Jennie Visits Glasgow

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Much to her surprise Jennie found the train journey to Glasgow passed quickly. It was helped by wondering what lay in store for the weekend. That must be John waiting on the platform – smart appearance, clean-shaven, relaxed.

There was a broad smile of recognition as she stepped off the train. Like long lost friends they hugged. It felt good. Was it her imagination or was his cock hard as he held her. Being a gentleman he took her bag as they set off in the evening sunshine. What would he think if he knew what she had packed – the new red basque, stockings, her sexiest knickers, and 3 (or was it 4) toys? She was surprised how excited she felt.

They took a taxi and chatted. The journey had been fine. Train not too busy. She’d never been to Scotland before but first impressions were good. His house looked nice. Small but neat garden of flowers in a fairly quiet street.

On reaching his house they resisted the temptation to grab each other and indulge in a short frantic fuck. They both knew they had the entire weekend to share but her boobs wanted to be touched and her cunt would feel better for a rub, a tonguing and a cock.

She wanted to be a slut. Antalya Escort He wanted her to be a slut. But these were there first few minutes together. Respect.

A glass of champagne – lovely – a toast to the visitor – nice man – seemed a real gentleman.

She sat opposite him in one of the armchairs. They spoke about each other without saying anything too private. He played various sports and did some volunteering in the area. She would like to keep herself fit but never had the time. He liked her hair. He liked her blouse. Glad he noticed, it was tighter than she often wore.

The champagne was nice – just the right temperature. She felt light headed quite quickly. She remembered a scene from a porn movie when the actress spread her legs and lifted them onto the arms of the chair. She was tempted. What the hell – we’re adults – he knows I love sex and he’ll come over and help me.

She drained her glass, placed it on the small wooden table then allowed herself to slip forward while pulling her skirt up. She closed her eyes and rubbed the smooth satin of her knickers against her clit.

This was exciting. I’m with a man I’ve never Antalya Escort Bayan met before – I’m in a strange house in a strange town – I’m sitting opposite him with my legs wide open rubbing myself. Am I a slut? I’m going to be John’s slut.

I pull my knickers to the side. Eyes are still closed. He’ll be able to see my pussy. I hope he likes it. Am I red with excitement? I slip a finger into my hole. Wet. Wow – really wet. I’m having sex with a man who hasn’t even touched me.

Spoke too soon. I feel his hand on the inside of my thighs then a finger joining mine in my cunt. That’s nice, fingers slipping against each other, against me and into me. He gentle rubs my clit. I want him to rub harder. I pull myself open. A man I’ve never met before is kneeling between my legs with me offering myself to him.

He’s still too gentle. I rub myself hard as if I was alone. I feel his tongue inside me then his teeth nibbling my cunt, catching my flesh – short sharp bites – careful not to hurt me. Is he teasing or is being a gentleman?

My boobs want some attention. I lift his hand up and he grabs me. That was harder. My blouse is unbuttoned Escort Antalya and in no time both boobs are pulled from my bra. His fingers squeeze one nipple then the other. I moan – this is more like it. He senses approval and squeezes and nips a bit harder. His face is still buried in my pussy and I feel him suck on my pussy lips and my clit. I feel wet. His left hand still entertains my boobs while his right makes its way to my belly. He tells me I’m a horny sexy slut while he squeezes.

Then he moves. He sits on the arm of the chair. His right hand is now at my cunt. Two fingers – three fingers – rubbing in and out. His left hand still squeezing boobs and nipples. He tells me they are swollen and red. He tells me his cock is swollen. Take it out. Rub it. Let me sit astride you. I feel his cock rubbing against each breast in turn. I’ve not to touch. I’ve to keep my eyes closed. I’ve to finger fuck myself. Am I wet? How many fingers can I fit in? He loves my boobs hanging out my bra. He’s going to cum all over them. Rub harder. I want to come too.

A man’s going to wank all over me while I bring myself off. I can hear my fingers using the juices of my cunt and I feel the muscles tighten. I feel his cum splashing on my boobs. Warm and plenty. I notice the noises – we’re both grunting like animals. His cock is rubbing his spunk across my skin. My wet fingers are wiped against my knickers.

What’s in store for the rest of the weekend?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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