Jim and Micki: A Love Affair Pt. 01

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It started as a bit of a flirt among new friends. Jim and I had met on line and after months of some very erotic chatting I had convinced him to meet under the pretense that it was related to his work. Jim was to be involved in a project with Bill’s company as the contractor. Jim picked us up and we all went out to dinner and then back to drop us off at the hotel where we were staying.

Bill suggested we go into the lounge for just a bit and they had a small group playing that made for a very relaxed mood. After a first dance with our own spouses, we began dancing with each other’s spouses, to a nice slow jazz number. I was with Jim and Kay, was with my Bill.

Bill and I looked across at each other and he smiled a reassuring grin of confidence. But we’d perhaps had a little more wine than normal and the music was very warming. I suddenly noticed that Jim was pressed against my thigh and was more than a little bit aroused. Meanwhile, his right hand was on the inner side of my left hip and it felt rather nice there.

The fact that this was happening in full view of our spouses was also terribly erotic. I could then see that Bill’s left hand was nearer Kay’s breast than was strictly necessary for dancing cheek to cheek!

Again we glanced at each other, as if acknowledging what was going on and being OK with it. Bill knew that I had sometimes fantasized having a foursome with Jim and Kay and knew we both found them attractive. Bill knew I wanted Jim and was more than willing to try to seduce his wife. He loved her breasts, which he knew were bigger than mine, because Jim had shared some very intimate photos.

The way in which all four of us were now dancing, seemed to suggest that this might be a special night. Jim was worried that Kay would object to his dancing so close to me, but when I let my hand reach down to feel his hard cock, he let out a quiet groan.

I whispered in his ear that “I want this in me, you know I love the blue vein”.

His worries fleeted. The group started playing another number and Jim said maybe we should go back to our table. I agreed and we went to sit down as Bill and Kay continued to dance. We sat close and I put my hand on Jim’s thigh as we watched Bill holding Kay close, both arms were around her, with one hand very low on her back.

We could see that Bill was talking to her as they danced and at one point she pulled back and looked at him and shook her head, a soft no. He pulled her back tight and his hand went down to cup her bum and then rub her softly. She took his hand and moved it back up to her back. As they turned I saw her look at Jim. Jim was looking into my eyes and his hand was on the inside of my thigh. I think she saw it.

Bill’s hand moved down to her bum again and this time she didn’t stop him. Bill was grinding into her and she was starting to push back. I could see his right legs move between her legs and he raised it up to her sex as he put both hands on her butt. Her eyes were closed. He looked like he was almost fucking her standing up.

I saw him take her right hand and bring it between them where his cock would be as he leaned down and whispered something into her ear. The movement of her arm told us she was touching him. Jim had moved his hand under my skirt and was rubbing my pussy through my panties, which were getting very wet.

When the song ended, Bill and Kay separated and turned back to our table. I know she saw Jim’s hand under my skirt before he jerked it away. Her face was flushed and she sat down beside Jim and Bill beside me. She was quiet as we sipped our wine.

Bill asked Jim if they would come up to our room as he had something to give him in connection with the project. Our ride up to our suite was quiet and a little clumsy.

Our suite had a separate living room area with a sofa and two chairs and Bill got the files for Jim and poured 4 glasses of wine. Bill and Jim were on the ends of the sofa and we girls in the middle beside our hubbies. Bill offered a toast to a long relationship and we all drank.

Bill looked at Kay and said “I loved dancing with you. You are a delight you know and I hope you felt how taken I was by being so close.”

She smiled and said “oh yes, I felt it”.

Bill raised another toast of, “Here’s to our wives, the very best, both so beautiful, so sexy.”

Bill Antalya Escort and I kissed soon followed by Jim and Kay. As our passions rose, our hands moved around our partners bodies and both men were touching our breasts over our clothing. Then, as I glanced at Jim and his wife, I noticed her touching the bulge in Jim’s trousers. Jim was turned toward his wife and me and she had turned into him.

Jim looked into my eyes and I mouthed “I want to fuck you tonight, right now”.

Jim dropped his hand to her breast and started rubbing and squeezing and they kissed. Bill was unbuttoning my top and releasing my breasts as I opened his belt and zipper and pulled out his cock. I wasn’t wearing a bra. Jim looked over at my breasts and began to open his wife’s top. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was fast and deep.

Jim then lifted Kay’s top over her head to reveal breasts barely contained in her lacy bra. Kay is a lot bigger than I and her nipples are bigger and darker. You could clearly see her stiff nipples through her lacy bra and Bill was staring at her breasts. As Jim kissed her shoulders, he lowered her bra-straps and undid the snap and removed her bra. I could feel Bill getting even harder in my hand.

The boys now removed their shirts and neither Kay nor I could resist the temptation of pressing our naked breasts with hardened nipples to our husbands’ chests. What a wonderful feeling to be doing this so openly and I knew that Kay was enjoying it every bit as much as me. Jim was looking directly at my nipples.

