Jimmy the Doctor

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(Author’s note-: This happens to be the first of this series and your feedback will be most welcome because without it I doubt I’ll continue with the next series. Anything readers want, I’ll try to let them have it. This story doesn’t contain incest but has some lesbian scenes, which are bound to pop up in subsequent episodes. I don’t want to talk much on my first note so how about you just enjoy the story.)


Chapter one:-:-:-:-:-:

It was very difficult for Jim to make a choice on the dress to wear to the company. He was a young doctor who specialized in the brain and all its neural connections, thus neurology. Apart from the job, he had down in the hospital as a neurosurgeon he also had a Pharmacy that was always filled with people. He had some Pharmacists hired to do the work, but when he was available, he made time to go down and help.

He was quite tall, with a hairy broad chest, and a well built body that he’d made by getting through school not just as a geek but also as a sportsman. He was in his early twenties had jet-black hair that he left naturally. As if that wasn’t enough, he was rewarded with pretty emerald green eyes that worked like a charm on ladies. He was the kind of guy who could easily turn on a woman simply by staring.

His method of relating to his patients made them naturally have some kind of attraction or connection with him in a special way. He made them feel loved, he made them feel wanted and he could easily make them come back even when they weren’t sick.

Finally making a choice he slips the black shirt on to match with a black pair of jeans that he was already having on. Since he was used to being all by himself he quickly drives down to the company where one of his patients’ relatives had called for him. He walks through the office slowly, taking a good look at the secretary at the table and bowing lightly to her.

“I’d like to see Elise,”

“And who may I say is looking for her?”

“You can say, the doctor who took her mother through the operation.”

“Oh,” the secretary says finally remembering that her boss had told her about a doctor coming down to see her. “She’s been waiting for you.”

Jim just smiles and walks inside like a teenager, tapping the door lightly and then pushing it open. There she was behind the desk, Elise. She was widowed a couple of years ago, when she lost her husband to a brain tumor that she didn’t know of until his death. She had used work to keep herself extremely busy after that so that she could live a life free of men.

She had auburn hair that she’d styled and kept short. She looked very young and pretty, and had no kids at all because her husband made excuses and had her still use the pill. She was about 37years of age, and well endowed. She had rather big breasts that looked very firm in the outfit she was wearing. She was in an ash coat that was unbuttoned to reveal a white blouse that covered the top of her breasts.

“Hi Jim,” she says happy to see that her waiting had finally paid off.

“Hi Elise,” Jim says trying to be as informal as possible.

“Kindly lock the door, for me. I don’t want the secretary barging in,” she quickly adds, explaining the purpose for making him carry out the action.

“Would you like me to offer you…,” she pauses as if she was thinking of what to say.

“Would you like me to offer you anything,” he says to her now in his seat. “If that’s what you wanted to say then I’m fine.” He says laughing at her. She smiles back laughing and blushes biting her lower lip and feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Don’t be naughty, I’ll get you some water she says and walks down to the filter down in the room. That was when Jim noticed that she was in a skirt that fell just on her thighs not too far from her knees. Her legs were wonderful, nice skin that looked so pale. Her hips weren’t too wide and her ass looked perfect in the skirt.

She picks the glass from the rack just beside the filter and fills it with some cold water for him, bending to reveal her upper thighs. She turns around and finds that his eyes were looking at her certificates hanging on the walls.

“Here you are,” she says handing the glass over to him clumsily.

“Careful,” Jim laughs seeing how nervous she was and unintentionally raises his eyes to have a zoom up of her breasts. For a moment, he knew that he had stared at her breasts so he quickly takes his eyes up to look into her face. She was smiling and laughing as well.

She didn’t look like she had anything much to say to him but maybe thank him for helping his mother, the only one who seemed to be hanging around her at the moment.

“Please don’t tell me I’m clumsy,” she whispers playfully into his ears.

“Can I say, ‘You almost stained my clothes?'” he says and turns to look into her face so that their faces were just about six inches apart. Suddenly Elise goes blank unable to say a word, passing the sign to Jim that she clearly couldn’t control Sivas Escort herself around him.

