Jerome Ch. 05: Ostara Breeding

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including reluctance, seduction, incest, mind-control, fornication, breastfeeding and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by human adults over eighteen years old.

This story was a fantasy written in several chapters. Its view point was as from days of old and used old terminology for sexual acts and body parts as best that Google could provide. It was a fantasy of horse and rider, a quest, an amulet, goddess, nuns, witches and wolves and woven throughout sexual joining and mating. This is the last story in this series.

I am Sir Jerome of Cavan and I seek the ancient ruins at Deireadh le Cosáin. I possess the emerald Amulet of Dea-Chlú to speak for me. I set off on what I hoped to be the completion of my quest. This time at night a large black and white she-wolf was my provider, protector and warmth for the chilly nights. I traveled for many days some of the going was difficult as I climbed a low mountain and descended into valleys below. I went through woods and open meadows that were becoming awake with spring. The time of Ostara, The Spring Equinox was approaching.

I rode Fíochmhar for miles up the mountain trails stopping occasionally for water and food and to enjoy the view. The day was warm with a breeze making the ride easy. After a few hours I reached a meadow. I dismounted and let Fíochmhar wander away. I looked down a slight decline to a sparkling pond. I walked down to it and took off my boots and clothes. I dipped my sweaty clothes in the cold water then lay them on the sunny bank.

As I stepped a foot into the pond the water a few yards out became disturbed. I watched a black shape just below the water rise up. Then a beautiful face appeared then shoulders that black and silver hair covered. When two large breasts surfaced I knew it was a woman. The breasts were nice and full. On each was a dark circle and because of the cold water very firm dark full teats. On each breast were occult tattoos.

She continued to rise and a pillow tummy ended in a dark hair covered purse. She rose no further and the clear pond water lapped against her lower lips and awashed her long black and silver hair around her hips and arse. She smiled brightly but did not walk any further.

“The breeze is blowing your man-scent towards me and I find it very strong and unpleasant. You have interrupted my bathing stranger. Come enter the water and wash away your smell,” she said laughing while looking me over and stopping at my groin.

Her speech had a strange accent perhaps somewhat older more ancient sounding. My long fat cock lay between my legs partway down my thigh. The companion large ball-sack filled out the totality of my strength. I felt no embarrassment as I entered the water. As I walked forward she retreated until we were chest deep in the water standing so close I could feel her hard nips against me.

She put her hands around my neck and suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist capturing my cock against her purse lips and my belly. Even in the cold water, warmth caressed the underside of my cock. Her purse lips rose up my cock until she reached my cockhead. With a slight shift of her hips my cock entered her warm wet purse and she slowly slid down on my fat cock. Her warmth overwhelmed my pleasure and my knees weakened.

“You take such liberties with me Saoirse. Is this how you greet all strangers to your woods?” I asked as I pushed my cock up against the top of her purse.

She grunted but did not speak of my question but settled down on my cock and I felt my cockhead push against the very tight end of her purse. Very few women can take all my fatness and length but she moaned and rotated her hips circling my cockhead in warm tight wetness at the top of her cave.

Saoirse rose up and slid back down on my cock several times taking all my fat length. She rode my cock up and down using the waves she generated to support her firm arse. My hands moved onto her arse cheeks to support her and I squeezed each cheek. My long fingers from each side slid between her plump cheeks and played with her back door.

“You are a nasty little boy playing there without permission,” she laughed reading me with her deep penetrating blue eyes. “Now hold me while I complete on your nice thick man-cock. It’s a pleasure discovering a strong virile man with a long thick cock visiting my meadow,” she said and started riding my cock up and down in her feminine oven. She dropped to my balls and my cockhead hit the top of her purse and kissed the doorway to her womb causing her to moan in obvious pleasure.

Her purse tightened and her eyes burned and her teeth were bared as she shook through a strong completion. My cock was crushed against the walls of her purse as it pulsed over and over. There was warmth Antalya Escort on my balls in the cold water as her juices flowed down my cock. She slowed and placed her face on my neck and biting there broke the skin and drank some of my warm blood. She kissed the wound and the pain went away. She moved to my lips and kissed me deeply as we inhaled each other’s breath. It seemed to invigorate me.

