Jen Pisses in the Office for me

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I had read a story on a fetish porn site about a woman named Jen stopping behind after hours and taking a naughty piss over the carpet in a conference room. The author had then gone onto to describe how the woman, turned-on by her actions had gone onto experimenting by first peeing over the table in the same room before taking a piss in her manager’s cup. The imagery the story had created in my mind had now haunted me for several days. As a big Watersports fan the idea of such actions being carried out in the work place was an immense source of masturbatory fantasy.

I think some of my problem lay with the fact that we actually had somebody named Jen working in our company. Although we lacked the grandeur of a conference room, we still had a back office and as such I couldn’t but help but fantasize about our Jen carrying out the actions described in the story. When I had joined the business I had naturally checked out my female colleagues, ranking them in terms of desirability and fuckability. Jen had stayed off my immediate radar mainly due to being married at the time and also because she was a bit on the plain side. However, with my new fantasy in mind I found myself being more and more turned on by the sight of Jen. She was around five foot six with short straight, brown hair. Her eyes were also brown and she possessed small but (I guessed) perfectly formed tits. As if often the case with small breasted women, she had a habit of leaving her top undone to reveal a lovely amount of bare flesh and bra on display. Whenever I found an excuse to visit her department I always came away with a hard-on after repeated glimpses of her rounded creamy skin.

Anyway my fantasies of seeing Jen having a naughty pee in out office wouldn’t leave me. My flirting with her had already increased to being quite brazen about revealing my interest in her and I had been somewhat selfishly happy to learn about her recent divorce. Maybe it was a rebound thing, but Jen seemed to be really enjoying my intentions and before I knew it we were set for our first evening out. The night flew by partly because I was wondering just how far she was willing to go on a first date. In actuality it ended with a mixture of disappointment and erotic hope. We had made it to her front door only to be refused entry on the account of her sleeping young daughter inside. I was on the verge of accepting defeat when she suddenly let slip just how much she fancied me and how much she had being looking forward to our night together. This statement led a long passionate kissing session on the front doorstep, our hands busily exploring and groping the others body. My excitement leapt when her hands undid my zip and her warm fingers started to massage the shaft of my erect cock inside my boxer shorts. I really wanted to return the favour and was ready to yank her panties down and take her right there and then when suddenly a light inside the house came on. This was the end of our date, her concern over her woken daughter overcoming her obvious sexual needs.

The next day was a strange affair where neither of us seemed ready to break the ice that had suddenly formed between us. It was nearly four o’clock when a mysterious note was pressed into my hand by Jen as we passed in the corridor. I immediately sought solace in the toilets and within a minute I was reading the contents of the note in the privacy of a toilet cubicle. The writing was obviously rushed but the message was incredibly clear. In short she described in very simple terms just how much she wanted to enjoy my cock and basically offered me the opportunity to fuck her in any manner I wanted. This golden opportunity was simply too wonderful to be missed. With shaking hands I composed a short reply when back at my desk. My message was short and sweet; “Jen. Had a fantastic night with you!! You have a fantastic body and would really like to see you act out my fantasies, If you will let me watch you take a piss on the carpet in the back office tonight after work then I promise I will do ANYTHING you ask in return. I hope you don’t think this is too gross but I really love watch girls peeing in naughty places and it is a MASSIVE turn-on.”

My short and explicit note immediately found its way into Jen’s eager hands. I stopped at the top of the office to try and catch a glimpse of her reaction. The butterflies that had been dancing with excitement in my stomach took a nose dive as I saw the look of shock on her face. Instinctively as if she almost knew I was watching she looked up at me across the office. A quick look away and back at the note and then she once again looked up. She flashed me a quick smile and a nod of her head signalling her intent to comply with my wishes.

I think I was ready for coming in my pants right there and then. Not only was I going to get to see Jen’s wonderful pussy, I was also going to get to see her release her pee from her hidden hole nestled between her lower lips. The thought of fucking her afterwards with uşak escort my long cock nestled in the warm wetness in the special place between her legs was almost too much to bear. Very aware of the bulge in my pants I quickly fled the first story office and returned to some semblance of normality at my desk.