For some time, it was like they were just stuck together staring into each other’s eyes. The feeling suddenly comes to her that she shouldn’t have gotten too close in trying to be as informal and stoop down to the doctor’s level so that he could feel warm, just like a son.

Jim moves towards her lips, quickly ceasing the opportunity and kisses her on the side of the lips. Her eyes close as well, and she releases air from her mouth thereby opening her mouth to him, but unintentionally. Jim pulls away not knowing how she was going to take the first kiss, but seeing the seductive look on her face was enough for him to know that she liked that.

Since she happened to be on his left hand side, he uses his left hand to touch her cheek and pulls her closer for another kiss, which she powerlessly closes her eyes for. He takes the lower lip that looked somewhat glossy into his mouth and sucks on it gently. All this time Elise had her hands, left on the office table and right behind the chair her doctor was seated on.

She also begins to suck onto his upper lip, returning the kiss passionately, pressing her upper lip over his. Jim uses his fingers to slide along her face, grabbing her by the neck after pushing some strands of hair out of the way pressing his palm against her cheekbone. The kissing lasted longer than any of them had expected. After some time she breaks away again but this time doesn’t return to kiss him again.

“I’m sorry,” she quickly apologizes and walks over to the desk not able to believe what she had just caused the young doctor to do. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I liked that,” Jim admits openly to her unable to take his eyes off her.

“I… I…” she wasn’t ready to tell him how she also liked it and wanted him to have French kissed her. “I am a married woman.”

“No you’re not,” Jim says getting out of his seats and walking slowly to her now. “You are a beautiful widow.”

“I don’t think…,” she says with a weak mind.

She just wasn’t strong enough for Jim to handle. He quickly cuts her off. “…I think you should give yourself a chance. Give others a chance.”

Now she happened to be facing the table, standing close with her swivel chair behind her, trying to call in all that she could to give herself some control. She closes her eyes gently trying to concentrate and then the distraction comes to her. The doctor’s right hand slips around her and lands palm down on her abdomen.

Quickly opening her eyes to what was happening she offers to complain not knowing that she was only going to make matters worse. The doctor had pushed the swivel chair away just by moving behind her. Then the great blunder comes in. She turns her face to say nothing although she had the ‘I shouldn’t have started this, this shouldn’t be happening’.

The doctor takes his right hand up, accidentally brushing a nipple on his way to her face, quickly sending new ideas through his mind. Her look suddenly changes again as she involuntary scoffs in pleasure. He pushes her by the cheekbone so that her face lays closely to his as he kisses her softly once again. As if he’d done it on purpose, he opens his eyes and looks into her eyes that she’d opened because he’d broken the kiss. Now she had the look that showed desire. It showed clearly on her face that she was horny.

Down there she felt her pussy lips doing what they had only done during her nights of frequent masturbations. The juice was already coming into her channel and the inner lips were quickly moistening with cum although her brain was screaming differently. Since she was still facing the table, she had her head at the side whiles he moved in to kiss her again this time harder than first as if he was suddenly charged with desire as well. She lowers her lower lip as he takes her upper lip again.

He opens his mouth to kiss her harder some more and feels her tongue slipping into his mouth. He feels her and immediately pushes his mouth unto hers so that they could kiss deeply, her tongue playing games in his mouth. First, she licks the tip of his tongue then moves to the side of it as if trying to tell him to also push his tongue into hers.

Jim presses her face closer with his right hand so that their kiss could be more intimate, then he moves his left hand, which he’d, placed on her stomach searching for her navel during all the kissing. He pulls the coat lower so that it sags on her at the elbows somewhat restricting her and exposing her blouse. His left hand quickly finds its way back from her shoulder and down rubbing her neck, then her collarbone not wanting to miss any part of her skin.

Her tits were already hardened with excitement and the fingers of his left hand was getting close to them but because of the way she was standing and having her hands on the desk he had to move his hand out and underneath her left hand. He Sivas Escort Bayan brushes her side with his palm then slowly extends his fingers to trace the length of her breast all the way to the areola but not touching the nipple, then clawing at her breast in the material whiles coming down the length of her breast.

