Jenna at the Flea Market

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My name is Jeff Collins, I was in the antique business since I was twelve years old. Of course, at the time I was learning from my Papa and my Dad. They were honest men and treated people wonderfully.

As I grew up, each of them passed and the company became mine.

At 55 I retired, we had a small fortune, but I wasn’t married and had no children. I decided to close the store and start selling at the Flea Market just miles from my old store.

I was well known and people knew my prices were low and I was there to help new dealers, If they needed something and if I had it, I would sell it to them cheap. I did this for five years, covid hit, business died for some people. For me I didn’t care, I still wore the stupid mask and dealt with the few people that still came out.

Covid was finally over and people returned to normal. Things started to sell again.

This one Saturday a couple pulled up next to me in a large box truck. The women was Out bounces a young blonde and a tall man.

The young girl was in very short shorts and a spaghetti top shirt no bra, way to small for her. She had long blond hair, and large breast, beautiful figure, green eyes.

Two other men were in the truck and they started pulling out boxes of goods, 100’s of them. The young girl waved and I said hello.

She started to unload boxes with her back to me, I could see her breast and at times her pussy. She knew what she was doing to me so I just enjoyed the show. I noticed she was placing the same thing on all tables accept the last one, so I stood up and went over and looked. The big guy looked at me then he put a sign up $1 a set.

I looked at what was pulled out and what was in the truck and I was shocked. She saw me and came over and reached out to shake my hand,

“Hi Neighbor, I’m Jeanna and this is my brother Hal. He can’t speak so don’t let him scare you.

“Hi I’m Jeff. Nice to meet you.”

The place didn’t open for another hour and she had everything covered she didn’t want to be bothered. They had a sign-up telling people Hal couldn’t speak.

She came over and sat next to me, I always had chairs for people to sit with me and jabber the day away.

Jeanna, “Hi neighbor, you think we will sell any of our bras and panties?”

“At a dollar, you better.”

Jeanna, “Does this place get busy.”

“Yes, it opens at nine, people come about 8:30. Those being dealers and ebayers.”

Jeanna, “Do you think the way I’m dressed will help?”

“I don’t know but you’re keeping me awake.”

Jeanna, “Are you enjoying the show?”

“Young lady, of course I’m going to enjoy the show.”

Jeanna, “I just hope it helps us sell.”

“Keep bending over and I may buy everything.”

Jenna, “Sorry I was just teasing you; you look like a fun guy.”

“I’m probably twice your age.”

“I don’t care about age, I like the person I see, you are handsome, smell nice and look like you have a nice package.”

I snickered at that.”

“You were checking me out also?”

Jeanna, “Of course, I had to make sure I was next to a hot guy. I must go Hal is lifting the cover. You ever want a peak, just smile at me.”

She bounced back over and flashed her breast from the side of the truck, my lord they are amazing, just hanging out nice and firm.

A few minutes later she came back over when the two men told her they would stay a while and help, she smiled and told them she was going to drive me crazy.

“Hello again Jenna.”

“Hi Jeff. Have you ever bought storage units?”

“I was in the antique business since I was twelve, then I retired and started selling here. I bought hundreds of units in my day. Why do you ask?”

“We decided to go try it out and the first unit, no one would bid on because it was stuffed with plastic bags at the entrance. Hal could see over them. No one bid. He pointed one finger; the auctioneer wasn’t sure what he meant. I told him that my brother will give him one dollar to throw it all away. Everyone laughed and the auctioneer said sold for one dollar.

“Hal locked Didim Escort it and we left. He went to his friends and they said they would help him. They removed the bags, that were filled with Macy’s brand female thongs, all sizes. I’m wearing one now. Don’t worry it’s clean.”

“When they removed the bags, I saw boxes to the roof. The guys were fast at moving then into the truck. Then they hit seven racks of nighties, the fat guy Billie, joked about one rack was my size, I looked and he was right, they are in my car, haven’t had time to bring them in.”

“There were boxes of sex toys also. I’m not sure we can sell them here.”

“You can if you wish but I wouldn’t sell them for a dollar.”

“We have over 4200 sets of underwear and 75 nighties. All because he could see over the bags.” She turned and I could see her pussy lips.

“What kind of woman likes to show off so much to a stranger?”

“A woman that is horny. You look like you would be a lot of fun.”

“Are you serious, you just want to have sex with me, a total stranger?

“Yes, what you wouldn’t if I asked you, haven’t I caught your interest with what you have seen so far?”

“Yes, you have large breast and large nipples, which everyone can see now, I love your eyes. You pussy has hair, but it’s lighter blonde than you head. Your lips are tight and juicy and from here they look like a meal.”

