June Ch. 03

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Reading the previous two chapters first will help in understanding what is happening in this one. Strong sexual content.


June got to work on Monday and Wendy said she had talked with Dr. Jack and he said it was fine for her to work full time. June said that was great news and she was looking forward to being there full time. Wendy told her that Dr. Jack wanted her to get June trained to sit with patients he did surgery on overnight if necessary. June looked puzzled and Wendy took her into her office and closed the door. Wendy explained that like Dr. Edna had done special surgery to her, Dr. Jack sometimes did special eye surgery. June immediately made the connection and said she would be glad to help out. Wendy said good, Dr. Jack thought she would understand.

Wendy gave June some material to read and they headed out for the day’s work. On the way out of the office June said that Rob was going to be over for dinner and “desert” on Tuesday night. Laughing, Wendy said so does that mean you will be a changed woman when you come in on Wednesday? June said yes, I will not be a virgin anymore. Wendy said good, welcome to the club. June asked if she had talked to Boyd and she said yes, he had called last night after his flight got in. They were going to get together again as soon as they could work it out. They got to work and the day passed quickly.

After work on Tuesday, June stopped at the store and got what she needed for dinner that night. She got it started when she got home and then got into the shower. She washed, shaved her pussy and douched good. She removed her catheter and left it out. She got dried and just put on a very brief t-shirt. It stopped just slightly above her short leg stumps so she knew Rob could see them good. Most of the redness from the surgery was gone now. The door bell rang at the proper time and she let him in. He bent over and gave her a good kiss and fondled her small breast. After the kiss he produced a rose from behind his back and handed it to her. June was very touched at this.

They went into the kitchen and she put it in water. They talked about their days as she finished dinner and got it on the table. June noticed how closely he watched her as she did things. She had noticed his shorts were already tented when he came in and had gotten more so as he watched. Her chest belt was over her shoulder and ran between her breasts to anchor on the side of the chair and it emphasized her small breasts through the shirt. Her hard nipples were obvious also. Several times as she passed him at the table they kissed. She was having a hard time not putting the dinner on hold and taking him to the bedroom and letting him fuck her. She wanted rid of her virginity very badly. During one kiss she even shared the thought with him.

June resisted the urge though and they had dinner and got the kitchen cleaned up. Finally when they were done she lead him back to her bedroom. She helped him out of his shirt and shorts and he kicked his shoes off. He pulled her shirt off and watched her lift herself over onto the bed with the trapeze bar. He leg stumps flopped around just a little and he wondered what that looked like when she still had her legs. He knew after seeing how his paraplegic patients struggled at work, she was much better off with no legs now. June saw his long dick get harder and start twitching with his heart beat as she got onto the bed. She grinned up at him knowing it was all hers.

Rob got over on the bed with her and they started kissing. His hand worked her nipples and breasts over as they did so. June made no effort to touch his cock so she was sure no accident happened before he was able to do her. Rob soon asked her if there was any special way she wanted him to do it and she said with him on top. She was going to put her hand down between her stumps after he got going and gently hold on to his cock as he fucked her feeling it slide in and out of her pussy and getting to enjoy what was happening that way. Rob said great idea. He moved down between her stumps and spread what little there was of them aside with his hands. Looking up at her she smiled and nodded her head to go on and he guided the head of his cock into her vagina. She was very wet and he was flowing lots of pre-cum also so he slid in with no problem even as large and long as he was.

