tiny, his erection about half the length and girth of my own. However, he was solid and circumsized, I was unsure when I peeked earlier whether that was the case or if he had just pulled back his foreskin.

I stroked and squeezed his little fella, something I had never done to another guy before and he in turn ran a couple of fingers over my manhole. He then removed them from the area before making them wet with some spit and returned to my hole before entering just an inch or so and I relaxed as much as possible as I knew from the night before he hadn’t been rough and- unless he went further- then it wasn’t going to hurt me. In fact, as I didn’t explode this time, I discovered just how pleasant an inch of two fingers can be when they are teasing a sensitive part of a man’s body.

His cock in my hand seemed to self lubricate with precum and, having only seen oral sex being given by women in imported straight porn magazines at that stage, I knew it was something I wanted to try. It meant relinquishing the fingers but I figured even if we only ever happened to hook up at future camps I could get some initiation on this one. And what do you know? This time it was Michael’s turn to shoot! As soon as I had his cock in my mouth, 3 or 4 derisory spurts of quite bitter juice accompanied by a small thrust of his hips as if he’d had a minor electric shock.

In some ways, and I’m sorry if you are disappointed, I’m only being honest, I was too. But I swallowed and so maybe it was a good thing there wasn’t too much and I was quite happy that I had finally taken a cock in my mouth, plus we were now fairly even in the “who comes quick” stakes.

As I gulped down his spunk quietly and returned back to my normal sleeping position I turned my head. If it wasn’t my imagination, Tim was looking at me and God knows how much he had seen so, for the second night in a row, I closed my eyes in shame and embarrassment (although this time mixed at least with a sense of attainment).

Once again, next morning we all behaved Beylikdüzü escort as if nothing had happened, I was unsure if or what Tim had actually seen and if all guys came that quick once they had their dicks in some mouth or other. I knew from wanking that I could cum more and I had tasted my own a couple of times, even once wanking with my legs contorted above my head so the spunk hit me in the mouth although I found the desire to taste and swallow my juice rather less strong once I had emptied my own balls.

The days activities were all based on the lake with canoes and kayaks plus some lifesaving, and some of the older guys in a clique headed fo the pub after evening meal. Once again, the 3 of us had showered together, this time with a different leader and once again not someone I would have chosen to see naked but for the fact I got a glimpse of his cock which was devoid of hair and I struggled to understand until I realised his head was too and that perhaps he had total alopecia. I realised it made it look bigger than it would have done had it been hidden by pubes. Other than that I managed a second peek of Tim’s, confirming his substantial girth when unaroused, and when we dressed I noticed Tim hadn’t put on any underwear. I had, at the tender age of 18, only once gone commando by accident having forgotten my underwear and hadn’t really enjoyed the experience. How times change, now its one less item of clothing to discard if the opportunity arises!

The 3 of us sat and played some cards with the leaders and we went to bed before the older guys came back from the pub but we heard them singing merrily as they walked down the lane and then, followed some boisterous exchanges, silence.

Tim mentioned he had really enjoyed himself and said the only thing about the last camp he had been on with the juniors that was memorable was a streak in the dark with 2 of the others as it felt like sticking 2 fingers up to authority and was an incredible sensation being naked outdoors. He also made sure we understood there was nothing sexual about it and declined to tell us who the others were, perhaps knowing he’d broken a secret that the 2 nameless streakers might wish to keep.

Michael said we should do it again, there and then. All of the others were asleep and no one would see us and we could run up as far as the road and back. So we all stripped off and although we hadn’t been exhibiting ourselves in the shower, we had been naked for a brief time in each other’s company so it seemed a fun idea. However, what I hadn’t reasoned with was my arse being so slippery, you see thinking Tim would crash and Michael might want to play with it again, as I went for what I had thought was going to be my last pee of the evening, I had applied a little cooking oil to the hole. I can’t even believe I’m confessing this but it’s true.

Once naked, we put our shoes back on as the surfaces were a mix of paths, grass and uneven surfaces and set off. As Tim ran, I saw his arse again and it confirmed what I had seen before, he was built for contact sport. Michael and I ran alongside each other, his little cock even smaller in the cool breeze and the dark, whereas Tim’s was impressive, as the cold had caused us all to shrink a little it left his sticking straight ahead although clearly not erect.