She looked around and took my hand and brushed it over her pussy. She got up and returned to work. I smelled and tasted my hand. This woman was hot. I wiped my fingers on my nose in hopes the smell would linger a few minutes.

She saw me looking and she turned and bent over. She turned her head and smiled.” My erection was so tight.

At eight-thirty there were twenty men and women at their booth. They must have sold half of the bras and panties in the first half hour. Nighties were gone. She said something to her brother, he looked at me and shook his head yes.

She ran to me, “You want to go eat?”

I covered my stuff and we took off, she looked at me.

“You said you lived close?”

I smiled and drove to my house, we got out and she followed me to the door, I let her in. And she smiled “Where do we go?”

“Here.” I lifted her up and I dropped my pants, she was kissing me like a wild cat. I lowered her down on my cock and she was riding it right away. She was smiling and then looking into my eyes.

“I’m so happy we landed next to you; I wasn’t wrong you are a lot of fun.” She kissed me again I increased my pounding and she was breathing hard, moaning, and breathing loudly.

She screamed when she came, she was so wet. I laid her on the couch and I licked up her juices. Her pussy was so gorgeous, and I bit down on her clit, she held my head telling me harder and harder, I laughed as I thought I would bite it right off her. She came screaming out with so much excitement, She looked down, “Please make love to me?”

I climbed up and she held my cock, smiled, and pushed me into her. She was on her heels lifting herself into me she was crying out “Deeper we must get back, your stuff it’s just lying there.”

I held her ass up and I bit her clit again, then lowered her so I could cum. I didn’t need to much more, I held her so I could go in deep. I came and she screamed. Oh Yes.”

She orgasmed and smiled at me. She wrapped her legs around me and her arms and we kissed for five minutes. I stood up and helped her up. She grabbed her clothing pulled out some panties. “I want to keep you in me it feels so good. I reached over and kissed her.

We headed back to the Flea Market and she gave me a blow job while I fingered her sloppy pussy. When I pulled in her brother just looked at her. She came to me two more times and invited me to screw her in their cab of their truck. A few hours later It was closing time and all they had left were five boxes, she asked me to take them, I said yes. They drove off and I packed up.

I never saw them again,

19 years later I hit 79, I decided to sell off everything, Didim Escort Bayan I got many offers. One man came to me and made a great offer. He even bought the building and property.

I moved into a condo and decided to take a cruise. I went first class all the way. I was celebrating my eightieth birthday. The ship’s Captain announced it over the ship’s speaker to say happy birthday to me, They would know who I was by the button they gave me. I laughed when they pinned it to my pocket. It was an old man jumping when the people behind him yelled happy birthday. Everywhere I went, I was told Happy Birthday. At dinner that night I was sitting at my table and this young blonde sat down with me.

“Hi, I’m April, I heard it was your birthday, it’s mine also.”

April, “Would you like to take a walk around the ship with me?”

“Sure, that would be nice.”

She asked a lot of questions about my life and if I enjoyed the antique business, was I ever married, nice simples questions. She seemed like a sweet young woman.

“April you here with your parents?”

“No, I am taking this cruise as a Graduation gift from my mom. I start college when I return. This is my birthday present, I turned 20 today.”

“Well, Happy Birthday to you.”

We had a seat at the bar, when she sat down, I noticed she was not wearing panties. This brought back some memories.

“April, what are you studying in college?”

“I’ll start with general studies until I decide what to do for a career, or if I’m just going to get married and have children. I’m not sure yet.”

“Well, that is a smart way to get started,” Our drinks arrived.

April, “A toast to nice people.”

“I laughed, why do you think I’m a nice person?”

April, “You looked up my skirt and looked away.”

“I’m old enough to be your grandfather, I was being respectful.”

April, “Thank you, but I hope you liked it. It was a birthday gift to you.” We toasted to that.

“What have you been doing while on the cruise.”

“Just reading books and enjoying the pool, you should come with me and enjoy the nice afternoon.”

“That would be nice, I’ve enjoyed talking with you.”

We finished our drinks and started walking toward the staterooms, she stayed with me.

“Don’t tell me you’re staying on the same side as me and this is the first time we have met?”

“No, I’m on the other side, I just wanted to go to your room with you, see if you would enjoy my company for a while.”

“You can’t be serious, I’m an old man.”

“Maybe, to me you look great and you’re friendly and we share the same birthday, kind of drawn to you.”

“Sounds interesting, come on in we can have a drink and sit outside.”

I let her in and asked if she wanted a drink. “A coke please.”

I turned around to hand it to her and she was naked.