She just couldn’t help herself anymore. Her heart was racing and her breath was becoming more like panting with all the kissing she was doing. Suddenly she feels him moving his waist closer to his so that he was now pressing himself unto her butt.

“Oh my, what control,” she thinks to herself on noticing that he wasn’t having a hard on yet. She loved men who had control and it was suddenly beginning to make her more interested in him.

Using her hands as support, she grinds into his crotch to see if she could awaken what lay underneath the jeans. Jim’s hand had now managed to pull the blouse out from her skirt and hidden his hand on her tummy playing with her navel by using his index finger on and around it whiles she swings her hips. She was the boss, and she wasn’t going to easily come off to an orgasm; she believed she had that control, and that if anyone was to cum first it had to be Jim so she grinds harder although she was being pinned to the table by Jim.

Building on her, own, orgasm without even realizing whiles they were fighting with their tongues at the top, taking in deep breaths of ecstasy. Jim’s curious left hand slips gently upwards, exploring her chest under the blouse, and the skin that separated her breasts.

She felt him under her blouse reaching for the sensitive skin separating her breasts. He trails his middle finger along the line to see how tight she was at the top then allows most of his fingers to run down the line for some time. Her Head now tilted backwards Jim was kissing her, supporting her with his right at the waist whiles she held on to his head with her right, forcing him more unto her face whiles grinding harder, able to feel Jim’s cock in the jeans.

Jim’s left hand suddenly parts from the middle and falls on one of her breasts, nipple trapped in between two of his magical fingers so that when ever he squeezed her breasts he’d intentionally squeeze the nipple as well. It worked like magic, she couldn’t help herself, and although she had reached the point of no return, she wasn’t willing to give up and let him know about it so she wipes her kiss off his face panting and allows her head to fall on his shoulder.

She didn’t want to moan into his mouth when the orgasm finally hit her but she hadn’t thought that he’d hear her now that she was close to his ear, enjoying his squeeze. She enjoyed lying in his arms, against his chest. Quitting the grind into him to regain control although it was impossible at this point, she feels Jim offering to grind into her immediately.

“No…no…” she says weakly over his shoulder.

Jim looks at her knowing her body was saying different, and uses his right hand to hold her breast on top of the blouse so that he could keep her in that position. Then it occurs to him that she hadn’t put on any bra. The widow was really responsible. She’d taken off her bra at her own detriment.

“Urgggghhhhhhhhh…, urgghhhhhhhhh…, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…,” she purrs uncontrollably, Jim squeezing her nipples in the fingers of his left hand knowing that she was closer than he’d imagined.

It turns out that worked more for her because she was already climaxing before he started thumbing her nipples.

“Fucccccccckkkkk!” she cries in a high-pitched voice as he thumbs her hard nipples.

The sensation of her cum, running down her inner lips to the swollen outer lips was too much for her. She opens her mouth to take a gasp for more air on feeling it running outside her outer lips soaking the side of her panties. She couldn’t help moaning some more as she enjoyed her first orgasm with Jim.

It takes her sometime to recover from the aching orgasm that had put her in her former positions hands on the table. Eyes still closed trying to bring out cum, which was beginning to boil in her again. She had never felt so much at once before and hardly knew what was happening in her excitement. Next thing she felt was Jim’s left hand shifting from her left breast to the right.

The forearm still keeping contact with her left breast whiles he uses his fingers to claw at her breast to heighten her pleasure. As far as he could feel, it was working because she was coming back again.

“Where the heck is his right hand?” she thinks again whiles enjoying the nipple squeeze. Then she feels it on her right thigh. Another question suddenly hits her, “Where the fuck is my skirt?”

Jim had lifted her skirt over her butt to expose her red panties soaked with cum. She didn’t think the doctor was going to move so fast, the development was moving too fast for her and was already making her juice up again as the hand moves closer Escort Sivas to her crotch. She was breathing hard awaiting what was going to come but Jim just swings his hip into her butt and lowers his head to kiss her on the left shoulder moving down her neck to kiss her head resting on his shoulder.

