Joey Finds a New App Ch. 27

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Chapter 27

Joey picked up his bag from English, apologized for taking too long from last period, and picked up the classwork he missed. He headed back down the hall to Mrs. Tyler’s office and when he walked in, again he was taken aback at the new look. She was at the table where Joey and Adam normally worked and looked to be preparing the files for the day. She was wearing a ruched blue bodycon dress that came to mid-thigh and hugged ALL her curves along with white nylons and matching white calf-high boots. Her hair was styled in a updo braid with a few strands of hair hanging down by her ears. Along with her modest makeup and jewelry, Joey saw an absolute knock-out and was left speechless as he walked up to her desk to greet her. The other distraction for him was Principal Jones who he hadn’t seen since last week. She was sitting on to corner of Mrs. Tyler’s desk and wearing a smart business suit as she normally wore, and he could see her strong and healthy legs hanging from the desk. She had her back to him, so when Mrs. Tyler saw Joey, she stood and pressed her suit down and greeted Joey the same.

“Good morning, Joey. Mrs. Tyler was just telling me how helpful you have been with our digital archiving efforts this school year,” Principal Jones said.

“Well actually, it’s both my brother and I working on the project and Mrs. Tyler has been VERY inspiring to us this year,” Joey answered smiling at both ladies. He couldn’t help but drag his eyes up and down Mrs. Tyler’s body as the ensemble she was wearing clearly displayed her bulging thighs and hips and almost obscenely displayed her large belly and breasts. She was turning to get some files from the cabinet and the ruched fabric accentuated her fat ass and breasts, thereby triggering an all-to-familiar blood flow to Joey’s manhood. He shook his head and returned his attention to Principal Jones who was smiling at him in a telling manner.

“Mrs. Tyler looks exceptional today, don’t you think Joey? I was just telling her myself,” she offered.

“Uh, definitely. She’s absolutely stunning,” Joey answered honestly while nodding his head.

“See, Dawn. I told you. Those plain clothes you used to wear were just uninteresting,” Principal Jones chimed in. “If you wear sexy clothes, you will feel sexy. It’s just that simple.”

“If you must know, Principal Jones, Joey has inspired me to be the woman I used to be many years ago. You remember how I was when we started working together back at Mid-Central,” Mrs. Tyler said.

“Oh, I remember. We used to go out to all the parties and clubs together back then,” Principal Jones replied. “I miss the fun we had, friend.”

“Well, perhaps we should revisit some of that fun,” Mrs. Tyler said cheerfully.

“Wait! You guys used to hangout after work and go to clubs and all?” Joey asked.

“Of course, we did. Do you think we were always old and stodgy?” Principal Jones answered.

“Well, my young admirer. I’ll have you know we were quite the catch back in the day. Of course I was married and Penny, er Principal Jones was engaged at the time, but a number of suitors tried none-the-less to lure us into their grips,” Mrs. Tyler said while walking over to stand next to Joey. She placed her hand on Joey’s hip and pulled him into her soft, sensuous body and continued, “Why often, there would be a young handsome gentleman such as yourself trying to put the moves on the both of us.”

“Really?! I would never have guessed,” Joey said trying to calm his hardening member.

“Oh, we were quite the dancers too,” Principal Jones contributed. “We would dance all night, usually with each other but some lucky lads occasionally joined us”

“What about Mr. Jones and Mr. Tyler? Were they movers and shakers, too?” Joey asked somewhat jokingly.

“No, both of our mates were boring. They had good jobs out of college but didn’t like to take their girls out for fun,” Mrs. Tyler offered. “So, we just went out together, for a good number of years too, I think.”

“Yes, we did,” Principal Jones said while sidling up to Mrs. Tyler and pulling her fat body close to her. “Then someone caught the boring bug and stopped wanting to go out.”

“As I said earlier if you were listening, we should go out again. If you’d like to, that is,” Mrs. Tyler said to Principal Jones almost privately.

“Can I go too?” Joey chimed in almost childishly. “I’d love to dance with you ladies anytime.”

Both women laughed at Joey’s request and Mrs. Tyler bent over and pecked him on the cheek with her soft lips. They left Joey at the table and returned to her desk where they continued their conversation. Joey loved the tight, fat curves of Mrs. Tyler that were on clear display in her dress. He enjoyed sneaking views of them both as he worked at his filing for the next 40 minutes. He had hoped to get his hands on Mrs. Tyler in her sexy dress, but Principal Jones seemed glued to her desk in avid conversation. Joey had just finished a drawer and was working Lefkoşa Escort on the next when the bell rang, and his brother walked in shortly thereafter.

