Japanese Male Bisexuality Ch. 03

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Meet Shayla Butera, a six-foot-tall and curvy, dark-skinned and absolute stunning young black woman of Rwandan descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. After graduating from Carleton University with a computer science degree, Shayla began working for Shared Services, the high-tech government go-between agency. Like a lot of today’s young black women, Shayla thinks the modern black man has many shortcomings, so she’s eager to explore interracial dating.

Shayla Butera firmly believes that since black men are dating white women, Asian women and Latin women left and right, then black women should do the same. Shayla used to date a young white guy named Spencer Connors, and things didn’t work out because he was too nice for her. After splitting from Spencer, Shayla decided to explore gentlemen of the Asian persuasion. After a few dates with men of the Asian continent, Shayla finally found one who was to her liking…

“You look lovely,” said Victor Mizushima, and the tall, slender young Japanese émigré smiled at his gorgeous date, causing Shayla to blush. The two of them met a few months ago through online dating. Victor is a newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario. He was born in the City of Hakodate, Japan, and raised in the environs of Vancouver, British Columbia. Victor studied management at the University of British Columbia, and has been working for KPMG since moving to Ottawa. It’s been a hell of a ride so far.

Shayla Butera and her handsome date Victor Mizushima walked through the Place D’Orleans Shopping Center in eastern Ottawa, attracting smiles and stares wherever they went. No one could deny that the tall, sexy young black woman and the well-dressed, quiet young Japanese man made a nice couple. A black man walking around with a chubby white woman gawked at Shayla and Victor, and the young Rwandan woman grinned. Two can play that game, Shayla thought victoriously.

“This country is so funny,” Shayla said as she and Victor sat in the mall food court, grabbing some shawarma sandwiches and Pepsis. As the two of them dined, a skinny, effeminate white male walked by with another skinny effeminate male, this one of the Middle Eastern persuasion. Like a lot of African women, Shayla was on the fence about same-sex relationships. On the one hand, like most women, Shayla found effeminate males funny, friendly and nonthreatening. On the other hand, due to her strong religious beliefs, Shayla disagreed with their lifestyle…

“When it comes to sexual matters, my policy is live and let live,” Victor said evenly, and Shayla frowned, but nodded anyways. They continued dining, and while they ate, a short-haired, masculine black woman walked by holding hands with a long-haired, curvy blonde who looked like a centerfold. Victor saw the interracial lesbian couple and smiled at them while Shayla licked her lips and then smirked, a precursor to a snide remark or something to that effect.

“Damn, nowadays white women are stealing black women too, not just black men, wow,” Shayla said, smirking as the interracial lesbian couple went down the escalator. Victor felt like saying something curt to Shayla, for he didn’t like her comments, but he held his tongue like the well-mannered, prim and proper Japanese gentleman that his parents raised him to be. Shayla was sexy and smart, but so uncouth sometimes. What was her problem?

“Love is love,” Beylikdüzü escort Victor said, and as Shayla went on and on about this type of relationship or that one, someone caught his attention. A tall, muscular and handsome young black man walked by, talking and laughing with a tall, lean and wiry black male friend. The two young men wore sports jackets and jeans, and had the look of college athletes. The muscular one locked eyes with Victor and nodded almost imperceptibly before continuing on with his companion. The two of them walked into the Dollarama store, and Victor lost track of them.

“Do you know them?” Shayla asked Victor, nudging him with her elbow, and Victor blinked. She totally noticed the way he looked at the two young black men and was a bit put off by that. I hope Victor isn’t one of those Asian guys who has a lot of black male friends because that would get real boring real fast, Shayla thought, a bit annoyed. Shayla wanted nothing more to do with the brothers. She wanted to marry a wealthy, non-black husband, have a mixed family, and a lovely house in the suburbs. Nothing wrong with that at all…

“The, ahem, muscular one reminded me of my old friend Marcus Jackson from Vancouver,” Victor said, blushing. Shayla grinned, and continued to eat. The night before, Victor came over to Shayla’s apartment, located near the By Ward Market area, and the two of them had themselves a great time. Whoever said that Asian men lacked passion in the bedroom clearly hadn’t met the likes of Victor Mizushima, that’s for damn sure.

