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Some times what a girl wants is a good solid fuck.

He is wearing his faded old coveralls, and only his feet stick out from beneath his current project. The sun is hot and sweat trickles down my back as I sit waiting to hand him a wrench or socket when he needs it. He hums a tune to himself and there isn’t another sound in this dusty late-afternoon desert junkyard. This place was abandoned years ago after the war, but sometimes he still finds useful parts here. I glance at the line of his leg as it disappears under the vehicle and smile to myself. I know what is under those coveralls and can easily imagine him with out them.

I start thinking about all the things I could do to him and soon desire for him fills me. I love watching him work and the smell of hot metal, old engine grease, and his sweat just gets to me. He doesn’t know what seeing him like this does to me; he thinks I just like old cars.

He asks for a socket but as I am lost in day dreams I don’t quite catch the size. Breathless, I ask, “Sorry, what size do you need?”

“3/8,” comes the muffled reply.

I search through the set of tools, struggling to get my brain back in gear.

He wiggles out from underneath the old car, and looks up at me, “Are you ok?”

“Mmm, yeah, I’m fine,” I reply, looking away.

He puts a finger on my chin and turns my head to face him. He looks at me with concern, then understanding blossoms on his face. He smiles and laughs, “I forgot how much you like seeing me work.”

“It is a bit, distracting,” I reply.

He sits up and brushes a stray strand of hair away Tekirdağ Escort from my face and seductively whispers in to my ear, “Distracted? I think I can do better than that.”

I shiver in delight as he kisses a line down my neck. His warm lips on my skin are incredibly arousing.

Breaking the contact, he leans back and wipes grease off his hands then looks at them. “My hands are a little dirty. I guess I’ll just have to use my tongue.”

My groin tightens at the thought. His full lips meet mine, as he starts to unbutton my shirt. Rough fingers slide around my back and unfasten smooth white satin. Then both shirt and bra fall to the dust and the sun shines down on my bare skin.

He sighs appreciatively as taut nipples and smooth tanned skin greet his touch. His lips are gentle as they find the valley between my breasts, and slowly kiss out onto their firm flesh. Then his tongue encircles one hard nipple. I moan in pleasure as his tongue explores the sensitive skin, and sigh deeply as he starts to suck on me.

His hand drifts down the skin of my belly to the fly of my jeans, and he teases open the button and fly. He motions for me to stand up and rises with me, sliding his hand down the naked curve of my ass, as he slowly pulls my pants and cotton underwear down.

He lifts me and gently sits me on the hood, which, thankfully, is not too hot. He pulls the shoes and pants off from around my feet and kneels down, lifting one leg over each shoulder. He sighs at the slight of my full and glistening slit. He enjoys the view before placing a soft kiss on my mound.

I Tekirdağ Escort Bayan moan as each kiss draws closer to my pink lips.

“Mmm, you’re so wet,” he murmurs.

“Please” I beg him. His warm tongue slides down the side of my slit, and I moan. He knows just how to tease me. His tongue makes long slow strokes over the inner lips, before gently brushing aside the hood of my clit. My hips jolt when his tongue touches it, and I moan deeply as his tongue slowly flicks over it, tantalizing me. He starts slow, then flicks his tongue a little faster and my hips start to rock, then I feel his teeth gently grip is as he sucks me. I press into him and lock my legs around the back of his head. He’s got me bucking and moaning on the hood of this old car. He brings me to the edge, then backs off, then brings me to the edge again. My juices run freely as he pleasures me.

I can tell he wants me as much as I want him from the firm pressure of his hands on my legs. He groans and pulls back, and I unlock my legs and let him go. He stands up and unzips the front of the coverall, peeling it back to reveal bare shoulders. He lets it fall in a pile around his feet, and I admire his gorgeous body. But he doesn’t give me long. He slips his hard cock out of his shorts and I want it. I sit up and run my tongue down his beautiful shaft. He moans softly as I lick the smooth, taught skin.

“Oh yeah,” he sighs as my lips close over the sensitive head and slide down. He relaxes into me, with his hand on my shoulder as I suck him slow and deep. I slide my lips up and down his shaft, teasing the head with Escort Tekirdağ my tongue then plunging it in deep again, just the way he likes it.

I feel his muscles start to tighten, and he pulls back.

He looks at me, and kisses me softly then gently pushes me down on to the hood. “You want me?” he asks in a husky voice.

“Yes,” I reply, the need clear in my voice.

Slowly he presses his cock into me and I moan with the pleasure of it filling me. With warm American sheet metal at my back and his beautiful thick cock buried inside of me it is a perfect summer day. He thrusts deep into me, bracing one hand on the front grill, and the other under my ass. He closes his eyes and focuses on fucking me deep and slow. Each long stroke feels so good, and makes me want him more. I push back against his hard cock wanting him deeper inside of me. He breathes out sharply as I pull him tight in to me with my legs and thrust against him. He knows I want it now and long strokes change to deep short thrusts.

“Fuck me, oh yeah, just fuck me,” I moan.

Fast, strong, powerful strokes push me towards the edge and I moan and buck into him, feeling that hard cock working inside of me. I am almost there and I want him so much. Then I see that beautiful look on his face and feel his cock start to pulse inside me as he fills me up with his cream, my own orgasm floods through me and washes away every thought. All I feel is him cumming inside of me.

We stay that way for a long moment lost in the pleasure, then he sighs and slowly pulls out of me. His cream spills down my lips and on to the faded hood of the old car. He looks at me with wonder and joy and pulls me up off of the hood into a warm embrace. “You are something else, you know that? We should come to the junk yard more often.”

We both look at each other and laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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