The pretense, that this was just a bit of playfulness became less sustainable, as I pulled Bill’s trousers down and freeing his cock so that it was visible to all. Kay had stood Jim up and was removing his trousers, shoes and socks so that he was completely naked when he resumed his place on the sofa. His cock was standing straight up, he was clearly aroused. She grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it on her nipples. She looked over at Bill and you could see her eyes widen as she stared at his hard cock.

It was wonderfully erotic touching our partners bodies while another couple watched. I was surprisingly shocked yet excited when Bill reached across and caressed the side of Kay’s breast so that, while I was holding his cock, here he was – touching another woman. He reached to softly brush the nipple of her left breast.

It was a strange mixture of jealousy and intense arousal all at the same time. Bill was clearly no less horny as some pre-cum appeared on the tip of his cock. Looking across directly into Kay’s eyes, I smiled, bent down and purposefully licked his pre-cum off with the tip of my tongue as if to say the first of Bill’s juice is mine.

Seeing her eyes widen in excitement, I then leaned across and let her lick it off my tongue with the tip of hers – giving her the taste Bill’s salty sweet cum. She looked shocked at my action but you could see her excitement. Her nipples were like bullets. She actually took my tongue into her mouth and sucked on it.

I whispered in her ear “I’m going to fuck Jim while Bill fucks you.”

My heartbeat raced as I processed what I had just said. Jim had now moved so that he could cradle my breasts in his hands, my nipples incredibly hard and puckered with pleasure at being touched by another man while holding my husband’s erect cock. He rolled my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.

Kay was stroking Jim’s cock and did with his pre-cum precisely what I’d done with Bill’s… licked it and looked into my eyes and then kissed me. It was an electric moment as I tasted Jim on her. He tasted different than Bill and I wanted more.

Kay and I kissed passionately with our tongues tasting each other and our men as we sat there holding our respective husbands’ erections.

We each squeezed our hubby’s cocks as we kissed and explored one another’s mouths. Our mouths parted and, as I watched, Kay moved to sit on Jim’s lap, spreading her moist labia and pushing his hard cock into her. I was transfixed as I stared at his cock moving in and out of her and glistening with her cum. She had a look of unbridled lust and looked into my eyes as she sat on Jim’s cock.

I then stood Bill up and, holding his swelling cock, guided it towards Kay’s mouth. Here was my husband hardening even more in my hand as another Antalya Escort Bayan woman’s tongue at first licked him and then took him into her mouth fully, looking up at him while doing so.

Bill pushed into her mouth slowly in and out, deeper with each stroke as I held him, he fucked deep into the back of her throat and Kay gagged. When she did, he pulled out and you could see a trail of her thick saliva on his cock. She spit more on Bill’s cock. I moved behind Bill and held the base of his cock and his balls, which tightening as Kay sucked him so hungrily.

She pulled back so she could say “Fuck my throat Bill, take me, use me, make me gag, I want to be a total slut for you”.

I licked the top of Bill’s bum crack with the tip of my tongue as Kay squeezed his cock and she then pointedly licked more pre-cum off him as I watched, smiling at me as she did so. Bill pushed back into her and began fucking her throat hard. She was gagging on almost every stroke.

By now, Jim (who was watching this with some glee) was getting uncontrollably excited – as was Kay, and I could sense and hear that they were both about to come. Jim was stroking his cock which was so hard and still dripping cum. As they did so, I could feel Bill building up also and had the intense pleasure of holding his balls and the base of his cock as I felt his cum surging through him into Kay’s welcoming mouth and over her face and breasts.

I wanted so much to suck the last drops of his cum out of him, but she wouldn’t let go of him because of her own, uncontrollable, raking orgasm. Bill pumped tons of cum into Kay’s slutty mouth and kept fucking her. She tried to keep up by swallowing, but just couldn’t.

Eventually she did let go of his cock and kissed me on the mouth so that I could taste my husband’s juices in her. I loved it intensely and then turned hungrily to suck Bill’s now free cock, trying to get whatever might have remained of his cum out of him, he was my husband after all. Eventually I let him fall, totally expended but not totally soft, from my mouth. His cock was bright red from her wanton sucking.

Kay then lowered me to my knees so I could suck Jim’s cock which was covered in a mixture of his and her cum. The combination of sensual fragrances and tastes was wonderful and, with Jim fully in my mouth and growing again, I could feel Kay’s fingers on my moist labia. It wasn’t long before I became aware she was pushing Bill’s reawakened arousal into me.

She then somehow turned onto her back underneath my hips so that she could watch as she stroked Bill’s cock going into me and lick it at the same time. Needless to say, her tongue also touched my very hardened clit and, with Jim’s hardening erection still in my mouth, I was soon in a frenzy as I could sense my own orgasm approaching.

I just wanted this intensity of excitement to last forever. Jim’ tasted so good inside my mouth, I never wanted this to be over. My own fingers joined Kay’s tongue on the wet shaft of Bill’s cock and I sensed she was licking my cum on him as I was touching that same moistness. I just couldn’t hold back any longer and the most powerful orgasm I’d ever experienced overwhelmed me.