“Hi Mrs. Tyler, Principal Jones,” Adam greeted as he walked in and headed to the table with Joey.

“Hello, Adam. Happy hump-day,” Mrs. Tyler answered.

“Hello Ad, Adam. Boy do you look nice today,” Principal Jones said as she disengaged from her locked-in conversation with Mrs. Tyler. “I must say, I had no idea you had, uh, developed so much this year, young man,” she continued while physically appraising Adam as she approached and circled him. “Oh my, Joey. You never mentioned you had such a, voluptuous younger brother.”

“Well, I’ve had a bit of a growth spurt, Principal Jones. Before this year I was skinny and such,” Adam answered.

Adam came over to the table and standing on the other side of the table from Joey, started the familiar work of filing student records in the box to be scanned. Principal Jones crept up next to Adam and proceeded to ask him questions about his classes, teachers and friends. In the meantime, Mrs. Tyler walked to Joey with a stack of papers and said, “Joey, can you help me scan these files in the copy room?”

Joey took the papers, followed Mrs. Tyler into the copy room, and started to line up the papers for scanning. Before he could get started, Mrs. Tyler had gripped his shoulder, spinning him around and pressed her lips to his in a long and sensuous kiss. “Oh, Joey. I want some time alone with you. How will we get that?” Mrs. Tyler asked desperately.

“I don’t know, Mrs. Tyler. But I know I love your new look today and I can’t wait to get you alone,” Joey answered.

“Joey, I need you. I dreamed all night about how you felt inside me, and I need you sooner not later,” Mrs. Tyler said.

Joey dropped to his knees between her legs and lifted her dress to reveal the garter belt and no panties beneath and he quickly dove in her fat pussy. He immediately pushed his tongue up into her pussy, positioning himself with his upper lip and nose pressed into her clit and his tongue now penetrating her vaginal canal. He pushed his tongue further into her exploring the walls of her pussy on all sides. He could feel the ridges of her pussy with his tongue as he caressed the insides. He licked all around, nearly consumed by the taste of her pussy he blocked out whatever was happening outside this experience. He kept licking and sucking her femininity, enjoying her physical reactions to his stimulation. As he had hoped, she gripped his head and ground her fat pussy into his face particularly hard as she shook in orgasm.

“Oh, Joey! The things you do to me,” Mrs. Tyler hissed to her lover.

She continued to shiver through her orgasm for over a minute before releasing Joey from her grip. He pulled back from her pussy and looked up at Mrs. Tyler longingly, “Mrs. Tyler, I love the way you taste,” Joey said in a near groan. “I could have your every day and I would be hungrier the next.”

Mrs. Tyler pulled him up from between her legs and brought him in for a kiss before telling him, “Joey. You are my best lover. Anytime you want me, you can have me. You can come tell my husband you are going to take me, and I will go with you. I’m all yours.”

Joey and his lover returned to the main office from the copy room finding Principal Jones now sitting on the table next to Adam talking up a storm. As Joey and Mrs. Tyler attempted to discreetly return to their duties, Joey took in the sight before him. Principal Jones was a fit woman and usually she wore very conservative business suits not revealing her shape at all, but the position she was in now and the attention she was giving Adam revealed a whole new side of her. She was nearly sitting, almost leaning on the other side of the table from Joey and he could see that her hips shot out almost horizontally from her waist. Her ass was also stretched her suit while being pressed up against the table. Joey could tell her waist was small as it curved in then out towards her seemingly large tits. He would have to check out her profile a little closer tonight. However, for now, she seemed to be infatuated with his very feminine brother. Joey watched as Adam relished the attention given by Principal Jones, blushing and smiling back at her as she talked about all manner of topics. She was talking about her husband, shopping, makeup; it was all over the place. The most interesting part was how she touched Adam a lot during her monologue. She was laying her hand on his cheeks, slapping his fat hips and ass, at one point it almost appeared she was going to reach out and cup Adam’s new titties. Joey was intrigued by this side of Principal Jones and went over to Mrs. Tyler sitting at her desk as she continued her work.

“She’s very talkative over there?” Joey suggested.

“She’s always been that way when she’s excited. We used to be really close friends and would hang out a Kıbrıs Escort lot, so I got to know her pretty well,” Mrs. Tyler offered.