June had her head and shoulders up on a couple of pillows and could see most of it. She saw the astonished look on Rob’s face as he got all the way in and felt how tight she was around his cock. He kept looking at her as he moved in and out of her pussy. After a few strokes June put her hand down and took hold of it with her fingers. It was very slippery as she felt him move in and out of her. She did not grasp it very tight, not wanting to make him cum right away. She knew though that as aroused and excited as he was, it was not going to last very long this first time. Sure enough after only a couple of minutes she felt his balls brush by her fingers on their way up into his body. Antalya Escort

When she felt the first contraction of his cock through her fingers she said to him fill my cunt with your cum now and he did. Over and over he did with the biggest cum of his life. It was a very unique feeling to feel it shoot through her fingers on the way out into her as the fore and middle fingers were on the back side of his cock where the ejaculate flowed just under the skin. Rob had buried himself deep in her as he came. As his cum stopped, and Rob moved his eyes from June’s face, they traveled down her chest and he saw her small breasts had flattened out on her chest but her large, hard nipples were standing up tall out of them. A very sexy sight he thought.

After his last squirt, she did squeeze him reminding him her hand was there. He jerked his eyes back up to her face and saw the huge smile of satisfaction on it. He joined her and leaned down and they kissed. Rob finally went soft and fell out of June. He got alongside of her and pulled her into her arms. They looked into each other’s eyes and Rob said was it good for you and they both burst out laughing. Jane was finally able to say yes, it was very good for me and I thank you for taking something away I have wanted to get rid of for some time now. Rob said my pleasure believe me! June looked at him and said seriously, was I/it ok for you with me not being able to do anything. Rob took her chin in his hand and said it was fantastic, don’t change a thing.

They cuddled for a while then Rob pushed her over on her back and very gently starting making love to her breasts. It was not a hard job for him to do, he loved the small size and how they felt in his hands and mouth. He spent a long time doing so then added his finger to her feeling line, dividing his attention to both her breasts, and just what special touch he needed to do along the line to make her have one of her cums. It finally happened and he kept her going for as long as he could. It was almost 2 minutes he thought. June was out of breath when he stopped saying she could not believe that just happened. It was the best ever. She told him about her period thing and that she was having one now and they wondered if that had anything to do with it.

Rob told her he wanted to work hard and make her cum as much as possible and asked June to help him to not cum so rapidly. They knew they were both new at things and felt sure it would get better for both. June told him how much she liked sucking him off and that it was something she enjoyed very much. She said she would try to learn how to slow him down during that time but that he should NEVER hesitate in fucking her mouth and Cumming, or her pussy for that matter. June asked if her hand bothered him any when she had it down between her stumps earlier and she said no. She said it was remarkable how much it substituted for her not being able to feel anything in her cunt and how much she could feel happening in his cock.

Rob said great, do it any time. June said there was something else they needed to talk about. Rob said ok, what? June was quiet for a while then looked at him in the eye and said she was bi-sexual. Rob said you mean Wendy and June was surprised at him knowing. She said yes and he said I thought that was going on when you were in the hospital and I have no problem with you being with her or other disabled women. June was astonished it had gone that easy and he understood. She told him she thought she was falling for him and if he ever felt the need for a female that could provide him with a sex partner that was fully functional, let her know and she would give her blessing. Just don’t sneak around behind my back.

Rob said he doubted that would ever happen as she was a fantastic lover but that he would keep it in mind. He got a bright idea look and asked if she would ever be interested in a three way with another woman and himself and she grinned and said lets think about it more. The conversation started getting him hard and June started playing with him. She soon had him in her mouth and as he grew there, she took him deeper down her throat. She got him deeper and deeper and started training herself to hold her breath longer and longer. She also started using her throat muscles to grip and release him. She seemed to have no gag reflex while deep throating him and could take him in any direction.

She knew it might take a lot of work to make him cum, so she wondered if she should try something she had read in LITEROTICA. When she felt her jaw getting tired, she dipped her finger into her pussy and got it lubricated. She brought it up to his anus and stuck it in immediately going for his prostate. She found it and pushed on it several times causing him to unload his cum in her mouth. He did not have a lot to give but it was enough for both of them to enjoy very much. Rob remarked how great it felt when they were face to face kissing. June told him she had better get up and go to the bathroom Antalya Escort Bayan and put her catheter back in before she had an accident. Rob asked if he could do it and June said of course you can.