5pm soon arrived and I hung back whilst my co-workers exited the building with their usual speed. By 5:05pm the building was deserted with the exception of two individuals. I knew we had about an hour before the cleaners arrived and I wanted to waste no time. As I rushed up the stairs I found that Jen was at her desk with her back to me. As she turned at the sound of my arrival I immediately noticed how flushed her cheeks were.

“Did you really mean it?” she whispered as if there was somebody around who could hear our conversation.

“Absolutely,” I said. “I want to pull down your trousers and panties and then I want to squirt your pee all over the carpet whilst I watch.”

“And then what?” she asked. At this moment in time I noticed that she had her legs crossed and as a quick wince flashed across her face I realised that she must be bursting to go. I could feel my cock swelling in my pants at the thought of her bladder urge applying pressure to my request.

“And then I’ll do whatever you like,” I said in the way of a reply.

“Ok, but only because it is you.” She stood up. My eyes lingered on her covered breasts for a moment. In my mind I was already savouring the taste of her nipple buds as I traced their outline with my tongue.

Jen reached forwards and planted a wet kiss on my lips before quickly moving away. “I really need to pee!” She squirmed, one handing moving down to cover her groin as if her pee was ready to flood into her panties right there and then. I had thought about the idea of asking Jen to piss into her clothing knowing I would get an immense turn on from seeing her wet stain growing across her clothes. However as I had yet to see her naked private parts I had opted to follow the story I had read on the web.

I followed Jen down the office to the single door in the far glass lined wall. My eyes lingered on her bum admiring the movement of her hips as she walked. I could already image the feel of the rounded contours of her bum cheeks in my hands as I moved forwards in a kneeling position to bring my tongue up to her pussy lips. I feel it only fair at this stage to mention how much I love the female body and unlike a lot of men I actually derive satisfaction from giving my partner pleasure during sex. As a result I love licking pussy and stimulating a woman with the use of my probing fingers. On one occasion I gave my one girlfriend her very first orgasm simply through the loving application of my fingers in the right spot.

We were in the office now and Jen was stood in the one corner looking extremely nervous. She was doing a kind of little dance as she struggled to keep her bladder under control and her pussy flaps sealed.

“Do you really, really, REALLY, want me to do this?” she asked. The desperation in her voice was clear to make out.

“Oh yes,” I urged. “I want nothing more in the world right now than to see you squat down and take a piss all over the carpet.”

“Sod it!” Jen said her mind now obviously made up. In a frantic hurry she started to fumble at the fastener on her black trousers.

I watched on with the biggest hard-on you could imagine. I was almost ready for producing my cock there and then and giving it a loving tug whilst watching Jen undress in preparation for a leak over the floor. The levels of my stimulus rose even higher as Jen’s white panties suddenly appeared as she yanked her pants down her legs.

“Kick them off,” I instructed, “that way they won’t get damaged.”

Jen obliging complied. Now she was almost half naked with just her thin white panties hiding her nudity from my vision. My gaze was firmly locked on the area between her legs admiring the slight bulge underneath where her pussy hairs were nestled in a tight triangle around her muff. The straining in my pants grew even more uncomfortable as I realised that I could even see the slightest outline of the groove between her pussy lips showing through her panties.

Finally the moment arrived as Jen pulled down her underwear. Jen’s pussy was a gorgeous sight to my sex starved brain and I watched entranced by the stunning image of this half naked woman now stood in front of me. Her brown pubic hairs were a wiry tangle around the now obvious groove between her legs. I could easily make out the sight of her wonderful clit protruding slightly at the top of her pussy lips. I gave myself a quick rub through my pants as my excitement continued to race. Already Jen was moving down to adopt a pee squat over the floor. This posture did an incredible job of showing of her deliciously wide round bum cheeks, exposing all her womanhood in one go. I was van escort too high on hormones to even think about seeing her tits at that stage. I was simply too conscious of the fact that any second now and I would be witnessing Jen going to the toilet directly in front of me.