“We should go back to my place after,” Shayla said, her voice dripping with raw sexuality, and Victor smiled absentmindedly. Shayla smiled, remembering how Victor laid it down in the bedroom last night. The lean, wiry Japanese stud laid Shayla down on the king-sized bed, admiring the tall, dark-skinned and extremely sexy young black woman’s curvy body. Victor kissed Shayla’s lips and caressed her breasts, and then slipped his hand between her thighs, stimulating her pussy…

“Do you like that?” Victor murmured, as he fingered Shayla’s pussy, and then he buried his face between the young Rwandan woman’s thick thighs. Shayla moaned deeply as Victor ate her pussy. He licked her pussy and fingered her until he coaxed a wicked orgasm out of her. Shayla squealed in sheer delight as Victor made her cum. After that, Shayla grabbed Victor’s long and thick golden cock and sucked him off. In no time, the Rwandan beauty had the Japanese hunk hard as a rock…

“Just fuck me,” Shayla squealed as Victor put her on all fours and smacked her big black booty. He entered her with a swift thrust, burying his dick inside her pussy. Shayla began grinding her big ass against Victor’s groin, and he fucked her roughly, slamming his dick into her sweet pussy. Victor and Shayla sucked and fucked the night away. That night, Shayla discovered that unlike what the stereotypes about Asian men entailed, Victor Mizushima was packing, and he knew how to use it.

“Memories,” Victor whispered, and a faraway look crept into his face. Shayla looked at her date pensively, wondering what he was thinking. Victor remembered his halcyon days at UBC, and his good friend Marcus Jackson, the handsome African American student whom he met there. Marcus, the son of U.S. Army Colonel Roger Jackson, was spending a year in British Columbia with Beylikdüzü escort his father, who was part of the Officer Exchange Program at the time.

When Marcus Jackson met Victor Mizushima, the former was dating a young Vietnamese woman named Lily Nguyen at the time. A lot of Asian men don’t like to see black men with Asian women. Victor was friends with Lily Nguyen and didn’t mind her dating Marcus, since he was bisexual and kind of attracted to Marcus himself. Victor even placed a hidden camera in Lily Nguyen’s bedroom so he could watch her and Marcus fuck, for his own private enjoyment.

“Hot dammit, you’re something else Lily,” Marcus told his favorite short, curvy and busty Vietnamese gal. Lily grinned as Marcus lifted her and put her on the bed, and then ate her pussy. Lily moaned as Marcus worked his magic on her, teasing her clit with his tongue while fingering her pussy. Lily rubbed her large breasts together and exhaled sharply as Marcus feasted on her pussy. The handsome African American stud ate her out until she came, gushing hot girly cum all over his face…

“Come tap that ass, handsome,” Lily said, and she got on all fours and shook her thick golden ass for Marcus, who grinned. Marcus gripped Lily’s wide hips and thrust into her, burying his hard dick deep inside of her. Lily squealed as Marcus rammed his dick into her. While fucking the hell out of Lily, Marcus gripped her long dark hair and yanked her head back. The African American stud had a hard body and a huge, dark dick, and knew how to use both.

“Hmm, I love Asian booty,” Marcus murmured as he smashed Lily like there was no tomorrow. Lily’s tight pussy gripped Marcus dick like a vise, and he absolutely loved it. Vietnamese women are pure fire in the bedroom, and Marcus could not get enough of them. The two of them went at it for a while, fucking over every inch of the bedroom, not knowing that a certain creepy bisexual Japanese man was watching them on camera the entire time.

“Nice,” Victor said to himself as he watched the footage of Marcus and Lily fucking in the privacy of their shared home. There were numerous reasons why Victor liked watching Marcus and Lily fuck. Interracial porn has always turned Victor on, in more ways than one. He wanted some of Marcus sexual prowess, and set out to seduce him. Victor didn’t want to steal Marcus from Lily, he just wanted some dick discretely, that was all…

“I like both women and men, I’m a bisexual guy, not like those gay guys who act girly, get clingy, or become stalkers, or try to steal you from your woman, I just want some discrete fun,” Victor told Marcus, a few days later. Marcus looked at Victor, wondering how the nerdy Japanese dude knew that he swung both ways. The two of them grabbed coffee at a café near the University of British Columbia campus. With Lily at work, and no classes that day, Marcus had some free time.