“Carry me to the grass and take your pleasure within me hard and deep and give up your strength by filling me with your seed!” she intoned.

I carried her out of the water as its cold ran between us. She was still imbedded on my hard cock as I dropped to my knees and lay her on her back on the grass. I knelt and pulled her hips towards me and buried my cockhead against her womb. I pulled back to the crown and rammed it back in hard. I did that for some time watching her large breasts wriggle on her chest. I traced her tattoos on those firm large breasts and ran my fingers across her teats.

The cool breeze kept her teats rock hard and I could not resist. I brought my lips onto a nipple and sucked hard. I was shocked to taste warm milk flow over my tongue and I nursed on that fat breast. When that one emptied I moved to the other and drank it dry. I then bit the teat on her left and pulled it out with my teeth. I was still running my purse lubed cock in and out of her tightness pushing my belly against her swollen pleasure knot. Her knot was large and firm and rode my base as I went deep.

“You call what you are doing joining me hard and deep?” she rebuked me. “Claim me Chieftain like spoils of conquest! I need your hunger to make the rutting powerful. Take your pleasure with me with your big cock or pull out and go back to your horse!”

I got angry and started pounding her hard driving her arse into the pebbles and shaking her tits and causing her purse to froth. She moaned each time my fat crown punched the door to her womb and she pushed her hips upwards to meet my cock driving down. She wrapped her strong legs around my back and ground her pleasure knot against the base of my cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Saoirse moaned and her purse gripped my cock and pulsed over and over. Warm fluid poured out from her purse lips causing me to build to my completion. She knew how to use a man for her own pleasure. She slammed her hips up towards me and squeezed her purse tight on my cock each time it went deep. It felt like her depth was milking my cock like a farm girl on the prized family cow.

I gripped her dark wet hair in my fists pulling on it causing her pain. She just smiled and moaned locking onto my eyes reading me deeply. She tightened her purse all up and down my cockshaft rubbing her hot depths against my cockhead. My balls pulled up tight then pulsed and I screamed as each bolt of seed shot out my engorged crown. Seven, eight, nine blasts of seed burned out my cockhead as I drove my cock deep on each blast punching against her womb.

My captive hissed and moaned as she drove her hips up to take all my long fat cock. Our bodies where we joined slapped against each other. Cock to purse, heavy balls to black curly lips we pounded each other. Her legs locked behind me as she rubbed her knot against my shaft driving to her own completion. I was just a hard cock to this wild woman as her strong legs pulled me into her depths.

She took all my strength! My chest was heaving as I dropped onto her pillow breasts and our sweat merged on our torsos. My Amulet turned hot as power flowed back and forth between us its emerald light glowing brightly. With great strength she rolled me off her onto my side with my cock still filling her purse.

She rolled up on me and tightened her purse trapping my seed within so none leaked out. She hissed and her heavy breasts rose and fell with her labored breathing. “That is rutting my Chieftain!” she got out with strong breaths. Saoirse smiled down at me then tenderly ran her hands across my chest then licked off my sweat. She touched my Amulet and it glowed brightly. She said words under her breath then released it.

She pushed up off me when she knew my seed had marinated her womb. My purse and seed covered cock slid out. She moved down my abs and took my cock into her warm mouth. She took all of my softening strength into her mouth and throat and ran her tongue under and over my cock. She pulled back to my cockhead and sucked a few small dribbles of seed from my tip. She let my cock slip out and held it against my abs as she licked my balls clean of male seed and female juices.

Saoirse then bit softly up my body nipping each male-nip and again bit into my neck and sucked the trickle of blood that oozed. She nestled against my chest and we slept in the warm afternoon sun. We awoke when the air became chilly so we stood and she walked me back into the cold mountain pond to rinse off our sweat and fluids. We walked out of the water and her wet black and silver Antalya Escort Bayan hair reached to the apex of her full arse cheeks. She asked help with her hooded robe of purple wool. She stayed naked underneath.