Time seemed to come to a stand still at that particular moment. There Jen was, squatting in the corner of the office quite obviously intending to spray a shower of piss all over the carpet. Her pussy and exposed bum were simply so incredible to see I desperately wished I had total recall and could reply this moment at any stage I desired in the future. My heart was racing with excitement at the prospect of what Jen was about to do. I think if I had produced my cock at that stage then I might even have come there and then.

Finally the wonderful moment arrived. In my fantasies I had thought about this moment so many times. Sometimes I had imagined Jen starting off with a slow dribble of hot yellow pee escaping her lower lips before she started her main flow. As is often the case, reality was completely different. Jen had started to pee before my brain had even registered the case. To my utmost delight I discovered that Jen was a ‘gusher’. There was nothing restrained in the way Jen proceeded to have her pee. From between her delicious fleshly pussy lips was now squirting a thick, almost clear coloured stream of fast twisting piss. Her pee stream had incredible force and shot over a good two feet from its exit point at the base of her open pussy. Already the carpet was become stained with the fast flowing piss shower it was being subjected to. A dark damp patch now occupied one spot on the dark brownish coloured material. This stain continued to grow quickly, spreading outwards as the main force of Jen’s pee stream landed in one spot. Several small streams of piss were breaking away from Jen’s toilet shower as she squatted in the corner and did her pee for me to watch. These smaller streams were actually just offshoots of her main pee flow and were causing much smaller stains to grow on the floor.

In short, seeing Jen take a piss like this was probably the horniest thing I had ever witnessed. I had girls take a pee on me in the past and seen them piss in all manner of locations but this display of Jen’s was something else. She seemed to sense my rapt attention for at that moment she looked up from watching herself pissing all over the floor. There was a semi scared look on her face as she sought to see a look of approval on my face. I could feel her uncertainty now that had passed the point of no return by starting her toilet over the carpet. The best way I could reward Jen was to show her something in return.

Without taking my eyes of her peeing pussy for even one split second, I slowly undid my trouser fly. I could see her eyes widening and she gave a little gasp as my very erect cock came into sight as I released it from my boxer shorts. Almost immediately the flowing stream of urine leaving her wonderful pussy hole started to loose some of its force. A resulting stream of body warmed piss traced its way back over the carpet towards its source; Jen’s open pee hole. Seconds later and all signs of Jen continuing her leak over the floor was gone. She stood up, her piss covered pubic hairs looking incredible gorgeous as she moved towards me. Her attention was solely on my erection her eyes wide open, her gaze transfixed on my waiting dick. As she reached me she sank to her knees bringing her open mouth down to my questing penis. Her lips moved into position around my shaft, the delicious warmth of her probing tongue sampling the taste of my manhood. I think I let out a groan of animalistic pleasure at that moment, my head swooning with delight as she pleasured me with her mouth. Jen’s ministrations to my cock were a wonderful thing, her mouth moulding to the shape of my cock, her tongue tracing its way up and down my firmness with a lover’s touch.

My hands were cupped around Jen’s head which bobbed up and down as she sucked and caressed my very erect dick with her mouth. Over her soft moans of pleasure and my own sounds of desire I was also aware of a new sound. Finally I realised it was being caused by Jen’s removal of her blouse and the fasteners of her bra as she shed the last of her clothes. Once naked she lifted her mouth from sucking my dick and stared upwards at me with her big brown orbs. There was a questing need in her stare and as I watched she started upwards bringing her bare tits into my sight. With expert grace Jen pressed her breasts together bringing them to mould around my cock. I could feel myself racing to overload at this new stimulus. The sight of her hardened nipples surrounded by large red welts was doing nothing to help. With a loud groan torn between desperation and disappointment at coming too soon, I then exploded my white load directly upwards into Jen’s waiting face.