June instructed Rob on what to do and scooted forward on her wheelchair seat and pulled her short leg stumps apart with her hands. Rob was able to see her meatus and as he inserted the catheter June yelled ouch! Rob jerked back and June burst out laughing and saying she was sorry at the same time. She held her arms out to him and he finally gave in and hugged her. He had forgotten that June could not feel anything from her breasts down and she got him. He got it inserted again and pushed it up into her bladder. The urine started to flow and she showed him how to inject water into the balloon that held it in place. She had him tug on it to be sure it would not come out and kissed him passionately. She told him he was very kind to do that job.

Rob told her he cared about her very much and no job taking care of her was too bad for him. They went out to the kitchen and had some cake. While they were eating Rob asked her what the one sexual thing she thought about doing was. June said to be sitting on his cock screwing him with him on his back in bed. He grinned and said great idea and I know how we can do it sometime. I will let you know when. It was late and they decided it was time to go to sleep. Rob said he was not going to get up with her in the morning as he had the day off. They got in bed and he cuddled behind her holding on to her breasts as they fell asleep.

The next morning June got out of bed quietly and got ready for work. She saw that Rob was awake as she was leaving the bedroom and rolled over to kiss him good bye. After she got to work she could not keep the grin off her face when Wendy saw her. Wendy got next to her and said well? June laughed and said yes we had a great dinner. AND Wendy said? I made a great cake for desert. Wendy punched her arm and said did you get screwed and June said oh that, yea we did and acted like it was nothing. Next June said Rob knows you and I are lovers. That almost caused Wendy to fall off her chair. How she asked and June said he guessed it.

She finally broke down and gave Wendy the full details of everything, and that she had brought up she was bi-sexual and that Rob had said with Wendy. June told her he had noticed how close they were during her time at the hospital. Wendy was also surprised when June told her he did not mind if they kept their relationship going. All Wendy could say was WOW, he is special. June said I know. They got to work and as usual the day passed quickly. Dr. Jack told Wendy he was doing a special surgery Friday evening and did she and June want to baby sit after it was over until about noon on Saturday. Wendy said that was good for her and she would check with June. When she asked her, June said it was fine with her. They agreed to meet at the clinic at 4 pm Friday and go from there.

That night June told Rob that she was going to be working Friday night until noon on Saturday with Wendy, but not about the details of the surgery. Rob said ok and could they get together that night after June got home and some sleep. She told him she would be looking forward to it.

At 4 on Friday June and Wendy met at the clinic and got things ready for the procedure and the patients after care. Wendy told her the patient was a 24 year old male that Dr. Jack was going to make blind. He was not going to remove the eye balls so it was not a major procedure. That was all she knew for now. They got things ready and by 5 everyone else that worked at the clinic was gone and the patient arrived. There was a female with him and was introduced as his fiancée. It turned out she was a bilateral above elbow arm amputee with hook prosthesis. She was very attractive and relaxed.

Wendy got him ready for the procedure and June just watched. She knew since she was only a med tech she would never be in Wendy’s position. Dr. Jack came in and spoke to both the patient and the female and then asked if he was ready and still sure he wanted Dr. Jack to perform it. He said yes and signed the paperwork. Dr. Jack asked the female to wait outside and they would be done shortly. Dr. Jack told the patient he was going to put some medicine in his IV to make him sleepy and did so. He was out in seconds. Dr. Jack had Wendy lower the cart and rolled his wheelchair to the patients head.

He put some rubber gloves on and held his hand out. Wendy put a syringe in it and he looked through a microscope that was looking into the patient’s eye. He inserted the needle at the corner of his eye, next to his nose, and watched the needle tip get near the optic nerve at the back of the eye. He injected half of it in one eye, Wendy changed the needle, and he did the same thing with the other eye. That was it and the patient was now totally blind.