“This seems so familiar to me; you are absolutely beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She moved toward me and started to kiss me, It’s been so long for me since I kissed a woman, funny thing she was blonde also.

I started to hold her and she giggled. “You have very soft hands, yet they feel strong.” We continued to kiss and she pushed me down on the bed.

April, “Please don’t think of age difference, I find you very attractive and I would enjoy spending some time with you.”

“I appreciate that, it’s been a long time since I held a beautiful woman and you feel really wonderful.”

She undid my pants and pulled them down and then my underwear.

“Wow, you have a large penis, and it’s so handsome. May I suck on it a bit?”

“That would be okay with me, I hope you enjoy.”

She sucked on my cock for ten minutes. I knew it would take a while, I am old, but she is so hot.”

She then twisted so her pussy was in my face. I almost cried seeing something so young and beautiful. I started to lick her and she was like an artist canvas, freshly painted and perfectly done. Her moisture seemed familiar, like I had just eaten her. She was so delicious. She had several orgasms as I sucked Escort Didim on her tight lips and clit. Then I stopped, she has a hymen, this woman is a virgin.

I tapped her shoulder and she rolled over. “The sight of you moving like that I am shocked I didn’t cum. May I ask why you are here? You’re still a virgin.”

“I didn’t think you would notice. I haven’t found the right man to take it, until today. I am having a great day and I would like you to take my virginity. I mean your penis is beautiful, and so hard. You taste so good I could suck you all day.”

“I have to think about this, what would your parents say to you losing your virginity to an eighty-year-old man?”

“It’s not up to my mom, I never knew my dad. I don’t want to lose it to someone that wouldn’t make love to me, I don’t want a two-minute sex shot and walk away unhappy.”

I held her and told her to think about it for a while, we just met. She laid on the bed with me and her breast were just so soft and perky, I would say she was a 36C.

She was rubbing my chest and kissing me. She was being loving. She wasn’t pushy or whiny. I was hard as a rock.

April, “If you don’t wish to make love to me, could I give you a blow job to relieve you, the head of your penis is purple.”

I looked and laughed, “Many men at my age would be happy just to get an erection, you have had me in this state since you sat down, you are so beautiful. I would enjoy making love to you. I don’t think I make sperm anymore but are you protected?

“I’m ok, thank you.”

I rolled her to her back and placed a towel down just in case she bleeds. I ate her out first to get her body really and she was enjoying herself. When I felt her have an orgasm, I moved up on her, “Are you sure?”

April, “Surer now than I was when I first asked you.” We started to kiss, “Wow I like that taste, is that all me?”

“Yes, it is, very good tasting also.”

I entered her and she was all smiles. I hit her barrier, she tightened up a little.

“I promise it only hurts a few seconds.”

April, “Okay. I can’t wait to feel it after the pain then.”

I moved in and out to get her used to the feeling and sucked on her large cherry nipples. She was now moaning and trying to get me in her. She went to speak and I pushed through her barrier, she bit her lip and tears were flowing. I smiled at her. “Take your time the pain will be gone soon.”

April, “Could you suck on my nipple again, that felt so tingly.”

I move in and out slowly and sucked her nipples, then her lubricant started flowing she was ready I moved in further and pulled out, then she was pushing into me, I was three quarters in her when she asked me to go fast, she was going to cum. I stared sucking the other nipple and sliding in and out a lot faster she was so cute with her lips puckered and breathing in and out so fast, she was going to cum soon.

I reached up and kissed her as I shoved the rest of my nine inches inside her. She smiled and through her arms around my neck and latched on with a very wet kiss. She was cumming and cumming hard, she was flowing out and screaming into my mouth then her tongue entered my mouth as she bounced up and down. I have never seen such a strong orgasm. She started to cry and her smile said it all. Her body became so straight and tense, she squirted an ocean and was shaking. I licked her nipples and let her enjoy this amazing orgasm. When she started to relax, that is when I came, it was heaven, I haven’t cum in ages. She smiled at me and kissed me hard both her legs and arms were wrapped around me tight again. Then she let go smiled at me and closed her eyes. I laid there looking at her. I lifted her to the couch, so I could remove the soaked sheets. Then picked her back up to the bed and laid with her. We made love one more time that evening. I was very happy that I not only had an erection, but I came with her.

I woke in the morning and she was gone. I laid on my back and smiled. I got up and showered and dried off. When I entered the bedroom, I saw a folder on the table.

I opened it up and I knew right away who the woman was in the pictures. I looked through and smiled, then there were some of her pregnant, then holding a baby girl.

The last picture said it all. “Thank you for giving me a child.

April is your daughter.

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