My world reeled as my climax erzincan escort rushed over me. An utter euphoria of bliss washed through my skull, my strength fleeting from me in the same moment. I rode the tide of pleasure for several seconds until some semblance of rational thought took hold again. I stared through a retreating red haze at the form of Jen now wearing a coat of white spunk over her plain but pretty face. For a split second I thought she was going to react badly to my premature explosion but with a wave of relief I realised that she was suitably excited by the turn of events. One hand was out of sight and I realised that she was in the process of pleasuring herself below. Her exposed tits were still as gorgeous now as they were at the height of our sex. A surge of guilt ran through me for having come way too soon and knew immediately that I had still time to overcome my mistake.

It took a little coaxing but I soon had Jen’s completely naked body flat on her back on the office table. Her legs were spread wide as I sunk my head down to her waiting wet pussy. I could feel the wave of pleasure that ran through her frame as my tongue made its first pass along the groove between her pussy flaps. I could taste her piss on my lips where it had clung to her pubic hairs as it had squirted from her pee hole. I quested deeper exploring my lover’s sexual region with all the experience and care my lifetime so far had told me. I slipped a finger into her warm wetness eager to sample her inner regions and to give her more delight. Her clit was perfect as I suckled upon it, teasing it with my teeth as if to bite. I could feel her responding to my attentions, her sex racing within her as her hormones raced out of control. Her back arched against the table as pleasure took her and her orgasm rippled through her body. I moved back away from her vagina as she came, taking in every aspect of her heaving body as she gave way to the bliss moving through every fibre of her being. Her hard panting breath filled the office disguising the thud of my own racing heart.

Jen struggled off the table. As her feet found the floor she set off in the direction of the corner where had earlier carried out her pee over the carpet.

“Where are you going?” I asked. I was currently supporting myself against the one office wall.

“I need to finish peeing!” she said.

“Wait. Come here,” I instructed. Having already seen her at work taking a piss over the floor I now wanted to re-enact the rest of the story I had read on the web. For a fleeting moment I wondered if I should reveal the source of my fantasy to her but then decided against it. It took little persuasion to move Jen into position. Basically this involved her standing with her muff hovering above the table as she stood directly up to it. Her legs were parted as she was bent over so that her hands reached forwards to touch the wood. This provided me with a fantastic view of her pussy lips under the groove of her buttocks. This was in addition to seeing her hot tits hanging forwards over the wooden table surface.

Already my cock was beginning to regain some of its former glory. Jen’s naked body was a wonderful turn-on and so was the idea I now had planned for her.

“Ok, you can start to pee now,” I said moving into position behind her.

A quick laugh was my reply.

“Honest Jen. I want you to piss on the table and then I’m going to fuck you from behind.”

This was more than enough encouragement. Within moments a soft hissing noise announced the recommencement of Jen’s toilet. From my limited view point directly behind Jen with my cock in one hand, I could not really see any sign of Jen’s piss now squirting out of her pussy lips. Desperate to see what the web story had so graphically explained I quickly dropped to me knees and stared upwards past Jen’s wonderfully rounded bum cheeks. Sure enough there was Jen’s piss stream rapidly exiting her pussy. A thick wide stream of piss was jetting from her muff hole and pattering down over the wooden table top. I stood up again and moved to one side. Jen was wearing an expression of total concentration. I guess peeing whilst stood up was taking some effort. It was definitely worthwhile I thought admiring the very wet and ever growing puddle of piss on the wooden surface. Already her clear pee effluent had spread far enough to pool around the computer keyboard that lay off to one side.

This was simply too much! I was now very hard again and within seconds my cock was moving up to Jen’s waiting pussy. The end of my shaft was almost up to the entrance to her love hole when it came into the last couple of squirts Jen was taking over the table. The hot warmth over my cock was mind blowing. I penetrated her there and then, thrusting my manhood deeply into her wonderfully wet and deliciously tight pussy. She gasped with the shock of my entry, a sound that soon turned to soft moans as I started to ride her. With my cock entrenched in her wet womanhood I used my hands to cup and caress her wonderful tits. I could sense the sexual need in her body and set about to answer its every desire. This time round I was far more in control and was able to last much longer before enough was enough and I exploded inside her warm love tunnel.

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