“Walk your horse with me to my hut. You will spend your few days with us being our guest. You will be well cared for while with us. Don’t forget your clothes but you won’t need them until you leave,” she said as if that was the plan all along. I then realized she kept saying ‘us’ and I began to wonder who else.

She took my right arm and we walked up the dirt ramp. I placed my wet clothes on Fíochmhar then walked as she still held onto my scared right hand. With a side glance I watch her right breast peak out from the robe. The robe was embroidered using gold thread with many Celtic and occult symbols. We crossed the field as suddenly a raven landed on her left shoulder and it made me jump.

“Don’t worry about her Chieftain. I won’t let her peck out your eyes unless you are disrespectful,” she laughed lightly as the raven cawed loudly.

We arrived at the edge of a thick corpse of trees and tucked inside was a hunter, traveler or witch’s cottage. A small wisp of smoke rose from the rock chimney. A small garden has tended and all manner of herbs and vegetables hung from the roof eves drying in the sun. The raven flew to the eve and cawed loudly.

We walked into a well lit one large area and there stood a naked young woman of exceedingly great beauty. Her flaming red hair streaked with silver on the left side came long and full to her arse which I had a great desire to kiss. When she turned towards the sound we made I took in a deep loud breath. Her deep green eyes bore into me as if to “test my mettle.”

I could not hold her gaze and looked down embarrassed. I saw firm young breasts with lightly tinted circles covering full orbs and pointed blood red teats. Her tummy had a slight rise suggesting fertility and a tuft of red and silver hair covered her mons and wisps of red played across her purse. When my eyes drifted northward I was met with a warm wide smile.

“I hope you find me pleasing stranger as you try to memorize all of me, I am Róisín. Some that are besotted with me or fall under a spell of desire call me a fairy goddess but I think they are swept away by their exaggerations,” she said laughing sweetly and added, “And who has my mother, Saoirse, brought to our humble abode?”

I stood smitten by this beauty and could not speak. My cock had risen to its full hardness as I drank in all her bewitching beauty. I wanted her! I wanted to claim her beauty and feel the tenderness of her young body. My mind thought of nothing else but being inside her; feeling her warmth and tightness. I was lost in lust.

Róisín put aside her stirring spoon and crossed to me and kissed me sweetly on my lips. Her lips were sweet and held a spell of desire and wanting. Their softness felt like a young woman’s inner thigh just under her purse. She pushed her firm breasts against my naked chest and her hard nips poked into me. She leaned into me holding my lips against hers. I felt like I was touching a female’s lips for my very first time. I breathed against those sweet lips and blood flowed into my strength making me throb in my tumescence.

She reached down and put a dainty hand around my straight out rock hard cock. “I will take your tumescent spear as a sign of your appreciation of my beauty. I sense you would take me here on the floor if I was to just lie down and open my treasure to your desires. My Chieftain is it right that you lust for me so? Is that how you show yourself to our hospitality?” Róisín laughed like tiny bells ringing their melodious sounds.

Still holding my strong cock and lightly caressing it she laughed again. “Shall we for now leave this manly cock for later and come sit for supper, um?” she asked still seeking my name.

“Um, I am Jer, Jero, Jerome, yes that’s it, Jerome is my name,” I stumbled. Saoirse laughed deeply and said to Róisín, “He is bewitched already and we need not do any spells on the poor man or he won’t be able to speak or move.”

I found my courage and spoke. “I am Sir Jerome of Cavan and I seek the ancient ruins at Deireadh le Cosáin. I possess the Amulet of Dea-Chlú to speak for me. Your grandmother Morgan told me to seek out your mother Saoirse. She did not speak of such bewitching spirit stealing beauty of her granddaughter.”

Róisín moved me to the table and told me to watch out that I don’t hit that thing (my cock) on the table and laughed deeply. She placed a wooden bowl and spoon in front of me and ladled in a hardy stew rich in aroma of vegetables and herbs and some meat. I saw a rabbit skin stretched and drying over the hearth and guessed it was the meat in the stew. Both women filled a bowl the same and then sat opposite me. I was lost in either two sets of penetrating eyes or full enticing breasts, one set that Escort Antalya I knew held nurturing milk.