As he was doing it, he said the girlfriend was one of Dr. Edna’s patients, meaning Escort Antalya her arms had been amputated at the patient’s request. Dr. Edna had referred the male to him. None of them found anything wrong with it and nothing else was said. Dr. Jack put bandages over the man’s eyes and they let him wake up in about 15 minutes. He was groggy for 20 minutes then they let the girlfriend in. He told her he was fine with no pain. Dr. Jack said he would see him later this evening and left. Wendy pushed him into a room with a bed next door and helped him over into it. She kept checking his blood pressure and eyes every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours then every 30 minutes for the next 2 hours. It stayed fine and she and June only checked it every 3 hours after that.

Dr. Jack came back in at 8 and had Wendy turn the lights down very low. He removed the bandages, one at a time, and asked the man what he saw. He got a big smile and said nothing but blackness. It was the same when he removed the bandage from the other eye and they turned the lights back up. Using a small magnifying scope he examined both eyes and said that everything was fine. The patient and girlfriend thanked him profusely. Little did they know everyone in the room was how they were because of the same feelings and desires. Wendy was pretty sure that neither one of them had noticed she was an amputee.

They had explained why June was there before the procedure and she took over his care at 11 pm. She had a check list of things to do and she and Wendy talked quietly. They had both noticed how well the girlfriend used her prosthetic arms and June was even aroused by it. She had once briefly wished she had been able to use prosthetic legs but got over it quickly enjoying that she was a very crippled paraplegic. Wendy went back into the procedure room and cleaned things up then got on the procedure cart and took a nap. She had told June to call out if she had any problems but knew she would not and the patient was in great hands.

Dr. Jack came in about 9 am and checked the patient. He was fine and was told he could go home. Dr. Jack asked how things went last night with June and they said great, no problems. He thanked them and left. The girls cleaned the room and remade the bed and headed home. June took a nice hot shower and got in bed and fell asleep.

She over slept and was awakened by the phone ringing. It was Rob saying he was on the way and did he need to pick up anything. She told him she had over slept and no nothing was needed. She got up and only put her back brace on for him and he was at the door. He had a bag of burgers and fries from a great place everyone liked and they had dinner. She asked how she could thank him for bringing dinner and he said let me think for a while. He told her how sexy she was in her back brace. He showed her the elastic bandages he had brought and suggested they wrap her short leg stumps and try and make them smaller.

They cleaned up the kitchen and decided a shower together would be nice. Rob helped her get out of the brace and carried her into the shower. She was very light being small and not having any legs. They washed and shaved each other. June asked if he wanted her to remove the catheter and he said no it was ok. He had unplugged it at the beginning of the shower and they just left it open to drain good. She played with his rigid cock for a while and when it seemed like he was about to cum she pulled hard on his balls. This seemed to work well for him to slow him down. She did not finish him off yet. They dried off, put the plug back in the catheter and he carried her back to bed.

He put her on the bed and got along side of her. They started kissing and he moved down to her breasts. She had a small “orgasm” with him just sucking on her nipples and playing with her small breasts. He spent over 20 minutes doing so and then added his fingers to her feeling line. She was so turned on by what he had been doing that it only took a couple of minutes for her to have a good cum and again, he prolonged it for her. When June could talk again she told him what a great lover he was and thanked him for taking so much time with her like he did. Rob said to her it was his pleasure, part of his sexual pleasure was getting her off.

They talked about her breasts and nipples and that June thought they were getting more sensitive, which was not unusual for paraplegics without any genital feeling. Laughing Rob said they should get into a daily routine sometime and get her to start lactating. June surprised him by saying that was a great idea, it would make her breasts bigger! Besides she loved the attention he paid to them. Rob said good idea but he would have to move in with her. June cocked her head at him and said what is wrong with that? Let’s give it a little more time and see where we are she added.

They kissed some more then June sucked him off getting a very nice load this time. As she was licking her lips she asked him which he liked better, her mouth or her cunt. Rob said there was no way he could choose between two fantastic things like that. June was laughing when she said good choice of words. They got into their usual cuddle position, Rob at her back with his hands on her breasts and June with her hand behind her grasping his cock and balls.

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