“That is fascinating to me. Why don’t you hang out as much now?” Joey asked.

“Time has not been as nice to me, Joey. You know about my marriage and even though you like my body, I struggle with it,” she explained. “She has managed to stay fit and beautiful, and despite being married, she gets plenty of attention from men, and sometimes woman too.”

“I can see that. She seems to be really into Adam over there. What’s that about?” Joey inquired.

“I think it’s something she’s into. She’s always liked young, eh effeminate men and boys too. In addition, she hasn’t talked to me about it, but I don’t think she’s happy at home either. We just didn’t get the lucky draw with our men,” she said before rubbing Joey’s cheeks and smiling at him.

“Well, maybe you two should go out sometime. I’m sure you’d have a great time, dancing and such. You look great today. I’d take you dancing right now if there was music playing,” Joey said encouragingly.

“I’m sure you would, Mister,” she stood and leaned in for a discreet kiss. “I bet you would like to do more than dance,” she said grabbing his dick and squeezing it.

Mrs. Tyler and Joey returned to the filing duties, enjoying each other’s company as much as Principal Jones seemed to be enjoying Adam’s. It was clearly hard for Mrs. Tyler to resist Joey’s charms as she kept finding opportunities to touch him or brush up against him. At one point, she flat out wrapped her arms around him from behind and pulled him to her soft curvy body. Joey was getting aroused at all the touching soon would be sporting an all too familiar tent in his shorts.

“So, it’s settled then, Dawn,” Principal Jones said interrupting their flirtations. “Tomorrow after work, you and I will,” she stopped talking suddenly when Mrs. Tyler released Joey and they turned to face her.

Joey realized why she stopped when her eyes locked onto his tent now pushing out at half-mast. He was still not used to his dick making itself known to other people and although the conversation was light this morning, Joey suddenly felt worried he was offending Principal Jones. He sheepishly turned back and uncomfortably scooted into the seat at the table while the principal walked up behind him and laid her left hand on his shoulder and continued talking to Mrs. Tyler.

She and Mrs. Tyler were very close to each other now and Joey felt Mrs. Tyler’s right hand on his other shoulder, as they talked a little quieter. “So, as I was saying, my very sexy friend, you and I can go out tomorrow after work and try to rekindle some of our youth. Maybe some young studs will show up and dance with us,” she squeezed Joey’s shoulder lightly when saying this. “Or we can dance with each other just like we used to. “Then Joey heard her lower her voice to a raspy sensual tone, “I’ve missed you, Dawn. A lot. “Joey thought he heard a kiss but didn’t dare to sneak a peek as he was worried about getting in trouble as it was. Then he felt Mrs. Tyler jerk and make a slight squeal before Principal Jones let go of his shoulder and left the office. “Have a great lunch, Mrs. Tyler and keep inspiring those boys to work hard,” she called as Joey heard the door open and close.

“Oh my gosh, Mrs. Tyler. I thought I was going to detention for sure after that display,” Joey said expelling the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. Joey stood back up and noticed Mrs. Tyler was flushed standing somewhat nervously.

“What? What happened?” Adam asked.

Joey turned and pointed to the tent in his shorts. “She walked up on me like this,” Joey said expressively.

“I’m sure it’s fine. She did the same to me you just don’t notice it as clearly,” Adam said smiling sheepishly. “She must know she has that effect on boys. “She’s always had that effect on me, anyway.”

“I had no idea you were crushing on Principal Jones, Adam,” Joey observed. “What do you like about her? I hadn’t realized how shapely she is until today. She’s always worn such prudish suits.”

Mrs. Tyler seemed to gather herself and chimed in, “I’m sure you’re fine, Joey. Don’t worry. Now me on the other hand I may be in trouble,” she said while walking back to her desk.

“What do you mean? You guys were good friends,” Joey asked.

“That’s the problem. Now, boys. You must not talk about this with anyone, OK?” she said to Joey and Adam. They both nodded captivated by the conversation. “We were more than friends for years. We had a hot and heavy relationship even after she got married. It was one of the ways I dealt with my husband’s lack of interest … if you know what I mean. Anyhow, once she became principal, she became pretty serious about her career and less focused on hanging out at night and having fun with me.”

Joey and Adam both came close to Mrs. Tyler’s desk waiting for more details. “Wow,” Joey muttered. Girne Escort “You guys were having an affair. That’s so hot,” he said excitedly. Adam nodded in agreement.