Both women laughed as my eyes devoured their breasts and bewitching deep sparkling eyes. Róisín told me to eat already and I could have her breasts later tonight as we settled into bed. I looked across the room and only one large bed filled that wall. “Will it be ok if you sleep between two naked women tonight or do you want the rocker and the quilt?” I stumbled to answer and they both laughed again. Their breast wiggled drawing my eyes even more to their dark nips that hardened upon my gaze.

When we touched from passing the bread or butter the powers from my Amulet pulsed against my chest. I could neither feel their emotions nor read their thoughts. Were the powers of my Amulet lost or were these witches that much stronger? I gave up trying and just finished my meal. Róisín brought out an amber liquid to drink and I realized it was mead. A full stomach of stew and mead and all my activity at the lake had me sleepy all too soon. The women had incense burning in various cups throughout the hut which added to the eerie atmosphere of the place.

Róisín led me out back after dinner and held my phallus while I pissed ‘a flagon’. She gave it a good shake and told me I was a good boy and laughed sweetly like tiny high pitched bells were pealing. She leaned up and kissed me lightly rubbing her young breasts against me. I felt her night air hardened teats poke into me. She laughed and guided me back into the hut and got me settled in the middle of the bed and tossed a quilt over me. As I drifted off Róisín said to Saoirse that I was perfect for the Ostara ritual tomorrow night and the coven sisters will make good use of my strength.

Saoirse replied, “It was a strong spell that was cast to draw him to us. I sense my mother and another special female have mated with him and will produce strong females blessed with his powers and the strength of his elders going all the way back to the beginning of his blood line. I also sense another female with whom he has a promised bond. She is coated in sorcery but he has rutted with her. Perhaps he will tell us her story.”

“He is honest and has a heart of gold enshrouded in honor. It’s a shame that some have used him for only their pleasure. I think he has found himself a good princess shield maiden wife and the pleasures of your grandmother. He has deep binding love for both of them.” In the morning I would remember very little of what was said.

I woke in the early morning to a very pleasant feeling. I looked down and my groin was hidden by black and red hair. But first the black silver hair raised then the red silver hair as my cock was bathed by a warm mouth or a wet tongue. “Oh look our Chieftain is awake,” Saoirse said and swallowed my cock again. I trembled from the pleasure my morning hard cock was receiving.

I looked to either side and two full arses presented themselves to me in the soft morning light. I took each of my hands and ran some fingers down their arse crack over their dark star and through very wet purse lips. Their woman’s scent filled my breathing causing my heart to beat faster. They both moaned as my two long fingers from each hand excited their purse.

I suddenly realized with the power through the Amulet I could feel their pleasure building within their depths. My fingers let my power flow against their purse and pleasure knot so I stirred those areas and was rewarded with warm juice running down my fingers. When I tried to read their minds Saoirse bit my cockhead a little hard.

“No my Chieftain you may not go there. Your mind could not comprehend the vastness you would find there. Our minds now contain eons of vast occult knowledge and experiences of our ancestors. It would be your undoing if you tried to meld,” she said then slid my full cock length down her mouth and into her throat.

I turned back to bringing pleasure to their entire womanness; my fingers worked against their purse lips while my thumb circled their dark star and my ring finger slid across their pleasure knot. My power softened and excited their dark ring and my thumb was allowed to enter and play within their dark tunnel. Using the Amulet I released a pulse of power throughout their neither region and both Saoirse and Róisín pulsed their purse and arse on my fingers and soaked my palms with warm woman juices.

Their arses shook as they each moaned their way through an intense completion. They pushed back driving my fingers to a strong contact as possible and out poured warm female juices. My thumb was busy moving in and out their arsehole while my fingers across their purses massaged their wet warm purse lips. My cock was ignored as both women screamed through another completion and pulsed wetting my fingers.

I pulled my soaking fingers away from their warm wet purse lips and I suddenly slapped their arse hard several times. One of the women bit my thigh so I stopped. Saoirse turned and lay on my chest playing with my man-nips. After calming somewhat Róisín turned and mounted my thighs. She gripped my hard cock and ran my cockhead through her purse lips. Her thick purse honey coated my crown warming it with her wet heat.

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