Marcus prefers women, sexually and romantically, but sometimes he engages in some manly fun with the fellas. He only deals with other bisexual men, never any gay guys and definitely no guys who were obviously not straight. A brother has to be careful. Whenever a bisexual man gets involved with a gay man, it’s always a mistake. The gay man cannot fathom the fact that the bisexual man actually likes women, and tries to ‘cure’ him of that notion. The bisexual man feels trapped Escort Beylikdüzü and ends up leaving the gay man, and the gay man loses his mind. Just another fact of male/male relationships.

“Alright, if you’re really bisexual and not creepy or clingy, then I’m down for whatever,” Marcus told Victor, who grinned. The two of them went back to Victor’s place for some manly fun. Victor got on his knees and sucked on Marcus long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. Marcus groaned as Victor sucked him off. Victor has been with black women, black men, Asian women, and even white women. By far, the bisexual Japanese stud prefers the way black men rock in the bedroom, though he loves women and isn’t giving them up either…

“You are simply divine,” Victor paused to say to Marcus as he sucked his big dark dick. Marcus groaned as Victor sucked his dick, and he ended up shooting his cum all over Victor’s face. Afterwards, they grabbed condoms and had some wicked fun. Victor put Marcus on all fours and lubricated his ass, then worked his thick golden cock into his ass. Time for the manly bisexual black stud to experience the power of Japanese cock. Victor gripped Marcus hips and fucked him, sliding his cock deep into his smooth dark ass.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Marcus groaned as Victor thrust his cock up his ass. Victor buried his golden cock balls deep up Marcus ass, and the manly black stud moaned in pleasure. Afterwards, they switched around. Victor found himself on all fours as Marcus rammed his big black dick up his ass. Victor stroked himself as Marcus fucked him, slamming his big black dick up his golden ass like there was no tomorrow.

“Black dick is king,” Victor squealed as Marcus rammed his big black dick so far up his ass that his Japanese ancestors probably felt it. The bisexual Japanese stud loves to fuck black men in the ass, especially black men with girlfriends and wives. Still, turnabout is fair play, and Victor loves to get fucked up his ass by black men as well. Marcus is the kind of bisexual black stud who can do both, fuck and get fucked, and Victor could not get enough of him. The two bisexual hunks fucked and sucked the afternoon away…

Victor Mizushima and Marcus Jackson had a grand old time on many occasions. Of course, Lily Nguyen never suspected a thing. As the year came to a close, Victor graduated from UBC and moved to Ottawa, Ontario. As for Marcus Jackson and Lily Nguyen, they got married and moved to the City of Victoria, British Columbia. The American stud ended up staying in Canada and getting a contractor job with the City of Victoria. All is well that ends well.

“Victor, stop daydreaming, come on,” Shayla said, snapping her fingers in front of his face, and Victor blinked in surprise, then smiled sheepishly. Victor looked at Shayla, the tall, alluring young Rwandan woman whom he was dating. The memory of his sexy time with Marcus Jackson the bisexual American stud pulled at him like a magnet, and Victor blushed. Taking Shayla’s hand, Victor brought it to his lips, and the young Rwandan woman blushed. Japanese men are all that, Shayla thought, smiling.

“Sorry, babe, I’ve got sex on my mind,” Victor said, winking at Shayla, who mistakenly thought he was referring to sex with her. The two of them finished their meal, and then caught an Uber back to Shayla’s place. While on their way to the By Ward Market from Place D’Orleans Mall, the Japanese hunk and the sexy Rwandan gal kissed and fondled one another during the entire ride. Victor Mizushima of Japan likes both black women and black men in the bedroom, and that’s more than okay. Who says a bisexual man can’t have it all?

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