Kay had somehow maneuvered herself to be behind Bill so that she was using her hips to drive him even harder into me – sort of her fucking me by proxy. Reluctantly, I let Jim out of my mouth and had to lay down and, as I did so, Kay took Bill into her mouth again and, with obvious pleasure, sucked my juices off him.

I looked up at Jim’s cock just above my face and couldn’t resist tracing his shaft with the tip of my tongue. I licked up and down the underside of his cock as it twitched and jerked. I sucked one of his balls gently and lovingly. Then let my tongue reach the area near his asshole, as I grabbed his cock in my hand. I squeezed so he wouldn’t cum as I tongued his ass.

I wanted Bill to watch me do this because we would talk of it later and how exited we both were at seeing the pleasure the other was getting. I guess the same was happening for Kay and Jim.

By now my Bill was fully erect and ready to go again. I encouraged him towards Kay’s labia and arranged them so that I could guide him into her. Here I was, holding my husband’s cock in my slender fingers and pushing it into another woman. I watched him slide Escort Antalya effortlessly into her, her lips spreading and yielding to his cock – she was very moist after all.

Then, as he slid out I licked him, pushed it back in and tasted him again on the way out. I also let my tongue brush firmly against Kay’s clit which she obviously loved and moaned pleasurably at. Kay’s clit had grown huge under all the excitement and must have been super sensitive, because she yelped as my tongue touched her.

I held Bill’s balls which were getting tighter again. I took him out of her completely and sucked him hungrily tasting her juices on him and his pre-cum. I then pushed him back into Kay and watched and held him as he banged into her with increasing urgency.

You could hear the slapping of wet skin against skin, mixed with the squishing sound of Kay’s cunt being fucked. As I felt his orgasm building, I maneuvered my lips to be on either side of his cock so that I could feel the pulse of his cum rushing through into Kay as he exploded into her.

“Yes” I cried as it happened.

I knew I was the one who made him come every bit as much as she did. He was my man you know. I laid back down and moved Kay’s very wet labia over my breasts so that the juices inside her spilled over my nipples as I again sucked Bill’s last remaining juices and Kay’s cum off of him.

As we all collapsed in a heap of friendly joy Kay pointedly licked the fluid that was on my nipples, sucking them as she did so. It wasn’t long before Kay, who’d very much enjoyed what’d just happened between me, my Bill and her, wanted to do the same thing, only with her Jim fucking me. Kay got up and into position to direct the fucking of me by Jim.

She told me to lay down on my back, “So Jim can fuck you, look into your eyes and kiss you.”

She took Jim’s rock hard cock and pulled him to me. He was on his knees and Kay rubbed the head of Jim’s cock over my mouth so I could lick and taste him. Then pulled him down between my legs and told me to lift my legs as high as I could. She rubbed the head of his hard wet cock over my labia, over and over and every once in a while over my clit. My lips were dripping wet with anticipation.

Jim bent down and whispered in my ear: “I love you and I’m going to fuck you Micki. I’m going to finally cum deep inside you and make you mine.”

Neither Kay or Bill could hear but they did see my face glow with lust at the words. I put my hands on Jim’s ass and pulled him into me and his cock penetrated my pussy… oh my god it was awesome. The curve of his cock touched me where Bill never did. He pushed all the way into me in one stroke. I pulled him even deeper. I wanted his cock in my womb.

We kissed, he sucked my tongue, our mouths were in love. Jim was touching my wet asshole with his index finger and I wanted it in me. I pushed back and he knew, he eased his finger into my ass and felt for his cock fucking me. I wouldn’t last long, I needed to cum with Jim, I needed to feel his hot cum splashing against the walls of my pussy, his cock head pushing on my cervix.

I yelled, “Oh Jim, I love you in me, fuck me, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

I felt the head of his cock open my cervix and just the head enter. It hurt at first and then felt awesome, I could feel an orgasm building. I was cumming so hard it was amazing. We came together. Jim filled me with his yummy cum as I wrapped my legs around him.

I looked over for Bill and saw that he and Kay were deep into a 69 with her on top, just grinding her pussy into him as she sucked his cock. She was groaning and screaming around his cock, her noise muffled by Bill’s cock.

Bill was spreading her cheeks as he tongue fucked her. You could see how messy her pussy and ass was from cum and her asshole was pulsing. Bill began rubbing here asshole with his index finger and she squirmed back into him. He slowly pushed his finger into her ass as he licked and sucked on her cunt.

He started finger fucking her ass and she lifted her mouth off his cock to scream his name, “Bill, Bill, oh god Bill.”

Jim was still inside me and I could feel him softening. He eventually collapsed beside me and began to touch my pussy, which was dripping his cum. He scooped some up with three fingers and brought it to my mouth. The taste of his cum mixed with mine and Bill’s was unbelievable.

He brought another handful up and then we kissed and savored our mix of cum. Jim was sucking my tongue and I was stroking his cock. OMG, he was getting hard again.

I whispered in his ear, “do you want to fuck my ass baby?”

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