Just Another John Ch. 03

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** The long-awaited (LOL) return of Mark’s Just Another John series. Enjoy, and hello again everyone! **

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I hated this type of “new age” development; settlements of identical red-brick houses, each one as identical as the last, springing up overnight like tumours on the land. However, their facade of idyllic life is the perfect hiding place for working girls, and I’ve noticed an increasing trend in escorts hiding undetected in these soulless modern developments.

I parked in the designated bay and turned off the engine. I was ten minutes early. This felt a little two early for me, so I sat in the car and waited. Punctuality was one thing, being early was another thing. I went over everything in my head; a jambled combination of nerves and excitement. The clock slowly crept up to five minutes to the hour, so I decided to get on with it.

Nikki had text me about an hour before with the apartment number. It was 34. I pressed the appropriate button the intercom and waited for a few seconds. There was no vocal response, just a buzzing noise and the latch in the door was released. Inside the recent development, everything seemed slightly too small, like I was in a dream or in a model village. I climbed the stairs as quick as I cold, heading for floor 3, flat 4.

On the third floor I pushed through a heavy fire door before silently padding along the carpet. The heat was quite stifling, and the air was dead with heavy silence. I wondered if Nikki’s neighbours could ever hear what was going on in the room next to them. At the end of the corridor, I gently tapped on the door and it swung open almost immediately.

There she stood, in all her glory. I had expected her to be in a bikini or some underwear, but she was fully clothed. She wore tightly fitting bright blue jeans, which softly hugged at her hips, accompanied by knee high black boots. She wore a tight white crop top, which barely contained her massive cleavage. Her midsection was exposed, revealing a pierced navel, sparkling with a purple jewel. Her face was bright and inquisitive. Huge blue eyes drew me in, as gorgeous full lips coated lavishly with bright red lipstick tantalised my libido just by drinking in the sight of them. Her hair, jet black, was sprayed heavily and pulled back tight to her skull, and as I would soon find out as she turned, it fell to the small of her back in a mesmerising cascade.

She said nothing as I walked in. She reached around and closed the door behind me, making sure that it was shut soundly. She smiled beautifully, but without opening her mouth, allowing her lips to curve into a crescent moon which coursed across her features, giving her a youthful look of wickedness. I decided at this point to quickly slip her a small brown envelope which contained today’s fee. Her big, bottomless eyes became scrutinous and business-like, but only for a small moment. She returned to her smiling mode and gestured me into the room at the furthest end Antalya Escort of the hall.

“Wait in there,” she said sweetly. It dawned on me that English may not have been her strong point. I did not get the impression that she was being cold with me.

So I did as she commanded. Sometimes I don’t mind taking orders off breathtakingly stunning women. Sitting on the bed, I found myself fidgeting whilst awaiting her to join me. Instinctively, I went for my phone, which I have done many times in the past whilst bored shitless in meetings and the like, but I decided not to free it from my pocket.

Turns out that I didn’t need to, anyway. At that moment, Nikki re-entered the room and demanded all of my attention. She was naked, aside from a small, deep red thong. Her olive skin almost radiated warmth and energy, both of which exuded in rays from the deep pools of her eyes. Her hair was still pulled back tightly, but ran a path down over her right shoulder, resting between her breasts like a snake. However, this did not obscure their presence, but only served to accentuate it. Her tits were full, fat and round – with mouth-watering dark areola and thick, tasty nipples – yet entirely proportionate to the rest of her body, which fanned out at the waist, with thick hips and surely a beautifully peached arse, that I was positively dying to get a look at by this point.

“Take off your pants,” she instructed with her broken English, and I willingly obliged. I got to my feet, kicked off my shoes and shaking off my hoodie. I unbuckled my belt and slid out of my trousers and boxer shorts in one smooth movement, my almost entirely erect cock attempting to stand to her attention. With the excitement for what was coming, I left my shirt on and sat back down on the bed, swinging my legs up and lying back onto the pillow. I jerked myself slowly as she clambered seductively onto the bed herself, crawling up my to my left, giving me a full side view of her body. She perched herself like a cat, or should I say dog; her ass aloft as if waiting to be penetrated from behind. Her tits dangled down and danced about my manhood as I caressed it, and with one huge flick of her ponytail to clear the way, she sunk her head down.

She took me in her mouth entirely, and by the time her hot lips completed their ascent back to the head of my cock, I was fully erect; blood rushed to my organ as she continued to pump her head up and down onto it, smacking her lips loudly and audibly moaning between gasps for air. It was the pornstar blowjob, something that you never seemed to get with one night stands or girlfriends; I suspect that part of the showiness of it all, the overacting and the exaggerated movements, the *acting* of it all, is what makes it stand alone from more intimate experiences with non working girls. Depending on what you want out of a blowjob, this can either be the greatest thing ever or something a bit more disappointing.

Me though, I was perfectly content with this beautiful stranger sucking my cock like a pro, sans rubber. Antalya Escort Bayan I pawed at her tits and slapped at her ass as she worked my shaft with her wet mouth. I took to massaging her butt and pulling at it, marvelling at how good it felt in my hands, teasing myself further as I still hadn’t got a good look at it.