“Well, I’ve never slept with another man, but her and I were something really special and years ago when she became principal and seemed to lose interest in me, I kind of shut down. It’s when I picked up most of my weight and started just being ‘nice Mrs. Tyler’,” she explained further. “Then this week happened, and certain boys inspired me to dress differently and magically, my old friend appeared,” she said pensively. “It was really nice having her attention again, but I’m a little worried about how far in may go. I think we had something special before and I thought it was gone. This morning was nice, uh like all the years we were disconnected were gone. “She was starting to cry, and Joey walked around the desk to embrace her tightly.

“Oh, Mrs. Tyler. You’ve been so lonely,” Joey said as she started sobbing into his chest as he caressed her back and held her tightly. He cried softly with Mrs. Tyler as he held her, and Adam came up behind her and rubbed her back as well.

“You boys are so nice to me, I just didn’t realize how disconnected I was from being a woman; an attractive woman,” she sobbed into Joey’s chest. “This week has been such a change for me. It felt so good to feel like a woman and not some grandmother for the whole school. Now this person I used to love, I think, steps back into my life. She’s been here all along but not here with me. It’s just confusing I don’t know what to do.”

Joey reached down and held her face up to his, “Mrs. Tyler. Dawn, you are a vivacious, sexy woman that needs to live. I can’t say anything about your marriage, but if he is not loving you the way you need and Mrs. Jones is lonely too, I don’t see anything wrong with you being with her.”

“I’m afraid it will be complicated with her being my boss. She’s always been so dominant, but she’s always treated me with respect and before, like I said I think we loved each other more than we realized,” Mrs. Tyler explained.

“I’m sure she feels the same way. It certainly seemed like she missed you,” Joey offered. “I mean I thought I heard her kiss you. She must love you too.”

“Well, she was always very physical with her affection to me, and I liked, er, I like it. What if she goes back to being distant again? I’m scared, Joey. I’m afraid of being hurt again.”

“We’ll be here for you, Mrs. Tyler. We love you too and we’ll help you no matter what,” Joey said.

“Yes, Mrs. Tyler. We both love you, like family,” Adam offered along with a hug to her back.

“Mmm Family. That means more than you think, Mrs. Tyler,” Joey said while holding her.

“Well, you boys made that pretty clear yesterday,” she said as they broke up the hug. “You two have helped me quite a bit this week, not just with office work,” she said raising her eyebrows at Adam and Joey. “Maybe you’d both like to meet up with us tomorrow night? Its clear Principal Jones had a liking for Adam, and I would love an evening with my handsome stud.”

“It’s a date!” Joey said excitedly. “Eh, do you want to check with Principal Jones first?”

“If it’s one thing I haven’t forgotten, it’s how to read Penny when she’s on the prowl. If Adam’s not careful he’s going to get pulled right into her grasp. Although, I’ll doubt he’ll mind,” she said winking at Adam.

The bell rang causing them to break from their reverie. “Well, I guess I’ll see you boys tomorrow. Thank you for helping me feel better boys,” she called as they gathered their bags to head to lunch.

Joey and Adam made their way to the cafeteria to meet with friends. Within several minutes, they had retrieved their lunch and were sitting at their favorite table. Shortly, Kevin, Kelly and Julie who greeted each other and started eating quickly after joining them.

“Jule, is Steve OK today? He said he was staying home sick,” Kevin asked. “I missed him during our morning ride,” Kevin said smiling.

“Oh yeah, he’s fine,” she replied. “I think with all the stuff that’s happened this week he was a little freaked out. But Stacey is with him and I’m sure she’s taking good care of him.”

“Yeah, he seemed kind of freaked out last night and I told him to go home and see Stacey,” Joey offered.

“He was going on about being man enough for her, blah, blah, blah,” Julie, said flippantly. “You boys always have a complex about your dongs no matter how much a girl loves you. Same story all the time. I mean he has been getting kind of feminine, but she loves him, and we all know she’s going to have fun no matter what you bring to the table.”

“That’s what I told him last night. I told him we all love him, and we’ll take care of him,” Joey said.

“Man, you guys are gettin’ mushy. But, Joey’s right,” Kevin offered. “We’re all together. We got each other. Always have. Jule, can you call us right away if Steve is having a hard time. We’ll come right over. This past week has been crazy, and we’ve all done some crazy stuff, but that doesn’t mean things can’t change differently.”

“I will. Promise,” Julie replied. “The real question is when are we going out for more, uh fun. I’m not talking card games either.”

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