We ran back silently to the tent, not wanting to make a noise that would disturb any of the others and avoid any explanations for our prank.

Tim sat on his sleeping bag, removing his shoes and he had put a torch on, laying it down and it shone straight on his cock and balls like a spotlight on the star of the scene in a play. Michael and I were also removing our footwear. Tim sat with his legs apart and smiled at me.

“Like it?” he asked.

I simply murmured.

“Why don’t you do to mine what you did to Michael’s last night?” he asked.

I could feel myself blush, caught out but also secretly pleased that we had indeed been seen. I looked at Michael.

“Go on then,” he said.

And with that I leaned forward and took Tim’s cock in my mouth. Now I had to open wide as it was broad but not hard when I started to suck on it, somewhat spongier but much larger than Michael’s had Escort Beylikdüzü been, although it immediately hardened. This left the head of his cock near the back of my mouth and I hadn’t been able to do anything with Michael’s the night before as he came so quickly so i pulled back a little leaving my tongue able to give his piss slit a little pleasure and taste his precum, not bitter like the mouthful of jizz I’d had the night before.

Michael ran a finger down my crack, and this time he didn’t need to wet it. I was so busy sucking and slurping on Tim’s cock in hope he would last longer than Michael had the night before, really wanting to experience sucking cock and giving pleasure, tasting precum and seeing how far I could get this in to my mouth without gagging that my head was down and my arse was slightly higher, giving Michael’s finger(s) easy access. I felt one of them enter, quite quick but nonetheless with the oil I had applied it slid in easily. One hand gripped my hip and then the other hand gripped my other hip and I realised it was his small cock that was in my mancunt and not a finger at all, and I felt his torso pushing up against the small of my back and my buttocks. Wow!

I was being absolutely ass fucked for the first time ever, not even something I had considered happening, and yet each small thrust and movement of Michael’s body once he had entered me caused a little shiver, which I later realised was his little dick rubbing against my g-spot. I was absolutely loving it, my head spun and I felt warm down below as us 3 novices were enjoying each other. Tim seemed to be more than happy judging by the low moans and grunts he was making and he fed me more of his dick. He had gotten used to pulling out a little and then pushing back, he understood if there was only the head in my mouth he got the sensation of my licking and sucking around the glans which he really was liking. In the dark and with my back to him, I couldn’t see what Michael was doing, he would move for a few seconds in and out and then hold still, perhaps trying not to shoot his load quite so quickly this time and my own cock throbbed hard as I hadn’t come off since the first night when I got fingered.

I’m not recommending the use of cooking oil by any means but as an 18 year old back then with little experience and no access to sexual lubricants in the middle of the countryside, it did the trick perfectly, making my virgin ring good and slippy and able to take a cock, even though the cock in question was very small but perfectly formed. I never found out if it was Michael’s first time ass fucking anybody, I think he had raging hormones but hadn’t found many places beforehand to release them!

As my head bobbed up and down on Tim, Michael gripped my hips tight and rather quickly slammed his little dick hard in to my ring as far as it would go, 3 or 4 times in very quick succession and held still as I realised he had shot his seed up my arse. I don’t know if it was by way of a thankyou but while he was still in me, he reached around and grabbed hold of my hard on and began wanking me furiously which made me just suck and slurp even harder on Tim, difficult as it was due to the fact the fatness of his tool was filling my mouth. I gripped Tim’s solid thighs and tried to bob in the same rythm as I was being stroked down below but in the end I let his cock out of my mouth and began wanking it myself. Just as I was about to come myself, Tim’s breathing changed pace and, knowing the signs from my own experiences of self masterbation, I knew he was about to shoot so I carried on tugging but opened my mouth and sucked on the head, effectively milking his spunk across my tongue before unloading my own jizz wherever it landed.

Tim tasted real sweet and thick, and I swallowed it quickly not sure what the etiquette should be. I had swallowed Michael’s the night before as there seemed little option at the time but now I came to understand I would always be a drinker, it made me feel more submissive, used, useful and dirty.

No words were spoken and we all got in to our sleeping bags in silence, nor was anything said about our frolic again. Tim left for University shortly afterwards and didn’t camp with us again but Michael and I saw each other for a couple of years after that albeit never in a sexual way, somehow I always ended up sharing with other guys on camping trips. And in my washbag, hidden away with my soap and toothpaste, I always carried a tube of lube…

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