“You want to eat my pussy?” she asked out of the blue. Perhaps she thought I was hinting at this with my wandering hands.

I can’t remember what I replied with. It was probably some sort of succession of moans or grunts that she took for a ‘yes’. I had massive reservations about eating out a working girl; it was not something that I had ever done before. The consideration that she may have been fucked by multiple men already today both thrilled and terrified me. However, any final separate thoughts quickly went out the window as she worked her way around to me, arching a leg over my chest and straddling my face.

I sighed deeply, knowing that I had come to one of the very few places where heaven meets the realm of Earth. Her fat, plum of an arse lay inches from my face, and I reached out with both hands, grabbing an olive-coloured cheek each, and spreading her wide. Her pussy glistened with lubrication, but in my lust-drunk state it looked just as good as any naturally soaking hole. Her arsehole was a darker shade than the rest of her, as cute as a button yet devilishly inviting.

I started at her clit, licking gingerly once or twice, before throwing caution to the wind and getting properly stuck into discovering every part of her cunt. Before i could get a taste of that delicious knot of an arsehole, she leaned forward to complete the 69 position, taking me in her mouth. Her little butthole was out of reach, but she was now sucking greedily on my knob, which was a decent trade off. Instead I made do with alternating between her hole and her clit, burying my face into her and devouring her treats. Like an animal, I lost all inhibition and enjoyed the taste and exploration of her as I would a more permanent female companion.

“How do you want to fuck?” she asked, again seemingly out of the blue, but I had only taken a half hour booking with her and she needed to get things moving to completion.

There could only be one answer.

“Doggy,” I breathed, between laps at her lips.

She climbed off me in an instant and rummaged in a bedside drawer. I could see that enormous, thick arse for the first time and a deep lust took me. I got to my feet and removed my t-shirt. Closing the door and turning to me, she handed me a condom, which I tore open and rolled hastily down my heaving shaft. As I guided the slippery rubber down my organ, she climbed dutifully back onto the bed and assumed the position, getting comfortable and spreading herself wide for me.

I clambered up onto the bed behind her and positioned myself at her entrance. She took a grasp of my root and guided the tip into the soft opening of her mound. With a small grabbing sensation, I knew it was time to move Escort Antalya forward, and I did so, with my hips, pushing my cock into her tight, lubed up cunt. As I slid in, she loosened to accommodate me. I was beyond surprised by how tight she was, but she quickly adjusted to my manhood. I am 7″ long but also quite thick. I know I do not have an astounding length, but it sometimes takes women a moment or two to adjust to me before I can build up any real movement.

As I worked in and out of her, she let go of me and fell down flat to the bed; allowing her back to arch that way that we fellas love so, so much. This of course, meant that her big, wobbly, round bum was pushed right up for me. How I savaged that masterful display of nature. I called out in lust and pure pleasure as I threw my fuck into the whore’s tight little cunt; alternating between spreading her wide and slapping her chunky thighs and buttcheeks. She encouraged me with the right moans and whispers.

“You…want to…cum…in me?” She managed, gasping between my thrusts, which were at fever pitch. I am under no illusion she was gasping in pure ecstasy, just struggling to get the words out between the onslaught of my deep thrusts. The whole lot of me slid in and out of her with no apparent restriction or discomfort. That wondrous little cunt had opened up to take me whole, and I took full advantage of her body. This is part of the reason why I booked her; I found that women with thicker hips could take more of an internal pummelling. Outside of porn, my personal experiences with petite chicks is that they just can’t handle the girth, or even sometimes the length. God loves a tryer, but there’s nothing like getting balls deep in a lass with thick hips.

I don’t respond, I just keep on throwing myself up her love tunnel as hard as I can. I wish I wasn’t wearing the condom; the deep, primal lust in me wants to baste her insides with my man batter. Regardless of the reality of the situation, this sends me over the edge and I start to lose control over my jackhammer motions as my orgasm crests. I ride the wave for a few split seconds before my eyes roll and I start pumping fat globs into the condom. She knows that I’m cumming and bucks back onto me, squeezing every last ounce of cum out of me.

“Fuck” I exclaim loudly, before gasping in deep breaths. She slides off me and climbs off the bed in one motion, and is out of the room before my dick has stopped swinging.

“Sprite?” She called out, from the kitchen.

I collapsed onto my front and rolled over before replying.

“Please, yes!”

A few moments later she returned with an ice cold bottle of Sprite and a glass. She told me, more so in actions, than in words, that she was going to go and wash up. A deep, hard fuck, followed by a free soda? What a time to be alive.

I laid there on the bed for a few moments, collecting my thoughts. Did I really just eat out a prostitute? I couldn’t tell if I regretted or thoroughly agreed with the decision.

Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I reached for the bottle. Giving the cup a pointless glance, I tore the lid off the soda with the mandatory hissing sound, and put the green plastic to my lips. It was ice cold, and incredibly refreshing, but you don’t want to know about that.

Until the next booking,


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