She could feel the cork within the cheeks of her butt because he was so close to her rear. Just when she feels as though his hands were going to get straight to her panty, she feels him reaching for her hand sagging loosely around her to pull the coat bunched up at her wrist. He pulls just from one of the wrist and it slips off her other wrist as well separating them for sometime then falling to the floor. His right hand runs to her thigh again, all the way to her crotch.

“No, not there!” she says but without a strong will enough to make the doctor stop. All her life she’d enjoyed turning men on leaving them with erections but this time she’d met her match. “I can feel it…” she sighs in erotic pleasure after Jim had taken his face away from hers.

“Do want me to finger your pussy?” he whispers into her ear.

“…Fuck… me!” she says uncontrollably in a sigh, finally allowing the teenage girl longing for sex inside her to come loose. Jim gladly cups her pussy and runs his fingers along the swollen lips.

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!” she urges him on as she starts to wet herself again.

Jim forces her up and down on his hand so that it was more like he was riding on his hand whiles she cums again. Shaking as she climaxes, still riding on Jim’s right hand as he massages her pussy. Jim feeling how wet she was in her panties allows her to loosen up a bit running his hand on her thigh only to find that she had her thighs wet.

He was still milking her right breast during her orgasm whiles she moans louder this time. Jim pins his mouth on hers to prevent her from alerting the secretary. She could barely stand anymore and knew she was going to fall unto her knees immediately her orgasm was over. Jim pulls her panties down her legs, sliding it gracefully to her knees. Her pussy was now bare, with a little hair over her triangle. He forces her unto the table by leaning on her back pressing her unto the desk and massaging her at the shoulder whiles her pussy quivers.

He steps away from her and pulls her skirt higher up to her waist to look at her leaking pussy. Her inner thighs were glistened with cum. Her swollen lips looked red and shiny as she still dripped uncontrollably. He really wanted to pull down his jeans, and stick his cock into her and bang her like crazy but he knew this wasn’t going to be the right place to do that so all he could do was to turn her on till she keeps coming back to him for more.

Elise keeps herself leaned on the table awaiting the long time fuck that the doctor wanted to give her but doesn’t feel anything so she forces herself up and looks at Jim seated in the swivel chair, just staring down at her pussy and beautifully rounded ass.

“You enjoyed that…didn’t you,” she says and turns around to face him, the skirt falling naturally and back unto her thighs.

She falls unto her knees and reaches for his zipper but she feels Jim grab her left hand. He gets out of the seat pushing it backward against the wall and takes a seat on the floor cross-legged right hand still holding on to her left. She didn’t know what he was up to but somehow she had ended up in front of him, kissing her, and pushing her left hand behind her.

She was leaning over to kiss him with her left hand behind her, together with her right hand, which Jim had moved behind her as well. He grabs her with his right hand holding her wrists together whiles she forces herself some more unto Jim. Jim forces her unto the side then allows her to slip aside so that her breasts were now pressed against his left leg.

Jim moves his left hand over her and takes her by the wrists, which he had locked behind her so that he could use his right hand. His right flows along the back of her thighs starting from behind her knee to grab her by the ass pulling her left cheek aside with his right hand as she moaned for control. Her skirt was now falling down and bunched up at her waist and her butt was high up because she was on her knees and her face was almost on the floor.

She could barely move because Jim had managed to trap her, something she really didn’t like. She wasn’t ready to let someone do whatever she wanted with her so she struggles at her abdominal region although it was futile. Since her legs were already opened due to the position, Jim feasted his eyes on her sex and wet thighs as he runs his fingers on the inner thigh moving towards her pussy.

He uses his finger to stroke the slit, teasing her tensed and swollen lips causing her channel to flood some more as another orgasm starts. All she needed was for him to finger her to orgasm in the position he’d managed to trap her in. The continuous strokes at the outer lips continue for some time, causing her to roll her eyes.

“Orrrrrrrghhhhhhhh, push it into me and fuck me.”

“I’m not going to fuck you.”

“Hell you have to, you can’t just leave me horny like this.”

“That’s just what I’m planning on doing.”

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