It’s Time Ch. 09

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Ava Addams

There is a distant far off ringing in my ears as I try to stay awake. The pull though is too much and my eyes begin to open. It’s bright; the room is filled with the morning sunlight as I begin to look around. The window is open and a soft morning breeze is blowing and then I see you.

You’ve stopped the phone from ringing. I can see a morning smile on your face and I lay back into the pillows offering my own hello. A towel is wrapped around your waist and I can only guess that you have been awake for awhile. Your skin is still glistening with little drops of water that I find I have the urge to lick off. My hands run through my hair, my body stretching there before your eyes, the white sheet slipping over my body.

“Time?” I ask in my morning raspy voice, wondering how long before our little tryst comes to an end.

“It’s eight,” you tell me with watching eyes.

My leg bends slightly and I turn, beginning to move from the bed. Then you are there, in front of me. Your hands in mine as you pull me against you. My breath is temporarily gone as I feel your chest pressing against mine. Your hands have moved behind me, holding onto my ass, pushing me harder against you. My own hands move along your arms, resting on your shoulder briefly before moving to your chest. Our eyes are locked together; there are always those unspoken thoughts that pass between us. My right hand moves, coming close to your face and run a fingertip along your cheek. I smile, you smile and then our lips move closer together, finally touching.

The pressure starts light, a caressing and tasting that is so uniquely us. We take our time wanting re-explore every part of each other. My hand has moved from your cheek to your hair, the back of your neck. The kiss deepens, our tongues tasting each, drinking from what we so freely give. I can feel the desire growing in my own body and in yours. Your cock becomes hard and presses into my thigh. My nipples harden, they ache with the need to feel you touching, kissing, and licking them. Still we don’t move, we do nothing but continue this mind blowing kiss.

The one hand I’ve kept on your chest I move between us, somehow remembering that there is a towel still keeping us from fully touching. I pull, give just the slightest tug and then that towel is gone. My hand Sinop Escort comes in perfect contact with you thickening cock. My slender fingers wrap around you and it’s only then you break from our kiss to let out a groan. I simply smile wickedly at the little power I have. My fingers move testing that power, her you moan with approval.

I turn us so that in a moment you can rest on the bed. I give you the littlest of pushes as I let go of your cock. You give me a look, one of those what do you have in mind types. I only shake my head and move to my knees before you. My hands run up along your thighs, I can your breathing it catches as you know what I’m after, what I want to taste. Closer, inch by excruciating inch I move. Then my hands reach what they want, what they have been searching for.

Your cock feels perfect in my hand. I simply savor the feeling, knowing that soon enough I’ll have to go with just memory. I let the tip of my finger run along the head of your cock, then down to the base before moving up the other side. I lick my lips, my mouth watering with the need to feel you between my lips. I bend, my eyes looking at you as my mouth finally takes you in. The warm wetness of it causes a shutter from you. I take you deeper, farther into my mouth before moving back over your length. It’s a give and a take, moving deep then backing off and letting the cool air hit your cock.

I can feel your hands moving, then in my hair, pulling me to you. I love it, that feeling of you wanting me so much, yours hands buried in my hair. Knowing that I am giving you pleasure, giving you exactly what you need. I can feel your hips lifting, beginning to move your cock faster and deeper into my waiting mouth. I don’t fight it; I just relax and open myself to you. Each movement becoming faster, your breath harsher, I know your close and I can’t wait to taste to you. Your release comes, it’s explosive. I take all you have, not letting up, not letting go until you finish. I can see your head lying back on the rumpled sheets. Your chest rising and falling with each intake of breath and I smile.

“I’m going to shower,” I tell you simply while I know I can get away.

I run the water, letting it get warm and set inside to feel it falling on my sensitive skin. My body aches with Sinop Escort Bayan need, with desire, with wanting for you. It’s all part of us, the whole package. I can simply hear your voice and its there. I simple hello and you can begin to get my panties wet.

I turn my back and let the water fall down over my hair. My hands reach up, running through it. My eyes close and are oblivious to anything and everything. I reach out for the shampoo and it’s gone. My eyes open to see you standing there a grin on your face as you motion for me to turn. Your hands run through my hair setting of sparks in my body. Before too long you’re telling me to rinse and then the process happens all over with the conditioner. I’m left standing before you with clean hair.

“Now the rest of you,” you say taking the wash cloth and soaping it up.

Now I am in for a treat as I know your hands are going to be moving over my body. The cloth touches my shoulder and I let out a gasp. It’s only a wash cloth I tell myself but it’s so much more as you move it over me. Down my back you move in long strokes, over the curve of my ass. You linger only briefly as you bend down and wash the backs of my legs. Then you have me turn and continue the assault on my front half. You are slow; almost I could say methodical in your torture. You move higher your hands missing the part of me that s craving your touch most. It’s onto my breast, my nipples are aching and the friction of the cloth nearly makes me delirious with pleasure.

“Please,” I whisper on a strangled breath.

The cloth falls to the floor and you back me under the water. It falls over me washing away any trace of soap and then your lips hit mine. There is such passion there. Your kisses are like a drug and I’ve easily become addicted. My hands grasp onto you. We turn my back hitting the cool tile of the shower wall. I gasp and your tongue moves into my mouth silencing anything I was thinking.

You hand moves down my body, over the swell of my hip to grip my leg and lift it. I can feel the pressure of your cock. Slowly moving, wanting entrance. I let out a groan as now you’ve lifted me and fully impaled me onto you cock. My head falls, leaning against the wall. The pleasure is so intense. Just the feeling of your cock filling Escort Sinop my pussy this way is almost too much. Then you begin moving. It’s a slow dance, in and out and my body is already wanting to draw you in deeper. Yet you won’t have it, not yet. My hands dig into your shoulders and I move closer to that first climax. You move one hand and bring it to my nipple, you roll it between your fingers and I gasp.

“Cum for me lover. Let hear you, let me feel you,” I hear you rasp.

My cry is almost instantaneous. The walls of my pussy clamp around your cock, holding onto you. Your hands and body continue their torment. What a glorious torment it is. My body rides out each wave, each wonderful sensation. My voice fills the bathroom. One orgasm isn’t enough as you keep pushing, keep fucking me towards another. I want you with me, I want to feel you letting go.

My eyes lock with yours, saying what I can’t, begging almost for it. We kiss, our tongues mating as you cock takes on a new rhythm, harder and deeper then before. My legs lock around you, pulling you farther into me. I feel it, one more glorious thrust and it takes us over. I cry out your name, your voice groans. The pleasure is so intense as you pour all you have into me. I shake, my body rolling through ecstasy.

“Oh my,” I whisper to your ear.

“Yeah wow,” you tell me and we laugh. You have such a way with words.

Slowly we untangle and rinse off as the water gets cold. Our hands linger over each other as we do. We dry off and slowly begin to dress. It leaves us little time for talking as we both have out routines and before too long we are ready to leave out little sanctuary and part ways. We ride to the airport together; sharing a cab brings back another memory. I rest my head on your shoulder and nothing is really said only simple small talk. Once there at we have to part ways, our gates are at separate ends of the terminal.

You take my hand and we both smile. We know it’s only the beginning. We share another of those times consuming, mind numbing kisses. My hand rests lightly on your shirt as your arm is wrapped around me. We softly whisper goodbye and turn and walk away. I’m smiling and I just know you are. I turn for just a little glimpse of you and see your hand reaching in your pocket. I know what’s in there, a little gift I placed there before we left.


That’s it for this part of their story. I’m sure that there will be more. Thank you to all that read and are kind enough to vote and leave comments either here or through email.


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